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Tableau Dashboard And Sql Developer Resume

Minneapolis, MN


  • 7 years of experience in SQL development, Reporting, Database Design, Development and Implementation of Client - Server Applications & Business Intelligence application using SQL Server and Tableau.
  • Extensive work experience in various industries such as Finance, Banking and Insurance.
  • Hands on Tableau desktop 8/9/10.1 and 10.3, Tableau server and Tableau Reader.
  • Extensive experience working wif Tableau Software as a dashboard developer.
  • Extensive experience in using Microsoft BI studio products like SSIS, SSAS, SSRS for implementation of ETL methodology in data extraction, transformation and loading.
  • Expert in Data Warehouse development starting from inception to implementation and ongoing support, Strong understanding of BI application design and development principles.
  • Highly experienced in whole cycle of DTS/SQL server integration services (SSIS Packages (Developing, Deploying, Scheduling, Troubleshooting and monitoring) for performing Data transfers and ETL Purposes across different servers.
  • Experience in providing Logging, Error handling by using Event Handler, and Custom Logging for SSIS Packages.
  • Experience in Performance Tuning in SSIS packages by using Row Transformations, Block and Unblock Transformations.
  • Employed various Tableau functionalities like Tableau Extracts, Parameters, Filters, Contexts, Data Source Filters, Actions, Functions, Trends, Sets, Groups, Calculations and Maps etc.
  • Experience in creating visualizations using Bars, Lines and Pies, Maps, Scatter plots, Gantt charts, Bubbles, Histograms, Bullets, Heat maps and Highlight tables.
  • Expertise in generating reports using SQL Server Reporting Services, Ad hoc Reposts, Crystal Reports, and MS Excel spreadsheets and Power Pivot.
  • Expert in designing Enterprise reports using SQL Server Reporting Services, generated drill down reports, parameterized reports, linked reports, sub reports, matrix dynamics and filters, charts in SSRS
  • Experience in creating Ad-hoc reports, data driven subscription reports by using Report Builder in SSRS.
  • Good noledge of Data Marts, Operational Data Store (ODS), OLAP, Dimensional Data Modeling, Star Schema Modeling, Snow-Flake Modeling for FACT and Dimensions Tables using Analysis Services.
  • Developed OLAP Cubes by using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and defined data sources, data source views, Dimensions, Measures, Hierarchies, Attributes, Calculations using multi-dimensional expression (MDX), Perspectives and Roles.
  • Worked on SharePoint Integration for SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Worked on all kinds of SQL Server Constraints (Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Defaults, and Check, Unique etc.).
  • Wrote Complex Transact SQL (T-SQL) Queries and programmed in SQL Server .net- Stored Procedures, Joins, User-defined Functions and Views.
  • Experienced in working on Production Support 24x7 coverage.
  • Experienced wif the design, development, delivery and upgrades of large-scale BI platforms, including Dashboards, Documents, Schema, Cubes and Advanced Reporting.
  • Worked heavily on Joins and implementing SQL Server Indexing and Query Optimization using Indexes.
  • Good noledge on Visual Studio Framework and C#.net.
  • Extensively worked on data dictionaries, data flows and data models.
  • Performed Normalization and De-Normalization techniques and involved in Backing up databases and refreshing Data across environments.
  • Huge Data Transfers from & to SQL Server Databases using utilities / tools like DTS, SSIS, BCP, BULK INSER etc.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving and troubleshooting skills.


Databases: MS SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, MS-Access, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Teradata

Languages: T-SQL, PL/SQL, XML, HTML, C, C++, ASP.Net, Python, VB Script

Server Tools: Enterprise Manager, SQL Profiler, Query Analyzer, Export & Import, DTS, Replication, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Management Studio, Tableau Reporting Services, Power Pivot, Tableau version 9,10,2018.*

Operating systems: Windows XP/NT/2000, UNIX, DOS, Windows Server 2014

Portal Server: MOSS 2013, SPS 2010, SPS 2013, WSS 3.0

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012/14/16, MOSS2013, Informatica, Erwin, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Profiler, Import & Export Wizard, Microsoft Management Console, Hyperion, IBM Data Stage, Visual Source Safe 6.0, DTS, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), Crystal Reports, Power Pivot, ProClarity, Tableau Desktop, Microsoft Office, Excel Data Explorer.



Tableau Dashboard and SQL Developer

Tools: SQL server 2012 enterprise edition, Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft Access 2010 pro plus, Microsoft Excel 2010 pro plus, Sap crystal reporting 2013, Windows server 2012, Ad Hoc reporting, Tableau Server, Data mining, RPS Dashboards, Tableau 9/10.1/10.3, Micro Strategy reports, OLTP, Table updates, Data warehouse Coding.


  • Develop and enhance the Management Reporting framework, and continuously explore and implement efficiencies to streamline assembly
  • Create executive-level reports including dashboards and flash reports, to afford quick and easy understanding of business results
  • Develop and maintain metrics database and metadata, and ensure metrics are accurately sourced and validated
  • Predictive modeling and fact-based management to drive decision making
  • Built several dashboards in Tableau for analysis using multiple data sources.
  • Implements Tableau Maps and heat map analysis using locations in dashboards
  • Implemented Actions and Data Filters in Tableau across multiple dashboards
  • Implemented Row level security in Tableau and worked wif multiple data sources using Data Blending
  • Identify and analyze behavioral data, patterns, and techniques
  • Improve the efficiency of collecting, storing, accessing, reporting, and analyzing data across LFN Finance
  • Identify and implement data solutions to enable creation of new and existing reports and metrics
  • Maintain noledge on current and emerging developments and trends for assigned areas of responsibility, assess the impact, and collaborate wif senior management
  • Creation of report objects like attributes facts, metrics, filters, prompts and etc. to meet report requirements.
  • Creation of the Dashboard, Visual Insight, Transaction Services and Reports.
  • Creation of various SDK Code/plugins supporting file subscriptions on the fly, exporting and Packaging various Micro Strategy Reports in a single PDF.
  • Direct and enhance organizational initiatives by positively influencing and supporting change management
  • Identify and direct the implementation of process improvements that significantly improve quality across the team, department and business
  • Provide direction on assignments, projects, and initiatives to build and enhance the capability of assigned areas of responsibility
  • Direct and participate in departmental and enterprise wide projects
  • Create monthly business scorecards for RPS Management
  • Create monthly and quarterly sales, termination and flow analysis & reporting
  • Create quarterly product profitability analysis
  • Create monthly and Quarterly “Book of Business” reporting
  • Create Plan Sponsor termination reporting and analysis
  • Oversee sales, deposits and net flow activity in reporting systems on a monthly and quarterly basis while also analyzing results.
  • Worked on Python scripts to parse JSON documents and load the data in database.
  • Produce monthly business scorecards while also analyzing results and trends
  • Assist wif preparation of earnings and profitability analysis on a quarterly basis
  • Responsible for distribution "allowable" analysis
  • Prepare regular and ad-hoc financial analyses and financial modeling that support business needs to increasingly understand performance/profitability in various capacities
  • Analyze and report on plan sponsor termination activity and support related messaging
  • Promotes and enhances organizational initiatives by positively influencing and supporting change management and/or departmental/enterprise initiatives

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

SQL Developer


  • Managed the migration of SQL Server 2012 databases to SQL Server 2014.
  • Created Tables, Stored procedures and defined functions. Created SQL scripts for tuning and scheduling.
  • Fine-tuning Stored Procedures to improve performance that was achieved by removing unnecessary cursors and used SQL Profiler to improve performance.
  • Developed physical data models, data warehouse models and created DDL scripts to create database schema and database objects.
  • Generated periodic reports based on the statistical analysis of the data from various time frame and division using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Experience wif identification of unusual data and other data errors that require further investigation using data mining techniques.
  • Developed various operational, drill-through and drill-down reports using SSRS.
  • Designed Star schema (identification of facts, measures and dimensions) and Snowflake schema.
  • Migrated all DTS packages to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and modified the package by DNSUnlocker">accordingto the advanced feature of SQL Server Integration Services.
  • Migrated data from Heterogeneous Data Sources and legacy system (DB2, Access, Excel) to SQL Server databases using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to overcome transformation constraints.
  • Used SSIS to create ETL packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to data warehouse databases and data mart databases.
  • Executed walkthroughs to client sites to train users and help them wifAd Hoc report requests.
  • Well experienced indefining, designing, integrating and re-engineeringthe EnterpriseData warehouseandData Martsin different environments likeTeradata, Oraclewif multipleTerabytes of sizeand various levels of complexity.
  • Involved in the Data modeling, Physical Design of Database using tools like Erwin.
  • Proactively created report formats and delivered personalized messages from the BI platform through MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server to a wide range of users.
  • Created Ad Hoc reports based on client needs using newreporting tool system
  • Involved in writing MDX queries and performance optimization of the SSAS cubes
  • Experience in Designing, Building the Dimensions, cubes wif star schema using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) for analyzing purpose.
  • Ad Hoc and pay data reporting for Accounting and upper management
  • Enhanced the functionality of OLAP Cube by creating KPI, Actions and Perspective from huge dataset using SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services.
  • Created complex SSAS cubes wif multiple fact measures groups, and multiple dimension hierarchies based on the OLAP reporting needs.
  • Troubleshoot system issues, monitored scheduled jobs and set up maintenance plans for by DNSUnlocker">proactivelymonitoring the performance of SQL Server databases.
  • Configured replication servers and transactional replication between production & standby server for disaster recovery.
  • Created calculated measures and dimension members using multi-dimensional expression (MDX).
  • Creating and Maintaining Users roles groups and granting the privileges to users and Groups and maintaining by DNSUnlocker">Securityup to date.
  • Develop the Perl and Shell scripts to automate the finance billing file.

Environment: SQL Server 2012/14 Enterprise Edition, .Net 3.5, SQL BI Suite (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS), OLTP, OLAP, Enterprise manager, PPS, XML, MS PowerPoint, Tableau Desktop 9/10, MS Project, MS Access 2014 & Windows Server 2014, Oracle, Crystal Reports, Cogon's, Business Objects, SharePoint.

Confidential, Birmingham, AL

SQL Developer/DA


  • Created Database objects - Tables, Views, and Functions and developing procedures for implementing application functionality at the database side for performance improvement.
  • Design and implementation of by DNSUnlocker">SecurityModel, Policies and Procedures.
  • Developed Multi-Dimensional Objects (Cubes, Dimensions) using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Creating and Modifying T-SQL Stored Procedures/Triggers for validating the integrity.
  • Used by DNSUnlocker">Performance Monitorand SQL Profiler for Monitoring memory, processor, Disk me/o and SQL Queries.
  • Configured and Troubleshoot of Web Logic Application Server Data Sources, Multi Data sources for Oracle 9g/11g.
  • Operational, or online transaction processing (OLTP), workloads are characterized by small, interactive transactions that generally require sub-second response times.
  • It is common for OLTP systems to have high concurrency requirements, wif a read/write ratio ranging from 60/40 to as low as 98/2. Modifications are predominantly singleton statements, and most queries are constrained to simple joins.
  • Created numerous dashboards in Tableau Desktop based on the data collected from Mobile Banking App by importing and blending data from MS Excel and CSV files.
  • Helped to develop a more efficient manner for filing pharmaceutical claims.
  • Worked on MDX Queries to pull the data from the SSASCubes for the reporting purposes
  • Sound Experience and understanding of SSAS OLAP and OLTP cube, Data mining and Architecture.
  • Rebuilding Indexes and Tables as part of performance tuning exercise.
  • Developed Geo/Area Maps to show details on which states are most connected using the App vs. the least states.
  • Created Bar Charts, which is complied wif data sets and added trend lines and forecasting on future usage of the Mobile App
  • Deployed the created SSIS packages in Development and Testing environments.
  • Used SSIS to create ETL Packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to data warehouse databases, data mart databases.
  • Performed data analysis on daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled refresh of data based on that business or system change that have happened to ensure that the developed dashboards are displaying accurate and up-to-date live data and sent those into production after editing.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012R2, Windows 7, Visual Studio2013, MS Excel, MS Office, Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS), FTP/SFTP Server, PGP, FileZilla, MetadataFramework, BIM Ops Portal, Alloy Ticketing tool, TSRM, Snow, Tidal Schedulers, Teradata, ClearCase,Share point etc.


SQL Developer


  • Generated database monitoring and data validation reports in SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS).
  • Created partition table for very large database for good performance.
  • Designed dynamic SSIS Packages to transfer data crossing different platforms, validate data during transferring, and archived data files for different DBMS.
  • Responsible for writing SQL queries, stored procedures, views, triggers, T-SQL and DTS/SSIS
  • Deployed SSIS packages and Reports to Production Servers.
  • Worked on Varian EMR Integration to Track Data overtime and improve overall quality of care in a practice.
  • Involved in creation of Data Warehouse Cubes in SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS).
  • Migrated data using ETL Tool in SSI.
  • Maintained system monitoring jobs and provide high availability support.
  • Worked on Migration of packages from DTS using SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS).
  • Participated Databases Architecture and data modeling design.
  • Reported all events and requirements through established reporting mechanisms in SSRS.
  • Reviewed and developed data models and database designs wif development teams.
  • Wrote store procedures for some job automations.
  • Generated test data and tested database to meet the functionalities deliverables in the project documentation and specifications
  • Designed and developed OLAP using MS SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Designed and developed MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) under SQL Server 2008.
  • Generated packages using different Transformations like Lookups, Derived Column, Merge Join, Fuzzy Lookup, For Loop, For Each Loop, Conditional Split, Union all, Script component and etc.
  • Generated periodic reports based on the statistical analysis of the data using SQL ServerReporting Services (SSRS).
  • Created Drill-down, Parameterized and Sub-Reports using RDL and promoted RDLs to Reporting8 Service Server (SSRS).

Environment: SQL Server 2008, Reporting Services (SSRS), Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), DTS, Oracle 9i/8i, T-SQL, MDX, Windows xp/7/vista, XML, MS Excel and MS Access, SAS, Linux.

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