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Sr. Software Engineer Resume



  • Over 13 years of experience in analysis, design, develop, test, maintain and support software with a proven record of accomplishment in IT. Strong analytical abilities and technical expertise combined with excellent interpersonal skills allowing me to work effectively with people at all levels.
  • Around thirteen years of experience in Analyzing, Designing, Developing, Managing, Testing and Support Real Time applications using C++/C/Orchestrate/DataStage and programming using sockets/threads under multiplatform development (Unix & Linux) for the Open source, Shell, Python, Orchestrate, Informix, Oracle and Pro*C, Revenue Management System and Telecom Projects.
  • Extensive hands on experience in implementing C++ (STL, Data structures like Linked lists, Trees, Pthread, Message Queues, Shared memory), TCP/IP, Class design patterns (Singleton & Factory Patterns etc.) and OOPS concepts with UML.
  • Expertise in project development methodologies like Scrum (agile) and Waterfall models.
  • Hands on experience in designing & developing Revenue Management System, Real time Telecom System with clients like Confidential, FlyDubai, Confidential and Confidential .
  • Exposure to all phases of software life cycle, release management of products, release notes, defect prevention, impact analysis and conducting causal analysis meetings (CAM).
  • Experience of OO design and end - to-end software development.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in developing Operational Research model based on business requirements and developing strategies to solve complex calculations with IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization tool (NetOpt and TOD CPLEX solver).
  • Proficient in programming with SQL and PL/SQL (Oracle).


Languages: C, C++, Python, Shell Scripting, Orchestrate, HTML, Java, Network & Socket programming, JavaScript and Expect.

Concepts: OS Internals, Sockets, Threads, IPC, Communication Protocols, Networking basics, STL

Database specific language known: MySQL, Oracle & Informix.

Domain: Airline (Revenue Management System), Open Source, Finance, Telecom and Operating system.

Development Tools: ECS (Control M), MQ Series, Makefiles, SED, AWK, IBM Datastage, Java, GCC tool, GNU make, Netica, Topas, Insure++, PurifyPlus tool, XLDB/IDEBUG/GDB/DDD Debugger, IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization tool, TFS, Sharepoint, Teradata, MS-APS, FTP/SFTP, SQL, ESQL/C, Pro*C and PL/SQL.

Configuration/Workflow management Tools: IBM Rational ClearCase, RCS/CVS, GIT

Operating System: Linux, Solaris, IBM AIX UNIX, Confidential UNIX, HP-UX(UNIX) & Windows


Confidential, Chicago

Sr. Software Engineer


  • Design and develop complex Operation Research decision support models/applications using the existing Inventory management system infrastructure and architecture to achieve the faster processing of the huge data using orchestrate threads. Defining the actual logic for each component of the system and then developing proficient algorithms for the Project.
  • Analyse Orion/Gemini data/datasets and collecting sample data for replicating the same environment in the development area of Solaris/AIX-UNIX/HP-UX/Linux-Test and Production server. Replicating all jobs, binaries, scripts and opds on the AIX/Linux-test integration server area.
  • Architect solution for data backup, contributed in IBM DataStage, Oracle & APS (libraries) fine-tuning and configuration of the ORION/Gemini Servers.
  • Responsible for Architecture Design, High Level Design, Low Level Design, incorporating the complex decision support models by studying systems flow, data usage, work processes and investigating problem areas. Also, responsible for the designing the advance ANSI SQL and PL/SQL queries, procedure, cursors, views, tables, triggers, multi-table joins, sqlca struct (specific to error handling) for the database.
  • Develop C/C++ modules for parallel distributed processing based system written predominantly in Shell and C/C++ running on Solaris/AIX UNIX/HP-UX/Red hat Linux server. System consists of approximately 100,000 lines of Korn shell and 300,000 lines of C/C++. This code processes Fare, Availability and Demand information, controls publishing and copying to ORACLE databases, and performs pricing and aggregation of data for GDS-EDW systems.
  • Design most complex and intricate proficient algorithms for the various enhancement like Flight Specific Breakpoint, ACE, NetOpt, Preview, TOD etc.
  • Develop software solutions by C, Orchestrate, C++, shell scripting, Awk, Sed, IBM Datastage, Python, GCC tool, GNU make, Purifyplus tool (purify, quantify and purecov), Cplex optimization tool, PL/SQL, ftp/sftp, esql/c, pro*c, SQL, Netica, topas and java for the various components of the ORION/Gemini projects according to the low-level design. Also, creating, modifying, maintaining and optimizing MS APS/Oracle 10g/Informix 4GL/SQL server database.
  • Developed the modules on the C++ (BOOST Libraries, Threading, Data structures (Linked lists, Trees etc.) environments).
  • Coordinate and monitor onsite & offshore development team.
  • Responsible for Unit and System Testing of all components of the project using insure++, Purifyplus, xldb, idebug, DDD and GDB debugger.
  • Custom user training, performing periodic system updates, writing documentations to describe program development, logic coding and corrections, interacting with users for future enhancements for the project.
  • Developed the Pro*C code to connect the Oracle/Informix for the Preview-GUI for user interaction directly to the database.
  • Maintain the source code repository for the Gemini/Orion projects on RCS and GIT system. Also, attending the user review meeting to accommodate the changing scope if required for the Orion/Gemini project.
  • Developed C/C++ software to utilize Thread Building Blocks (TBB) library from IBM Data stage/Orchestrate. Optimizing usage of hash tables and maps using concurrent components. At the same time writing programs using the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization tool.
  • Monitor the Orion/Gemini job cycle with enterprise control system tools for production support issue solving.
  • Coordinate with onsite Program Head for all deliveries with proper documentation and solid understanding of the software development life cycle processes. Also, prepare the project status and quality reports on weekly basis for the projects and ensuring overall product quality.

Technology/ Processes: C++, Python, Shell Scripting, Orchestrate, ECS (Control M), MQ Series, IBM Datastage, C, Java, GCC tool, GNU make, Insure++, PurifyPlus tool, XLDB/IDEBUG/GDB/DDD Debugger, IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization tool, TFS, Sharepoint, Teradata, MS-APS, FTP/SFTP, SQL, ESQL/C, Pro*C, PL/SQL, Linux, IBM AIX UNIX and HP-UX( UNIX).




  • Developed the modules on the C++ (STL, Data structures (Linked lists, Trees etc.), Message Queues, semaphores, Multi-Threading (Pthread), Shared memory, algorithms and Maps) environments.
  • Utilized Object Oriented Design and Analysis (OOA) to develop C++ class modules.
  • Maintenance of the code for the project on the CVS.
  • Involved in bug fixing in system testing, UAT and regression testing.

Technology/ Processes: C++, Shell Scripting, Java, GCC tool, GNU make, GDB/DDD Debugger, SQL, ESQL/C, Pro*C and PL/SQL.




  • Verification and installation of dependencies for OpenOffice.
  • Coding and building the source code of OpenOffice on Confidential .
  • Code reviewing and testing the ported codes for proper functionality of the applications.
  • Involved in bug fixes and regression testing.
  • Building packages (.pkg and Custom format) for the application.

Technology/ Processes: C++, Shell Scripting, Java, GCC tool, GNU make, GDB/DDD Debugger, SQL, ESQL/C, Pro*C, PL/SQL and Confidential UNIX.

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