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Sql Server Database Agent Product Tester And Quality Assurance Resume

New, JerseY


  • 17+ years of experience in Information Technology with organizations like Confidential, IBM, Confidential, Confidential, ITC, etc. with a strong background in Database Administration, Product Testing, Development and Implementation of Database and Data Warehouse applications in various industry verticals.
  • 5+ years in MS SQLServer database administration.
  • Proficient in Disaster Recovery (DR) product administration and testing and Database Administration.
  • Various types of VDI/VSS/Snap Backups &Restores.
  • Windows - SQL Cluster configuration/Log Shipping/Mirroring/ Availability Groups.
  • SQL Jobs and schedules.
  • Database maintenance, SQL profiling, etc.
  • Strong experience in T-SQL, Stored Procedures, functions. Extensive experience in creating and maintaining database objects like Views, Indexes, Constraints, Sequence and Synonyms.
  • Experienced working in Database Archiving for application retirement.
  • Experienced in testing Data masking products.
  • 4+ years in DataWarehouse/Business Intelligence Solutions.
  • ETL experience using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Datastage.
  • Strong Design and Data modeling experience, Star/Snowflake Schemas and Physical & Logical data modeling.
  • 2+ years in Oracle DBA, RMAN, Standby, RAC.
  • Fair experience in Storage/SAN/LUN/ISCI.
  • Linux, shell scripting, cron scripts.
  • Strong analytical skills, strong presentation and designing skills, good project management and project lead capabilities, good client interaction and decision making skills.
  • Highly experienced in Onsite Coordination (US) for requirement analysis, UAT facilitation, Production deployment and Release management.
  • Experienced in Telecom Billing product development and support.


MS SQL 2008 R2/2012, 2016 (Windows and Linux).

Oracle 11g/12c (Windows and Linux).

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Data modelling, DWH schema & database design.

PowerBuilder/ Visual basic as programming languages.

Linux Shell and Python script.


Confidential, New Jersey

SQL Server database agent product tester and quality assurance


  • Working as a core member of the SQLServer Database testing team.
  • Main responsibilities are to test and certify Commvault’s DR product Simpana for:
  • Various database backups (Full/Differential/Transaction Log) for VDI/VSS and block level backups.
  • Different types of Restores (Crossclient/PIT/Logs only/Transaction log mark/Appless Restore to disk).
  • Live sync module (Tran log sync).
  • Snap and clone using Netapp remote LUNS (SANs).
  • Table restores and restored data verification.
  • Log shipping, Mirroring, Availability Groups.
  • Installation and Administration of SQLServer windows Cluster on 2012R2 and DR scenario testing using Simpana.
  • Database Archiving for application retirement includes Archive, Restore data validation.
  • Data masking.
  • Performance monitoring with large databases and large no of datafiles.
  • Test SQLServer agent also in Linux environment.
  • Worked as a core member of the Oracle Database UNIX test team.
  • Oracle 11g/12c administration, different types of Oracle database backups, restores, standby.
  • Cross Machine and Duplicate database restore.
  • Snap database DR testing with remote LUNs.
  • Installation, Administration and testing of Oracle Real Application Cluster on 11gR2/12c on ASM.
  • Commandline Simpana (QCommand) testing for backups and restores.
  • RMAN, Transportable Table spaces, Data Pump.
  • General testing of Simpana’s other features:
  • Data Aging.
  • Storage Policies and Media Agent configuration.
  • Backup Copy/Snap copy/Copy Precedence.
  • Schedule Policies/OSC/Continuous.
  • User permissions and configuration.
  • Simpana Commserve (CS) and Client installation and configuration.
  • Latest software release and patch updates.
  • Creation and tracking MRs (Bugs), Bug fixes and releases.
  • Customer Issues (TR).

Confidential, Mchenry, IL

Business Analyst


  • Pricing engine including order processing with including CC authorization and PayPal integration.
  • Multi Tenancy and Role based security.
  • Data Entry portal for Applicants.
  • Client Admin portal to verify the entries made by student.
  • Rule Engine development in SQL CLR used to implement the complex Compliance rule and UI rules for data entry.
  • SSRS reporting for clients as well as applicants
  • Migration from legacy system
  • Dashboard design using different widgets for admin and students.
  • MS Onsite coordinator, Database Admin and Release management.
  • Co-ordinated Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions with Business Analysts and source developer for performing data analysis and gathering business requirements.
  • Coordinated offshore and onsite team.
  • Deployment of .Net code and Database changes, UAT/production release and coordination, system testing, Jira UAT ticket management and coordination with offshore team.

Technologies: SSIS, SSRS, .NET, Visual Studio.NET 2010, MS SQLServer 2012, MVP Framework, WCF.


SSIS and Datawarehouse developer


  • File Ingestion with Data Scrubbing and Business Rule Implementation.
  • Multi Tenancy and Role based security.
  • Different section for different type of users like Attorney, Paralegal.
  • Multiple reports and dashboard to view case progress.
  • Scalable design to handle more loads when more Bank clients with more states will be operational.
  • Migration from legacy system
  • SQL database Administration.
  • SQL Code development, testing.
  • Responsible for data migration design and development.
  • Performed T-SQL tuning and optimization of queries for reports that take longer execution time using MS SQL Profiler and Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  • Deployment of .Net code and Database changes, UAT/production release, system testing and coordination with offshore team.

Technologies: SSIS, SSRS, .NET, Visual Studio.NET 2010, MS SQLServer 2012, MVC.Net 4 Framework, WCF.

Confidential, Denver, CO

Sr ETL and Datawarehouse developer


  • Role based security.
  • Data Entry portal for admin and users.
  • Photo upload and retrieval using Atmos.
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier/contractor bidding and pricing.
  • SQL database Administration.
  • SQL Code development, testing.
  • Code review and code maintenance.
  • Software release and testing.
  • Deployment of .Net code and Database changes, UAT release and coordination, UAT ticket management and coordination with offshore team.

Technologies: .NET, Visual Studio.NET 2010, MS SQL 2012, SSIS/SSRS.


Technical Project Lead


  • Onsite Technical Project Lead for the CPump rewrite initiative.
  • Coordinating the initiative with the offshore team, allocating tasks and monitoring and mentoring the team.
  • Analyze the legacy application; capture the process flow and critical business rules.
  • Capture high level as-is application flow and present to Confidential .
  • Design and develop the high level as well as low level design in SQL Server.
  • Develop and coding the application in SQLServer, Code review and testing the offshore code.
  • Tracking the Project progress, project hours and project management.
  • Client interaction and client demonstration and take part in client design decisions and FRD meetings.
  • Status updates to the higher management.
Technologies: SQLServer 2012, SSIS, C++, SSIS Cloud (Ajure Data Factory for POC).


Associate Project Manager


  • Requirement Gathering and Requirement Analysis.
  • Remedy ticket management.

Technologies: Lombardi, Datastage 8.0, WCC.


Senior Datawarehouse and ETL developer


  • Performing data analysis and gathering business requirements.
  • Datawarehouse Schema Designing and ETL development using SSIS.
  • Developed and deployed SSIS for ETL fromOLTP and various sources such as flat files, SAP DW to staging in MS SQL environment and staging toData warehouseusingdifferent transformations such asLookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, and many more. Performed ETL mappings using MS SQL Server IntegrationServices (SSIS).
  • Test Case creation.

Technologies: SQLServer 2008, SQL Server SSIS packages (ETL) 2005


Senior Datawarehouse and SSIS developer


  • Requirement Analysis, Review, Planning and Effort Estimation.
  • Designing the OLAP database schema using Snowflake/Star schema methodology.
  • Responsible for development of SSIS packages and T-SQL objects.
  • Applied various data transformations like Slowly Changing Dimension, Aggregate, Sort, Multicasting, Conditional Split, Derived column in SSIS.
  • Developed and deployed data transfers packages using SSIS, also maintained the jobs running on Servers.
  • Performed ETL processes for daily loads to do historical, incremental and nightly loads using MS SQL Integration Services packages.

Technologies: SQLServer 2005 DB, SQL Server SSIS and MS OLAP 5.0


Senior ETL developer


  • Communicating with the client to understand the design of the requirement.
  • Responsible for developing code in Ascential Datastage.
  • Developing shell scripts and running the cron scheduled jobs.
  • Responsible for unit testing of the end product.
  • Preparation of different required documentations starting from detail design doc, test cases and deployment docs accompanied with the peer review logs.
  • Responsible for peer review of work items including code and quality documents.
  • Responsible for doing End To End review of the projects under supervision.
  • Development verification/code review.

Technologies: Ascential Datastage, ORACLE 10g, UNIX


ETL developer


  • Responsible for mapping the Fact and Dimension tables.
  • Responsible for mapping the tables of Unicorn DB with the Fact and Dimension tables.
  • Responsible for developing the jobs for populating the data into the Fact and Dimension tables from unicorn live DB using Ascential Datastage

Technologies:Ascential Datastage, ORACLE 9i


Sr. Developer


  • At onsite BAP support and maintenance for Confidential site at Coimbatore for Unicorn 2.3.
  • Responsibilities included bug fixing, enhancement, testing, coordinating with offsite support and implementing solutions of Unicorn 2.3 in the production server of the client.
  • At offsite support and maintenance for the African clients for Unicorn 2.3.
  • Actively involved in writing the SQL, PL/SQL queries containing the business logic for the reports.

Technologies: PowerBuilder 6.0, C++, Sybase


Application developer and implementor


  • Implementation of the system at the RBI, Belapore. It includes installation of the Oracle 9i Application Server, Oracle 9i DB Server, installation of the application and configuring it with the Application Server and Database Server.
  • Migration and modification of Excel Sheet Data sent from the different locations of RBI to Mumbai, importing the data into MS Access and again importing it into Oracle with SQL * loader.
  • Creating database, Tablespace and User and import data in the new database. Also Database modification and rectification and checking of migrated data.

Technologies:JSP, J2EE, Oracle9i Application Server, Oracle 9i Database Server

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