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Programmer Analyst Resume



  • Over 14 years of extensive experience wif all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including Systems Analysis, Design & Development through Testing and Implementation in IBM iSeries platform and noledge of SYNON.
  • Over 9 years of experience in Telecommunication Industry and more TEMPthan 5 years in financial industry.
  • Extensive and strong project lead and developer experience in Midrange environments delivering integrated financial applications using RPGIII/RPGIV and in free format on IBM AS/400, Binding Directories, using activation groups, services programs, prototypes and procedures, data queue, SQL interactive and embedded, QMQRY, Triggers, Journaling.
  • Translate user requirements and system objective into logical and practical system design.
  • Formulate and define system scope and objectives through gathering data, research and fact - finding to develop or modify moderately complex information systems
  • Participate in requirements and design review meetings
  • Prepare detail specifications from which programs will be written.
  • Extensive experience in Test Planning, Test cases Preparation and Execution, Bug tracking and status reporting.
  • Lead collaboration wif business analysts, and users to understand requirements and to facilitate UAT and TEMPeffective implementation of requirements.
  • Excellent analytical and problems solving skills. Independent, resourceful and detail-oriented individual, able to quickly grasp new technology.
  • Adaptability to lead and work in a team and/or independent environments.
  • Performed work on end-user training in application functionality.


Hardware Environment: IBM PC compatibles and AS/400

iSeries Skills: RPG-II, RPG-III, RPG-IV, RPG-Free, CL/400, COBOL/400, Embedded-SQL

ILE Concepts: Binding Directories, activation groups, Modules, servicesprograms, sub procedures, Prototypes

Operating System: OS/400, Windows NT and Windows

Front Ends/ Tools: RDi, QMQRY, Hawkeye, MKS, FTP, IFS, GoAnyWhere


Knowledge: PKMS, SYNON


Confidential, NC

Programmer Analyst


  • Developing Batch, Interactive, Service programs, Modules, procedures and triggers processing flow for many files for various Applications using SQLRPGLE and RPGILE free format.
  • Develop and update teh Provisioning/un-Provisioning programs for work orders to create/change and posting via online and tablet.
  • Develop services programs to facilitate teh common business functions like dates conversion, fees, taxes and prorate calculations and others repetitive operation to facilitate actual and future development.
  • Participate in business requirements meetings and analyze teh requirements and gain good noledge of teh application from both technical and business perspectives
  • Prepare technical specifications documents and mapping documents to halp development
  • Participate in test planning meetings and arrive at test strategy to create test cases and scenarios from requirements
  • Direct Interaction wif teh users and handle teh daily issues or functionality and understanding teh user requirement and assist them to resolve teh issues
  • Involve in teh development of teh detailed test plan for system testing, Integration testing and regression testing
  • Executed test cases/scenarios, documented results and generated reports.
  • Analyze and troubleshoot teh defects to isolate teh likely cause of teh problem
  • Develop reports using WRKQRY or write SQL queries to verify teh data
  • Share teh noledge wif other testers and train teh end users on teh new processes

Environment: IBM iSeries RPGIV/ILE and RPG Free Format, SQLRPGLE, RPGIV, RPGIII, COBOL and Services Programs, Procedures, Modules, Prototypes, Binding directories, activation groups, Binder Language and Signatures, prototypes, SQL, free SQL, stored procedures, CL, CLLE, DB2, FTP, SDA, RDA, sub files and Jwalk.


Programmer Analyst


  • Designed, Developed and implemented interactive and batch programs of large scale in HUB system, using RPGIV, CL, SQL and occasionally MQ-Series and COBOL.
  • Interacted wif variety of end users, ensured their understanding of system requirements and fix UAT problems.
  • Conducted unit tests, system integration tests and user acceptance tests and provided follow-up research and analysis.
  • Prepared technical and functional specification for teh different projects.
  • Modified, developed HUB24 (24X7) interactive/batch processing systems.
  • Involved in production support HUB24.
  • Designed, Developed and implemented interactive and batch programs using RPGIV, CL, SQL
  • Interacted wif variety of end users, ensured their understanding of system requirements and fix UAT problems.
  • Create new modules using services programs and procedures to minimize maintenance and redundant code.
  • Perform impact analysis for design change requested.
  • Prepared technical and functional specification for teh different projects.
  • Modified, developed HUB24 (24X7) interactive/batch processing systems.

Environment: AS/400, RPG-II, RPG-III, RPG/ILE, CL/400, COBOL/400, RLU, SDA, DFU, SQL/400 Confidential




  • Margin Financing System (MFS) is a marginable stock administration and retrieval system. It is designed to maintain information relating to margin securities and client.
  • Teh MF system has many functions which enable to teh user like Add, Change, Delete, display margin clients and margin securities, Administer collateral such as cash, fixed deposit and foreign deposit, Maintain stock balances of margin clients for portfolio management purposes, Extract traded transactions of margin clients for margin valuation, Compute outstanding interests of margin clients, Produce monthly margin client ledger, Produce daily reports for margin valuation purposes, Backup System etc.
  • Involved in analysis, design and implementation for MFS enhancement.
  • Developed RPG-IV, RPG-III, and SQL and CL programs.
  • Worked closely wif several user groups to determine project prioritization.
  • Wrote test plans for unit tests and system integration tests.
  • Trained users in proper procedures of programs and software packages.
  • Conducted system integration tests and user acceptance tests environment setup.

Environment: AS/400 wif CL/400, RPG/400 and ILE RPG and SQL/400

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