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Big Data Platform/sql Resume


  • Experience Data Scientist
  • Experience with Hadoop / Big Data environments like Spark, Cloudera, Hortonworks Sandbox/Data Mining, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.
  • Experience with Scala programming language on spark
  • Experience with cloud Computing on AWS, AZURE …etc.
  • Holding B.S in Mathematics Major Actuarial & Statistics Science from Rutgers University
  • Excellent communication and problem - solving skills.
  • US Citizen, Local and Available for In-person interview.
  • I am a detail oriented professional with over 5 years of experience as a Data Scientist. I am highly proficient working on Hadoop / Big Data environments like Spark, Cloudera, Horton work Sandbox platform over 4 years. I am well versed with Scala programming language on spark. I am holding B.S in Mathematics Major Actuarial & Statistics Science from Rutgers University. I am local and available for an in-person interview before 24-hour prior notice.
  • Experienced, mid-level data scientist with newly acquired skills, an insatiable intellectual curiosity, and the ability to mine hidden gems located within large sets of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Ability to leverage, mathematics, high-level programming, statistics with visualization, with a healthy sense of explanation. All Combine with:
  • 5 years’ Experience in developing customer models (Classification, Scoring, Ranking, Probability estimate & Clustering) with R, H2o & Python on Big Data environment.
  • 5 Years’ Experience in applying Data mining technique & Data science algorithm on Hadoop Ecosystem/Big Data environments to Public Health Care and Education problem that demonstrated a potential saving in resource due to the Capacities to predict an upcoming future event.
  • 5 years’ Experience developing public health’s Risk Management and Stratification Model relying on, random forest, gradient boosting, logistic regression, and another Machine learning algorithm and platform.


  • Robust R, Python and Scalar skills
  • Experience and expertise in machine learning based predictive modeling projects with machine learning models like Gradient Boosting, Collaborative filtering, Bayesian Methods, Random Forest, SVM, Markov Models
  • Five years’ experience with R, SAS, WEKA, H2o and PYTHON
  • Tree Years’ Experience with Scala programming language on spark
  • Five years’ experience within Hadoop ecosystem / Big Data environments (HIVE, PIG, No-SQL …etc.
  • Five years’ experience creating building / delivering reporting dashboards with Tableau, R SAS and Alteryx
  • Strong General programming skills and knowledge in C++, Java, MATLAB and Excel/VBA
  • Spark, Cloudera, Hortonworks Sandbox experience
  • Strong knowledge and expertise in applied statistics (Regression, Classification, Segmentation, Clustering, Association),Microeconomics (discrete choice modeling) and mathematical optimization
  • Strong communication skills and marketing skill
  • Over fitting, modeling, lasso and Ridge regression, cross validation, bootstrapping, bagging, randomization, boosting, multinormal logic regression, Knn, Kmean, deep neural network, TensorFlow, DoE, probit, hypothesis testing, ggplot2,
  • Strong knowledge and expertise with Neural Network frameworks such as Caffe, Theano, TensorFlow, H2o …etc.
  • Ability to work with different Machine Learning libraries/ frameworks for integration





  • Created AML POC for:
  • Data Gathering Search and Evidence Automation
  • Case Selection and Cognitive Automation/Micro-Decisioning
  • Narrative Automation/Artificial Intelligence
  • Design and implementation of Big Data platform
  • Data creation and gathering automation
  • Population classification and segmentation automation for better filtering and model creation
  • Topic selection and Narrative automation


Team Member as Data engineer and Data scientist


  • Created Web base applications for data entry and reports
  • Converted data from HDFS to Structure into Databa based on client request(ETL).
  • Converted Data set into actionable(modeling) to Predict and/or Analyzed spending & purchase habits, budget, population segmentation, population classification.
  • Work stream stage Automations


SQL ETL/Inhouse Illustration platform/ Stata/Data Mining


  • Providing estimates and prediction for the custom Portfolio Return suggest implementations for Profitability
  • Development of tools for risk calculation base on portfolio past performance

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