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Pl/sql Developer (technology Analyst) Resume


  • Over 5 years of programming experience as an Oracle PL/SQL Developer in Analysis, Design and Implementation of Business Applications using the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) along with Unix shell scripting and Schedulers and having good hands in Production Support.
  • Involved in all phases of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) from analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, maintenance and support with timely delivery against aggressive deadlines.
  • Experience with Data flow diagrams, Data dictionary, Database normalization theory techniques, Entity relation modelling and design techniques.
  • Expertise in Client - Server application development using Oracle 12c/11g/10g, Pl/Sql, SQL*PLUS and SQL*LOADER.
  • Effectively made use of Indexes, Table Partitioning, Analytical functions, Aggregate Functions.
  • Created Tables, Views, Constraints, Index (B Tree, Bitmap, Function Based, Partition, Cluster based), Sequences, Synonyms.
  • Developed Complex database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers.
  • Developed Materialized Views for data replication in distributed environments.
  • Excellent technical and analytical skills with clear understanding of design goals of ER modelling for OLTP.
  • Experience in Dynamic SQL, Records and PL/SQL Tables.
  • Loaded Data into Oracle Tables using External Tables and SQL Loader.
  • Partitioned large Tables using Range, List and Hash Partition techniques.
  • Experience with Oracle Supplied Packages such as DBMS SQL, DBMS JOB and UTL FILE.
  • Created Packages and Procedures to automatically drop table indexes and create indexes for the tables.
  • Expertise in Collections, Bulk Collect, Ref Cursor and Exception handling.
  • Strong experience in ETL and Good knowledge on logical and physical Data Modelling using normalizing Techniques.
  • Experience in SQL performance tuning using various Oracle utilities, including EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL-TRACE, TKPROF, DBMS STATS to identify bottlenecks and provide solutions.
  • Good knowledge of key Oracle performance related features such as Query Optimizer, Execution Plans and Indexes.
  • Experience with Performance Tuning for Oracle RDBMS using Explain Plan and HINTS.
  • Having good hands in using Regular Expressions.
  • Created Shell Scripts for invoking SQL scripts and scheduled them using Crontab.
  • Experience working with Waterfall and AGILE methodology. Have good understanding of project management tools Remedy and Github.
  • Hands on experience on Incident management, Problem management and Autosys Batch Scheduling.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, analytical skills and have an ability to work in a team as well as independently.


Programming and Scripting: SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripts, VB, C,C++

Databases: Oracle 12c, 11g, 10g, MS SQL Server

Operating Systems: UNIX(LINUX, AIX, Solaris), Windows Family

Database Tools: Plsql Developer, Toad, SQL *Plus, SQL *Loader

ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 9.1,9.6

Other Tools: Autosys, Putty, Remedy Ticketing Tool, Tortoise SVN Tool

Currently pursuing: Cognos Reporting Tool



PL/SQL Developer (Technology Analyst)


  • Coordinated with the frontend design team to provide them with the necessary stored procedures and packages and the necessary insight into the data.
  • Worked on SQL*Loader to load data from flat files obtained from various facilities every day.
  • Created and modified several UNIX shell Scripts according to the changing needs of the project and client requirements.
  • Generated server-side PL/SQL scripts for data manipulation and validation and materialized views for remote instances.
  • Created PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, triggers and packages for moving the data from staging area to different layers.
  • Created scripts to create new tables, views, queries for new enhancement in the application.
  • Created indexes on the tables for faster retrieval of the data to enhance database performance.
  • Involved in data loading using PL/SQL and SQL*Loader calling UNIX scripts to download and manipulate files.
  • Performed SQL and PL/SQL tuning and Application tuning using various tools like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL*TRACE, TKPROF and AUTOTRACE.
  • Extensively involved in using hints to direct the optimizer to choose an optimum query execution plan.
  • Used Bulk Collections for better performance and easy retrieval of data, by reducing context switching between SQL and PL/SQL engines.
  • Created PL/SQL scripts to extract the data from the operational database into simple flat text files using UTL FILE package.
  • Partitioned the fact tables and materialized views to enhance the performance.
  • Created records, tables, collections (nested tables and arrays) for improving Query performance by reducing context switching.
  • Used Pragma Autonomous Transaction to avoid mutating problem in database trigger.
  • Extensively used the advanced features of PL/SQL like Records, Tables, Object types and Dynamic SQL, Hints and Regular Expressions.
  • Handled errors using Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application.
  • Created Oracle Stored Procedures to implement ETL Process control logic.
  • Involved in the continuous enhancements and fixing of production problems.

Environment: Oracle 12c/11g, Unix Shell Scripting, Informatica 9.6, Autosys.


PL/SQL Developer (Technology Analyst)


  • Involved in full development cycle of Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation.
  • Wrote sequences for automatic generation of unique keys to support primary and foreign key constraints in data conversions.
  • Created and modified SQL*Plus, PL/SQL and SQL*Loader scripts for data conversions.
  • Developed and modified triggers, packages, functions and stored procedures for data conversions and PL/SQL procedures to create database objects dynamically based on user inputs.
  • Wrote SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus programs required to retrieve data using cursors and exception handling.
  • Designed Data Modeling, Design Specifications and to analyze Dependencies.
  • Creating indexes on tables to improve the performance by eliminating the full table scans and views for hiding the actual tables and to eliminate the complexity of the large queries.
  • Fine-tuned procedures/SQL queries for maximum efficiency in various databases using Oracle Hints, for Rule based optimization.
  • Created some Custom reports and Forms for the end users to check the details and errors.

Environment: Oracle 12c/11g, Unix Shell Scripting, Autosys.


Jr. PL/SQL Developer and Support Analyst


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Involved into updating procedures, functions, triggers, and packages based on the change request.
  • Involved in updating stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures for effective inserts and updates of the data to the tables aimed to reducing the network traffic.
  • Performed all database objects including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences, synonyms.
  • Performance tuning of Oracle Databases and User applications.
  • Used External Tables and SQL*Loader as an ETL tool to load data into the staging tables.
  • Provided User training and production support.
  • Used Advanced Concepts like Collections, Bulk Collect, Partitions, Hints and Regular Expressions.
  • Improved the performance of the application by tuning the SQL queries, created necessary Indexes (Btree, Bitmap, Functional, Cluster, Partition) and used necessary Joins effectively.
  • Wrote packages to fetch complex data from different tables in remote databases using joins, sub queries and database links.
  • Used SVN for version control.
  • Worked in Production Support Environment as well as QA/TEST environments for projects, work orders, maintenance requests, bug fixes, enhancements, data changes, etc.
  • Worked effectively in Priority tickets to complete successfully within SLA.

Environment: Oracle 11g, Unix Shell Scripting, Remedy Ticketing Tool.

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