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Sql Bi (ssis/ssrs/ssas) Developer /tableau Resume



  • Over 8 years of Excellent IT Experience as SQL Server Developer in design, development and testing of business / commercial applications using MS SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008 R2/2008/2005 in healthcare, manufacturing and financial Sectors.
  • Excellent experience in migration from different T - SQL code to Tableau for report develop.
  • Experience in installation, configuration and migration with bothSybaseand MS-SQL database platforms
  • Highly proficient in the use of T-SQL for developing complex creating Database, Tables, Indexes, Views, Triggers, Stored Procedure, User Defined Function, relational database models and data integrity, SQL joins and query writing.
  • Extensive experience in Database Design, Normalization, Selective De-normalization, Forward/ Reverse Engineering of Applications, Conceptual, Logical and Physical data modeling using Erwin, E/R Studio and Sybase Power Designer.
  • Good Experience in various packages of SSIS, SSRS and SSAS designing, constructing and deployment.
  • Experience in Database Development, Modeling, Data Warehousing, Design and Technical Management. Good understanding of Normalization /De-normalization, Normal Form and database design methodology.
  • Excellent experience in migration of data from Excel, Flat file to Microsoft SQL Server using SSIS and DTS utility.
  • Experience in using SSIS tools like Import and Export Wizard, Package Installation, and SSIS Package Designer.
  • Experience in Data Modeling (logical modeling and physical modeling), Entity relationship diagram (ERD) development/normalization and physical database schema design using MS Visio and Erwin.
  • Extensive experience of full software development cycle from analysis and design to test and release of the applications.
  • Extensive experience in creating KPI’s, Aggregation, Perspectives in CUBE using SQL server Analysis.
  • Excellent knowledge of waterfall and spiral methodologies ofSoftware Development Life Cycle(SDLC) and AGILE.
  • Experience in OLTP & OLAP environment that includes Production (24x7), QA and Development databases in SQL Server.
  • Using SSRS, Generated matrix reports, drill down, drill through, sub reports, chart reports, multi parameterized reports, Cross-Tabbed Reports.
  • Extensively worked in SQL server Reporting services (SSRS) to create reports that draw content from variety of data source
  • Expertise in designing ad-hoc reporting for different level of end user.
  • Experience in administrating the created reports and assigning permission to the valid users for executing the reports.
  • Scheduled reports for daily, weekly, monthly reports for executives, Business analyst and customer representatives for various categories and regions based on business needs using SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS).
  • Experience in creating KPI's, Aggregation, Perspectives in CUBE using SQL Analysis Services.
  • Expert in transforming complex business logic into Database design and maintaining it by using SQL tools like Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Views, TSQL Scripting, DTS and Jobs.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, self-motivated, quick learner and determination to learn new technologies, strong troubleshooting skill and good Team player with excellent interpersonal and team work skills.


  • MS SQL Server 2012/2008/2005
  • MS SQL Server Reporting Service 2012/2008/2005
  • MS SQL Server Analysis Services 2008/2005
  • MS SQL Server Integration Services 2008/2005
  • DTS
  • MS Visio 2003
  • MS Access
  • FrontPage
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Server 2003
  • T-SQL
  • HTML
  • XML
  • Cognos Report
  • VBScript
  • Data Model-logical/physical ado.Net Entity Framework
  • Share Point
  • MSAS
  • MDX Script
  • Oracle and DB2 Sources
  • Crystal Report
  • Tableau
  • MSAS.


Confidential, MD

SQL BI (SSIS/SSRS/SSAS) Developer /Tableau


  • Identifying Facts, Dimensions, Levels / Hierarchies of Dimensional Modeling.
  • Blend data across heterogeneous data source like Excel, CSV, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in order to create as well edit custom SQL procedures using T-SQL for custom data mapping.
  • Prepare dashboards using calculated fields, parameters, calculations, groups, sets and hierarchies inTableau.
  • Create and modify analytical reports with visually rich and interactive dashboards at each stage of loan approval usingTableauDesktop.
  • Use geographic view to understand and leverage the key areas of the business by line of business and geographical area and also used Python and Scala for spark coding .
  • Used Hive as source to load data in tableau and develop report generated and deployed in Hadoop & AWS.
  • Create filter actions to share/send information with othertableauworksheets.
  • Provide rich visual interaction between the views, create URL actions to connect the data views Master Data Management, IBM DataStage and worked on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies and tools
  • Implement new features ofTableaunamely new Visualizations, Forecasting, Data Blending and Hyperlink
  • Publish the dashboards to report server usingTableauServer.
  • Agile mode of project management methodology and participate in weekly sprint resource planning, implementation and tracking using Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • Working inTableau, SAS, T-SQLand whole suite of products like SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS.
  • Expert in High Level Design of ETL Package for integrating data from heterogeneous sources like Oracle, Excel, CSV, flat file, Text Format Data. lid knowledge of Relational Database Management System (RDMS), Data Warehouse Concepts, OLTP and OLAP and experience with Working on SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Sybase, Data Analysis, and Data Migration.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012/14 R2, Tableau9.1.x,TableauServer (9.1), Oracle 11g, PL-SQL, Teradata, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS),MS SQL Server Reporting Services, MS SQL Server Integration Services, Server Analysis Services, Excel, power point, XML Testing, Kimball Data ware house, Hadoop, Spark, Jira, SAS.

Confidential, Gainesville, TX

SQL (SSIS)/BI/Tableau Developer/ Report Analyst


  • Deliver new and complex high quality solutions to clients in response to varying business requirements and Creating and managing user accounts.
  • Work with other teams and team members in zodiac to resolve issues related to data. Interact with clients to understand requirements. Maintain proper documentation of the various process and code.
  • Extracted data from various source systems like Teradata, Sql Server and flat files.
  • Created and reviewed the conceptual model for the EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse) with business users.
  • CreatingSSRSreports, analyzing and modifying analysis services cubes
  • Designing and Developing BI views, stored procedures, SQL functions and triggers.
  • Experience Integrating Sharepoint withSSRSand SSAS.
  • Extracted data from various heterogeneous sources likeSybase, DB2 and Flat Files.
  • End to end experience in designing and deploying data visualizations using Tableau.
  • Worked on building queries to retrieve data into Tableau from SQL Server 2008 and Oracle SQL Developer, and developed T-SQL statements for loading data into Target Database.
  • Developed various interface webpages for incoming files for the Vendor Interfaces including service invoice, repair order, finance and insurance, vehicle inventory tracking, parts order usingC#and job claims withstored procedures.
  • Have hands on experience in Microsoft access VBA, Data migration, Analysis, Validations and Reconciliation.
  • Performed Unit testing and Functionality testing of the financial module based on test scenarios and validating
  • Used VB .net Script for validating client side data entry screens in SSIS Packages.
  • Deployment ofWeb servicesfor online transactions usingC# from Teradata and Oracle.
  • Designed and developed business components using C# and VB .net.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Integration Services SSIS (Control Flow tasks, Data Flow tasks, Transformations, Database administration tasks)
  • Successfully extracted Data from Different Databases like Oracle, DB2. c) Expert in Migrating DTS Packages to SSIS. d) Created SSIS Packages to import and export data from Excel Spreadsheets, Text files and CSV files
  • Created packages in SSIS with error handling as well as created complex SSIS packages using various Data transformations like conditional splitting, Fuzzy Look Up, For Each Loop, Multi Cast, column conversion, Fuzzy Grouping, Script Components.
  • Created Teradata External loader connections such as MLoad, Upsert and Update, Fastload while loading data into the target tables in Teradata Database.
  • Involved in development and implementation of SSIS and SSRS application solutions for various business units across the organization.
  • Involved in Automating SSIS Packages usingSQLServer Agent Jobs, Windows Scheduler.
  • Developed appropriate layout and designs for required reports using the SSRS and Stored procedures to retrieve data from theSQLServer using appropriateSQLlanguage (PL/ T-SQL) to provide best performance.
  • Worked on server Migration of databases, Permissions, Logins,SQLjobs, SSIS Packages, from one server to another server and preparing the corresponding document for other environments.
  • Created Tabular reports, Matrix reports, List reports and Sub reports using SSRS.
  • Involved in Created Complex ad-hoc Reports, Sub Reports, Linked Reports, Charts, Drill through, and Report Models Drill Down Reports.
  • Used complex expressions to Calculate, Group, and Filter, parameterized and Format the contents of the report according to the requirement.
  • Used Conditional Formatting to change the behavior of the report depending on the requirement.
  • Developed various Custom Code functions using VB Script.
  • Deployed the SSRS Reports to the report server and maintained them.
  • Migrated and Converted over 200 Crystal Reports toSQLServer Reporting Services (SSRS).Formulated and documented ETL process design based on business requirements and system specifications including source to target mappings, data dictionaries and transformations.
  • Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data from Multiple Sources to Data Warehouse.
  • Used SSIS for ETL processes, SSRS & Tableau for Reporting needs and SSAS for Analytics reporting including SharePoint integration.
  • SSRS and Tableau used for report development for monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
  • Created highly complex SSIS packages using various Data transformations like conditional splitting, Fuzzy Lookup, For Each Loop, Multi Cast, column conversion, Fuzzy Grouping, error handling.
  • Generated Custom ETL scripts using SSIS and develop and unit test SSIS load processes for performance check.
  • Worked and the ability to design and deploy rich Graphic visualizations with Drill Down and Drop down menu option and Parameterized using Tableau.
  • Preparing Dashboards using calculations, parameters in Tableau
  • Created Tabular reports, Matrix reports, List & Chart reports, Parameterized reports, Sub reports, Ad-hoc reports, Drill down reports as well as interactive reports according to business requirements
  • Designed SSRS Report Model Projects in BI studio and created, modified and managed various report models with multiple model objects, source fields and expressions.
  • Highly involved in creating, structuring, formatting using Report Designer and Report Builder.
  • Wrote and integrated stored procedures to generate the special reports according to client’s need.
  • Worked on various complex requirements of developing monitoring dashboards with multiple KPIs in Performance Point Monitoring Server 2007, Share point.

Environment: Windows XP, MS SQL Server 2014 and updated to 2016, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, MS SQL Server Integration Services, Server Analysis Services, Excel, Acrobat Reader, Tableau, Sybase.

Confidential, Erie, PA

SQL /Tableau Developer /Jr. DBA


  • Created SSIS Packages by using advanced tools (i.e. pivot Transformation, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Term extraction, Aggregations, Multicasting).
  • Created SSIS packages for data Importing, Cleansing, and Parsing. Extracted, cleaned and validated.
  • Kimball Data ware house by ETL tool extract Data modeling in Star schema also work on full life-cycle BI implementation and Teradata.
  • Create and deploySSRSreports to Sharepoint sites for dashboards
  • Developed complex Stored Procedures and views to generate various Drill-through reports, parameterized reports and linked reports usingSSRS.
  • Migrated database among Oracle,Sybase, MS SQL for client's database
  • Created SSIS Packages to integrate data coming from Text files and Excel files.
  • Designed and developed Data Marts by following Star Schema and Snowflake Schema Methodology, using industry leading Data Modeling tools like ERWIN andEMBARCADERO ER Studio.
  • Created SSIS packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to data warehouse databases.
  • Data integration architecture - designed and implementated overall architecture, surrogated keys & lookups & transformation; online & offline process data integrations, incremental extract, incremental process and load.
  • Developed and defined RFRS database objects (Table, Keys, Datatypes, indexes) inSQLserver for RFRS.
  • Developed data integrity rules for source data to process data properly with error handling architecture
  • Developed normalized Logical and Physical database models for insurance data using ER/Studio.
  • Developed business accounting rules according to requirements using stored procedures.
  • Extracted data from XML and HTML files using Python code and imported it intoSQLServer tables.
  • Involved with business in reports requirements verification and design for multiple SSRS reports.
  • Designed and developed RFRS financial reports in SSRS and deployed on SSRS server.
  • Designed and developed a Power Pivot model and then imported BI semantic model into SSAS Tabular cube.
  • Also, lead the implementation of optimizing existing MicrosoftSQLServer Reporting Services Reports. Achieved this by developing the data mart.
  • Wrote stored procedures & User Defined scalar Functions (UDFs) to be used in the SSIS packages &SQLscript.
  • Implemented Event Handlers and Error Handling in SSIS packages and notified process results to various user.
  • Tested, Cleaned & Standardized Data meeting the business standards - Fuzzy /exact lookups using SSIS tasks.
  • Data management & data processing solutions using SSIS includes Error Handling & Slowly Changing Dim.
  • End to end experience in designing and deploying data visualizations using Tableau
  • Extensive Tableau Experience in Enterprise Environment and Tableau Administration.
  • Configured report builder and trained business users so that they could create reports from the report models.
  • Prepared the Layouts by placing the fields to the appropriate place of the final Report.
  • Developed ETL, using SQL Server 2008 R2/2012 Integration Services to migrate data from Oracle data source into a SQL Server 2008 database and creating complex SSIS packages, DTS Packages.
  • Wrote T-SQL queries, Store Procedures and used them to build packages and maintain the history of the data.
  • Scheduled Jobs for executing the stored SSIS packages which were developed to update the database on Daily.
  • Worked as a developer in creating Complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Indexes, Tables, Views and other T-SQL code and SQL joins for applications.
  • Improved Performance of the database by creating Clustered and non-clustered Indexes and by optimizing the T-SQL statements using SQL profiler.
  • MaintainedData Model and synchronizedit with the changes to the database.
  • Involved with all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies throughout the project.
  • Created Packages by testing and cleaning the Standardized Data by using tools in Data Flow Transformations (Data Conversion, Export Column, Merge join, Sort, Union all, Conditional Split and more) for existing/new packages and huge CSV file import to Sale Force from different data sources and ongoing tasks for mapping.
  • Used multiple join statements to retrieve data from multiple tables.
  • Deployed and configured reports in SharePoint Server.
  • Developed collaboration and digital asset management system based on SharePoint and SQL Reporting service
  • Created standard & Data driven report subscriptions. Snapshots report and cache for better performance.
  • Creating Logical, Physical data model using SQL server, Erwin, MS Visio.
  • Involved in code reviews meetings and designing sessions and get mentored from the tech leads.
  • Strong experience in Database design and multi-dimensional modeling (star schema and snowflake schema), data cleansing, scrubbing and integration.
  • Designed and deployed reports with Drill Down, Drill Through and Drop down menu option and Parameterized and Linked reports.
  • Deployed and scheduled Reports using SSRS and Tableau to generate all daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly Reports including current status, MIS reporting & MDX Scripting experience with SSRS

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008/2012, T-SQL, SSIS packages, DTS Packages, VSS, SSRS, MS Excel, Visio, Erwin, SQL Server Analysis Services, SharePoint, Teradata, MS Office 2010/2007, Microsoft Office Share Point - 2010, Tableau, Sybase.

Confidential, NJ

SQL Developer


  • Gathered user requirements and analyzed and designed software solution and database.
  • Created complex Stored Procedures, DTS packages, triggers, cursors, tables, views and SQL joins.
  • Worked with project lead and business users to understand business processes.
  • Involved in Data mapping, logical data modeling, created ER diagrams in ERWIN/Studio and used SQL queries
  • Created complex ETL strategies to extract, clean and deliver data to OLAP environment.
  • Extensive experience in Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL tools) using SSIS, DTS Import/Export Data, Bulk Insert, BCP, DTS Packages and SSIS packages.
  • Migrated data from SAS environment to SQL Server 2005 with SQL Server Integrated Services (SSIS).
  • Experience in creating SSIS packages using different type’s task, with Error Handling, log particular event by creating logging and worked on package configuration to run package on different server.
  • Implemented OLAP Cubes, Facts, and Dimensions for providing summarized and aggregate views
  • Designed, Developed and Deployed reports in MS SQL Server environment using SSRS-2008
  • Generated Sub reports, Drill down reports, Tabular Report and list reports using Tableau and SSRS
  • Managed, monitored the system utilization by using the query optimizer, checking the execution plan.
  • Extensively used Profiler to identify and repair database lockups, deadlocks, and other issues.
  • Established a sound backup and recovery policies and procedures.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008 R2, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, MS SQL Server Integration Services, Server Analysis Services, Excel, power point, XML Testing, Kimball Data ware house.


MS SQL Server Developer/Back END


  • Created and maintained various databases for production, development and testing using SQL Server
  • Created packages, procedures, functions, and triggers.
  • Created the structure of the model and cube in SSAS and reviewed Cube with end user and changed the cube and documentation according to their requirements.
  • Upgraded the database from MS SQL Server 7.0 to MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Transferred logins and users information using the DTS object transfer task
  • Imported data from text files and excel sheets into SQL Server database using DTS package.
  • Created reports from database onto excel spread sheet using DTS.
  • Assisted in designing and creating user Interface and Handled database performance tunings.
  • Working onRelational and Dimensional Data modeling for creating Logical and Physical Design of Database and ER Diagramsusing multiple data modeling tools likeERWIN, ER Studio.
  • Implemented in writing client side validations using JavaScript and VBScript.
  • Developed packages to handle data cleansing, loading multiple files and executing tasks multiple times
  • Wrote various Stored Procedures for the purpose of application development.
  • Performed Database backups (operating system, flat file backups & export/import).
  • Performed everyday backup and developed recovery procedures.
  • Worked on Migration techniques across different databases and servers.
  • Creation of new database, planning-location of data, index and transaction log files on the disks.
  • Created Users and Roles, and managed security and permission of database.
  • Involved in analyzing SQL Server Storage Structure, Index and Security Architecture
  • Worked on DTS Package, DTS Import/Export for transferring data from oracle Database to SQL Server.

Environment: SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, Query Analyzer, Outlook, DTS, BCP, Enterprise Manager, Excel, Acrobat Reader

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