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Postgresql-9.5 Sme / Automation Team Lead Resume

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Manassas, VA


Background (NoSQL/RDBMS Database Architect / Engineer): A graduate in Electronics Engineering /Computer Sc., working in the field of information technology for over 19+ years in various capacities of software engineering including management roles. Specialized in PostgreSQL / Oracle / Couchbase / MongoDB database administration, Infrastructure management and Engineering. Has strong background of enterprise database architecture, design, data modeling, high availability configuration, performance tuning, backup and recovery using RMAN, data pumps, replications (materialized views), korn shell scripting, High Availability solution using Oracle Data Guard and Oracle RAC ( 8 nodes), Database Security Implementation (STIGS), Installation of oracle database software, quarterly PSU (CPU patches), Upgrade / Migration of databases and capacity planning in large mission critical production and development environments. The projects include Data Warehousing, Data Mart, OLTP, DSS, MRP - II (ERP), CRM, HR, Payrolls, Financial Accounting Systems, Electronic Publishing System, Health Record Systems and many other applications. In addition, worked on configuration and installation of BigData / Hadoop (Hortonworks), R, RHadoop, NoSQL (MongoDB, Couchbase 2.5.1, 2.5.2, 3.0.3), and Amazon AWS (EC2, SNS, S3, EBS, AMI) environments, RHEL 7, UBUNTU and Windows.


Databases: PostgreSQL 8.x/9.5.x, EnterpriseDB (Postgres Plus Advanced Server), Couchbase 2.5.1. 2.5.2 , 3.0.3, 4.5.1, MongoDB 2.6, 3.x,Neo4j, MySQL,SQL Server, Oracle 10.2.04(10g), (11g),, Good Exposure to Hadoop (Hortoneworks )

Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat AS 2.1 / RHEL/6/7), HP-UX 10.2.03/11, IBM AIX, Sun OS (5.10), Sun Solaris (7/8/9/10),Windows (2000/2008//XP/7/8)

Programming Languages: SQL and PL/SQL, Unix / Linux (Korn Shell,awk,sed),Couchbase N1QL(cbq), Mongo Shell,R (Rstudio), Pig, Hive (Familiar)

Middleware: WebLogic Server 10.3.6 (11g)

Other Software / Tools: Git / Github / GitLabs, RStudio, JIRA, TFS, Vormetric Data Encryption, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)/ Grid Control, DataGuard 10g (HA), Oracle RAC, RMAN, Oracle AS 10g, WebLogicServer, VMWare VSphere 5, VMWare workstation / player, Veritas Indepth, Q-Centrl for Oracle (Quest), CommVault Simpana, Net App, ERStudio 5.5, DBArtisan 7.2.0, ERwin 4/3.5/2.5, SQL*Loader, SQL* Net, Net8, Easy Configuration, SQL*Trace, TKPROF, DBASSIST, DBCA, DBUA, NETCA, UOI, Oracle DBA Studio, TOAD, Requisite Pro, Veritas NetBackup, TELETRAN, Best1, SQL* Reports 2.0/1.1, PeopleSoft 6/7/8

Hardware: Amazon Web Services (AWS - EC2, S3, SNS), RHEL7, 6.X,5.X, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, VMWare,Sun 6900/6800/4800 , Sun E10K, IBM AIX, Linux Servers, Egenera Gigabit, EMC-8730 / T3/UV disk arrays, SunSparc E-450, HP - 9000 (V-2250), U-6000/35 (Unisys), Pentiums.Windows Servers.


Confidential, Manassas, VA

PostgreSQL-9.5 SME / Automation Team Lead


  • Working on CMS project as a team lead for the automation of Oracle and Postgres database patching, and Oracle Middleware Fusion patching.
  • Had discussions with client for collecting the requirements, coordinated with srcum master, business analysts, Ansible team.
  • Helped them to create user stories.
  • Created the plan for automation of all the tasks involved with validation steps.
  • Created the document of all the tasks with technical details.

Environment: PostgreSQL 9.5/6, Oracle 12c, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Solaris 10/11, RHEL 7, Jira, GitHub, Ansible Tower.

Confidential, Oakton, VA

PostgreSQL-9.5 / Couchbase Database Architect / Engineer


  • Working on basic database design, schema creation, data modelling and physical database creation from the scratch for Flight Data Control System.
  • The data comes from 24 ground entry points (GEPs) and Secured government operation centers. Installation of Postgres and related tools.
  • Configured the cluster to setup hot standby database using PostgreSQL streaming replication, PgPool II and REPMGR (automatic failover).
  • Evaluated EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL Advanced Server (9.5) and the EDB tools like EDB Failover Manager (EFM), EDB Enterprise manager (EEM), Migration Tool, and Backup and Recovery Tool (BART).
  • Also, analyzed the DoD guidelines of STIGS (Security and Technical Implementation Guide) for the flight data control system.
  • Created a separate Couchbase Database 3-node cluster to store flight control data log information and administered.
  • Created single node database for Flight Control Data and administered.

Environment: PostgreSQL 9.5, EnterpriseDB (PPAS), Couchbase 4.5.1, MongoDB 3.6, RHEL 7, Vmware VCENTER (ESXi), ElasticSearch, Jira, GitLabs, Docker.

Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Couchbase Database Administrator / Engineer


  • Creation of buckets, documents, loading the documents, backups and recovery, sizing the Couchbase, day to day monitoring and maintenance of couchbase clusters in Production, CAT, and DEV environments.
  • Automated backups through shell scripts and scheduled cron jobs for daily backups, weekly archival to S3 buckets on AWS.
  • Performed data restores from the backups, failed over the nodes for maintenance of failed nodes, documented all the procedures and SOPs for all the administrative tasks mentioned above. Worked with System Admins and security teams to configure the POC for Data Encryption tool Vormetric.
  • Installed and configured ElasticSearch and created the index references to Couchbase buckets for replication through XDCR (Cross Data Center Reference).
  • Also, used ansible tool to deploy the software on couchbase nodes. Used AWS services like EC2, S3, SNS, RDS, EBS etc. to support the project.
  • Upgraded the Couchbase from 2.5.1 to 2.5.2 and 3.0.1 in UAT environments.
  • Worked on Key Performance Indicator (KPI) SOPs.
  • Monitored the performance using the Couchbase Web console and REST APIs (cbstat tool).
  • Worked with Couchbase support team for sizing the Couchbase cluster.
  • Also, provided the architectural review and new design, with 6 / 9 / 13 nodes Couchbase cluster, to the client for future enhancements.
  • In addition, provided database administration support for PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch (plugin to couchbase). Migrated PostgreSQL database to AWS (RDS).

Environment: Couchbase 2.5.1, PostgreSQL 9.x, 3.x, RHEL 6/7, Amazon Web Services (AWS - EC2, S3, SNS, RDS), Vormetric Data Encryption (VDE), ElasticSearch, Ansible

Confidential, Vienna, VA

Sr. Oracle / PostgreSQL Database Administrator / Engineer (Lead)


  • Working as a Sr.Oracle Database Administrator / Engineer for building a data center for DOD’s Military Health Systems (MHS).
  • The work involved developing the databases from the scratch for the data center. Installed Oracle 11g, created the databases, schemas and other users for DHPSIRT, BLADELOGIC, VCENTER (for virtualization), BMC tools, RMAN etc. in Dev, Test and Production environments.
  • Setup RMAN hot backups using Linux shell scripts and ComVault SIMPANA backups interface tool. Periodically applied Oracle patches (CPUs, PSUs) and other data security implementation to comply with DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) STIGS (Security Technical Implementation Guide).
  • Upgraded the older version of Oracle 11g to the current version
  • Upgraded the oracle database from to 12c (
  • Also, supported the as secondary SQL Server DBA that supports Defense Health Information Management System (DHIMS).
  • Performed installation and DB creation, user access control, and setup weekly full, weekly translogs and daily incremental backups through maintenance plans (SQL Server Management Studio).
  • Part of the project was to migrate the Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. Installed PostgreSQL, created the schema and objects, worked with ETL team, loaded the data to PostgreSQL database.
  • Provided general DBA support, Worked on backup and recovery strategy. Schedule daily backups. Monitored the performance.
  • Configuration and installation of MongoDB 2.0.4 NoSQL instances on Linux (Ubuntu, Cent OS, RedHat) and Windows platform including AWS EC2 (Amazon Web Services). Data loading (mongo export / import) into MongoDB database in JSON, CSV formats), creating reports, configuring high availability, backups and recovery.
  • Worked on CRUD operations, creating replica sets and sharding.
  • Installed Apache Hadoop on linux servers. Installed Hortonworks Sandbox v2.1 on Oracle VM virtual box (using OVFA - Open Virtualization Format Architecture) . Wrote and tested various scripts for data processing using pig and Hive, create tables in Hcatalog to load the data.
  • Supporting as Webogic Server Administrator. Upgrades, periodical patch applications to meet DoD security requirements.

Environment: Oracle 11g/12c ( / / ), PostgreSQL 9.2, RHEL 5, MongoDB 2.0.4, Hadoop Hortonwork v2.1, Amazon Web Services (AWS), WebLogic Server 11g, OEM, TOAD, SQL Server 2008 R2

Confidential, Vienna, VA

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator / Architect


  • As a Sr. Oracle DBA, worked on database design, configuration and implementation of 8 node RAC.
  • Created new environments for development, test, acceptance and production. Provided 24X7 production support.
  • Monitored the health and performance of the production environment.
  • Used Grid control for monitoring the databases.
  • Installed oracle software and applied patches as recommended by Oracle Support to fix the bugs and one-off patches.
  • Participated in setting up of oracle streams for reporting database. Prepared scripts and setup the RMAN backup level 0 and level 1 (incremental) on weekly and daily basis.
  • Also, the full analyze and stale analyze were scheduled using crontab.
  • In addition, I also worked on standards and procedure for Database naming convention, userids, deployments procedures and directory structures for SVN. Extensively worked on performance tuning using various tools like OEM, TOAD etc.

Environment: Oracle, RAC 10g, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 (Tikanga), OEM Grid control, TOAD, Shell Scripting, SubVersion (SVN), Egenera Gigabit

Confidential, McLean, VA

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator / Architect


  • As a DBA/ Architect, I am working on database design, hardware and software requirements, installed oracle software and upgraded to, created of physical databases, created databases for OIS system, configuration management (ClearQuest and RequisitePro) and migrated the data from older CM system, data architecture / data modeling using ERWin.
  • Working on design / preparion for 2 node RAC in the same environment.
  • Worked on standards and procedure for Database / Hosts naming convention, user ids, password policies and directory structures.
  • Also documented hardware and software configurations.

Environment: Oracle, Sun Solaris 10, SunFire T2000, SunFire v490, BEA AquaLogic,Alfresco, ERWin, TOAD, OEM, Shell Scripting

Confidential, McLean, VA

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator


  • Worked as Lead DBA for data warehouse project which includes a corporate data warehouse and data marts “Instaknow data warehouse” and “Instaknow data mart”. These databases basically track the information pertaining to the contracts based on the data from the source systems such as JAMIS, TOL and HRIS.
  • In addition to data warehouse I was also part 24X7 support DBA team of 5 DBAs and maintained other production databases.
  • Created the new databases and assisted developer teams for loading/refresh the data. on regular basis as well as on demand.
  • Automated most of the load jobs, monitor jobs and backups using korn shells, provided day-to-day support to the developer and ETL(DataStage) team for QA, TEST and finally rolled over to production.
  • Pro-actively checked the database health and disk space management.
  • Assisted developer team for tuning the SQL queries.
  • Security administration for users by creating roles, profiles and password policies.
  • Setup 2 node RAC with ASM.
  • Provided the RAC DBA support for performance tuning, load balancing, and maintenance of RAC nodes.
  • Upgraded the databases from Oracle 9i to 10g. Installed oracle 11g in test environment.
  • Setup oracle streams for replication of selected tables.

Environment: Oracle 11g/ 10.2.03/ , Oracle RAC 10g, Oracle 10g AS, TOAD, DataStage (ETL Tool), OEM, PL/SQL, Unix shell scripts, Windows 2005, SQL Server, AIX, Sun Solaris and Linux Servers.

Confidential, Sterling, VA

Sr. Oracle Database Engineer/Architect


  • The nature of job involved providing the database solutions to meet client requirements that includes Installation of Oracle software, Installation of RAC on 5 nodes, with ASM, Oracle DataGuard 10g(standby), Grid Control, Installed and tested 11g on test database, providing High Availability solutions, backup and recovery solutions, upgrading the databases, applying the critical patches and security patches periodically when required.
  • Worked in restatement project in nightly shift to support production databases as a primary Oracle DBA. The day to day activities include database creation, oracle upgrades, performance tuning, security administration, user support, deployments, backups and recovery of databases.
  • Worked as a Sr. Oracle DBA supporting production, stress, qa, training and development databases.
  • Worked as a Sr. Oracle DBA supporting production, test and development databases including on call support during night and weekends (24X7)

Environment: Oracle , TOAD, OEM, PL/SQL, Java, Shell Scripts, Windows NTSun 6900 (Sun OS 5.8), Sun 4800, EMC T3 and UV disk arrays.

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator


  • Created standby databases from RAW devices on two separate remote servers with manual recovery for AMDOCS Ensemble billing system.
  • Managed the standby database with manual recovery by applying the archived logs on daily basis.
  • Installed Oracle 9i on unix boxes.
  • Day to day data migration refresh (export / import of large partitioned tables ), creating the schemas, views, table partitions, index partitions and other database objects. Space management, proactively generating space alert reports, security administration, creating views from BCVs .
  • High level (Oracle Internals) Performance tuning of applications and database while exploring the new features of Oracle 9i
  • Prepared project work books for the servers and standby databases.
  • Capacity planning for all the databases on Sun and HP boxes.
  • Implemented security management policies for databases. Security password policies were implemented using the profiles and verify functions.

Environment: Oracle 9.2/8.1.7,TOAD, PL/SQL, PeopleSoft 8, Shell Scripts, HP-UX, Windows NT, HP-9000 ( V-2250), Sun 6800 (Sun OS 5.8), Sun E10K, EMC 8730 (32 terra Bytes).

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