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Senior Developer Resume

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Hummelstown, PennsylvaniA


An Oracle ETL database position where a background in database design, PL - SQL development, and multiple methods of data transformation would be an asset.


Over fifteen years of database and analyst/programmer experience. An energetic self-starter with excellent analytical, organizational, and creative skills. A talent for analyzing problems, developing and simplifying procedures, and finding innovative solutions. Proven ability to motivate and work effectively with others.


Oracle PL-SQL, Sybase Transact-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, ANSII SQL stored procedures, packages and other database objects and database design.

XML, XSLT and, XHTML/HTML development.

SAP Powerbuilder developer (PB 6 through 12)

Technical support for a variety of hardware, software, and network configurations. (MacOS, MS 95/98/2000/ME/NT, TCP/IP, and Novell)

Experience training others in the use of a variety of database management, development, and reporting tools, and PC systems.


Oracle database



Powerbuilder 6 through 12 (including PFCs)

Sybase SQL Server 11, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Transact-SQL

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Windows 3.x, 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, 7

Microsoft Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Office

MacOS 6.x-9.1, OSX

ColdFusion 4.5 and 5


XML, DITA, Docbook

Graphic Design

MS Visual Studio .Net

Microsoft Visual BASIC 5.0

Borland C++, Symantec C++, Metroworks CodeWarrior

Microfocus COBOL



Filemaker Pro




Confidential, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Senior Developer


  • Developing their flagship behavioral healthcare office management, scheduling, clinical documentation, and insurance billing package, Epitomax is a hosted, web-based application built on the SAP EAServer webserver with an Oracle database backend.
  • Business logic and frontend are written in Powerbuilder objects and delivered via .jsp.
  • The existing site is written in PB9, with a new version coming online that was converted to PB12.
  • Primary developer for the 5010 insurance EDI conversion, this included transforming the data in our system to the new 837 standard, modules for importing data from the new 835 standard, and import/export eligibility using the 270/271 standards.
  • I wrote a QS1 pharmacy integration for a major central PA behavioral health hospital using Mirth HL7 server, and an integration with the Dr First online prescription platform that also used the HL7 standard.
  • Developed a process for importing customer client account information (demographic and financial data) from their legacy systems into Epitomax.
  • Implemented a reporting module with Crystal Reports. Oracle database SQL tuning, stored procedures and functions, and .jsp webpage development.
  • I also performed general database administration and server maintenance functions, performed customer training, and answered customer help desk support issues.

Confidential, Emigsville, Pennsylvania

Senior Developer


  • I wrote a process to extract data as XML using the DITA standard, then using XML/XSLT transformations to generate PDFs and Docbook for HTML generation for single source technical documentation publication.
  • This was all driven by ANT scripts.
  • Custom DTD development. Oracle PL-SQL stored procedure development.
  • Powerbuilder client/server application development.
  • Developed core Confidential functions for use in an API as Windows COM object. Built client daemon apps in C#, Visual Basic, and C++ around this API for web services (SOAP, WSDL).
  • I also performed general database administration and network maintenance functions, put together customized client deliverables packages, and fielded customer help desk support issues.

Confidential, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Project Lead/Programmer/Analyst


  • Primary responsibility included integrating the Office of Oil and Gas' legacy system into the WVDEP ERIS permitting, inspection, and enforcement and system.
  • This included importing several years’ worth of data from a flat-file system into the WVDEP's Oracle 8i production database.
  • Developed a method where 'wildcatter' oil and gas well producers could submit production well data to the Office of Oil and Gas via a simple Excel spreadsheet.
  • I wrote several oil and gas specific modules for ERIS such as well transfer and ownership and control, EPA Underground Injection Control monitoring and reporting, and operator well activity tracking.
  • I also developed webpage access to the Oil and Gas data using ColdFusion and HTML.
  • Along with staff on the division's GIS team, we mapped those wells, which was invaluable to the inspection division of WVDEP.
  • Responsible for all aspects of full life cycle system development, including gathering requirements, analysis and design, development, testing, and training.
  • I was also responsible for database table design, foreign key creation and propagation, privileges, and user security.
  • As a lead programmer on the general ERIS Electronic Permitting system, I developed ColdFusion and HTML forms and pages, several hundred Oracle stored procedures, and I helped to design and implement the security and XML data storage infrastructure.

Confidential, Charleston, West Virginia

Apple Power Rep


  • I was responsible for the care and well being of Macintosh demo machines.
  • I was also Circuit City's first contact for new Apple products, training materials, software updates, and other promotional material. During Apple Demo Days, I talked to customers at Circuit City, demoed the machines and software, and generally made Apple look good.
  • I am often called upon by other Apple computer users in the Confidential area to fix or upgrade their machines, or to provide information for purchasing decisions for several companies and state agencies in the area.

Confidential, Chesapeake, Virginia



  • Developed Sybase Transact-SQL debrief stored procedures for the FA-18 E and F and H-53/H-60 BFGoodrich AMEGS.
  • This involves pulling data from the onboard engine and maintenance subsystems and importing that data into Optimized Confidential .
  • I was also involved in moving the application from reliance on a single database to a replication environment, allowing for greater redundancy of data and the ability to implement Confidential throughout the Confidential while maintaining real-time transaction processing.
  • Developed using Powerbuilder 6 PFCs and the Sybase SQL Server 11 database, Optimized Confidential is an object-oriented, GUI, client/server application operating in a Windows NT environment.
  • Responsible for requirements analysis, program design, development, testing and documentation.
  • Analyzed and defined user requirements and developed software program descriptions from these requirements.
  • Lead programmer for 3rd party contractor database APIs.
  • Generated database modification requests, data element dictionary requests and error message requests when necessary.

Confidential, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Customer Technical Support


  • Provided Mac and PC technical support and software installations for clients of a local Internet service provider.
  • Made house calls to troubleshoot TCP/IP connection problems.
  • Provided software training on a variety of Internet software.
  • Lead Macintosh technical support contact.
  • Created printed material for advertising purposes.
  • Developed HTML for business clients.

Confidential, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Information Systems Intern


  • Developed a 'data-driven' design in Confidential, which mapped data stored in tables to design elements in the document template.
  • Using a variety graphic design software, created, edited, and produced electronic files used for printing many of the 4-color brochures, pamphlets, flyers, posters, magazine advertisements, letterhead and other printed materials that the university uses in its day to day operations.
  • Developed the first iteration of the IUP Magazine web publication. Produced web graphics for university department use.
  • Demonstrated ability to produce 4-color files on short notice. Provided administrative support for staff and department.
  • Made press checks for 4-color output.
  • Upgraded and maintained the Office of Publication's LAN, hardware, software, and peripherals in a cross-platform Mac and PC environment.
  • Specified equipment and software for office purchase.
  • Gave hardware/software training to students and staff.
  • Developed and maintained a system for easy storage and retrieval of electronic media files for reprinting purposes.

Confidential, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Prepress Assistant


  • Developed and maintained a system for easy storage and retrieval of electronic media files for reprinting purposes.
  • Upgraded and maintained the department LAN, hardware, software, and peripherals.
  • Trained others in the use and maintenance of the electronic prepress hardware, software and the darkroom equipment.
  • Lead darkroom technician including process camera and film developer maintenance.
  • Made electronic files ready for output on an imagesetter.
  • Shot photographs to halftone on the process camera.
  • Developed film for use in creating press plates.
  • Prepress production and layout.

Confidential, Shelocta, Pennsylvania

Lead Developer


  • Developed and built a system for tracking natural gas well royalty payments using MS Access, VBA, and Excel.
  • The system allows a single user to enter gas well data such as property owner(s), location, royalty percentage(s), date of meter read, cubic feet of gas output, etc.
  • The system calculates all royalties owed and features history reporting with trend analysis of the well over time.

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