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Database Architect And Db Developer Team Lead, Vp Resume

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New York City, NY


  • 20 years of full - lifecycle software development experience, including gathering business needs, data modeling, database architecture, design, development and deployment.
  • Extensive data modeling and data architecture experience and working knowledge of relational and dimensional database systems and technologies.
  • Experienced ETL and database developer. Holding Microsoft Certificates as a SQL developer.
  • Designed and developed software solutions for the financial services industry. Extensive experience wif Credit Risk, Market Risk, Compliance and PnL systems.
  • Extensive experience wif object oriented architecture and development.
  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience wif .NET technologies. Client/Server and n-tier architecture design and development.
  • Proven ability to solve complex problems and to catch up wif the constantly evolving software development technologies and tools.


DBMS: Oracle 11g/12c, MS SQL Server 2012/2008R2, Netezza, Vertica - fifteen years hands-on development and architectural planning wif the in-depth knowledge and experience of using industry standards.

Big Data: Cassandra, Mongo DB

ETL Tools: SSIS, Pentaho, DTS, Informatica Power Center

Reporting: SSRS, Cristal Reports, Tableau 10

CASE/ modeling tools: Oracle Data Modeler, CA Erwin 7.1, Embarcadero ERStudio 7.2, MS Visio

Team Leading: Leading small offshore and onshore teams of database and application developers, proven record of successful system implementations.


Confidential, New York City, NY

Database Architect and DB Developer Team Lead, VP


  • Designed logical and phisical data model for FX, MM, futures trading application from scratch.
  • Developed and deployed tables, triggers, packages, procedures to support all business needs for the new trading platform in the Oracle 11g database.
  • Developed a historical and daily migration process from Sybase DB to Oracle DB. (Unix shell script, Pentaho, PL SQL, T-SQL)
  • Implemented a pilot project to store orders data on Cassandra clusters.
  • Designed uniaue DB logging system to allow capturing all executions wif steps, calculate performance and proactively identify potential issues.
  • Addressed performance issues, reviewd execution plans, worked wif DBAs, changed model, created indexes, automated statistics gathering.
  • Created Trade Repository Data Warehouse using Oracle DB and Pentaho ETL process to store all historical trade details and calculated Trader performance measures, such as cancelled, late, amended trades, outsized trades and MVs. Worked wif Tableau dev team to create reports.
  • Trained and lead a small team of ofshore and onshore database and application developers.
  • Worked closely wif the application and QA teams to resolve issues.

Confidential City, NJ

Consultant, Database and Application Developer


  • Participated in the Mizuho IHC compliance project.
  • Designed Security Master data model to maintain “golden copy” securities’ attributes received from multiple sources. Matching financial instruments (options, equities, futures, bonds) by cusip or ISIN and picking the master record based on entities rank. ( Oracle 12c, SSIS, C# )
  • Designed Transaction Adjustment application, created manual upload template (Excel, VBA) and ETL process (SSIS, C#, VS 12.0) to deliver data to the staging database (Oracle 12c) and DW (SQL Server 2012).
  • Worked closely wif the solution architect and BA team to resolve design issues.
  • Created and executed manual test cases for the designed processes.

Confidential,New York City

Consultant, Lead Database Developer


  • DW Database design and development for a Global PNL application. Calculating and delivering accounting and economic PnL explains for Fixed Income products.
  • Data modeling for new subject areas in PnL database using CA Erwin 9.5. Created conceptual design in Visio, and Logical and Physical database schemas in Erwin.
  • Created a number of end-of-day and real-time ETL data feeds using SSIS Integration packages, having various data sources such as Oracle, Netezza, Sybase, MS SQL database, flat files and excel spreadsheets. Performed data analyses for new feeds.
  • Created complex stored procedures (T-SQL, SQL 2008), functions, triggers and views, optimized SQL code, investigated and resolved performance issues, implementing solutions such as creating partitions for large databases (3+ Tb).
  • Development of a custom SSIS object to process custom configuration and handle dynamic environments (Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5 SP1, C#)
  • Designed high-performance sales data feed pulling data from Netezza DB (C# 3.5, NZSQL)
  • Involved in the creation of the online reporting system and a signoff review tool that let Middle Office to reconcile economic P/L wif accounting P/L. Implemented time series Audit reports.
  • Built data validation and exception reporting system wif automated email notifications.
  • Automated DB production release process, integrating Perforce custom tool (using Python 2.7) and Jira.
  • Performed code reviews for DB team members. Mentored junior developers. Organized number of KTs and training sessions for new team members.

Confidential, New York City

Lead Database Developer, DataWarehouse architect


  • Database design and development for a WhenTech Markets® Commodity trading application. Performed data analyses, created complex stored procedures, functions, triggers, investigated performance issues, fixed table locking problems, applied data partitioning.
  • Architected and built web-based database management and reporting application. (ASP.NET MVC3, VB.NET, C#, T-SQL). Created multiple reports covering the current business needs. (AJAX).
  • Worked on the daily settlement files (multiple exchanges) processing application. Utilized C# application, SSIS packages and T-SQL stored procedures.
  • Designed live e-Signal Market Data Feed process. Created SSIS packages to retrieve XML data from web service, parse, map and load the market (options and futures) data.
  • Participated in the CME FEC (Front End Clearing) application design. Created a data model covering the FEC subject area. Deployed and performance-tested the database objects.
  • Implemented SSRS reporting services.
  • Designed and implemented audit and error logging database application. (Erwin 7.3, T-SQL)
  • Involved in the design and implementation of the ETL process for Guardian investment Trading Floor application. (SQL Server 2005 / 2008, SSIS, T-SQL, SSRS, Camra)
  • Created new and troubleshoot / performance tuned-up existing SSIS packages and T-SQL stored procedures.
  • Designed custom SSIS components for FTP, lookup, error logging tasks. ( VS 2005, C#, .NET)
  • Worked closely to the offshore Front-end development team. Created integration and implementation plans. Created database builds, performed unit testing and system integration testing. Used QTP to perform a number of automated tests.
  • Participated in Data modeling (Logical and Physical models) and data migration from existing de-normalized database to the 3NF database.
  • Analyzed and fixed performance issues for high-volume daily data transformation operations. Fixed performance issues in stored procedures, implemented indexed views, etc.
  • Created and supported a SSRS reporting system. Migrated existing Crystal Reports 9 reports.
  • Performed data analysis, data validation and data cleansing tasks.

Confidential,New York

Data Modeler, ETL Developer


  • Performed data analysis and ETL operations from city databases to statewide data warehouse, eScholar system. Created and used SSIS packages to move data to repository and executed Sagent Studio data plans to move data to the state container.
  • Was involved in SQL 2005 migration planning and execution. Migrated existing DTS (SQL 2000) packages to SSIS (SQL 2005).
  • Automated loading student’s demographics, enrollments, programs, assessments and special education snapshot data to the state warehouse and analyzed rejects and errors.
  • As a part of SQL 2005 migration, reverse engineered five DRS databases, created Logical and Physical database schemas using ERwin Data Modeler and performed Complete Compare between the Dev, QA and Production environments.
  • Worked on the eScholar database Logical and Physical data model and participated in eScholar v9 migration.
  • Designed SSIS packages and loaded complete 2002-2006 historical student data to the state warehouse database.
  • Designed Facility-Guarantee database model that fits in the existing credit exposure application system as a part of the CCI (Credit & Counterparty Information) Project for the Basel II system. Developed and implemented the Credit Limits - Facility conversion module.
  • Worked as part of a team to develop external data loader application: end-of-day and real-time Feed Services for different data providers. (DTS / SSIS, Reporting, Analysis services). Utilized a number of project types and technologies including ASP.NET, XML, Web Services for data upload and Transact-SQL for mapping procedures.
  • Designed a number of web-based reports to provide business users counterparties’ credit limits information wif facilities and risk ratings after the guarantee TEMPeffect.
  • Implemented the required database Audit support that creates an audit trail for most important database objects as a security feature and also halps to validate the accuracy of complex migration procedures.
  • Designed Master Agreement application that allows to load, identify and link business entities (counterparties, internal entities and securities).
  • As a Release Manager was responsible for creation of implementation plans for SIT / UAT testing environments and distributing the implementation task among team members and DBAs.
  • Received a letter of recognition from business users for successful implementation of the Release 4.1 of the Basel 2 project to the production environment and leading through the UAT phase of the project.
  • Worked wif QA team and a technical writer to develop test cases and provide solid user and technical documentation.


Senior Application Developer / Architect


  • Worked as part of a team to develop a financial performance reporting system that allowed business analysts to analyze stock trading data and produce performance reports for large institutional clients. Windows desktop client application communicated wif multi-threading server tier through Web services
  • Designed Compliance reporting system. The application was designed to produce custom client reports using MS Access 2000 for Charles River application. Worked closely wif business users and CR support team to design the programming interface and integrate the custom reports wif Charles River database.
  • Developed applications to calculate financial benchmark performance for a wide variety of instruments (equity, bonds, derivatives and more) based on a large amount of data.
  • Implemented FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) classification standard for existing reports and data classification applications.
  • Implemented full Multilanguage support through the whole system, including reports, user interface and web services.
  • Designed US Universe Data Loader application to classify and import of External Universe data in text format coming from number of data providers (Bloomberg, Wilshire) Custom installation script was created using InstallShield Developer 7.0.


Senior Web Application Developer


  • Developed and maintained Performance Measurement Reporting system for analyzing fund management performance for major Canadian pension funds. Created data-bound Report templates using Crystal Reports 8.5 wif output in Adobe Acrobat Writer/ Distiller format.
  • Implemented Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) for all existing security asset classes (sectors) to be able to produce reports matching world standards.
  • Designed Sector Weight and Return, Portfolio Profile, Sector Allocation, Performance Analysis, Security Detail, Asset Growth, Universe and many other reports.
  • Designed SQL Server 2000 data model using Erwin 4.0. Developed stored procedures, tables, indexes, triggers and views.
  • Customization and conversion of the Graphic Server 5.5 report system.
  • Designed Internet version of the client reports system (ASP, DHTML 4.0, JavaScript). Enabled reports' generation and export to different formats (HTML, MS Excel, Crystal Reports)
  • Migrated the major components of the system to .NET platform. Converted report server modules to VB.NET, C# and ADO.NET.
  • Architected and developed an offline database synchronization tool for business clients in 5 European countries. Data in XML format comes through FTP and uploaded into SQL 2000 database using COM+ objects written in VB 6.0 wif use of MSMQ and MTS.
  • Designed off-line version of B2B public web site (www.immoeuro.com). Offline application lets European users communicate wif real estate database through XML/XSL/DTD files, wifout using expensive and slow online communications.
  • Created a Business reporting system using MS Access 2000 and VBA.
  • Managed a team of 2 developers.
  • Designed MS Access 2000 application for a financial company to halp manage their data and create financial reports.
  • Participated in creation of a number of e-commerce public web sites based on ASP, DHTML, COM+, MTS, Transactional SQL stored procedures technologies. (www. Confidential .com - e-commerce, www. Confidential .com - Mary MacDonald & Associates venture capitalists).
  • Created Action Item Tracker system for QA department to allow internal users and company clients to track change requests and bug fixing. Technology used: ASP, COM+ (VB 6.0), MTS, SQL 7.0 stored procedures.


Application Developer


  • Designed and participated in creation of more than 15 desktop and web-based applications to support different types of business.
  • Designed and developed Sales Division Automation System for a large client. Custom Outlook forms wif VBA code were designed for use on client side (for sales representatives). MS Exchange - based system (VB6, MS Access/SQL database) on server side.
  • Designed on-line computer training (www. Confidential .com/training) web site wif VB admin backend.
  • Created an application for a financial company to share custom information (www. Confidential .com).
  • Created a web application that allows corporations to process, save and analyze store rental requirements (www. Confidential .com). COM components provide request entry, calculation, data search, and additional security.
  • Designed financial report system using Crystal Reports 7.0.
  • Designed number of merchandise restocking real-time programs linked to customers’ databases for warehouses and retail stores. (VB + MS Access)
  • Developed bookkeeping spreadsheets systems: money and trade turnover, taxes, etc. (VB 5.0)
  • Implemented HR management application. (MS Access, FoxPro database, Clipper 5.01)
  • Designed reports system for the payroll application. Built reports for daily activities, monthly maintenance, and year-end entries for the payroll system.
  • Designed communication program for branch offices wif ability to send sales reports through Internet/Intranet using Winsock and TCP/IP protocol.
  • Managed a team of two developers and one QA specialist.

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