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Microstrategy Developer Resume

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Wilmington, DE


  • Over 5+ years of IT experience in BI Consulting and Software Development with proven success in Data modeling and Business Intelligence in building, analyzing and designing semantic layer, reports and dashboard development inMicrostrategy.
  • Expertise in Development and implementation using Microstrategy product suits including MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Architect, OLAP Services, Administrator, Intelligence server and Narrowcast sever.
  • Full life cycle implementation encompassing Business requirements definition, Data analysis, Data Warehousing, Logical and Physical Data Modeling, Reporting, validations.
  • Adequate knowledge of fundamental Data warehousing concepts such as dimensional modeling, star and snow flake schemas, modeling data marts.
  • Good exposure to BI reportingMicrostrategy 9i/10i, SSRS & SQL programming, RDBMS - Teradata, Oracle, Cloudera and SQL server.
  • Experience following structured software development methodologies - Agile approaches.
  • Proficient in creating Schema Objects such as Attributes, Facts, Hierarchies and Transformations.
  • Extensive experience in creation of public Objects Namely Metrics, Filters, Prompts, Custom Groups, Consolidations, Drill Maps, Search Objects, Reports and Documents.
  • Worked on different Performance Tuning methods like Caching, Aggregate Tables, Partition Mapping, VLDB settings and creating Indexes on tables.
  • Created Logical tables using wizards.
  • Experienced in Object Manager, Enterprise Manager, Integration Manager and Command Manager.
  • Worked on Conditional Metrics, Level metrics and advanced prompts for creating advanced reports.
  • Worked closely with the Business Users, Business System Analyst to understand the Requirements.
  • Onsite anchor and a bridge between business and technology development done by an offshore team. Involved in tracking, troubleshooting and data processing.
  • Highly analytical, well organized and able to work TEMPeffectively under pressure to meet deadlines.
  • Extensively worked with Product/Business (Requirement Gathering and Analysis) and IT teams. spanned across organizations during the project development life cycle.


MicroStrategy Suite: MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Mobile, Microstrategy Administrator (Command Manager, Project Merge, Object Manager, License Manager, DB Query Tool, Cube Advisor, Configuration Wizard, Microstrategy Enterprise Manager, Health Center) Microstrategy Office, Microstrategy Report Services. MicroStrategy Web SDK.

ETL Tools: SSIS, Informatica.

Data Modeling: ERWIN, SQL Developer Data Modeler

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL.


MicroStrategy Developer

Confidential - Wilmington, DE


  • Gathering business requirements and coordinating with business analysts to understand the requirements to develop standard reports.
  • Involved in the analysis of the oncology data for the development of the dashboards in MicroStrategy 10.4.5 on Cloudera hosted on AWS which gives complete insights & analytics to all the key businesses responsible for the new product launch.
  • Extensively worked withMicrostrategyarchitect to develop schema objects such as, attribute, facts, hierarchies, consolidations and transformations Report Modeling/Architecture. Also created public objects for MSTR Development.
  • Worked extensively on creating Application Objects like Metrics and Compound metrics, Filters, Custom Groups and Consolidations for complex reports.
  • Created transformations for comparative reports like sales this Year-To-Date (YTD), Month- To-Date (MTD), Quarter-To-Date (QTD) analysis.
  • Created Launch Page Document, where all the Dashboards can be accessed through the Launch Page by the users by means of MicroStrategy Web.
  • LeveragedMicroStrategyOLAP services to develop reports, which use the functionality of the intelligent cubes and Derived Metrics.
  • Created advanced qualification filters using ApplySimple, ApplyComparison, etc.
  • Performed basic Unit Test on the reports created before migration.
  • Worked with the QA team on the validation plans and fixed all the bugs which were logged in JIRA
  • Tuning the reports by taking advantages of VLDB properties and complex report filters.
  • Created various reports from basic ad-hoc reports to complex documents using multiple datasets.
  • Involved in using the Object Manager to move the objects from Development to Production Environment inMicrostrategy 10.4.5.

Environment: MicroStrategy 10.4.5/10.3/10.2, Intelligence Server, Command Manager, Object Manager, Integrity Manager, MicroStrategy Web), Cloudera 5.9.1, Impala 2.7.0, Hadoop 2.6.0, MS SQL Server, Excel VBA, Windows 10/7, Windows Scheduler, Windows Batch (CMD).


Confidential - Columbus, OH


  • Gathering Business requirement from Business Analyst and analyzing the requirement and developing technical design document.
  • Performed Requirement analysis to collect various business measures and attributes to develop a reliable Schema and required Facts and Attributes.
  • Extensively worked withMicrostrategyArchitect/Desktop to build different kinds of objects like Schema, Public and Application Objects.
  • Created different types of schema objects like Attributes, facts, Hierarchies and transformations.
  • Worked extensively on creating application objects like Metrics and compound metrics, Filters, Prompts, Custom groups and Consolidations.
  • Developing different kind of reports (Grid/Graph) using schema and public objects based on requirement.
  • Reduced the time taken for the reports to run by taking advantages of VLDB properties at different levels.
  • Developed documents and dashboard for visualization and for understanding the business trends.
  • Created drill maps and enabled drilling for end users to drill and recover data at different geo levels.
  • Performance improvements in area of MSTR reports, dashboards while running and loading maps on web application.
  • Using Object Manager to migrate MSTR objects from one environment to other as part of Production release.
  • Responsible for various administration tasks like user creation, Tuning, Caching, scheduling, Report optimization, creating groups and assigning ACL to users.

Environment: Microstrategy (Desktop, Web, Object Manager, Integration Manager), MicroStrategy Architect, Microstrategy Developer, Microstrategy Developer, SQL Server, SQL, Teradata, Windows, MS Access.

MicroStrategy Developer



  • Worked as aMicrostrategyanalyst for the Users to support various reporting needs for the business. Created the Metadata & Statistic tables forMicrostrategyprojects.
  • Involved in Conversion of Corporate Data Model into a Warehouse Star Data Model.
  • Extensively used Metrics, Compound Metrics, Filters, Custom Groups and Consolidations.
  • Generated and implementedMicrostrategySchema objects and Application objects by creating facts, attributes, hierarchies, reports, filters, metrics and templates usingMicrostrategyDesktop and Architect.
  • Created Transformations for comparative reports like sale this year-to-date, Month- to-date, Quarter-to-date etc.
  • Extensively worked in both Ad-hoc and standard reporting environments and involved in creating Reports scalable to large volumes of data.
  • Extensively worked withMicrostrategyarchitect to develop schema objects such as, attribute, facts, hierarchies, consolidations and transformations Report Modeling/Architecture etc.
  • Extensively worked withMicrostrategyIntelligence Server,MicrostrategyWeb and Micro Strategy Administrator reporting basic usingMicrostrategyDesktop andMicrostrategyWeb.
  • Worked extensively on creating Application Objects like Metrics and Compound metrics, Filters, Custom Groups and Consolidations for complex reports.
  • Extensively worked on Report Services to create performance dashboard reporting.
  • Created drill maps for end users to drill down and recover data.
  • Involved in using the Object Manager to move the objects from Development to Production Environment inMicrostrategy.
  • Involved in Managing migration ofMicrostrategyprojects and objects from Development to Testing and to production environment.
  • Involved in troubleshootingMicrostrategyprompt, filter, template, consolidations and custom group objects in an enterprise data warehouse team environment.
  • Extensively worked on Dashboards and have utilized the new features to convert the dashboards into Flash mode.
  • Worked on Enterprise manager to generate reports in enterprise manager
  • Responsible for various administration tasks like Tuning, Caching, specifying Query Governing Thresholds, and Report Optimization.

Environment: Microstrategy9.4.1 (Administrator, Web, Desktop, Narrowcast Server, Object Manager, Enterprise Manager, Report Services), Teradata V2R6.1.1

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