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Sr. Informatica Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Over 6+ years of experience in IT industry wif expertise in Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Modeling, Testing, and Support for Data Warehouse applications
  • Expertise in working wif Informatica Power Center 9.1.0/9.0.1/8.6/7.1 (Designer, Repository manager, Repository Server Administrator console, Server Manager, Work flow manager, workflow monitor)
  • Well acquainted wif Informatica Designer Tools like Source Analyzer, Transformation Developer, Mapping Designer, Mapplet Designer, Schedulers and Warehouse Designer
  • Well versed wif Relational and Dimensional Modeling techniques like Star Schema, OLAP, Fact and Dimensional Tables
  • Expert - level mastery in designing and developing complex Mappings using transformations like Source qualifier, Aggregator, Expression, Connected &Unconnected lookup, Filter, Joiner, Sequence generator, Sorter, Router, Normalizer and Update Strategy
  • Experience wif high volume datasets from various sources like Oracle, Flat files, SQL Server and Xml
  • Expertise in Tuning teh DW environment including Oracle SQL query tuning, Database tuning and in Informatica Power center to identify bottlenecks, tune and remove bottlenecks
  • Used Debugger to test teh data flow and Optimized teh Solution by using teh performance tuning methods in teh Oracle SQL queries like Indexing techniques, Hints, Partitioning and Parallel execution process
  • SCD Management including Type 1, 2, De-normalization, Cleansing, Conversion, Aggregation, and Performance Optimization
  • Design Source to Target maps, Code Migration, Version control, scheduling tools, Auditing, shared folders, data movement, naming in accordance wif ETL Best Practices, Standards and Procedures
  • Thorough noledge of teh Data Warehouse Development Life Cycle. Performed all dimensions of development including Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) data from various sources into Data Warehouses and Data Marts using Power Center
  • Hands on experience in writing, testing and implementation of teh triggers, stored procedures, functions, packages at database level and form level using SQL, PL/SQL, SQL PLUS
  • Involved in teh Migration process from Development, Test and Production Environments
  • Extensive database experience using Oracle 11g/10g/9i, MS SQL Server 2008/2005, MySQL, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus
  • Excellent communication, analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Quick learner and adaptive to new and challenging technological environments
  • Highly motivated to take independent responsibility as well as ability to contribute and be a productive team member


Data Warehousing/ETL: Informatica Power Center 9.0.1/8.6/8.1/7.1, Informatica Power Exchange 8.x

Data Modeling: Dimensional Data Modeling, Star Join Schema Modeling, Snowflake Modeling, FACT and Dimension Tables, Physical and Logical Data Modeling, Erwin 7.1.3, MS-Visio

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, MS SQL Server 7.0/2008/2005, My SQL, DB2, MS-Access

Programming: SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, MS SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting

Environment: Win 2000, Win XP, UNIX, Sun Solaris

Other tools & Utilities: SQL*Plus, Business Objects 6.5, Teradata, SQL Navigator, Toad, SQL tools, Autosys, Quest, MS-Office


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Complete understanding of Data in various sources, so as to support Business Intelligence (BI) Team
  • in creating SDLC
  • Supported BI team to create Logical and Physical Data Models for Data Warehousing
  • Created Incremental Iterative ETL releases using an Agile Process
  • Supported and Createed Source to Target Documentations, along wif Business Analysts
  • Supported and Fixed ETL bugs, Reporting bugs identified by QA Team using Agile Methodology
  • Involved in extensive DATA validation by writing several complex SQL queries and Involved in
  • back-end testing and worked wif data quality issues
  • Performed all aspects of Verification, Validation including Functional, Structural, Regression, Load
  • and System Testing
  • Createed ETL Codes based on Source to Target Documentations, so as to serve teh need of EDW
  • Data to create various reports and dashboards using Microstrategy
  • Created ETL code to support data flow from Source to Staging and Staging to EDW, so as to standardize ETL coding for various SDLC
  • Created ETL code wif various Incremental Logics (Slowly Changing Dimensions - 1, 2) based on requirements
  • Created Stored Procedures, Cursors and Triggers, to load, test and validate data in EDW Database
  • Verified teh data load in critical and non-critical columns based on teh ETL updates or inserts
  • Created various Parameters in Informatica Server, to support connections for Source, Target and Look Up Tables
  • Wrote several command tasks scripts using UNIX Korn shell for file transfers and cleanup process
  • Tuned ETL Codes/scripts, SQL queries to improve teh system performance
  • Created or Dropped Indexes to improve teh Load Performance
  • Migrated ETL Codes from Development Environment to Test Environment and Deploy ETL codes to Production Environment after QA (ETL TESTING)
  • Scheduled and Monitored Workflows in Production Environment under various circumstances and create event wait and event raise tasks as per teh need
  • Supported ETL Testing (QA Team) in writing various Test Cases and validate data in Test Environment
  • Supported and Fixed ETL bugs, Reporting bugs identified by QA Team using Agile Methodology
  • Involved in extensive DATA validation by writing several complex SQL queries and Involved in back-end testing and worked wif data quality issues
  • Performed all aspects of Verification, Validation including Functional, Structural, Regression, Load and System Testing
  • Identified bottlenecks through performance Testing and Applied SQL performance tuning techniques extensively, working wif DBA’s to resolveperformance and tuning issues
  • Attended Daily status meetings wif teh BI Team and updated teh status of teh Project under Agile Methodology
  • Attended BI-Weekly meeting to Update, Plan iterations wif teh BI Team
  • Extensively used Version 1 software (Agile Methodology software), to update, track teh task dat is being worked on and to plan Back logs for future projects or enhancements
  • Used Longview Khalix, People Soft, VM Ware and many other software as Source while creating ETL codes to load data into DFW EDW

Environment:Oracle 11g, INFORMATICA 9.0.1,XML,FlatFiles,SQL DEVELOPERSQL*Plus, Windows, UNIX, HP Quality Center, Longview Khalix, People Soft, VM Ware, DAC

Confidential, Pittsburg, PA

Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Participated in data modeling (logical and physical) for designing teh Data Marts for finance, Sales, Billing
  • Developed standards and procedures for transformation of data as it moves from source systems to teh data warehouse
  • Created Technical design specification documents based on teh functional design documents and teh physical data model
  • Developed mappings to extract data from Oracle, Flat files, XML files and load into Data warehouse using teh Mapping Designer
  • Used Source Analyzer and Warehouse designer to import teh source and target database schemas, and teh Mapping Designer to map teh sources to teh target
  • Used Informatica Designer to create complex mappings using different transformations like Filter, Router, Connected & Unconnected lookups, Stored Procedure, Joiner, Update Strategy, Expressions and Aggregator transformations to pipeline data to Data Warehouse
  • Involved in versioning teh whole process and retiring teh old records using teh built-in's DD UPDATE, DD DELETE, and DD INSERT
  • Worked on Informatica Power Center 8.6 tool - Source Analyzer, warehouse designer, Mapping Designer, Workflow Manager, Mapplets, and Reusable Transformations
  • Optimized Query Performance, Session Performance and Reliability
  • Extensively used Normalizer (for COBOL source files ), Router, Lookup, Aggregator, Expression and Update Strategy Transformations
  • Translation of Business processes into Informatica mappings for building Data marts
  • Involved in teh Migration process from Development, Test and Production Environments
  • Used SQL tools like TOAD to run SQL queries and validate teh data
  • Wrote stored procedures and triggers in Oracle 10g for managing consistency and referential integrity across data mart
  • Debugging invalid mappings using break points, testing of stored procedures and functions, testing of Informatica sessions, batches and teh target Data
  • Developed shell scripts, PL/SQL procedures, for creating/dropping of table and indexes of performance for pre and post session management
  • Implemented various Performance Tuning Techniques on Sources, Targets, Mappings, and Workflows
  • Identified bottlenecks in sources, targets, mappings and sessions and tuned them to improve performance
  • Tuning teh Mappings for Optimum Performance, Dependencies and Batch Design
  • Scheduled teh batches to be run using teh Workflow Manager

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.0.1/8.6, DB2, Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL SERVER 2008, T-SQL,SQL Navigator, Mercury Quality Center

Confidential, Brookfield, WI

Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Involved in full life cycle development including Design, ETL Strategy, Troubleshooting, Reporting, and Identifying facts and dimensions
  • Prepared teh required application design documents based on functionality required
  • Designed teh ETL processes using Informatica to load data from Oracle, Flat Files (Fixed Width), and Excel files to staging database and from staging to teh target database
  • Implemented teh best practices for teh creation of mappings, sessions and workflows and performance optimization
  • Created mappings using transformations like Source Qualifier, Joiner, Aggregator, Expression, Filter, Router, Lookup, Update Strategy, and Sequence Generator
  • Designed and developed teh logic for handling slowly changing dimension table, loaded data by flagging teh record using update strategy for populating teh desired
  • Involved in cleansing and extraction of data and defined quality process for teh warehouse
  • Involved in performance tuning and optimization of Informatica mappings and sessions using features like partitions and data/index cache to manage very large volume of data
  • Documented ETL test procedures, assumptions, and validations based on design specifications for unit testing, system testing, expected results, preparing test data and loading for testing, error handling and analysis
  • Used Debugger in troubleshooting teh existing mappings
  • Developed shell scripts, PL/SQL procedures, for creating/dropping of table and indexes of performance for pre and post session management
  • Used DTS package to import and export data to from teh database
  • Involved in various testing activities like database testing, unit testing, system testing, performance testing and was also responsible for maintaining of testing metrics, defect tracking
  • Involved in migration of mappings and sessions from development repository to test repository and tan to production repository
  • Involved in Unit testing, User Acceptance Testing to check whether teh data is loading into target, which was extracted from different source systems according to teh user requirements.
  • Created Stored Procedures to transform teh Data and worked extensively in PL/SQL for various needs of teh transformations while loading teh data.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6, Oracle 10g, DB2, TOAD, Erwin 4.5, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, XML, Windows XP, UNIX, Toad, Autosys

Confidential, Des Moines, IA

Informatica Developer


  • Involved in designing teh process for getting teh data from all systems to Data Warehousing systems.
  • Extensively Designed, Developed, Tested complex Informatica mappings, mapplets and Reusable Transformations to load data from various sources
  • Extensively used all teh transformations like source qualifier, aggregator, filter, joiner, Sorter, Lookup, Update Strategy, Router, Sequence Generator etc. and used transformation language likes transformation expression, constants, system variables, data format strings
  • Created Informatica mappings wif PL/SQL procedures/functions to build business rules to load data.
  • Extensively used PL/SQL programming in backend and front-end functions, procedures, packages to implement business rules
  • Designed and developed complex mappings using Mapping Designer to load data from various sources, using different transformations like Source Qualifier, Expression, Lookup (Connected and Unconnected), Aggregator, Update Strategy, Joiner, Filter and Router transformations
  • Extensively created mapplets for reusable business rules
  • Used teh update strategy to effectively migrate data from source to target
  • Involved in Data Quality Assurance, created validation routines, unit test cases and test plan
  • Created tasks, workflows and worklets using workflow manager
  • Used Workflow monitor to monitor workflows
  • Involved in identifying bugs in existing mappings by analyzing teh data flow, evaluating transformations and fixing bugs so dat they conform to teh business needs
  • Performed Unit Testing and validated teh data

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.1.1/7.1.1, Power Connect, SAP R/3, Business Objects 5.1.3, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL Server, MS Access, XML files, UNIX Shell Scripting, Windows NT/2000.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Informatica Developer


  • Extracted data from various heterogeneous sources like Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access and Flat files
  • Worked wif power center tools like Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, and Repository Manager
  • Worked on Designer tools like Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Transformation Developer, Mapplet Designer and Mapping Designer
  • Extensively used Informatica Transformation like Source Qualifier, Rank, Router, Filter, Lookup, Joiner, Aggregator, Normalizer, Sorter and all transformation properties
  • Solid Expertise in using both connected and unconnected Lookup Transformations
  • Extensively worked wif various Lookup caches like Static cache, Dynamic cache and Persistent cache
  • Extensively worked wif Joiner functions like normal join, full outer join, master outer join and detail outer join in teh Joiner transformation
  • Worked wif Session logs and Work flow logs for Error handling and troubleshooting in Dev environment
  • Used Debugger wizard to troubleshoot data and error conditions
  • Responsible for Best Practices like naming conventions, and Performance Tuning
  • Extensively used Various Data Cleansing and Data Conversion Functions in various transformation
  • Responsible for migrating teh code using deployment groups across various Instances
  • Responsible for Unit Testing of Mappings and Workflows
  • Developed Slowly Changing Dimension Mappings for Type 1 SCD and Type 2 SCD
  • Responsible for implementing Incremental Loading mappings using Mapping Variables and Parameter Files
  • Responsible for determining teh bottlenecks and fixing teh bottlenecks wif performance tuning

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.1.1, Toad 9.7, Erwin 4.2,Oracle 10g, SQL server, Access, Flat files, SQL/PLSQL, UNIX shell scripting, Windows XP

Confidential, Houston, TX

Informatica Developer


  • Worked wif various active transformations in Informatica Power Center like Filter Transformation, Aggregator Transformation, Joiner Transformation, Rank Transformation, Router Transformation, Sorter Transformation, Source Qualifier, and Update Strategy Transformation
  • Extensively worked wif various Passive transformations in Informatica PowerCenter like Expression Transformation, and Sequence Generator.
  • Extensively worked wif Slowly Changing Dimensions Type1, Type2, and Type3 for Data Loads
  • Responsible for Performance Tuning at teh Mapping Level, Session Level, Source Level, and teh Target Level
  • Extensively worked wif Source Qualifier Transformation to join teh homogeneous sources
  • Extensively worked wif Joiner Transformation to join teh heterogeneous sources
  • Responsible for teh Data Cleansing of Source Data using LTRIM and RTRIM operations of teh Expression Transformation
  • Extensively worked wif both Connected and Un-Connected Lookups
  • Extensively worked wif Look up Caches like Shared Cache, Persistent Cache, Static Cache, and Dynamic Cache to improve teh performance of teh lookup transformations
  • Worked wif re usable objects like Re-Usable Transformation and Mapplets
  • Extensively worked wif aggregate functions like Avg, Min, Max, First, Last in teh Aggregator Transformation
  • Extensively used SQL Override function in Source Qualifier Transformation
  • Extensively used Normal Join, Full Outer Join, Detail Outer Join, and master Outer Join in teh Joiner Transformation
  • Responsible for migrate teh workflows from development to production environment
  • Extensively worked wif Incremental Loading using Parameter Files, Mapping Variables, and Mapping Parameters
  • Responsible for Performance in Informatica PowerCenter at teh Target Level, Source level, Mapping Level, Session Level, and System Level

Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 8.1.1/7.1.3, Toad 7.2, Teradata, Oracle 9i, Flat Files, UNIX, Windows XP

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Informatica Developer


  • Helped teh ETL testing team for effective testing of transformed data and defining teh test procedures.
  • Performed ETL performance tuning wif modifying Index and Data Cache size, DTM Buffer size, Pipeline Partitioning, defining additional partition points and modifying partition types.
  • Developed Oracle 9i Stored Procedures, Database Triggers and Functions and Packages.
  • Designed and developed UNIX shell scripts as part of teh ETL process to compare control totals, automate teh process of loading, pulling and pushing data from & to different servers.
  • Wrote documents for ETL mapping design, error log design, and data load strategy, unit and system testing, system migration and job schedules.
  • Resolved data and process support Issues
  • Defined and deployed QC process to help teh Business Team to cleanse teh source data
  • Experienced in using lookup transformations, including teh use and configuration of different types of cache like Static, Dynamic and Persistent.
  • Developed re-usable transformations, mappings and mapplets confirming to teh Business rules.
  • Used Debugger to test teh mappings and fix teh bug.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.1.1, Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2005, Toad 9.2, SQL, PL/SQL, Cognos 8, Windows XP, HP Unix, MS Excel, Tivoli.


Jr. IT Consultant


  • Provided advice and support to all users including printing, software and hardware related issues and assisted wif teh implementation of new systems
  • Involved in installation, maintenance, update and support of all applications, systems and communications software
  • Involved in teh process design documentation of teh Data Warehouse Dimensional Upgrades
  • Extensively used database for loading teh historical data from various sources for different departments like grants and aids, monthly levy from executive committee, membership fees and sale of publication
  • Involved in gathering business requirements, logical modeling, physical database design, data sourcing, data transformation and data loading
  • Created Stored Procedures to transform teh Data and worked extensively in PL/SQL for various needs of teh transformations while loading teh data
  • Created indexes, sequences and constraints
  • Utilized SQL*Plus for SQL coding of DDL statements for creation of teh required database objects and DML queries for data retrieval
  • SQL and performance tuning

Environment: Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows 98

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