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Python Developer Resume

Lancaster, PA


  • Over 8 years of experience in developing web - based applications, software development and design usingPython3.3/2.7, Django 1.9/1.8, XML, CSS, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, JQuery & Angular Js.
  • Experience with Django, a high-level Python Web framework. Experience object oriented programming (OOP) concepts using Python, Django and Linux.
  • Familiar with JSON based REST Web services and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Experience in writing Sub Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, and Functions on MySQL and PostgreSQL database.
  • Developing high availability real time Messaging system for financial/Banking transactions and developed associated components in Linux, UNIX, AIX platforms.
  • Created a Python/Django based web application using Python scripting for data processing, MySQL for the database, and HTML/CSS/JQuery and High Charts for data visualization of the served pages.
  • Well aware of SDLC, Waterfall, Test-driven development (TDD) and Agile/Scrum Methodologies.
  • Well versed with design and development of presentation layer for web applications using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Proficient in SQL databases MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle and no-SQL databases MongoDB, Cassandra.
  • Worked on AJAX framework to transform Datasets and Data tables into HTTP-serializable JSON strings.
  • Extensive experience with Object Oriented Design and SDLC methodologies using Rational Rose, Unified Modelling Language (UML).
  • Good knowledge of various Design Patterns and UML and strong knowledge in frameworks Iron Python, Cpython.
  • Expertise in MVW frameworks like Django, Angular JS, Java Script, JQuery and Node.js.
  • Good knowledge of .NET Framework features including Namespace, Inheritance, and Delegates.
  • Wrote AJAX framework to transform Datasets and Data tables into HTTP-serializable JSON strings.
  • Used Python, CGI, JQuery, JavaScript and JSON at the front end.
  • Experience in Shell Scripting, SQL Server, Unix and Linux, Openstack.
  • Developed ColdFusion Components, custom tags and modified CF Objects.
  • Familiar with JSON based REST Web services.
  • Experienced in developing Web Services withPythonprogramming language.
  • Experienced in MVC frameworks like Django, Flask and Pyramid.
  • Expertise in Object-Oriented design and coding.
  • Experience in analysing and handling large database using Oracle Relational data Architecture.
  • Followed Agile Methodologies (Scrum), involved in daily stand-up meetings.


Frameworks: Django, Zope, PyJamas, Jython, CSS Bootstrap

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, DOM, SAX, Java Script, JQuery, AJAX, XML, AngularJS.

Programming Languages: Python, C, PERL,SQL and PL/SQL.

J2EE Technologies: JSP, Java Servlets, JNDI, JDBC and JMS.

Version Control: SVN, CVS, Git, GitHub.

Analytic Tools: JMP PRO, SAS, Tableau, UCI NET, Node XL

Application servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss

Databases: Oracle (9i,10g, 11g), My SQL, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB

IDE s/ Development Tools: NetBeans, Eclipse, PyCharm, PyScripter, PyStudio and Sublime Text.

Operating Systems: Windows, Red hat Linux 4.x/5.x/6.x, Ubuntu.


Deployment Tools: Heroku, Amazon EC2

Testing Tools: Bugzilla and JIRA.


Confidential, Lancaster, PA

Python Developer


  • Design, code, analyze and execute integration and test applications and Assist in the upgrade and perform build verification testing.
  • Perform test designing, planning and execution and defect analysis and Perform automation testing, build verification testing.
  • Used Py Excel for creating nice reports with Graphs, colors, and styles.
  • Develop scripts so for a given IP, establish remote connection and launch commands remotely. Useful for investigating client issues.
  • Created few miscellaneous tools to convert csv to excel and automate daily base activities.
  • Automated reports for all kind of activities and Prototype proposal for Issue Tracker website using Python/Django connecting MySQL as Database.
  • Administration of Linux machine and configured Apache python mod to host the website and Jira Implementation (20,000 user) and Jira Customization, Issue Scheme, Workflow, Screen schemes
  • Helped with the migration from the old server to Jira database (Matching Fields) with Python scripts for transferring and verifying the information.
  • Help with "hosting" decision such Amazon web services, Rackspace, internal host, etc. and Creation of virtual machines and setting up Jira for testing purposes using Python scripts and Jira to Excel Reporting Tool
  • Pull information from Jira using REST API and Python to populate excel files for management reports
  • Designed the User Interface using HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX for the website.
  • Frontend and Backend modules were created using Python on Django framework.
  • Used Redis cache for storing commonly used info and propagate the changes using RabbitMQ.
  • Developed Python code for instantiating multi-threaded application and running with other applications and Designed and developed Database management using MYSQL.
  • Wrote and executed various MySQL database queries from Python-MySQL connector and MySQLdB package and Created Unit test framework for new codes.
  • Used Python library Beautiful Soup for web scraping. Deployed the project into Heroku using GIT version control system. Skilled in using collections in Python for manipulating and looping through different user defined objects.
  • Responsible for debugging and troubleshooting issues and Implemented Web Services using SOAP for sending and receiving data from external interface in XML format.
  • Skilled in using collections in Python for manipulating and looping through different user defined objects.
  • Maintaining the scripts using the SVN version Control and Maintaining customer database using MS EXCEL.

Environment: Python, C++, Java, Java Script, UML, JSON, XML, Tomcat, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Java Script, Eclipse, Unix, Linux.

Confidential, Cambridge, OH

Sr. Python Developer


  • ExperiencedPythonon LINUX for execution.
  • WrotePythonroutines to log into the websites and fetch data for selected options.
  • Performed testing using Django's Test Module.
  • Web pages on the internet are generated by servers running LINUX.
  • Worked on middle tier and persistence layer. Created service and model layer classes and Value objects/POJO to hold values between java classes and database fields.
  • Responsible for debugging and troubleshooting the web application.
  • Worked PHP as a server side scripting language, for web pages.
  • Worked on scripts (granite reference data scripts) for setting up adapter attributes in granite system.
  • Wrotepythonscripts to parse XML documents and load the data in database.
  • Generated property list for every application dynamically usingpython.
  • Handled all the client side validation using JavaScript.
  • Coded Java Script for page functionality and Lightbox plugins using JQUERY.
  • Creating unit test/regression test framework for working/new code.
  • Using Subversion version control tool to coordinate team-development.
  • Worked on data exchange from website using XML Web Services.
  • Responsible for debugging and troubleshooting the web application.
  • Responsible for debugging the project monitored on JIRA (Agile).
  • Designed and implemented Sandra NoSQL database read/write/search function.
  • Involved in development of Web Services using SOAP for sending and getting data from the external interface in the XML format.
  • Prepare Scripts inPythonand Shell for Automation of administration tasks.
  • Maintain PL/SQL objects like packages, triggers, procedures etc.

Environment: Python2.6/2.7, Django 1.4, HTML5, CSS, XML, MySQL, JavaScript, Backbone JS, JQuery, Mongo DB, MySQL, JavaScript, Git, GitHub, Linux, Shell Scripting, AJAX, JAVA, PHP.

Confidential, Mountain View, CA

Python Developer


  • Worked with offshore teams and internal clients to Design and analyze the req of in-house applications.
  • Thorough use of third-party packages, such as Fabric, Django based CMS - Mezzanine and Django-widgy
  • Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework.
  • Designed and developed data management system using MySQL and Django.
  • Deployed the application on cloud using AWS.
  • Used Amazon Cloud EC2 along with Amazon SQS to upload and retrieve project history.
  • Developed a Front-End GUI as stand-alone Python application.
  • Used SOAP and RESTful API for information extraction
  • Worked with Marketing and Sales teams to enhance applications to suit their needs
  • Debug application deployments on multiple environments.
  • Trained and documented initial deployment and Supported product stabilization/debug at the depl site.

Environment: Python 2.7, Django 1.4, Mezzanine, MySQL, Amazon EC2, Amazon SQS, S3, Windows, Linux, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Apache, Linux.

Confidential, Huntington, WV

Python Application Developer


  • Maintained program libraries, users' manuals and technical documentation.
  • Managed large datasets using Panda data frames and MySQL.
  • Wrote and executed various MYSQL database queries from python using Python-MySQL connector and MySQL dB package.
  • Thorough knowledge in various front end tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, JQuery, Angular JS, and AJAX. Managed large datasets using Panda data frames and MySQL.
  • Hands-on experience in writing and reviewing requirements, architecture documents, test plans, design documents, quality analysis and audits.
  • Built various graphs for business decision-making using Python matplotlib library.
  • Fetched twitter feeds for certain important keyword using python-twitter library.
  • Used Python library Beautiful Soup for webscrapping.
  • Developed user interface solutions using a Django web framework. Used Python scripts to update content in the database and manipulate files.
  • Involved in building database Model, APIs, and Views utilizing Python technologies to build web based applications.
  • Developed interfaces using JavaScript, HTML technologies for several web applications to fetch and graphically present required data from database.
  • Involved in the complete Software Development life cycle (SDLC) to develop application.
  • Developed user interface of the web application using HTML, CSS3, and Bootstrap. Wrote custom user defined functions in JavaScript to validate application functionalities/features.
  • Responsible for writing OOP code in Python for server side scripting.
  • Wrote code to support model-view-controller (MVC) pattern of Python Django framework in developing several modules for the application.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Agile methodology, SQL programming, Tableau, Python programming, and R Programming.

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Data Stage ETL Analyst


  • Designed/wrote the tech specs (Source-Target mappings) for the ETL mappings along with the Unit Test scripts.
  • Involved in migration of DataStage projects and jobs from earlier versions to IBM InfoSphere 8.0.1 version.
  • Used AutoSys to schedule jobs and e-mailed the status of ETL jobs to operations team daily.
  • Used IBM InfoSphere Federation Server to in corporate data from multiple data sources into reports and analytics with a single query.
  • Used Director Client to validate, run, schedule and monitor the jobs that are run by IBM InfoSphere DataStage server.
  • Used DataStage Designer to develop parallel jobs to extract, cleanse, transform, integrate and load data into Data Warehouse.
  • Used DataStage Director to schedule, monitor and analyze DataStage jobs.
  • Developed jobs in Ascential Parallel Extender PX using different Stages like Transformer, Aggregator, Lookup, Join, Merge, Modify, Remove Duplicate, Oracle Stage, Sort, Peek, Row Generator, Column Generator, Sequential File and Data Set.
  • Designed DataStage sequences to specify Job execution order. Loaded data into staging area and then into Data Marts.
  • Worked as a DataStage administrator to perform routine administrative roles.
  • Imported and exported Repositories across DataStage projects using DataStage Manager
  • Unit tested DataStage Jobs in development including creating the appropriate test data.

Environment: IBM InfoSphere 8.0.1(Latest version of DataStage), Ascential DataStage7.5.2, Erwin, Oracle11g, DB2, PL/SQL, Toad, Solaris and Windows XP, AutoSys


Data Warehouse Consultant


  • Analyzed, conceptualized/designed the database that serves the purpose of providing critical business metrics.
  • Developed ETL procedures to ensure conformity, compliance with standards and lack of redundancy, translates business rules and functionality requirements into ETL procedures using Informatica - PowerMart.
  • Worked with ERwin tool in Data Modeling (both Physical and Logical Design).
  • Developed and documented data Mappings/Transformations, Audit procedures andInformatica sessions.
  • Assisted in the design and Maintenance of the Metadata environment.
  • Developed and tested all the backend programs, Informatica mappings and update processes.
  • Effectively managed the migration of the transformations/mappings from development to Production.
  • Developed various bulkload and update procedures and processes using SQL * Loader and PL/SQL.
  • Involved in the error checking and testing of the ETL procedures and programs of Informatica session log.

Environment: IBM Info Sphere 8.0.1(Latest version of Data Stage), Ascential DataStage7.5.2, Erwin, Oracle11g, DB2, PL/SQL, Toad, Solaris and Windows XP, AutoSys

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