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Architect Manager Resume Profile

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  • To play a leader ship role in managing, architecting and implementing the development and infrastructure strategies for enterprise that could help save millions of dollars and manage a team of both application and database developers helping with the planning and smooth execution of software development projects.
  • Also provide solid infrastructure foundation and policies for both short term and long term that helps the implementation of software solutions to support and meet the business needs quickly and efficiently.

Professional Summary

  • Nineteen years of IT experience which includes Fifteen years extensively in Database Architecture, Database Administration, Database Infrastructure, Database Analysis, Design and Development, Database Programming.
  • Experience in Managing Database Development and Operational database teams, managing the full time resources, setting goals and their performance management.
  • Helped large enterprises save millions of dollars by providing efficient strategies for consolidating the databases / servers / storage and decommissioning servers freeing up data centers and licensing costs etc.
  • Currently focused on Designing and implementing Cloudera Hadoop and Big Data / NoSQL products.
  • Planning / managing and implementing the strategies for application architecture, development, infrastructure needs and disaster recovery.
  • Planning and Implementation of SRDF for supporting disaster recovery of VLDB's that is greater than 3 terabytes.
  • Planning and Implementation of Data archiving strategies using OPTIM for the data life cycle management and data retention procedures.
  • Planned, Architected and Managed over 300TB of SAN storage for the Reps Warrants and Loss forecasting teams spanning multiple lower level, Prod and DR environments.
  • Experience in identifying Infrastructure architectural issues and Proposing alternate solutions
  • Experience in designing / architecting and supporting databases with more than 2-4 TB in size.
  • Experience in designing and developing complex ETL solutions using SSIS or DTS.
  • Experience in Designing Data Mart and Data Warehouse using Star Schema and Snowflake Schema and OLAP Technology Analysis Services and Cognos Using SQL Server 2008.
  • Extensive knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems and use of Erwin/ER-Studio tools.
  • Experience with implementing Database Backup DR strategies.
  • Experience working with 24X7 Production environment, migrating 32-bit SQL Server 2000 databases to 64-bit SQL Server 2005 database Servers.
  • Experience in integrating different database environments like Sybase SQL Server, Oracle SQL Server etc
  • Experience in Implementing Active/Passive and Active/Active Clustering Set-Up for SQL Server 2008/2005.
  • Excellent Interpersonal, Analytical and Communication skills.

Technical Skills:

  • RDBMS: MS SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005, 2000, 7.0 6.5, Oracle 11g, Sybase, ERWIN 3.5,
  • Languages: C, C , C , T-SQL, XML, JavaScript
  • MS-Access
  • Data Repositories: Cloudera Hadoop HDFS , Big Data, NoSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra etc.
  • Front End/Web: .Net / ASP
  • Project Management: Microsoft Project 2013
  • Middle Tier: COM , MSMQ, Web logic, Web Connect, ATG Dynamo
  • OLAP Tools SQL Server 2008/2005 Analysis Services, Cognos
  • Version Control: Rational Clear Case, Visual Source safe, TFS, MKS Integrity
  • Operating Systems: Windows2008 server Windows 2003 server
  • Hardware: X7560 / X5650, DL 585 / DL 385 64bit, rx6600 Itanium

Professional Experience:


Vice President, Senior Architect Manager

  • I am currently working for Bank of America as Senior Architect manager managing the Database development team and Infrastructure needs of the Transformation and Servicing Portfolio strategy group. I have architected the Database and Infrastructure needs Over 300TB of several Reps Warrants / Loss Forecasting applications like Oversight / CLAIMS / WSGFileShares etc. I have played an instrumental role in consolidating the storage and server needs and help forecast and expand the infrastructure needs of the team.
  • I have overseen and done end-end planning of the migration of several applications to move away from do not permit DNP products to current versions like SQL2005 to SQL2008, Windows2003 to Windows2008 etc..

Major Achievements and Responsibilities:

  • My responsibilities include managing the database development team / addressing the database and infrastructure needs working closely with TI folks / support and provide a vision to the team on various architectural issues.
  • Helped save millions of dollars to the bank by actively engaging in Consolidating and decommissioning the legacy countrywide servers and closing the data centers / freeing up the data centers without any impact to the bank.
  • Foreseen the growing business needs of R W and Loss forecasting team and architected the infrastructure requirements with over 300TB of storage spanning across multiple environments / applications.
  • Helped implementing the SRDF solution for faster recovery of DR servers to meet the RTO and RPC objectives set by BIA ratings.
  • Managing the database development team / establishing the database coding procedures / code review policies etc and meeting all the project timelines.
  • Migrated existing SQL Server 2005 databases over 2 TB in size to 64-bit MS SQL Server 2008.
  • Worked closely with the EMC and Storage groups to find out the underlying Disk I/O sub system issues with SAN and come up with the resolutions and optimal SAN configuration for SQL Databases with appropriate RAID.
  • Planned / implemented / Managed 150 server node grid computing technology using Digipede / Data synapse technologies supporting distributed computing needs. .
  • Helped in developing complex ETL process using SSIS in SQL Server 2008 for daily data loading.

Environment: Windows2008 Enterprise 64bit, MS SQL Server 2008 64bit, .Net, Erwin, ER-Studio, Python, C , C , Java, Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint etc.


Sr. Operations DBA


  • As Senior Lead Operational DBA it is my responsibility to make sure I plan, design and implement disaster recovery strategies for database environment to make sure we have 24/7 availability and 99.99 uptime.
  • Worked closely with Microsoft to make sure the recurring corruption issues are fixed in our Database environment.
  • Implementing the Security strategy for each environment and the required backup strategy as well.
  • Worked on implementing a clustered environment and a stand by server environment with Log shipping using SQL Server 2000 for 24X 7 High availability of hotels.com and travelnow.com website as part of the Disaster Recovery implementation.
  • Designing, Implementing and administering the transactional replication from Primary database server to the 6 search pool servers.
  • Performance and Fine Tuning of Stored Procedures and SQL Queries, 24X7 Production Support, monitoring the database servers using DB Artisan monitoring software.
  • Experience in Implementing and administering Microsoft Project and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Working closely with Network Operations center NOC to make sure any issues that may arise are immediately taken care of.

Environment: Windows2000 Advanced Server, Windows2003 Server, MS SQL Server 2000 7.0, .Net, Visual Basic6.0, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Share point, MKS Integrity, Erwin, ER-Studio, DB-Artisan, Java.


Sr. SQL Server DBA Lead


  • Lead the DBA effort in the Major Product Mapping project for VZ.Com.
  • Interacting with Business Analysts and Developers in identifying the requirements and designing and implementing the Database Schema using data modeling tools like Erwin and ER-Studio.
  • Worked on implementing a clustered environment using SQL Server 2000 for 24X7 high availability of verizon.com website as part of the DR implementation.
  • As part of implementing the Database partitioning project for Verizon.Com, helped in implementing and maintaining the Snapshot and Transactional Replication between SQL Server 2000 Servers.
  • Implemented the Merge replication in setting up a DR site for Verizon.Com Registration application.
  • Performance and Fine Tuning, 24X7 Production Support, security strategy and backup strategy as well.
  • Developing the Code for the application development and new enhancements to Verizon.Com.

Environment: Windows2000 Server, MS SQL Server 2000 7.0, .Net, Visual Basic6.0, VSS6.0, Erwin/ ER-Studio etc.


Sr. SQL Server DBA Lead


  • Defining and Implementing the Processes required for proper data conversion from the existing system to the New System and interacting with Business Analysts and Developers in identifying the requirements and designing and implementing the Database Schema.
  • Implementing the Transactional Replication between SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 Servers.
  • 24X7 Production support Performance and Fine Tuning of Stored Procedures SQL Queries.
  • Managing Federated Database Server Environment using SQL Server 2000 Servers with scaling out functionality to maintain large Databases in a Distributed environment.

Environment: Windows2000 Advanced Server, MS SQL Server2000 7.0, .Net, Delphi6.0, Visual Basic6.0, Visual SourceSafe 6.0 etc


Lead SQL Database Administrator/ Build Manager


  • Responsible for Administering and Maintaining the Production Servers for Rational Clear Case and Rational Clear Quest Products.
  • Primarily Responsible for Implementing the Disaster Recovery strategy for SQL Server in the company.
  • Involved in Fine Tuning and Performance and Query optimization of the Database as required by the application.
  • Involved in designing and supporting the decision support system Data mart for the application for reporting needs.

Environment: MS SQL Server 7.0 2000, Oracle 8, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Sun Solaris, Rational Clear Case, Rational Clear Quest, XML, JavaScript, C , COM , MSMQ etc.


Technical Lead / SQL Server DBA/Data Warehousing Consultant

I was involved in Developing and Hosting the E-Commerce web site for Saks. The site is primarily intended to boost the existing retail business of the company.

DBA Responsibilities:

  • Integrating various heterogeneous Database Technologies that helps in smooth functioning of the E-Commerce Web site.
  • Involved in Fine Tuning and Performance and Query optimization of the Database
  • Designing and implementing the replication in a heterogeneous environment from SQL Server 7.0 to Oracle.
  • Data Warehousing Responsibilities Include:
  • Experience in Designing and building the cubes using star schema and Snow Flake Schema using native OLAP Services Manager.
  • Writing stored procedures and triggers to ensure business rules and integrity.
  • Design data flow processes using DTS and BCP for data migration to the Data Warehouse
  • Documenting the DSS Project Life Cycle.

Environment: MS SQL Server 7.0/2000, MS OLAP Services Manager, Oracle 8, DB2, Windows2000 Advanced Server, Sun Solaris, IIS, Web Logic, Web Connect and Blue Martini CIS.


Sr. DBA/Software Engineer

  • Responsibilities and Tasks include:
  • Installation, configuration the MS SQL Server 7.0, 6.5 6.0 and maintenance of servers in various environments.
  • Performance and tuning of SQL servers and application issues related to migration.
  • Writing the stored procedures, checking the code for efficiency. Routine backups and restoration.
  • Database Backup Restoration Procedures, Disaster Recovery procedures and Contingency plans.
  • Handled the Corporate training and Orientation for the employees of SSI Limited and its corporate clients in different locations across the country on SQL Server and OLAP.

Environment: MS SQL Server 7.0, 6.5 6.0, Visual Basic, Erwin 3.0, Win NT


As Database Administrator Responsibilities include:

  • Database design, creation of user Databases, Database devices, segments. Installation of MS SQL Clients, Monitoring the Backups, disk space, memory connections. Running DBCC consistency checks fixing data corruption in application Databases.
  • Performance monitoring and fine tuning of SQL servers and Data transfers using BCP.

Environment: MS SQL Server 6.0/6.5, Visual Basic, Win NT 4.0


Sr. Programmer/Analyst

I was involved in designing, developing and maintaining Stock Maintenance and Spare parts management systems and also developed required reports reflecting the performance of the company.

Environment: FoxPro 2.5 on LAN, FoxBASE , Oracle7.x, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server 6.0, WinNT3.51 and Windows95

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