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Database Administrator Resume Profile

Professional Summary:

Over 6 years of experience in Software engineering with the Knowledge in Database administration for DB2 on z/OS and DB2 system installation and maintenance. Experienced in identifying the root cause for performance bottlenecks and providing the solution in the effective way. Expertisein Job/Online threadmonitoring, SQL tuning, DB2 object modeling and maintenance, performance monitoring, manipulating the statistics, running DB2 utilities and collecting the performance reports.


  • Languages : COBOL,REXX,JCL,SQL
  • Databases: Mainframe DB2 UDB V7/V8/V9/V10 for z/OS.
  • Database Tools : Db2Omega Mon, IBM Utilities, DB2 Connect, Spufi, QMF, File-Aid for . Db2,IBM Admin Tool,IBM APA,Query Monitor Tool, DB2 Data studio
  • Other Tools :RMF Tools,z/OS OM,Epilog, File-Aid for z/OS,Tivoli Output Manager, DIFMON, INFO/X,Change management, TWS

Technical Summary:

  • Around 6 years of experience as DB2 Database Administration V8/V9/V10 and performance tuning in IBM S390 z/OS mainframes has coupling facility and data sharing environment.
  • A good team worker with ability to handle projects independently.
  • Capable of collaborating with Application Architects, Product Managers, Business Analysts and the Technical Management team to design, develop and document the databases, schema and all other aspects of the database.
  • Specialized to handle severity 1 mission critical, business loss situation and escalated Issues.
  • Installed DB2 V10 on IBM z10 EC.
  • Maintaining the DB2 database environments and troubleshooting performance problems.
  • Maintaining and providing operations and user support for system products like z/OS, DB2, CICS,and IMS.
  • Undertaking capacity planning and resource management for in-house system environments.
  • Expertise in application development support activities including database design, optimizing SQL queries, building complex SQLs ,dynamic SQLs and triggers, effective binding of packages and plans, concurrency planning, data refreshing and database objects migration across regions.
  • Designed, tested and debugged external and DB2 native stored procedures. Worked with remote stored procedure calls.
  • Extensive experience in utilities and tools used for database monitoring DB2 traces, online performance monitors, reports, EXPLAIN, DB2 catalog queries , data movement and organization LOAD, UNLOAD, REORG ,data consistency utilities and catalog manipulation utilities RUNSTATS,MODIFY,STOSPACE ,etc.
  • Extensive experience In using DB2 Tools DB2 OM , DB2 ADMIN, APA, Query Monitor,DB2 PE for DB2 support activities , z/OS OM ,RMFSTATISTICS and EPILOG for VSAM activities, CICS OM to achieve performance.
  • Experienced and programmed REXX tools to simplify database administration making automated script for regular health checks like post production analysis, extracting SQL's for review and access path analysis.
  • Proficient in daily support activities which include maintaining and testing backups, monitoring logs, monitoring thread activity, resolving job abend issues, locking issues and contentions, scheduling administration activities.
  • Knowledge and experience in data modelling, normalization and performance tuning of applications and database design.
  • Worked with universal table spaces and hands on experience in exploiting the new features of version 9 and version 10 to improve overall system performance
  • Database Administration and Programming experience in maintenance, production support, development and migration projects.
  • Highly engaged in implementing new concepts from new DB2 releases to improve performance and Concurrency on DB2.
  • Involved in setting up of process for weekly DB2 housing Keeping activities, Clean-up of SYSCOPY and IC datasets on Production regions.
  • Experienced in handling RMF/SMF Stats and running Epilog reports to assess the resource usage across z/OS system.
  • Had hands on experience on tuning VSAM performance for production DB2 batch jobs
  • Handling Service now , Incident management tickets
  • Commitment to quality from requirements gathering through design, construction, testing, and installation.
  • Highly motivated and capable of working both independently and as a member of the team.
  • Willingness to learn new technologies.
  • Experienced in supporting critical production databases and worked on 24 7 production support.
  • Proficient in Financial environment.

Work Experience :


Database Administrator and PROD Batch responsibilities


  • Working with Application team to gather the requirements to design and creation of database objects.
  • Processing the SMT, service now, incident management tickets with in the given SLA to handle Database object creation Database, Table space, Table, SP's and UDF's , Data movement, to provide security authorization across the objects, to run DB2 utilities REORG/LOAD/UNLOAD/REPAIR/RECOVER/REBUILD/COPY/MODIFY/RUNSTATS .
  • Analyzing the performance reports from DB2 PE Tables on regular/weekly basis to identify the long running/High resource Consuming batch jobs/ Threads/SP's.
  • Working with the application team on performance degradation by redesign the query, redesigning the db2 objects, redesigning the program code, re-evaluating the approach on running the utilities for data organization and stats collection, changing the access path, changing the object types.
  • Monitoring DB2 OM and DB2 Query monitor tool to assess the resource spikes on the current circumstances.
  • Handling DB2 SQL codes -805,-904,-204,-911,-913 and many to provide uninterrupted support for online threads/Batch with in the Given SLA.
  • Monitoring the MSTR, DIST , DB2 WLM address space for Lock escalation , abends and for other issues
  • Running EXPLAIN and Analyzing the access path and their SQL cost for both STATIC/DYNAMIC queries, analyzing buffer pool usage, analyzing catalog stats, analyzing Object design , and providing suggestion to improve the performance as the part of Daily activities.
  • Handling DB2 Bind / REBIND Actives.
  • Cleaning up of obsolete DB2 Objects on regular basis due to application Decommissioning.
  • Running Housekeeping activities on weekly basis on DB2 objects.
  • Setting up of IBM APA/Traces to monitor the threads/Jobs .
  • Running regular clean up on Image copy datasets in PRODUCTION environment
  • Engaging in the implementation of new advantages from new DB2 releases.
  • Performing the Regular Data refresh activities from PRODUCTION to NON-PROD for both DB2 and NON-DB2 objects
  • Executing SP's through Data studio as the part of regular ticket request.
  • Identified and solved systems related issues, contention issues, Table/ Table space issues
  • Programmed REXX Tools to pull the reports for weekly metrics , to monitor the snooping users,
  • To handle the large DB2 UNLOAD/LOAD request, To identify the objects that need data to be reorganized, to send the batch status across the clients, to handle PRODUCTION-QA DB2 object sync up.
  • Running Epilog Report and monitoring File I/O's/DASD/CPU/Wait time across the jobs using RMFSTATS tool on daily basis.
  • Provided 24 7 batch monitoring support and their escalation on daily basis.
  • Provided suggestion on TWS schedule change to enhance the performance of the jobs.
  • Handling File copy request / GDG creation across the LPARS on daily basis.
  • Handling Change Man promotion /revert and demotion on daily basis.
  • Cleaning up of NON-DB2 obsolete files
  • Monitoring NON-DB2 file activities and their I/O to improve the performance.
  • Communicate regularly with Project teams, appropriate stakeholders to understand constraints and ensure risks are managed.
  • Provided Limited scope support for CICS Issues, File allocation and de-allocation to CICS region and for their transaction definition.
  • Acting as LIASION approver for production code movement.
  • Improving the performance of the System by suggesting the performance measures for VSAM
  • Business data processing and handling day-to-day user queries.
  • On call 24-hour Production support for batch jobs and online regions, including real-time troubleshooting and problem solving.

Environment: z/OS, COBOL, DB2 v9/V10, IBM Utilities, VSAM, JCL, DB2 connect, REXX, File-aid, DB2 QM, DB2 APA, DB2 PE, RMF,EPILOG,Z/OS OM and DB2 DATA STUDIO.


Database Administrator


  • 24 x 7 Production DB2 database support on rotational basis.
  • Administered DB2 subsystems in Prod, UAT, Test and Development regions.
  • Participated in design review meetings, involved in logical design and in converting logical model into a physical database model.
  • Analyzed index requirements and designed appropriate indexes.
  • Performed SQL tuning and bind plan/package creation for enhancements and developments.
  • Prepared test environments and performed data refresh.
  • Designed, debugged and implemented stored procedures and triggers.
  • Identified problematic SQL and optimized SQL queries that helped improve application performance.
  • Ensured proper backup and recovery by maintaining DB2 image copies and recovery JCLs.
  • Performed data maintenance using LOAD, UNLOAD, REORG, RUNSTATS.
  • Performed table space recovery, data set recovery and transaction recovery under various circumstances.
  • Involved in capacity planning and storage management along with the system administrator.
  • Efficiently carried out DBA responsibilities in planning DB2 version migration activities, in migration phases and in performing post migration tasks.
  • Monitored and managed DB2 thread and locking issues
  • Involved in granting various authorizations and privileges to different users
  • Proactively monitored and performed daily maintenance activities
  • Produced and analyzed DB2 performance reports.

Environment: z/OS, COBOL, DB2 v9/V10, IBM Utilities, VSAM, JCL, DB2 connect, SCLM, REXX, File-aid, Incident Handling using service now, Rapid SQL, DB2 data studio.


  • IT Infrastructure Services Practice IT-IS of Tata Consultancy Services TCS offers system software support services to TCS clients on various hardware / software platforms including OS/390, z/OS, Unix various flavors , AS/400, and Windows/NT. IT Infrastructure Services IT-IS Mainframes Team, which is a part of this IT-IS Service Practice, focuses on the OS/390, z/OS space of this offering by TCS.
  • Worked with various TCS clients as DB2DBA and supported as a DB2 System and application administrator for TCS in-house mainframe environment hosted in IBM System 390, Z900, Z990 and Z10 EC.
  • Receiving, inspecting, installing and testing system software items like DB2,IMS and tools to support and monitor DB2 IMS
  • Maintaining and providing operations and user support for system products like z/OS, DB2, CICS , IMS
  • Providing assistance to projects in system software related areas in debugging, performance, security, and application capacity planning aspects
  • Undertaking capacity planning and resource management for in-house system environments
  • Developing tools for enhancing end-user productivity and for special project and system requirements
  • Providing Support to Clients in application testing Performance tuning before moves to production
  • Providing expertise to TCS clients in all these areas.
  • Supervision on DB2/IMS upgrade and install release and PTF's from IBM.
  • Involved in Db2 version migration from V8 to V9. Explored in SMP/E installation on TCS in-house mainframe.
  • Involved in IPL as part of operations support/DRS support.
  • Had basic knowledge on other products like TCPIP, SMP/E, SMF , RACF, ACF, SMF, MQ , CICS
  • Involved in IMS V10 installation for both IMS DB and IMS DBCTL.
  • Installed and support provided to IMS connect for training purposes.

Environment: z/OS, COBOL, DB2 v9/V10, SMP/E, TCPIP, BMC Tools, IBM Utilities, VSAM, JCL, and DB2 connect, REXX, omega Mon tools for DB2.

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