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Sql Developer Resume Profile


I have experience as a Project Manager, Team Lead, Developer, Database Administrator, Operating System Administrator and Application Server System Administrator. For operating systems, database servers and application servers, I have designed systems, installed configured systems, applied patches, performed upgrades, performed system backups, performed system restores, administrated job scheduling and managed storage space. I have installed configured virtual machine hypervisors and installed and configured guest operating systems. I have managed system security using discretionary access control, mandatory access control, access control lists, auditing, encryption, firewalls and host filtering. I have managed users, roles, system privileges, object privileges and user quotas. I have performed database conversion, database migration, database loading, database backups, database restores and database recovery. I have performed database tuning, operating system tuning and application code tuning. I have worked on projects, both large and small, either solo, as a team member, as a team lead or as project manager. I have worked on projects for their full life cycle. I have performed duties ranging from business analyst, system analyst, system designer, database designer, database modeler and coder. I have created and executed test plans for unit testing, integration testing and regression testing. I have written system documentation, application documentation and user manuals. I am a U.S. citizen and a Veteran.



  • Performed SQL tuning.
  • Performed primary Oracle on call duties.
  • Performed secondary SQL Server on call duties.
  • Monitor Oracle alert logs.
  • Monitor Oracle space usage and tablespace configuration.
  • Created and performed maintenance on cron jobs and shell scripts.


  • Performed SQL tuning.
  • Created and maintained tables, views, indexes, triggers, synonyms, links, functions, procedures and packages.
  • Created and maintained shell scripts, Perl, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL, C and C applications.
  • Migrated applications from an AIX server to a RHEL 6 server on a VMWare VM.
  • Converted mainframe JCL scripts and COBOL programs into AIX shell scripts.
  • Migrated data from a custom intranet information system to a Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Created AIX login menu shell script programs for remote site application administrators that allowed limited use of root privileges for local administrator.
  • Upgraded Oracle 6i Forms to Oracle 10g Forms.

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