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Sql Developer Resume Profile


  • Project/Technology Lead experience 6 years of conducting and leading user's group discussions of problem analysis and implementing innovative solutions for business needs and objectives.
  • SDLC/PowerBuilder 18 years' experience analysis/defines/develops System Scope, gathering user requirements, conducting research and fact-finding by preparing detail program specifications and diagrams to assist in problem analysis. Provided system designs and submits recommendations of proposed solutions. Preparing innovative prototype and code final product based on revised requirements. Prepared and completed documentation of the System Development Life Cycle. Conduct and prepare test cases for string, unit, regression, user and system testing phases.
  • Developed, planned implementation plans and performed continued maintenance and support of system.
  • 11 years 18 total SQL scripting have written basic and complex PL/SQL functions, triggers, stored procedures, and packages in an Oracle Database Environment and ability to optimize SQL queries. Experience with UNIX Korn shell scripting. Utilized various database analysis tools such as SQL Programmer, ISQL, and TOAD.
  • Utilized Visio to create data models, ERDs, and flowcharts for program flows and relational databases.
  • Training/Certification with ERWIN database analyst tool, ETL tools Ab Initio and Data Integrator and Report tool, such as Business Objects, and Microsoft Visual C 2008, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, ASP, advanced SQL at w3schools.com.
  • Take initiative, responsibility for accuracy timeliness, and reliability of data.
  • Motivated to learn and excel at new technologies as needed.
  • Associated with Greater Phoenix Urban League

TECHNICAL SKILLS List below is a combination of professional experience, training, course studies, and self knowledge.


MS/DOS, Win 3/95/98/2000/NT/XP, UNIX SOLARIS/AIX , MVS




Turbo C, Micro Focus Workbench, QuickBasic


HTML , ASP 3.0, FrontPage 2000-2003, Microsoft Visual C


PowerBuilder 3-12.5.1, Visual Basic 3-4/6, Delphi 2


SQL/Plus, SQL Programmer 12.0/15.0, Erwin Data Modeling , SQL-Front and SQL Workbench 5.2, RazorSQL 4.5.15 for Windows


Sybase10-11/12.5, SQL Anywhere, Watcom, dBase IV, EAServer,

Access 2.0-97/2002-2003, Oracle 7.3-10G, ASE ASA 12 15, SQLite, MySQL, AS/400

Version Ctrl

PVCS, Intersolv, Harvest/HarPB, Visual SourceSafe 6.0a


Groupwise, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, and MSN

DB Misc.

Ab Initio, Data Integrator, DataStage, Business Objects


Seeking the next consultant opportunity.


  • Analyzed, modified source code for Client's LTCG application and Microsoft SQL Server scripts.
  • Print Queued RMI Process directory path changes to fit Northwestern Mutual Info structure. Modified non-visual object code to bypass large documents to print if Adobe PDFWriter printer device does not exist. Analyzed and adopted 3rd party tools ieStream Imaging software and Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to Underwriting module of LTCG application.
  • LTCG Logon Window modified applications .ini file to fir Northwestern Info structure and Server/Database naming conventions. Edit PowerBuilder window object to dynamically insert database names into a new dropdownlistbox.
  • Enrollment Processing Module create Outlook local profile. Add runas.exe /netonly /user command to LTCG application modules shortcuts Target option in properties. Written scripts for .bat and VB that automates creating shortcuts for LTCG application modules.
  • End User Provision IDs replacement created script to update Univita IDs to Northwestern Mutual Network ID against varies tables, including adding new IT users for support purposes.
  • Global P.O. Box Default Address changes - modified varies windows and stored procedure changes for Northwestern Mutual downtown address.
  • International Address changes - modified varies windows and stored procedure changes for Northwestern Mutual downtown address. Create new scripts to update tables that contain international addresses to new values.

Environment: PowerBuilder 12.5 Build 2511, Microsoft Office 2013, Embarcadero Rapid SQL 8.5.0, TrackView, MS SQL Server DB 10.0, Sybase, Snapit 10, Adobe Acrobat IX Pro/ieStream Imagine for windows version 2.8 PB 3rd party tools .


PowerBuilder consultant analyzing, developing, designing, and maintaining Client's high profile critical windows based GUI applications. Interaction with internal customers while providing technical expertise to variety of users groups. Active participation in team development projects such efforts include expanding existing source or adding new functionality based on state laws that effect government regulated personal and vehicle loans that pertain to different states. Involved in Team testing and Peer Reviews of application design and development. Performed 24 hours production support.

Branch plus System

  • Modified GL 5095 description and flag column in table prevents users from writing a check or cash transactions against it.
  • Provide customer request of adding Total amounts to Dealer Statistics Summary report for all numeric and dollar amount fields.
  • Remove redundant bankrupt columns Payment Tab page.
  • Remove chart of account GL 5210 from users ability to use, but can be displayed in reports for historical purposes. Modified database table indicator to N, this allow for history display but will not allow user to place transaction payouts to this General Ledger Account.
  • Modified Private Policy report zip code, was re-zoned by local post office.
  • Add extra page to Life and A H Insurance Policy called American National Insurance Waiver. This change applied to print documents and Loan Process documents.
  • Re-Design SQL logic currently system programmed to automatically print the IRS form 8300 if cash payments during a calendar year exceed 10000. Please create a ticket to change it from a calendar year to a rolling 12 months from the 1st cash payment. Example. If a customer pays a cash payment on 2/1/2014 and pays additional cash payments that exceed 10000 before 2/1/2015, the IRS form 8300 form should print automatically. Once the 10k cash maximum has been met and the form is printed, that 12 month rolling period stops. A new 12 month rolling period will start once the next cash payment is made. Relocated Insurance forms to another FORMS folder location in tree branch structure in application. Modifications included build script, three table updates, and source code changes to display and print from a different folder.
  • Add repo reason field to Collateral Tab page in Customer Account system of Branch plus. Alter table for additional column called repo reason. Changed three reports displays field in Loan Journal, Repo on Hand, and Repo Sold Reports. Edit PowerBuilder source code based on customer request. Request included, when repo type has a drop down selection of Voluntary or Involuntary repossession, allow users to select one of the six new repo reason decode values. However, if repo type is blank, do not allow user to select a repo reason. Also if repo reason 'Other' has been choice allows user to edit own reason. Additional changes included adding decode values for these new repo reason, also making these new field required if selected.

Prevent users from blank out customer first and last name on Customer Search criteria window in Branch Plus system. Modifications to nvo and user objects.

  • Remove General Ledger 5094 and 5095 from user selection for making checks payments, but allow display in General Ledger reports for historical purposes.
  • Relocated validation characters logic to non-visual object for accessibility.
  • Add store denial reason of credit card payments using 3rd party DLLs'. Modifications to rules table, including to non-visual objects business rules.
  • Added functionality to identify customers in North Carolina who are in military including their pay grade level.
  • Add functionality to identify customers who are active in combat zone then block customer information from contact.
  • Modified batch processing payments for Principle Payments from Central Banking system. This data feeds into Branch Plus application. Script stored procedure was changed for this purpose.
  • Provide extra column to help identify US Citizens. Alter a database table, data window, including stored procedure.
  • Additional General Ledger account was made accessible to users. GL 5210 Bank over Short account. Changed rules table and data window object.
  • Provide print confirmation box to user. Reducing number of pages printed.
  • Changed source code allows North Carolina Security Finance Companies to use monthly prorated method instead of weekly. Modified build and rules script.
  • Extra Central Bank data into process indicator and process note, new fields added to Branch plus system. Changes include stored procedure alter table, and non-visual scripts.
  • Modified cash drawer payments related to dealer reserve and dealer discount. Modifications include store procedures, non-visual objects, alter table scripts.
  • Additional title Notes to Collateral Tab was included and display of this new field in Title Report.
  • Marked customer accounts to as ceased and desist preventing collections calls. Designed and created new table, new records in decode tables, rules table was changed, new data windows, window, user objects, and non-visual object was created to allow user to select from a list of options of do not call.
  • Modified system to accommodate for Ineligibilities, affect 3 stored procedures.
  • Add new section to Insurance Remittance Report changes included one data window.

Optics System

  • In Loan Progress report re-calculated average results by adjusting average Dealer Reserve and Discount amounts to not include zero, blanks or of specific loan types. This change effect Branch plus and Optics systems.
  • In Optics parameter retrieval window, modified column Delinquency Status to accept single and multiple selection via drop down data window and popup window.
  • Create new response window containing Application name, build version build number, compile date time, database name, and user id/name. Provide two command buttons one that closes this window and the other opens version changes that displays html document.
  • Modified store procedure in parameters to retrieve and display reports based on are of business PFC, SFC, and Mexico.
  • Re-design about Help window to open version changes document from a different location.
  • Various cosmetic changes to OPTICS report system main window. Such as edit title to say OPTICS. Expand window to screen width and length.
  • Add Dealer Discount Amount and total to PFS Dealer Reserve report, Dealer Reserve for text field changed to Dealer Hold Back for, and PFS Dealer Reserve Tree view option text has changed to PFS Dealer Hold Back.
  • Change PFS MONTHS TO DATE report to include dealer discount, add totals and average calculations for dealer reserve and dealer discount.
  • Include Dealer Discount and Dealer Reserve columns to report, database table, and stored procedure. Include adding fax value to column app source and corrected dealer reserve and discount average calculation.
  • Add Dealer Discount totals to report next to Dealer Reserve.
  • Add Dealer Reserve and Dealer Discount to PFS Weekly Progress Report.
  • Add State Leader's and Auditor Names for different organization to Location Information screen that is similar to Home Office application also written in PowerBuilder.
  • Analyze OPTICS system reports of cosmetic issues, system errors problems, and for consistency of look, behave, and ease of use. Report issues to management for review and possible later modifications.
  • Edit Operations record Mexico report by removing unwanted fields and adding required fields for this report and associated data window object including stored procedure.
  • Modified stored procedure by add new column to table, procedure and report data window for display regarding Vehicle Title Report.
  • Modified PFS Loan Progress report data window, rules table, stored procedure for addition app source value for addition of FAX option display.
  • Modified PFS Operation Record Report allowing retrieval by report type, including SQL in stored procedure. 339
  • Correct cosmetic issues with Category PFS report fields overlapped others.
  • Adjust report Collections Report data window and stored procedure, allow only most recent paid out accounts to display when a specific parameters is selected.

Environment: PowerBuilder 11.5.1 Build 4897/12.5.1 Build 4015, VM Workstation 9.0.2 Build-1031769, ASE 12.5, Sybase DEDIT Utility 15.0, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe version 8.0.50727.1551, SQL Anywhere Database version 10.0.13662


PowerBuilder/Oracle/SQL Server AS/400 Technology Lead developing/maintaining client/server applications enterprise level. Knowledge transfer of key applications at client site. PowerBuilder developer maintaining high level applications for client's various sites. Interact with offshore team to provided 24/7 support of highly visible applications. Environment: PowerBuilder 7/9, vmware view 4.6, AS/400 and SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007, MS Office Communicator 2007 R2.


  • Install and created MySQL 5.0 databases, tables, views, indexes, primary keys, foreign keys triggers, and stored procedures utilizing database administrative tools such as SQL-Front and SQL Workbench 5.2.
  • Install and created SQLite databases, tables, views, indexes, primary keys, foreign keys, triggers, and stored procedures utilizing database administrative tool RazorSQL 4.5.15 for Windows.
  • Migrated MS Access pre-defines databases tables to MySQL using SQL Workbench 5.2.
  • Online IT training with ASP, Advance SQL, and T-SQL for SQL Server, Workplace Readiness, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Download and installed PowerBuilder 11.5 and 12.0 classic to keep up with additions and changes.
  • Download and installed TOAD to access MySQL and SQLite databases for SQL queries, object creations, and data manipulations.


  • Oracle migrated from version 8i 9i to 10G. All PL/SQL source code on database and PowerBuilder application was migrated and successfully tested on new database environment. Modified various PL/SQL triggers and stored procedures which aid in the bug fixes. Changes included retrieval of accurate data by changing joins, and modifications of SQL to improve performance by analyzing the SQL explain plan and using the index properly. Also created procedures to accept parameters and return results back to the calling client.
  • Application - PaceKeeper Application includes several default report styles that are designed to display statistical data on medical device that have been patented, tested, and created by Medtronic.
  • Provided ability to dynamic change printer name for all reports to be routed for paper distribution. Initial opening of application sets the original printer name. User changes printer name, and prints report in a form of a document to that specific devices. Just before the application is closed, printer is set back to its original default system setting.
  • Provided the ability to print and save from TSST and Control Chart reports.
  • Included toolbar and other graphics path and file names to the application resource file for correct accessibility.
  • Create installation program utilizing SMS installation tool.
  • Provided an install program to the Application deployment installation program.
  • Included all application DLL with the installation program.
  • Researched and provided System Registry programs that changed, upgrades, and recover issues as a result of user interaction or application changes.
  • Researched and provided solution to the Microsoft upgrades that effect Highlight newly installed programs on PC.
  • Modified PL/SQL procedure by provided missing Test Date join between Unit Test and Test Data tables to increase retrieval performance.
  • Created Detail Design and Validation Plan documents for testing and SDLC requirements.
  • Create document that instructs in building install program using SMS installer.
  • Create document that provides useful information when connection PowerBuilder Development tool to a newly created database.
  • Interface Preferences - Provide application options, which allow the user experience to be relatively easy and consistent throughout the user of the application.
  • Completed the toggling of Summary File and Unit Test table extract for Datasheet reports.
  • Modified PL/SQL SQL source which fixed ambiguity column and table issues that affect the toggling of Short, Unit Long, and Wafer form display for Datasheet display.
  • Analyzed the effect of Bin count changes for the Histogram reports.
  • Added alphanumeric sort capabilities toggling for Test Names on the Selection Criteria windows Standard, R R, and Wafer .
  • Added the extraction of TIF check box that relate to specific tab in the R R report. This increased retrieval performance.
  • Provided extraction date options that represents 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month for the start and end dates located in the Selection Criteria window. Ultimately modified the PL/SQL stored procedure to dynamic changes the underline SQL used to extract the data based on date range.
  • Modified PL/SQL source regarding ambiguously defined columns by preceding the SQL statements with correct table name.
  • Change various ambiguously defined columns by proceeding with correct table name.
  • Removed Date switching options that was confusing to the user.
  • Selection Criteria User Interface - This interface is a window designed to gather specific criteria to be retrieved from the Oracle database. Each criteria input field represents a database column. Entering product specific criteria in one or more input fields mostly List boxes, you can instruct the database to return all results that match.
  • Enhanced double clicking ability for all List box.
  • Enhanced Case Sensitive Selection Criteria for Test Name field. If the Preferences is set for Sensitivity, source will adjust the query dynamically with SQL key word LIKE, if not it will be represented with an equal sign .
  • Datasheet Report - Provides most complete set of information for any unit displays all test and optional notes and sub-serial information. Contract participation is the following.
  • Modified various known system/database errors that cause screen freezes and crashes of the application interface. Enhanced PL/SQL source code to improve performance and eliminates freezing by reducing amount of data retrieved.
  • Provide new sorting option for test names DDLB field.
  • Improve database retrieval function by optimizing PL/SQL statements used to display data.
  • Histogram Report - This charts of test results grouped in bins. This report includes statistics such as average, median, stand deviation, minimum and maximum values, including process statistics, Cp Cpk. Useful for graphically representing the distributive of the resultant data within the specification limits.
  • Fix bin count miss match for bin count in side ledger and the total count in the header display.
  • Fixed duplication test name display in the list box. Provided a right join command in the underline SQL statement for the data store.
  • PL/SQL modifications by provided a right join command in the underline SQL statement for the datastore.
  • Descriptive Statistics Report - Consist of simple statistical results grouped per test process.
  • Yield Report - Determines a product overall electrical performance and defect rate. The percentage of passing devices in reported and from this information the product's Dects per million is calculated.
  • Non-Conformance Report - Create a list of failing tests for the specified products or device tested.
  • X-bar Report - Create a process control chart for each test parameter specified.
  • Crosstab Report - Generate a set of test data in ascending test name order that is presented in columnar form similar to a spreadsheet.
  • Repeatability and Reproducibility Report - R R report displays analyzes of specific data to determine the repeatability and reproducibility of the desired system.
  • Provided dynamic method to hide TIF tab from retrieve via toggling of Preferences setup.
  • Add the ability to print TIF reports only, provided the report as been retrieved. This I done in the main toolbar, if the TIF exists, the toolbar is enabled. However, when the TIF report does not exist not retrieved the toolbar icon is disabled not selectable/usable .
  • SQL Report - Provide the means for the user to create custom SQL queries that may better suite their needs or to retrieve specific data of their choosing.
  • Wafermap Report - Displays color-coded scatter plots of each die that been test on a Wafer circuit board .
  • Use of 3rd party Advanced graphics method, provided zoom and scroll capabilities.
  • Increased plotting die ranging from -70 to -90 for the X-axis for position X and Y coordinates'.
  • Fixed error of double clicking plotted die that could not open a specific Datasheet report.
  • Eliminated application termination if no data was found using Selection Criteria fields.
  • Correct Station Number change when right clicking on plotted die.
  • R2 Report - Correlates the count of the top ten IC Probe rejects against the average of all Keithley tests.

Environment: PowerBuilder 10.2.1, Oracle 8i 10G, PL/SQL, Surround SCM 5.0.4 Build 37, TOAD 8.5.16, MS Outlook 2003 11.811.8132, SMS Installer 32 bit edition, Test Track Client 7.6.3 Build 49, SharePoint, 3rd party tool GigaSoft ProEssential v.5.


AgenTeam module is required that can handle all land transportation issues maintain all vendor agreements, handle land transportation requisitions, and manage invoice processing and AP data.

Land Transportation Requisitions

  • Create new list style window non-updatable that displays/retrieved Booking Units/Requisitions passing a Booking Reference value for cargo shipping from sea port to port/land address destinations. New interface is called from existing window that allows user to review booking units and intermodal information. Finally allow free/zoom navigate to detail windows to create/manipulate requisitions via individual or bulk record processing.
  • Create new free zoom window that allows user to update Booking Units/Requisition initiated from previous list window via double clicking on individual records. Finally refresh Booking Units/Requisitions window without retrieving from the database using datashare method.
  • Created new response window that allows user to update Booking Units/Requisition initiated from previous list window via multiply selection records. Finally refresh Booking Units/Requisitions window without retrieving from the database using datashare method.
  • Functionality: written script to assign route by calling a predefined nvo function business rules . Provided company PFC frame level script for Locations and Preferred Haulier.
  • Created new PL/SQL triggers and stored procedures to manipulate the data for these new PowerBuilder windows. Each procedure was assigned to a PowerBuilder datawindow for client interaction. That interaction determine if a new record is add, or update of a field is required, or a deletion of entire records and associated tables should be perform back to the database.

Environment: PowerBuilder 10.5, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, PVCS, TOAD, Citrix Clientless VPN


  • Daily maintenance of core application called ConceptOne C1 .
  • Custom Projects Import/Export of Excel worksheets that calculates Premium per Line-of-Business specific Products.
  • Data fixes reformat of .gif files via BLOB stored data using third party .dll functionality.
  • XML Import/Export of ASA C1/database of Book-of-Business Premium amounts data .
  • Migration of C1 from PowerBuilder 9.0.3 to 10.5.

Environment: PFC: PowerBuilder 9.0.3 build 8670/PowerBuilder 10.5.1 Build 6565, ASA 12, ISQL 9.0.2 Build 3381, Altova XMLSpy 2006 rel. 3 sp2, Office Outlook11.8010.6568 sp2, Visual SourceSafe 6.0a. Build 9447


New Development - Created algorithm component in PowerBuilder window/NVO interface using PFC that generates Gas and Electric usage for a given Megawatt per 1000 input.

Environment: PowerBuilder 9.0.3 build 8546, Transaction SQL, Sybase 12.5, UNIX Solaris , Microsoft Outlook, EAServer, and Visual SourceSafe 6.0a build 8835.


  • Provide day-to-day technical support.
  • Assist peers in various project development.
  • Responsible for design, development, testing and maintenance of enterprise applications using PowerBuilder.
  • Developed new window functions and maintained existing PowerBuilder Applications.
  • Serve as the lead developer for all Advertising Circular Participation Systems.
  • Active member of the UNIX Standards Committee.
  • Provide IT department with software tool research and testing results.

Environment: PowerBuilder 7.02-9.01, Oracle 7.3-9i, UNIX AIX , Ab Initio, Mainframe

Oracle/PowerBuilder Login

Applied login security concepts based on Sarbanes Oxley requirements for Oracle database connection, which changes every 60 days.

Billing by Version Project

  • Created new PL/SQL Packages, Stored Procedures, and triggers as a re-engineer project that allows billing individual stores at a combine cost per thousand circulars ordered.
  • Due to the sale of the True Value Lumber business, this project involves converting current lumber stock options to hardware stock values. One time process was created in Oracle. Executed from UNIX scripts and processed via PL/SQL Packages and functions.

Subscriber Participation to Data Warehouse ETL Project

  • Created PL/SQL Procedures to extract Circular participation and load Data warehouse data markets using Ab Initio ETL tool on Oracle 9i.
  • Created Business Objects Reports for the Data Warehouse view of Circular participation, market trend, regional trend, and Sales analysis. Environment: Oracle, PL/SQL Packages, Ab Initio ETL tool, AIX UNIX scripts.

UNIX conversion Project

Convert all Advertising/Marketing batch UNIX scripts to the new published standards. Implement these scripts to production stages.

Press Run Project

Create 2 new windows functionality to the Marketing Management System. First window allows System Administrator to add a press run schedule for that circular promotion. Second window allows user to download and save content to a zip. This file can be later distributed to the Circular Printer. I created a PL/SQL package that called upon to stored procedures. First procedure added press run information for that circular of all true value stores that participated in that promotions advertisement. However the second PL/SQL stored procedure extract that data into a ASCII flat file on Unix which was later FTP to the printer vendor for processing.

Sarbanes Oxley Project

  • Modified existing PL/SQL triggers and stored procedures regarding Manual Adjustments security had been tightened, to only allow System Administrator to approve all offsetting credits/debits to a True Value billing.
  • Audit Trail enhancement added to track all Circular and Non-Circular cost changes that occur throughout the life of the Promotions process. These enhancements includes modifying many PL/SQL triggers ad stored procedures to accurate track audit trail of users, timestamp, and content original and modifications changes.
  • Removed unnecessary update capabilities from users who are no long with the company or only use application for data analyze.
  • Production to Test database purge/backups utilizing Ab Initio TOOL to Extract/Load data from one Oracle database to another. Modifications to package and stored procedures to back up old data to flat file on a UNIX server and purge this data from Oracle database to increase performance each year.


Delivered instructions in Client/Server concepts, as a RAD methodology approach utilizing development tool PowerBuilder.

Environment: PowerBuilder 6.5, SQL Anywhere


PowerBuilder/Database Developer

  • Designed and developed new functionalities and existing Underwriting System Applications.
  • Utilized PowerBuilder development tool, Sybase relational database, and UNIX script processes.
  • Generated users' requirements, technical documents and system flowcharts.

Environment: PowerBuilder 4.0/5.0, Sybase, and SQL

Book of Business/InfoStation System

  • Provide day-to-day maintenance support.
  • Migrated PowerBuilder application from PowerBuilder version 4.0 to 5.0.
  • Optimized application run-time performance and established common standards.
  • Re-engineered users' procedural manual to RoboHelp file format.
  • Normalized existing Sybase database table structure.

Estimated Savings System

  • Provide day-to-day maintenance and support.
  • Migrated PowerBuilder application from version 4 to 5.0.
  • Researched, designed, developed, and tested millennium date compliant changes.
  • Extracted and Load Facility Claims Data from the FMIS Corporate Database and loaded into Sybase database.
  • Created UNIX script in Sun Solaris environment to re-create Sybase table structure.
  • Created stored procedures that verify Facility Clams Data, to created Estimated Savings reports based on blended and tiered Actuary Average discount percentage rates using ISQL/WISQL utilities.
  • Modified and established standards including converting to Windows NT from version 3.1.

Provider Network System

  • New developed application and provided day-to-day maintenance support.
  • Migrated PowerBuilder application from version 4 to 5.0.
  • Researched, designed, developed, and tested millennium date compliant changes.
  • Used PowerBuilder 5.0 tool truncate all records before importing newly extracted Designed and developed extract and load process for the Provider Network data.
  • Extracted and manipulated Microsoft Access table into DBF III file format.
  • Researched third party Printer DLL that changes the printer font before printing job begins.
  • Created Page printing method that allows users to print desired amount of pages.
  • Created stored procedure using WISQL utility.
  • Optimized application and applied GUI standards.

Actuarial Update Utility System

  • Provide day-to-day maintenance and support.
  • Migrated PowerBuilder application from version 4 to 5.0.
  • Researched, designed, developed, and tested millennium date compliant changes.
  • Added users to actuarial security table.
  • Provided capabilities to update various Actuarial tables that residing on Sybase.
  • Optimized application and applied GUI standards.

Renewal Exhibits Report System

  • New development and provided day-to-day maintenance support.
  • Migrated PowerBuilder application from version 4 to 5.0.
  • Researched, designed, developed, and tested millennium date compliant changes.
  • Optimized application and applied GUI standards.

Comparison Tracking System

  • Provide day-to-day maintenance and support.
  • Extracted data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and saved to DBF III format.
  • Used PowerBuilder 4.0 to create Cascading Delete Trigger to ensure referential integrity between the tables. This trigger eliminated ambiguity records.
  • Extracted and load DBF III files into Sybase tables using PowerBuilder 4.0/5.0 development tool.

Average Discount Percent Purge Utility

  • New development and day-to-day maintenance and support.
  • Purge records from Sybase table. Import new Provider discount rates.

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