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Database Administrator Resume Profile



  • Oracle DBA/Developer provide DBA services for Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g on Sun Solaris, AIX, Linux, and Windows platforms.Tasks include: setup Oracle RMAN, Data Guard, RAC, Stream, Golden Gate knowledge base , Grid Control 11g and Cloud Control 12c, apply patches, install/upgrade/migrate, troubleshoot, backup/ restore/recover, and performance tuning. Support 24X7 OLTP and data warehousing databases. Write script to automate Oracle management using Python, Perl and Shell. Write data loading, processing project using Perl, Perl DBI, SQLLDR, Oracle PL/SQL, Java Stored Procedure, and CGI in Apache web server. Write ETL application to transfer data from OLTP to Data Warehouse database and data loading program for loading large data into Oracle using Perl for data pre-processing, SQL LOADER, Data Pump, Advanced Queuing, Partitions, and Oracle package Using database tools BAritsan and TOAD. Database Logical using ERWin and Physical design. Design and develop in-house web application using JSP, Java Script, jQuery, Servlet, J2EE and EJB on Struts frame work with Apache Webserver. Convert Informix database into MySQL and transfer data from LDAP into Oracle using DataStage, Shell, Perl, Java, and XML.
  • MySQL DBA / Developer Administration and development experience on MySQL 5.x, 6.x database on Red Hat Linux platform. Tasks include: install and configure database servers, backup/restore/recover database using MYSQLBACUP and MYSQLDUMP/MYSQL. configure replication one Master and one Slave , monitor system performance, write MySQL stored procedure, function, trigger, etc., Shell and Perl for data processing jobs, load data into MySQL using mysqlimport and its command line load data infile sql statement , troubleshoot database issues such as fixing corrupted table using mysqlcheck and myisamchk, find and fix lock contention, etc. Using phpMyAdmin for administration such as create database and grant privilege, etc and Toad for development such as write SQL statement and stored procedure, etc.
  • SQL Server DBA / Developer - Administration and development experience on Database Design and Development in SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012, replication, log shipping, backup/recovery, and performance tuning, system in OLTP and OLAP environment. Experiences in SSIS, SSAS and SSRS Expert in designing and implementing relational database model as per business needs Expert in creating indexes, views, complex stored procedures, user defined functions, cursors, derived tables, common table expressions CTEs and Triggers to facilitate efficient data manipulation and data consistency Experience in T-SQL programming Strong experience in system, design, analysis, implementation, testing, development, and maintenance of business applications using N-tier architecture with C , ASP.NET, Web Services, WCF, IIS, LINQ, WinForms, WebForm .Net framework. Write web application using ASP, ASP.NET on Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012 with C as front end and SQL Server database as back end.
  • Informix / Developer administration on IDS versions 11.5, 10, 9 on Linux platform. Tasks include instance building, upgrading, tuning, problem solving, shell scripting, backup/restore using ontape, dbexport/dbimport, load/unload, dbschema, create dbspaces and add chunks, Linux System Administration, Informix 4GL, SQL, ESQL/C and stored procedure coding, etc. Write Perl and Shell scripts to convert Informix database to MySQL with automatically convert data type using Perl Regular Expression.

Database Administrator


Provide DBA services for Oracle 7.3.4, 8.0.5, and 8.1.5 on Sun Solaris, AIX, and Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5 and 7on Windows NT platforms. Support and troubleshoot Oracle Parallel server, trigger based database Replication, and data warehousing on Production, Development, and Quality Control databases. Projects include set up Database Replication on Oracle 8.1.5, set up Partition Oracle database and parallel query for data warehouse, set up Oracle names server, set up Oracle Recovery Manager, set up and configure Oracle Web DB/Portal, write program for Oracle Database/Environment Error Checking such as checking listener, instance, replication, alert log, backup, mount point space used, tablespace used, and segments used trend. Etc. using Pro C and Unix shell scripts and send Email to DBAs automatically. Also support SQL Server market data application, support and troubleshooting PeopleSoft production Oracle databases and SQL Server databases.

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