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Systems Administrator Resume Profile


SQL Server DBA seeks a Database Administration position in a fun, collaborative team environment. I bring vast experience, a wealth of skills, and dedication, which I will employ t solve the toughest technical problems, implement SQL Server best practices, tighten database security, ensure stability, and guarantee data recoverability.


SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2/2012 T-SQL DDL DML, Profiler, Tuning, Disaster Recovery, Clustering, Log Shipping, SSRS, SSIS, DB Mirroring, SQL Agent , MS Windows Server 2003/XP/2000/98, Citrix Server, IIS 6.0/7.0, Powershell, Visio, MS Office, Relational Theory, Pr Technical Troubleshooter.

Job History


Premier Field Engineer SQL Server

  • Hired as a Designated Support Engineer DSE for Premier clients located in Tennessee.
  • Responsible for becoming the clients Trusted Advisor on all things related t Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Currently building a network amongst fellow PFE's t supplement knowledge outside my realm of expertise.
  • Successfully completed Microsoft Services Support University MSSU .
  • Currently providing SQL Server support t tw clients as I learn the job.


Senior Database Administrator

  • Support 375 SQL Servers 175 Production mostly SQL 2008/2008 R2 2005 with a few SQL 2012 newly implemented
  • Advisor and lead support contact on three new solutions utilizing latest SQL 2012 features File stream and File Table with non-transacted access, SSIS Project Deployments, SQLCLR, and Service Broker.
  • Quickly adapted t high profile audit application becoming preferred SQL support contact discovered complex data processing issue four hours before vendor by reverse engineering stored procedures and interrogating data.
  • Researched and resolved DTS package file share authentication issue caused by double-hop after migrating instance from Windows 2003 t Windows 2008 R2. Encouraged team t configure delegation and grant permissions for SQL Services spn within Active Directory t support Kerberos Authentication.
  • Demonstrated SQL 2012 SSIS Catalog project deployment model t team, enabling us t develop new SSIS deployment policy/procedure and establish developer guidelines.
  • Assisted developer on SSIS job failure on SharePoint List destination in which I discovered the Client Desktop Experience feature requirement. Offered alternatives of finding third party SharePoint destination, coding script task t utilize SharePoint WebServices, or enabling email address on SharePoint list for document uploads.
  • Often requested t review db performance issues utilizing various DMV's dm exec requests, dm exec sessions, dm os waiting tasks, etc. I identify offending session s and then pull the query plan using dm exec query plan t review for missing indexes and code improvements.
  • An application suddenly began pressuring cpu on SQL Server due t parallel execution. After reviewing issue, I disabled parallelism maxdop 1 which dropped cpu usage by 65 -70 .
  • Refactored tsql procedure t eliminate left joins and unions using Cross Apply, reducing runtime t from 45 minutes t 13 seconds.
  • Implemented Quest Performance Analysis tool t monitor our most critical SQL Instances as it offers robust performance analytics.
  • Developed several SSIS packages t loop through SQL Server instances and collect various administrative inf i.e. SQL Job history, Backup history, Server Logins, etc. for our server inventory database.
  • Developed DB Usage Audit solution using Audit Login event notifications, SSIS and SSRS reports in order t decommission unused databases and reclaim space.
  • Initiated and performed evaluation of Double-Take Availability solution for Disaster Recovery.
  • Attempting t improve organizations DR readiness by promoting defined DR tiers in which t classify applications/databases and encouraging routine DR testing.
  • Initiated review of current backup strategy encouraging use of a centralized network backup location t minimize management burden and ensure backup file availability during failures. This has resulted in the planned purchase of a NAS device and me leading backup strategy restructuring.
  • Developing SQL CLR procedures for network drive mapping t eliminate DBA reliance on xp cmdshell 'net use'.
  • Automated SQL server provisioning, DBA administrative reports, and various admin jobs using powershell and tsql.


Database Administrator II/III

  • Supported 250 SQL Servers/137 Clustered 14 SQL 2012, 88 SQL 2008 R2, 50 SQL 2008, 88 SQL 2005, 10 SQL 2000
  • Promoted t Lead Senior DBA within tw months of employment where I collaborated with another Senior DBA t understand latest features, develop team policies/best practices, participate in application on-boarding, perform server builds, and provide Tier III support t junior DBA's.
  • Led SQL Server provisioning, automating and maintaining build process along with the VM guest OS templates.
  • Participated in several server migrations using traditional backup/restore method as well as moving LUNs and attaching database files t new instance.
  • Improved SQL Inventory DB implemented referential integrity and improved data captured.
  • Led configuration and testing of disaster recovery on several applications participated in planned DR test for Tier 0-applications.
  • Configured custom high availability solution for an application whose vendor did not support clusters. I installed stand-alone named instances on tw servers and setup clustered drives for the data files t provide manual failover for DR. Documented configuration and wrote custom scripts t change connection strings and SQL agent job configuration upon manual failover.
  • Resolved application security double-hop issue using Process Monitor and Network Monitor. Identified SMB access failure due t NULL SID. I then worked with Active Directory team t enable delegation, setup SPNs, and grant writespn permissions t SQL service account t enable Kerberos authentication.
  • Guided junior DBA's with troubleshooting. For instance, a SSIS job failed due t source file lock by SQL service account. Junior DBA assumed SQL Agent held file lock and wanted t restart the service t release. SQL job was not running and after 10 minutes deliberation I discovered fellow DBA colleague had logged int server with SQL service account and left file open in RDP session.
  • Developed powershell script t collect SQL server principals, enumerate domain group members and validate standard security groups using ADSI and directory services for regulatory auditing of server access.
  • Collaborated with information security group on TDE encryption configuration policies and certificate management. Evaluated EKMs, scheduling vendor demonstrations for DBA and Security teams.
  • DBA resource on Voltage Security data tokenization project for PCI compliance.
  • Successfully implemented best practices surrounding SQL Service Accounts, enforcing domain security vs. SQL logins, max dop, and proper log management t eliminate virtual log file counts and improve log performance.
  • Assigned lead DBA on the Teller Capture system, the banks most critical application. Discovered disk latency during performance review which, with help from SAN team and Microsoft, was narrowed down t a lack of SAN ports and fabric overload due t mirroring such a highly transactional database.
  • Developed custom SSRS reports for performance reporting out of Idera's Diagnostic Manager monitoring tool.
  • Worked with Server and SAN teams t test performance of Fusion I card in various configurations. Very intrigued t learn how I Turbine will help performance of servers by caching top IOs t SSD storage.
  • Participated in SQL Rap performed by Pam Lahoud and Chris Schrimsher in which I learned the problems of our environment and enjoyed several interactive technical discussions.


Database Administrator

  • Supported 53 SQL Servers 22/31 prod/test 12 SQL 2008 R2 6/6 , 31 SQL 2005 13/18 , 10 SQL 2000 3/7
  • Successfully advanced my career from Tier 3 Support t SQL Database Administrator.
  • Lead EMR data conversion project lead tw SSIS contractors in refactoring custom .Net conversion utility using SSIS
  • Lead tw separate datacenter transitions in which I planned/tested/executed transition process
  • First involved EMR solution consisting of 5 applications and 10 databases hosted on individual servers per client. Transitioned 30 clients 65 Win 2003 VM's/30 SQL Instances over 6 week period.
  • Second involved tw different EMR applications hosted across load balanced application servers one EMR was hosted through Citrix each EMR had its own shared SQL Instance.
  • Migration als included a Health Eligibility system and Client Portal developed by third party. It required 3 months of discovery, configuration testing and user acceptance before executing datacenter move over single weekend.
  • Lead tw data conversion projects
  • Migrated 30 clients t new Occupational health EMR. Worked closely with LOB t define requirements/data mappings. Vendor wrote 30 conversion scripts, which I wound up tuning due t use of cursors. After tuning, conversion process improved by 75 allowing us t convert large datasets within 10hr time frame vs. 48hr.
  • Migrated 24 clients t new Primary Care EMR. Vendor provided .Net conversion utility and source code, which I along with tw contract developers rewrote within SSIS as an automated solution. My team was then responsible for all phases of conversion data mapping, testing, user acceptance issue resolution and production deployment.
  • G t DBA for DTS, SSIS and code performance issues best tuning experience was refactoring ETL batch t use cross apply with tsql function improving runtime from 16 minutes t 45 seconds.
  • Automated test/dev restores using Commvault CLI and custom tsql t generate dynamic restore command which I setup as SQL Job and granted developers permissions t execute for self-service.
  • DBA lead on volatile BizTalk project Initially designed/developed by third party, but brought in house after 18 mo. First DBA assigned had many confrontations with lead architect, s they entrusted me t take over all DB configuration, maintenance, and code review and mend departmental relations.
  • Automated SQL Login deactivations using event notifications with stored procedures in order t meet 60 day inactive user deactivation policy because application managed security internally.
  • Worked closely with SharePoint and BizTalk teams t ensure proper database maintenance/administration in accordance with those technologies.
  • Attended 2008 SQL Pass Conference and BizTalk Training at Quick Learn.
  • Nominated by CI t be IT dept. representative at ribbon cutting ceremony for our new office grand opening in October 2008.
  • Trusted throughout IT Department/LOB for my extensive knowledge of systems, infrastructure, applications, servers, solid troubleshooting, leadership skills, and relentless dedication.
  • Developed priceless business knowledge, skills and personal relationships.

Clinical Systems Administrator/Tier III Support

  • BizTalk system administrator developed BizTalk admin skills by attending Quick Learn class in Redmond, WA.
  • SME on 6 clinical applications
  • Developed thorough knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server OS, .Net configuration, ODBC configurations, Windows troubleshooting and general Windows application COM , Web knowledge.
  • Key contributor t Infrastructure planning related t applications managed often drove planning due t application knowledge and ability t identify gaps/issues.
  • Assigned the most difficult and/or failing projects due t my tireless work ethic, technical skills, and project success rate
  • Took on complex EMR configuration after one week of training. Plowed through notes and vendor documentation while testing on VM t learn system.
  • Learned t manage/implement legacy GE hl7/idx interface engine from pdf's and testing. Engine used cryptic syntax for field t field mappings and I had n syntax dictionary. Wound up implementing 25 additional interfaces.
  • Performed technical analysis/review of potential third party applications
  • Documented software/db configurations, infrastructure layout, installation procedures, etc.
  • Trained IT personnel on technical concepts related t the clinic applications both front end and back end .
  • Worked closely with Project Managers t develop and improve project plans by fleshing out implementation tasks, determine appropriate resources physical human , and capture specific timeframes for those tasks.
  • Fine-tuned technical deployment process t ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.
  • Collaborated extensively with several LOB's t ensure applications configured in accordance with LOB workflows and requirements
  • Responsible for testing all software/SQL updates/enhancements, resolving any issues, and documenting the deployment procedures.
  • Relied upon for my knowledge of custom XML/HL7 eligibility interface, providing configuration, support, and knowledge assisted development with a new BizTalk solution t replace the legacy system.
  • Assist and collaborate with Senior DBAs regarding all clinical application projects, database server configurations
  • Served as the Events Committee Chair in 2007 in which I was responsible for organizing and executing all the fun corporate events throughout the year, including our annual Holiday party.
  • Utilized the soft skills I've developed t provide kind, courteous and prompt service t end users, LOB and fellow colleagues.

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