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Linux Administrator,resume Profile


I am looking to expand my experience in Information Technology as a Linux administrator. My goal is to increase my knowledge, use that knowledge to better design, support and maintain enterprise level environments and applications.


Linux Redhat RHEL , CentOS, Oracle Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012

Visualization - VMware ESXi 4, VMware ESXi 5, VMware ESXi 5.1, VMware ESXi 5.5, VMware vCenter, Virtualbox, Xen server

Hardware Dell R series, Equalogic, Juniper EX2200, Juniper EX4200, Juniper SSG 140, Juniper SRX 1400, A10 Networks AX1030 load balancer

Database MySQL, MariaDB, MariaDB with Galera clustering, Cassandra Datastax , SQL, NoSQL

Programming HTML, PHP, BASH, Perl

Software Apache, Puppet, Subversion/SVN, GIT, Nagios, Zabbix, MediaWiki, Collabnet Subversion, GitLabs GIT, Request Tracker, FreeIPA, Redhat ID management, syslog, ng-syslog, BIND

Standards PCI/DSS

Other Customer support, application support, quality assurance QA testing, process documentation



Linux Administrator


  • Converted primary application from using MySQL with a manual replication DR setup, to a MariaDB setup utilizing Galera clustering. This allows a hot DR and the possibility of an active/active setup
  • Conversion of non-production to a 100 virtualized setup. This includes moving OS from physical to virtual machines. Non-production has over 150 virtual servers
  • Standardized ID management for server environment.
  • Utilizing Puppet for configuration management, automatic patching of critical processes SSL, BASH, and OpenSSH , and reduction of administration work load.
  • Helped design and then implement network update including moving servers. Moving from a small network to a scalable network. Non-production was a small network segmented in to application layers web, application, database and management Dev, QA, UAT and Staging were all in the same network. New design broke out each environment into its own virtual setup running on Juniper hardware. The new environment allows granular control of each layer and can be tweaked without effecting any other environment.


  • Design, setup, deploy and maintain physical and virtual servers running CentOS 6, Oracle Linux 6 or Windows Server 2003 thru 2012 for use in production and non-production environments. This includes patching, upgrading, and security remediation.
  • Setup, deploy and maintain Vmware ESXi hosts. Utilizing NFS data stores, vMotion and vCenter.
  • Setup and maintain IPA FreeIPA, Redhat ID Management system with DNS, LDAP and Radius services. Deploy to hosts and use IPA as central ID management, DNS, and sudo control for Linux systems.
  • Nagios deployed for monitoring of issues in all environments.
  • Setup, deploy and maintain Puppet for non-production and production environments. Puppet is used for configuration management only. The environments are at the beginning stages and has reduced configuration drift and system issues by 40 or more.
  • Application setup and deployments. Deploy new code to JBOSS 5, Tomcat 7, Glassfish 3 environments. Also update MariaDB and Cassandra databases when required. Walk code from Development environment to production.
  • Cassandra setup and maintenance utilizing Datastax Cassandra rpm repository. Multi-node and multi-data center setups in non-production and production environments. This includes setting up and utilizing Datastax OpsCenter for monitory cluster and node health. Completed training from Datastax on data modeling, setup and deployment methods for Cassandra
  • Process documenting using Mediawiki wiki setup.
  • End user support for desktops, laptops, network, VPN and printer when needed.


Application Support


  • Supported over 500 users for call screening application
  • Worked with support all over the world, Development was in India, server support was in China and data center support was in US.
  • Was the first lead technical adviser for desktop call screening.
  • Was member of the team to design, QA, deploy and support 3 call screening applications to a user base of over 1000 in 3 countries.


  • Internal end user support for customized call screening application. Duties included documenting issues and enhancements coming from end users. Working with project managers and developers to resolve issues, test enhancements and provide working knowledge of how end users use the application.
  • Internal website development and support. Simple PHP with MySQL back-end used by IT staff and call screeners for notifications, documentation, and reporting. Also used by IT staff to track issues across supported systems and applications.
  • QA testing. Testing of bug fixes and enhancements to call screening application. Code had to be tested and documented then signed offf prior to being put into production.
  • Desk side support for 500 users running Windows systems. This includes, password resets, machine refreshed, hardware repair, and general trouble shooting to find root cause.
  • Process documenting
  • Remote call screening for desktops and displays. Talking directly with users of business class desktops, working to identify the problem, correct the problem if possible, if not able to resolve over the phone to send the customer the correct part to replace or send a technician with the correct part to resolve the customer's problem.
  • Field technician second level support. Support technicians that are on site at customer locations on issues that go above the initial problem and are not easily resolved. When not able to resolve the issues, documenting the issue with the greatest detail and passing this to engineers for further problem determination.

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