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Sql Developer Resume Profile

Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator with 3.5 years of production DBA experience and 16 years of overall technology experience.

Technical Skills:

  • SQL Server Clustering
  • Performance Troubleshooting
  • Index and Stats Management
  • DB Optimization
  • DB Backups / Restores
  • Data Partitioning
  • SQL Server Upgrades
  • DB Migrations
  • SQL Job Management



  • Migrated several DB platforms to new, modern SQL Server and OS platforms. They included the company's primary domain registration platform that's responsible for a significant portion of the organization's annual revenue.
  • Consolidated several SQL Server instances and saved tens of thousands of dollars in licensing/hardware costs
  • Implemented and managed database clustering and failover technologies such as active/passive database clustering and replication to improve HA/DR
  • Configured and troubleshot transactional replication to BI platforms
  • Optimized performance through the monitoring of DMVVs, evaluating execution plans and modifying indexes
  • Upgraded SQL Servers from SQL Server 2005 and 2008 to 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012
  • Configured various native SQL Server backup options as well as used Idera's SQL Safe product to achieve compression rates and the benefit of a single management console.
  • Recovered databases point in time using transaction log backups
  • Investigated execution plans to identify variables that are negative effecting performance.
  • Standardized SQL Server build outs and configurations across all instances according to industry wide best practices
  • Standardized documentation templates for SQL Server in Confluence Data repository
  • Standardized internal process to request SQL Server support. Used Jira for support ticket management.
  • Provided production DBA support in a 24X7 environment
  • Administered/managed a production environment of more than 50 instances
  • Worked with the monitoring team to define monitoring graphing metrics for Centreon, Nagios and Cacti
  • Used SQL Server profiler and extended events to capture running traces from an instance and used that data to troubleshoot performance problems
  • Created database/infrastructure physical and logical designs, database upgrades and applied software patches within the confines of the change control process
  • Provided database file layouts for optimal utilization of both storage and performance requirements
  • Handled logical data and index partitioning for large tables
  • Created, monitored and rebuilt indexes and statistics per fragmentation requirements
  • Monitored data activities i.e. database status, logs, space utilization, locks and long transactions
  • Experienced in SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS
  • Created basic SSIS packages data import/export
  • Provided overall configuration and change control management for SQL Server instances and adhered to change control procedures
  • Set up notifications and alerting through database mail
  • Managed SQL Server client security, by defining specific roles and permissions
  • Conducted root cause analysis for database incidents and problems
  • Estimated disk storage requirements for database software, database files, and database administration needs
  • Researched, reviewed and recommended relevant solutions for preventive maintenance
  • Interfaced with database vendors and client technical support teams to isolate and resolve database related problems
  • Acted as an unofficial team lead, reporting to the director of Corporate database group
  • Maintained database consistency through the use of DBCC commands
  • Created Database maintenance plans for backup and restores
  • Administered iSCSI initiator for shared storage
  • Installed and configured database software, associated database tools and performance monitoring software


  • Evaluated, re-architected and implemented a completely new network infrastructure using stacked 3750 cisco l2/l3 network devices as the core
  • Redesigned the entire clerk network migrating from a layer 2 to a layer 3 centric routing architecture.
  • Installed and managed 50 network devices ranging from Cisco 3750 layer2/3 to Cisco 2821 network devices
  • Rewired all clerk patch panels to streamline and organize cable runs
  • Installed and managed Websense web filtering to control organizational web usage
  • Installed and managed a solution to strengthen core network services by migrating to Infoblox appliances deployed in a fail-over configuration
  • Installed and managed Checkpoint R61 to control the perimeter of the clerk's network
  • Installed and managed Checkpoint's VPN-1 infrastructure to provide secure remote access
  • Managed Cisco Ironport mail gateways to ensure secure mail delivery and security
  • Managed Nortel Alteon layer2-7 IBM blade center switches supporting a comprehensive VMware environment
  • Installed Solarwinds Orion network management suite to report on the availability and performance of over 200 network devices


Instructed college-level course titled Introduction to Computer Networking for two semesters At night, in parallel with the Duval County clerk of the Court

  • Conducted lectures on information security, network fundamentals, overview of the ISO model, TCP/IP
  • Created and administered hands-on technical labs
  • Created and administered course exams
  • Used Blackboard to administer most aspects of the course, including grading, attendance and all projects


  • Ensured Child Internet Protection Act CIPA compliance by managing a project to deploy Websense Internet filtering
  • Presented to executive management on the topic of physical access control in particular about radio frequency identification tags
  • Presented to executive management about desktop level biometric solutions and their ability to reduce risk by eliminating passwords
  • Documented the entire network layout using Microsoft Visio, summarized the results and formally presented to executive management
  • Created numerous policies including a wireless security policy, Internet usage policy, computer usage policy and email usage policy
  • Formally presented to executive management on data compiled from firewall and intrusion detection logs detailing malicious traffic patterns
  • Provided formal security training to IT staff about fundamental security principles including, holistic security layers, division of duties, principle of least privilege
  • Participated and occasionally chaired ITD CERT meetings formulating optimal incidence response strategies and discussing lessons learned
  • Documented the various technical configurations of all security equipment
  • Established and maintained 6 business to business and 27 client to site VPN tunnels to ensure secure remote vendor communication with the city's network
  • Monitored firewall, and IDS logs for malicious patterns of traffic
  • Supported all production security systems on a 7X24 hour basis


  • Implemented enterprise wide Checkpoint 4.1 to NG upgrade including 3 firewall modules and 1 firewall management station using Checkpoint's Secure Platform as the foundation
  • Performed trouble shooting in cooperation with other departments to minimize downtime
  • Created enterprise wide firewall rule base that protected one of the largest credit card companies in the world
  • Monitored firewall, and IDS logs for malicious patterns of traffic
  • Created documentation that included security policies as well as business continuity instructions
  • Administered RSA's ACE server that was deployed for strong authentication
  • Deployed 2 ISS Real Secure Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Performed Internet content filtering using MS Proxy 2.0 and Websense
  • Deployed several NESSUS servers for vulnerability analysis purposes


  • Performed firewall and IDS configuration and installation for managed security clients
  • Creation of process and work instructions for managed security services
  • Provided day to day support to all firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • Documented the various technical configurations of our customer's equipment
  • Created change control documentation
  • Created documentation for individual incidents for the company's Incident Response Team IRT
  • Documented completed test processes of security products under evaluation.
  • Engaged in the testing and evaluation phase of security products
  • Became member of the board of the company's technology steering group
  • Created and tested security policy for clients and E deltacom

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