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Software Developer Resume Profile

Summary of Experience

  • Over10 years of experience in the IT industry that involves the complete Software Development Life cycle from analysis, design, coding, testing implementation of Data Integration applications.
  • Experience in Integration of HealthCare, Retail, Logistics,Supply chain management, and Insurance.
  • Possess development and implementation experience in EDI ANSI X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT, XML, Sterling Integrator, Sterling's Gentran Server on UNIX, Gentran's Integration Suite GIS XML/XSLT applications.
  • Responsible for reviewing and contributing to designs.
  • Expertise in Java based Web Services for Application Integration using messaging and adapters.
  • Proficient in Data base design with relational models and very good experience in entity and attribute identification and developing the Entity-Relationships.
  • Loading data from flat files into database tables using SQL Loader.
  • Experience in working with TIBCO with EAI/EDI applications.
  • Automating data loading, extraction, mapping, conversion, reports generation using SQL, PL/SQL, and UNIX Shell scripting.
  • Hands on expertise in using various adaptors File, Schema, XML, Database, Email, FTP etc. .
  • Developed data translation map and business processes to integrate the data.
  • Experience with EDI ANSI X12 documents including 850, 855, 856, and 810.
  • Ensured that the product developed satisfies the business requirements using through unit testing procedures
  • Strong Working experience with Transactions 830, 835/837, 834, 820, 845, 850, 846, 856, 862, 214, 270/271, 276/277.
  • Experience in creating maps using Application Integrator, Gentran Server on UNIX and Windows configuring interacting with trading partners in laying standard specifications for various transactions for both Inbound Outbound Mapping using EDI / HIPAA ANSI X12 standards.
  • Extensive Experience in SQL/PL SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • Extensive Experience in preparing Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and executing them based on the Business rules and System requirements.
  • Ability to do independently as well as in a team and experience in coordinating with different groups in a project.
  • Excellent Written verbal Communication, Interpersonal and Organizational Skills.
  • Manage development and migration of EDI projects in BizTalk and Gentran environments.

Technical Skills

  • Mapping Tools : Sterling Integrator 5.0/5.2, Gentran 5.1/5.3/6.0/GIS, Sybase EC
  • Maps,TLE Server 4.2, and GXS AI Mapper
  • Industry Standards : ANSI X12, EDIFACT, VICS and HIPAA
  • EDI Tools : EDISIM 4.0, EAI, XMLSPY, XSD, DTD,
  • Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports, Data Reports
  • EDI Transactions : 810, 835, 837, 850, 856, 860, 210, 214, 220, 270,271, 276,
  • 277, 278, 940 and 945.
  • Programming Languages : C, C , Java, Visual Basic, Shell Scripting, SQL, T-SQL,
  • Web Development Tools : HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, IIS 6, SharePoint Portal Server, Dream Weaver.
  • Databases : Oracle 10g/9i/8i, MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, MySQL,
  • Operating Systems : Windows 2003/2007, FreeBSD 4.5, Sun Solaris 5.8, AIX, Linux
  • Networking : FTP, HTTP, SFTP, HTTPS, FTPS VAN, AS2, TCP/IP.
  • Other Software : XML, XSLT, ClearCase, SQL Loader, ULTRAEDIT, Toad,

Work Experience


Direct Connect Consultant Miracle Soft

Worked on Direct Connect Migration project moving around 300 suppliers from John Deere VAN connection to Direct Connection.


  • Worked directly with IBM to transition the European suppliers to move them to Direct Connection.
  • Troubleshooted errors after the suppliers went live in production.
  • Monitoring of IBM Sterling Inflight and Document Tracking for any errors in file transfers.
  • Assisted in new supplier's setup.
  • Made phone calls to European suppliers to persuade them to work with IBM.
  • Working tickets for Kayako system at John Deere.


EDI Sterling Integrator TeamLead TCS

Working on the EDI Replatform project which is migration of all the maps and corresponding components from Mainframe Gentran to Sterling Integrator AIX . Working with IBM team onsite to modify the business process flows with QSS QuickStartService which is a framework that supports SI. Currently, the development work has been done for Release 1, 3 and Additional activities and subsequently moving to Integration testing, Pilot/Rollout and UAT. The project deals with number of Supply Chain Management transactions such as 810, 856, 832, 850 etc.


  • Shadowed the Installation of SI, SSP, and QSS on Production server by IBM team.
  • Attended the meetings conducted by IBM to review the Walgreen's design.
  • Currently, in the process of making changes to the Development work to come up with new business process flows with QSS.
  • Setting up connectivities in Production server which are Connect: Direct, AS2, SFTP and FTP.
  • Setting up the AS2 profiles for all the Trading Partners.
  • Creation of Certificates for AmeriSource Bergen ABC partner AS2 onboarding.
  • Tested an inbound/outbound flow for ABC partner.
  • Updating codelists and maintaining them for new trading partners.
  • Incorporating new changes in both inbound and outbound transactions maps .
  • Knowledge Transfer from IBM on the working of QSS and its impact on the current design solution provided by Walgreens.

Environment: Mainframe, Gentran, Sterling Integrator 5.2.4, UNIX, Putty server, Ultraedit, winSCP, CVS client, RAD


EAI/EDI Lead Developer

The project is the enhancement for the new MTK Div for provider portal website. Part of the project was to add new search criteria for Find-A-Doc and Certificate of Coverage. Tibco tool was used to integrate the development work for this project. Worked on the automation of 835 and 834 Prep file using Gentran tool.


  • Created new wsdl for the portal web interface.
  • Developed new maps for Member Services interface for both the Find-A-Doc and Certificate of Coverage.
  • Tested and deployed to development environment and QA environment
  • Configured adapters, services, service configurations and protocol setups as per business needs.
  • Setup Trading Partners, Business agreements in BusinessConnect.
  • Set up various communications using Protocols FTP, HTTPS, and SFTP with trading partners.
  • Made changes in PL/SQL code embedded in the database packages.
  • Collaborated with vendors, trading partners, and internal functional teams to define EDI requirements.
  • Created the 835 schema version using Specbuilder which was used in mapping for the 835 Prep file automation.
  • Gentran tool was used to do the mapping for the 835 and 834 file.

Environment: TIBCO, Gentran Integration Suite 4.2, SpecBuilder, TOAD, PL-SQL, Ultraedit


Sterling Integrator Developer

  • The SAGE project was with the client, MFGPro to integrate multiple modules in the Sanofi's SAP system.
  • Worked with SI map editor to develop maps for different interfaces within the SAP system Developed business processes to automate the translation of EDI format Created translation maps for EDI 845Cars feed, IA interfaces, Rapid Response and Order to Cash transactions.


  • Developed/Modified EDI maps using Gentran Integration Suite/Sterling Integrator's Map editor.
  • Created business process for both inbound and outbound transactions to SAP Order to Cash OTC and other internal applications as per business needs using Graphical Process Modeler GPM and BPML in Gentran Integration Suite/Sterling Integrator.
  • Configured adapters, services, service configurations and protocol setups as per business needs.
  • Set up Trading Partner Identities, Document exchange, Packaging and Envelopes for both inbound and outbound partners.
  • Set up various communications using Protocols HTTP and AS2 for the trading partners.
  • Collaborated with MFGpro for gathering SAGE requirements.
  • Provided technical support of the EDI application, mappings, and interfaces, and testing.
  • Translating the data from ANSI Positional to IDOC for the SAP inbound process using the translator.
  • Setup new EDI trading partnerships and created Trading Partner profiles and Management of Communities in GIS 4.3/SI 5.2.
  • Developed PL/SQL packages to extract, validate and populate document tracking, auditing, and maintenance application.
  • Created and modified BPML to handle document archiving, failure notifications, acknowledgement reconciliations, and transaction metrics reporting.
  • Trouble-shooted and resolved XSLT mapping issues and adapter failures/discards.
  • Created process flow, de-enveloping and routing process for 845 Cars feed for various trading partners.
  • Created Shell scripts and database scripts to automate document tracking functionality.
  • Used Ultraedit to read the EDI input files.

Environment: Sterling Integrator Map Editor 5.2, Gentran Integration Suite 4.2, MS SQL Server, SAP, Ultra Edit.


EDI Team Lead


  • My basic involvement in this project is to build maps using Application Integrator EAI and test the complete system using Enterprise.
  • Mapped various transactions from ANSI X12 format to Health Partners internal formats. 837P, 837I, 837D, 270/271, 835, 834, 278, 276/277, 820, HCFA, UB, ADA.
  • Developed internal XML structure for processing claims and eligibility transactions.
  • Used Spec Builder for analysis of the HIPAA data.
  • Tested 270/271 and 835, 835 820 transactions with various trading partners.
  • Extensively involved in unit and integration testing various programs and maps.
  • Setting up new trading partners.
  • Writing custom functions in AI's Meta language which was used by various maps.
  • Customized various standard modules.
  • Involved in unit testing and integration testing with the internal claims system.
  • Tested transactions with various trading partners.
  • HL7 mapping was also done for some pharmacy claims.
  • Setup relationships and configuring bridges in Enterprise.
  • Used CVS for version controlling maps.
  • Mapped various transactions from the standard ANSI X12 formats to XML and SAP I-Docs.
  • Involved in design, development and testing of complete integration system.
  • Created Forms for interfacing with GIS.
  • Involved in unit testing and integration testing with SAP.
  • Implemented error handling to track different errors and information like unmarshalling, connection status and errors in business rules. Worked with Alert Agents like email, pager.
  • Routing data to GXS and Sterling VAN's for various trading partners.

Environment: Perl 5.8, Oracle, XML, TIBCO, Shell Programming, GXS Enterprise 7.0, UNIX Scripting, Application Integrator AI 4.1, XML plug-in, HIPAA plug-in and Test Director, EAI, Clear Case and XML Editor, UNIX, Windows Server 2000.


Membership/Claims System

EDI Developer

The Fresenius medical care provides healthcare products and services related to dialysis and lever support. Fresenius assists nursing homes and senior housing communities with healthcare services. The application consists of 3 major sub systems Membership, Claims and Inter-plan teleprocessing system that support Insurance business.


  • Developed conversion program to convert file EDI format to HIPAA Proprietary format.
  • Managing Membership Enrollments for corporate group accounts and Individual membership accounts and Coordinating with Claims ITS team.
  • Loading Eligibility Data for membership into system from the state, vendors using Proprietary format, ANSI 834 through EDI, and web interface.
  • Setup process schedules to automate the translation transmission of documents
  • Performed Unit and system testing on all EDI transactions both inbound and outbound.
  • Applied EAI to perform the claims transaction mapping.
  • Implemented HIPAA/EDI Transactions like 834, 835, 837, 820, 276 and 277.
  • Developed and maintained internal reports, tools and extra net sites.
  • Converted maps from 3010 versions to new version 4010 4030 .
  • UNIX script writing for both communicational and file handling.
  • Involved in creating new Trading Partner.
  • implemented 270/271 Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response transactions
  • Involved in dealing with trading Partners and conveying the implementation guidelines and specifications.
  • Configured Finalist software for Membership and Claims system.
  • Worked on integration with new trading partners using GENTRAN: SERVER for UNIX 5.1v.
  • Maps were created in 3.2 version upgraded to Gentran server 5.1 version.
  • Verified data formats in new version of Gentran server.
  • Modified maps to support newer versions
  • Creation of application layout files
  • Maintenance of EDI Documents, data managers, and Gentran life cycle Database.
  • Worked with configuration of data managers.
  • Responsible to verify if all data was successfully processed and trouble-shooted any failures during translation and addressed the issues to the team.

Environment: Gentran Server, TIBCO, EDI X12 HIPAA Transactions 270/271, 276,277, 834, 835, 837 , FTP, EAI, Windows NT


Software Developer

This project involves Plant Maintenance System, which helps in Preventive maintenance, Break down maintenance and ash handling. This application is very useful for smooth running of organization by scheduling the jobs and awarding permit to work PTW slips for maintenance. This module will be linked to online material system.


  • Identifying functional and non-functional requirements, analyze the system, provide suggestions, and design as per requirements and test the design.
  • Identifying database requirements and was involved in designing of database for various modules.
  • Created stored procedures, functions and packages for applying the business rules.
  • Involved in writing PL/SQL procedures, packages and triggers
  • Developing Forms using forms 4.5 and Reports using Reports 2.5
  • Developing Involved in Preparing the User Functional Requirement and detailed design.
  • Performed Unit testing for the Developed component.
  • Involved in Development and Implementation of Plant Maintenance modules.
  • Used features like PL/SQL record inserts and updates.
  • Performance tuning and optimization achieved through the management of indices, query execution plans and optimizing the SQL scripts.
  • Developed single form to run all the Reports as central point.

Environment: Oracle 7.x, SQL Plus, PL/SQL, SQL, C, UNIX, PL/SQL, Developer2000, Windows 2000/XP.

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