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Sql Developer Resume Profile


  • Over 10 years of experience in various versions of Siebel from Siebel 6.0 to Siebel 8.1.
  • Excellent experience in various aspects of development as Siebel Configuration, Siebel Web Services, EAI, Order Management, Pricing Procedures.
  • Strong ability in requirements gathering, analysis, developing prototypes, writing technical design documents.
  • Ability to design system architecture, frameworks, guidelines and communicating with rest of the team, assisting in deciding implementation timeframes.
  • Extensive experience using third party tools and technologies to expose Siebel Data to third party systems using Java and .Net.
  • Extensive experience in extracting, validating and transforming data from operational systems using various language and tools.
  • Siebel Configuration, Business Process Designer, EAI and Siebel Java beans based integration mechanisms, ABS, HTTP Transports.
  • Designing interfaces between Siebel and Various Middle Ware SeeBeyond, IBM MQ, WebMethods, WebLogic, TIBCO
  • Extensive experience using OOProgramming, OOAnalysis, GOF Patterns, J2EE Patterns.
  • Strong background in Web-Based application development with an emphasis on Java and related technologies. J2EE 1.3, JSP, EJB, XALAN, XERCES, STRUTS etc.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems

Windows 2000, XP, Windows 95-98 Unix, Linux, and BeOS.


Siebel 5, Siebel 6, Siebel 7, Siebel 8, EIM, EAI Adapters and Transports, Configuration, Siebel Tools, Siebel Java Beans, Business Process Designer, eScript, Siebel Analytics, MQ Series.




JavaScript and PHP, C, C and MFC


IBM MQ, Siebel Tools, TOGETHERJ, Rational Rose, Microsoft FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Silk/QA partner, WinRunner, LoadRunner, JUNIT, CACTUS



Application Servers

Allaire JRUN 3.0, TOMCAT, BEA Weblogic, JBOSS, Apache Web Server, IIS





  • Design integration solution to bring new acquired clients and processes into the core Siebel CRM system.
  • Developed integration workflows and scripts to build new interfaces to move data from Siebel to external systems.
  • Created custom Data Mapping scripts to map incoming and outgoing data.
  • Custom Programs in Java and .Net based DLL's to facilitate integration of Siebel with external systems.


  • Siebel Performance Architect responsible for over all architecture review and recommendations.
  • Responsible for all analysis and designs for performance improvements for various parts of the system including configurations, scripting, workflows and web services.
  • Responsible for delivery of all write up and recommendations for all performance choke points.
  • Code Review of the actual implementation.
  • Setting Expectations with business and communicating the business benefit for the approaches taken.


  • Solution Architect responsible for delivering the Pricing and Order Management Process.
  • Customizing the Siebel PSP Workflows and procedures to accommodate tiered discounting.
  • As a solution architect responsible for all the Integration design integrating Siebel with all the back end systems and their online commerce site.
  • Responsible for the Project Plan, resourcing, time lines and all deliverables.
  • Responsible for the over-all delivery of the Project.
  • Was the point of contact for the business stakeholders
  • Was responsible for performance tuning, integration design tuning, enforcing best practices.


  • Email Response Rule based Custom Email generation for Support Centre
  • Integration Siebel with Outlook using Java Program to facilitate Outlook integration using IMAP Protocol.
  • Custom Programs in Java and .Net based DLL's to facilitate integration of Siebel with external systems.


  • Responsible for delivery of all integration related interfaces.
  • Design, development and support of Email Response Modules.
  • Custom Email generation workflows and custom email templates.
  • Co-coordinating offshore and onshore development.
  • Co-coordinating Production support and go live.


  • Co-coordinating the Siebel Web Services Integration team.
  • Responsible for overall Integration Framework design, data contracts, XSD's etc.
  • Build the base workflow and all associated components as a prototype to use as a reference implementation for all interfaces.
  • Managing the testing Plan and unit test cases.


  • Templates eMail Workflows, Customizing Inbound and Outbound Communication Manager.
  • Build SQL reports in DB2.
  • Build Java Interface to talk to Siebel Object Layer and Lotus Notes DB.
  • Custom Scripting for eMail logging mechanisms.
  • Performance tuning Siebel Configuration to improve queries.
  • Developing Workflows to post data to the WebLogic Server, using HTTP to update Account Data.


  • Responsible for design and delivery of the eMail response module.
  • Co-coordinating offshore and onshore development.
  • Migrating historic emails and attachment using EIM.
  • Templates eMail Workflows, Customizing Inbound and Outbound Communication Manager.
  • Customizing out of the box components to build custom functionality.
  • Configure Email response views and applets, BC.


  • Scoping and identifying data migration requirements for Siebel 6 to Siebel 7.7 Upgrade.
  • Identifying onshore and offshore resource requirements.
  • Training developers for Siebel 6 to Siebel 7 upgrade.
  • Designing and prototyping various migration strategies
  • Identifying and migrating scripts from Siebel 6 to Siebel 7
  • Mapping Siebel 6 entities to Siebel 7 and vice versa for production synchronization, wrote EIM scripts for Correspondence, activities and service requests.
  • Identifying performance issues on VBC's and migrating VBC's to EBC's etc.
  • Design and Build Email Response module for Secure and Non Secure Email.
  • Build Web Services to access external claims information.


  • Designed and build Service Quotes based Email Notification System.
  • Setting up and Managing Email Templates and Outbound Communications Manager.
  • Runtime Events and Workflows to send email notifications based on various rules.
  • Integration Objects and Siebel eScripts to migrate Email Templates and Notification rules to facilitate migration to various environments.
  • Configuring Screens, Applets, Views, Drill downs etc.


  • Responsible for designing and building the DTV Order Management System, the overall architecture transport mechanisms along with appointment and truck roll management using ABS.
  • Designing the Interface, XML Schema and implementing the interface between SeeBeyond and Siebel using Siebel eWay.
  • Designing and developing an Error Logging service, to be used across the system for logging technical and business errors.
  • Designed and build Web Services for ABS Invocation, XSD for message transport and streamlining error handling to open up ABS, for cross Enterprise calls.
  • Designing and building Integration Objects and XML Schema for Integration with middleware.
  • Other responsibilities included performance-tuning workflows, scripts, Integration Objects, XSLT Style sheets for Data Extraction from Incoming XML etc.
  • Workflows to open up Appointment booking system. ABS , to create work order, truck roll activity.

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