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It Manager Resume Profile


  • 14 Years of Professional Systems Security, Systems Engineering, IT Management and Consulting Experience
  • 14 Years of experience in Systems Security and Network Engineering
  • 7 Years of concurrent experience in IT Management
  • 14 Years of concurrent experience in Network and System Administration
  • 5 Years of experience in datacenter design, build and maintain
  • 2 Years of experience in Cloud Network and compute design, build and deploy
  • Numerous Core Security, Network and Consulting Technology Competencies, including:


Linux, BSD, AIX

Palo Alto, PFsync, CARP

NetScreen, ScreenOS,

Fortinet Fortigate Firewall

Check Point Firewall, Screen-OS

Palo Alto 5020 / 2050 Pan-OS

Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL

snoop/tcpdump, Ethereal

TTX, Rallydev, Salesforce


Apache, Lighttp, Nginx, Tux

VMWare/ESX/ESXi, Vsphere, Navisphere, NetApp,


WiFi, 802.11a/b/g






SAN-OS, Navisphere


Lantronix Barracuda OS

Nagios, MRTG, Pfstats

F5 Big-IP LTM,, Barracuda, McAfee Sidewinder

Technical abstract

  • Degree in biology, with 14 years of experience in systems hardware and software support.
  • Accomplished in enterprise-class architecture, involved in several datacenter builds, including the deployment, migration and a large-scale enterprise-class hardware refresh.
  • 10 years of experience in design, build, maintaining and repairing LAN/WAN networking including MPLS, Metro over Ethernet, Frame and T.
  • Design, deploy and operate security firewalls utilizing industry-standards best practices.
  • Understand load-balanced asset delivery through reduced cost, monitored content delivery platforms, leveraging multiple vendors, including Akamai, HighWinds, and Limelight Networks.
  • Clear understanding of LAMP-based product engineering, technology, integration and interconnectivity.
  • 4 years in the agile software development cycle has forged an analytical, results-oriented and execution driven focus upon converging rigorously QA-tested technology with production.
  • Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills, with the ability to identify opportunities to better navigate, monitor and adjust to secure and compliant standards.
  • Strive to communicate, document and direct in clear and concise terms. I believe in promoting strong interdependent departmental relationships through effective communication and collaborative effort.
  • Handled design, configuration and integration of Nexus, ISR connected via MPLS infrastructure in a datacenter cloud build out project for Longview Systems.
  • Responsible for mapping and documenting and eventually building a solid business case for upgrading an unkempt latticework of open source network, security and systems within the systems engineering department at Tremor Media.
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks, directing several crews of varying disciplines in developing a complex MAN between new offices for fixed and wireless voice communications and data infrastructure.
  • Independently designed and deployed a multinational ASA SSL and IPSec VPN framework as a tiered and security solution combined with OpenBSD firewalls.
  • Managed LAMP powered environment, focusing on database tuning, scaling, design, troubleshooting, security patches and maintenance.
  • Designed, installed, tested and tuned for performance and security various web server / CMS packages, including lighttpd, nginx, tux, WordPress, Drupal, DJango, PostNuke and PHP-Nuke.
  • Red Hat/CentOS Linux, OpenBSD, VMWare linux ESX 3.5 R2 Servers.
  • MySQL administration, performance-tuning, upgrades, migration, replication, restoration.
  • DNS planning, installation and management using various domain provider tools, DynDNS, MSDNS secondary servers and BIND primary/secondary.
  • Strong knowledge of reliable backup/archive/disaster recovery plans Zmanda / open source software technologies, ArcServ, Backup Exec .

Professional Experience


  • Focus primarily on network / security datacenter, with an emphasis on design, implementation and migration engineering tasks.
  • Cloud network engineer and design consultant.
  • Contributed to the design and build of a multitenant FlexPod environment from the network and security standpoint.
  • Contributed to the build and design of several large-scale datacenter-class networks, as well as in helping to develop a network and security migration plan for a large, respectable Colorado business.
  • Deployed Nexus equipment, utilizing layer 2 and 3 fundamentals in series with revolutionary vPC links.
  • Researched, tested and deployed several different brands of wan acceleration and firewall solutions, including Cisco ASA5545/25/15X series firewalls, Juniper, Checkpoint VE, Palo Alto 5020/2050, Astaro now Sophos Virtual gateway, Barracuda NG firewall, Vyatta and Citrix Netscaler VPX.
  • Developed and documented components of the documentation for a multitenant network built on Cisco and NetApp FlexPod architecture, including a customer onboarding procedure and baseline operations guide.
  • Drew up and implemented a stress-test and failover plan for baseline network information pertaining to FlexPod.
  • Gained valuable experience in troubleshooting WAN issues, including MPLS circuit trouble, layer2 and COS networking challenges.
  • Built secure, reliable and robust cloud network component for LVS, participating in planning, procurement, design, deployment and onboarding process.
  • Security, networking and virtualization from a consulting perspective.
  • Technology focus includes ISR, Nexus, and UCS cloud data center design including NetApp storage, virtual firewall / load-balancing and scripted multitenant automation.


  • Administer and manage network, security and systems architecture for a large-scale MPLS corporate, production, and development infrastructure and EPL disaster recovery network.
  • Engineered a logical bypass network to mitigate cross-platform design issues between McAfee Sidewinders and Cisco Nexus 5000 and 7000 series switches.
  • Configure, redesign, maintain, debug and repair networking issues straddled around Nexus 5000/7000, 6509, and encompassed by ASA, F5 BigIP 3600 and 1600 architecture.
  • Maintain, debug and deploy software updates as well as logical design changes for network and firewall infrastructure.
  • Leverage a portable, virtualized infrastructure with the added mobility of DRM replication for provisioning of prod, dev and test front end and back end systems.


Senior Systems Engineer

  • Administer network, security and LAMP installation, configuration and maintenance for a firm specializing in media platform and targeted advertising.
  • Maintain, configure and update leveraged objects through Akamai, HW, LL content delivery platforms.
  • Build, deploy and automate, through tftp/PXE and Puppet, virtualized multi-tiered web, database and api environments running primarily on CentOS.
  • Implement a wide variety of firewall and security appliance solutions including Cisco ASA , Linux IPTables , OpenBSD carp failover with PF firewall and mrtg/pfstats network management and Sonicwall.
  • Built a multi-tiered failover network using PF Carp, etherchannel and Linux DRDB at Tremor's Colocation datacenter facility.
  • Architected and built a Cisco MDS 9124 series switch fabric for the backend EMC Clarion / Dell SAN infrastructure.
  • Designed failover load balancing for console, stats tracking and origin services using Barracuda hardware.
  • Design, build and maintain fully-meshed file and computing distribution NFS, rsync, Apache Subversion, Apache and Hadoop across various platforms for ease of deployment.
  • Researched, purchased, installed and configured new Cisco ASA VPN / firewall deployments for several locations, both in the US and UK.
  • Maintain, plan, install and configure BIND DNS.
  • Managed setup, maintain, install and configure various customer-facing linux-hosted services, including proprietary LAMP streaming media platforms, ftp, and subversion.


IT Manager

  • Built and designed fortinet firewall system, providing the office with a comprehensive inbound email and outbound web filter, as well as remote IPSEC vpn connectivity.
  • Direct, plan, and manage internal technology operations of ASCI, a medium-sized company with 8 offices and 5 remote plants. Adapt fixed and wireless technologies to meet the needs of external customers, such as CDOT, in implementing unified, secure, reliable and cost-effective communications.
  • Built out the extended WAN/LAN network, tying Unix, Windows and multiple point-to-point protocols together, utilizing Exchange 2000, terminal services and AD integration with BES.
  • Used Linux IPTables and Openvpn for firewalling and VPN functionality, as a hardened yet an inexpensive security solution.
  • Responsible for developing and adhering to an annual IT budget, as well as the management and approval of all accounts, invoicing and expenses including 130 Cellular phones, wireless pagers, 70 workstations and 7 servers.
  • Managed ODBC/Access-based reporting for estimating, the financial department and sales from a relational Unix database. Integrated a LAMP-powered reports management server, form-driven documentation, journaling and time management with remote office technologies ranging from network-aware, enterprise-level document organization to Linux and Cisco Routers / Firewalls. This combined with voice and IP technologies, created a cost-effective and comprehensive virtual office environment for the company's 30 field and mobile employees.
  • Managed the build-out of the physical and logical fiber-backboned grid of a 5-square block office campus.
  • Learned personnel management of multiple technical levels, finding that honesty and integrity are more valuable in creating a group effort then pedantic presentation.
  • Prior work history and professional references available upon request

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