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Network Engineer Resume Profile


Microsoft Server Suite 2012


Network Troubleshooting

Microsoft SharePoint

LogMeI Rescue Technician

VoIP/Telecom Experience

Microsoft Office Suite 2007, 2010, 2013


Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Exchange/365

Ultra VNC

Trend Micro

Active Directory

Metaswitch Telecom



Android Troubleshooting


Windows Deployment Services

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Media Converter 8

VB Programming

Malware Removal

Cisco/Avaya/Polycom IP Phones



Network Engineer

  • Integratio of VoIP services including soft-clients and physical handsets via SIP
  • Completed our transitio project from our legacy phone switch to a new, innovative softswitch. This consisted of the migratio of 14,000 customer lines from our EWSD switch to Metaswitch.
  • Coordinated installations by evaluating customer orders, plans, and technical specifications.
  • Planned and configured access nodes to facilitate maximum network efficiency.
  • Established voice and data networks by installing telecommunications equipment, routers, switches, multiplexors, rectifiers programming/testing features establishing connections and integrations following industry standards activating remote access tools coordinating with exchange carriers and other contractors.
  • Verified carrier services by testing circuits, equipment, and alarms identified call translatio issues and made necessary translatio adjustments to increase call flow efficiency.
  • Documented network infrastructure by labeling and routing equipment and cables creating configuratio diagrams and documenting call flows.
  • Used Metaswitch SAS to analyze call flows and protocols to troubleshoot various communicatio issues involved with call routing/setup.
  • Maintained telephone networks by troubleshooting and repairing outages testing network, back-up procedures updating documentation.
  • Maintained a safe work environment by following codes, standards, and legal regulations.
  • Worked with the AS400 and NISC billing system to update plant and customer records.
  • Completed routine maintenance and backups o routers, switches, and multiple layers of our Metaswitch Integrated softswitch.
  • Suggested offering virtualized computing for our subscribers due to high demand for low cost, low maintenance computing.
  • Worked directly with colleagues to teach them how the various computer systems throughout our organizatio work, and contributed to their learning of these systems.


Helpdesk Technicia

  • Diagnosed and fixed hardware and software issues for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Used Active Directory to manage/create student and faculty accounts, reset passwords, enable/disable account activity
  • Aided i desig of a laptop checkout system, which included VB programming and Excel.
  • Maintained outstanding problem resolutio for every i use applicatio at the school, including but not limited to Microsoft Office Suite 2010 , Microsoft SharePoint, LogMeI Rescue Technicia Console, Blackboard, VIP, IMS, MCS, Acrobat, Adobe Suite, Trend Micro, Microsoft Security Essentials, Oracle, and Cisco Phone systems.
  • Assisted with managing the school's printing services. This includes installatio of new printers, troubleshooting, and training co-workers of how the printers worked.
  • Maintained highest resolutio rate amongst co-workers with all smartphone issues.
  • Used Microsoft SharePoint to efficiently track, maintain, and report trouble ticket status.
  • Developed technical knowledge base articles i SharePoint for publishing and in-house training.
  • Maintained and upgraded images using Ghost and Windows Deployment Services.
  • Consistently maintained outstanding customer and managerial feedback.


IT Related Internship

  • As a intern, I provided on-site educatio training for teachers about new classroom interactive technologies. I also completed work orders i a timely manner for each school i the district.
  • Work orders include but are not limited to, Windows XP, Vista, and 7 issues, Novell, Gmail, Outlook, Server installatio and troubleshooting, SmartBoard troubleshooting, Projector troubleshooting, Elmo and Podium troubleshooting.
  • Assisted employees with formatting documents, e-mails, and web pages for the school district.
  • Aided i managing server and network infrastructure for nine public schools.
  • Assembled floor-mount servers, installed networking cable, and replaced multiple computer labs with new equipment.
  • Used Windows Deployment Services to install new operating systems i nine public schools.
  • Gained valuable basic networking and server knowledge from using Microsoft Server Suite 2012.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATIO My work ethic and trustworthiness are exemplary. I have constantly received commendations for my outstanding ability to explai technology i a way that non-technical people ca understand. I've worked diligently at every job to build my skillset to facilitate my desire to become a Business Analyst. I understand the role of a Business Analyst, and if give the opportunity, I am sure that my work-ethic, i conjunctio with my educatio and work experience, will help me make a significant impact withi any organization.

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