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Talend Developer Resume

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Chicago, IL


  • Around 7 years’ experience in IT with about 6 years’ experience in Data Warehousing based applications on UNIX, Windows.
  • Expertise using Talend tool for both Open Source and Enterprise Edition for BigData.
  • Expertise using BigQuery for handling huge volumes of data.
  • Expertise using BigData browser tool and BigQuery CommandLine.
  • Expertise using Informatica PowerCenter at all ETL stages. Very good at using Repository Manager, Mapping Designer, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor.
  • Strong knowledge on OLAP systems, Kimball and Inmon methodology and models, dimensional modeling using Star and Snowflake schemas.
  • Outstanding experience dealing with complex database structures: PL/SQL Stored Procs, Packages, triggers, materialized views.
  • Experience of handling production issues. Capability to understand complex systems in short span.
  • Worked on various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as Project Requirement Study, high level design, low - level design, Coding, Testing, Quality assurance Documentation, Implementation and Project Planning.
  • Extensive experience working in various UNIX environments. Excellent skills at Shell, Perl Scripting.
  • Involved in the data analysis for source and target systems. Experienced in integration of the various data sources such as Oracle and various types of flat files.
  • Expert in performance tuning, clearing performance bottlenecks at various levels like sources, targets, mappings, sessions and databases.
  • Technical proficiency in handling RDBMS databases. Particularly using Oracle 8i/9i/10g.
  • Expertise using SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Import/Export utilities on UNIX, WINDOWS XP/2000.
  • Pro-active, Self-motivated and responsible person with excellent interpersonal communication skills and proven Track record of quality deliveries.


ETL Tools: Talend Enterprise Edition for Big Data 5.5, Informatica PowerCenter 9.1/8.6Talend Open Studio for Data Integration 5.1

Data Modeling Tool: Erwin

Operating System: Windows NT /XP /2000, UNIX

Programing Languages: Core Java, C++, Visual Basic, COBOL

Data Bases: Oracle 9i/10g, DB2, Sybase, Teradata

Database Utilities: SQL, SQL*Loader, PL/SQL (Stored Procedures, FunctionsPackages, Triggers, Exception handling)

Scripting: Shell, Perl

Job Schedulers: Autosys, Control-M, Tidal


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Talend Developer

Environment: Talend Enterprise Edition for Big Data 5.5, Oracle 10g, BigQuery, Tableau, UNIX, Shell/Perl scripting.


  • Development of Talend mappings and job coversion between Informatica and Talend.
  • I am responsible for Shipment and activation data reconciliation.
  • Written queries in BigQuery to look up all the Customer, Product, Order level data.
  • Worked mainly with tMap, tjava, tsetGlobalVar, tFlowtoIterate, tBigQueryInput, tBigQueryBulkExec, tFileInputDelimited, tFileInputRegex components.
  • Responsible for loading the data from MDW to BigQuery.
  • Development of mapping documents and analyzing the data sources.
  • Responsible for reducing the fallout count in Shipments data.
  • Inspecting the data for quality issues.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Talend Developer

Environment: Talend Enterprise Edition 5.5, Oracle 10g, MySql, SQL Server, QLikView, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX, shell/Perl scripting.


  • Development of Talend mappings to onboard new sources and changes to the existing ones. I am responsible for Operative upgrade to V3.
  • Development of mapping documents.
  • This assignment helped me understand and change the Java code generated by Talend and gave exposure to Webservices(DFP api, Salesforce api) and SOAP.
  • Worked with tWebServiceInput, tSalesForceInput, tMap, tFilterRow, tSendMail, tOracleInput, tFixedFlowInput, tParalleize components.
  • Developed various wrapper scripts(bash/Perl) for the management of the system.
  • Responsible for production support of the system on rota basis.
  • Responsible for peer code reviews.

Confidential, Camp Hill, PA

ETL Developer

Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 8.6, Talend Open Studio 5.0, Oracle 10g, DB2, Cognos, UNIX, SQL, PL/SQL, AUTOSYS, shell/Perl scripting.


  • Gathering requirements for feeding the Health Exchange DB.
  • Developed stored procedures in PL/SQL and UNIX shell scripts for automated execution of jobs.
  • Worked with Target Load Plan for loading the data into targets.
  • Worked with SQL Override in the Source Qualifier and Lookup transformations.
  • Worked with XML Source Qualifier for extracting the XML sources.
  • Created Mapplets to reuse all the set of transformations for all mappings.
  • Implemented Slowly Changing Dimensions as per the requirements.
  • Responsible for monitoring scheduled, running, completed and failed sessions.
  • Worked with Static, Dynamic and Persistent Cache in the Lookup transformations.
  • Used Debugger to debug the flow of the data from sources to targets.
  • Worked mainly with Lookup, Expression, Router, Union, Joiner, Java, Update Strategy transformations.
  • Used Update Overwrite option for updating the non-key ports in the session level.
  • Contributed significant design inputs for dimensional db schema design. Looking forward for a role involving db design responsibilities.

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Informatica Developer

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6, Power Exchange, Oracle 10g, Tidal Scheduler, SQL, MicroStrategy, Unix and Shell scripting.


  • Requirements procurement: Worked with business personnel, Data Modelers to understand the source to target mapping documents, the structure of the tables, target schema definition.
  • Worked with legacy systems for extracting data from mainframes.
  • Designed mappings using Filter, Expression, Aggregator, Joiner, Sorter, Rank, Source Qualifier and Router transformations.
  • Designed complex mappings to load data into target using Connected Lookup, Unconnected Lookup, Update Strategy, and Sequence Generator transformations.
  • Created Mapplets to reuse all the set of transformations in Mapplet Designer.
  • Created Workflows and Sessions for each mapping that we are extracting from Source Systems to Staging areas, Staging areas to target.
  • Performed Unit testing on the Informatica code.
  • Used UNIX shell scripting for processing flat files to move them onto the server and importing as the source and for merging the data.
  • Participated in the enterprise performance tuning of Informatica for Sources, Targets, Mappings and Sessions.
  • Worked with DBA group to resolve performance.
  • Used Informatica Scheduler to schedule the Workflows.

Confidential, Armonk, NY

ETL Consultant

Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 7.1, Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Developer.


  • Used Informatica tools including Repository Manager, Designer, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor.
  • Created Reusable Transformations and Mapplets to use in multiple mappings.
  • Designed and developed various mappings, sessions and workflows to extract data from flat files, Oracle sources and load to Oracle and flat files.
  • Worked with TPUMP, Fast load, BTEQ utilities in Teradata.
  • Used Workflow monitor to monitor tasks, workflows and also to monitor performance.
  • Worked on tuning the existing mappings for better performance.
  • Performed unit testing, performed tuning of SQL queries.


Oracle Developer

Environment: Oracle, Oracle Forms 5.0/4.5, Reports 2.5, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows NT/98/95, SQL Navigator, Erwin3.5, and UNIX


  • Designed and developed stored procedures and database views.
  • Maintained user roles and privileges at the database level. It involved enrolling users, maintaining the system security, controlling and monitoring user access.
  • Used SQL to extract the data from the database.
  • Worked with Development Life Cycle teams.
  • Wrote Stored procedures, Stored functions, Packages and used Forms and Reports
  • Wrote database triggers for automatic updating the tables and views.
  • Designed and developed forms and reports.

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