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Sql Server Database Application Developer Resume

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Greenville, SC


To obtain a position as a T - SQL/ PL/SQL Database Developer/Software Engineer where my strong analytical, multi-database, innovative, application development, excellent problem solving and technical skills can be best utilized.


An experienced Database Programmer/Application Developer with MS in computer science with areas of expertise include creating and implementing database objects i.e. stored procedures, views, functions, Indexes, tables, packages using SQL Server, Oracle and as well as Installing and configuring database servers, objected oriented programming and GUI designing.


Databases: Oracle 10g (SQL* loader), SQL 2008, SSRS, SQL Server 2000, SSIS/ DTS, SQL profiler, MySQL5, Access 2007.

Database Objects: Creating tables, stored procedures, views, functions, triggers, Indexes, DTS/SSIS / PL/SQL packages.

Programming Languages: PL/SQL (Stored procedures, functions, DDL, DML), T-SQL, query tuning, ASP/ASP. Net/,C#/ C++, JSP, ADO.Net, PHP5.3, Macromedia Cold Fusion 7.0, Visual Basic 6.0, JavaScript, CSS3, Confidential, DHTML and XML.

Database Administration: Installing SQL database servers, Oracle database, assigning privileges to objects and creating jobs.

Designing: Logical/Physical databases designing/Normalization,ERD Modeling, designing User Interfaces and banners.

Compilers and Editors: Visual Studio.Net 7.1, Visual C++/ Visual Studio 2008, TOAD, Editor Vi and Dreamweaver.

Servers and Operating Systems: IIS 7.0, Configuring Web Servers, CF Server, Tomcat 5.0, Windows XP, UNIX (Sun Solaris)

ReportingTools/Software: SSRS, Crystal Reports 8.0, Toad Data Modeler, Visual Source Safe, Visio 2000 and Photoshop 5.


SQL Server Database Application Developer

Confidential, Greenville, SC


  • Created schemas and migrated database objects i.e. stored procedures, tables by creating scripts from Development Server to a UAT server and made logical changes according to business rules,debugged errors, Used Try -Catch construct to trap errors.
  • Applied data cleansing/validation rules using Substring(),Right(),Cast() in the where clause as well as different type of joins like INNER/Left Outer Join for data loading stored procedures to extract right data as a part of data migration project.
  • Created stored procedure using Merge statement to do the Insert/Update operation on the target table as a part of migration.
  • Created SSIS package(s) to import data from Excel, CSV files to SQL server, mapped target and source columns and used data conversion control to handle Unicode vs. Non Unicode data type error.
  • Converted all views of NII (Net interest Income) project into stored procedures and rewrote the SQL code according to new business requirements to create pool tables using T-SQL/ SQL server 2008. Created primary and foreign keys accordingly.
  • Answered Business analyst questions regarding NII project i.e. logical questions about NII project and SQL queries.
  • Optimized the stored procedures by creating clustered and non-clustered indexes to improve the performance.
  • Created a stored procedure using t-sql to track start, end and elapsed time of all the procedures to create a log in log table.
  • Created Dimensional and fact tables, created relationship using primary and foreign keys then developed T-Sql stored procedures using Case statements, different date functions and Joins like Inner/outer to populate this Star Schema tables.
  • Created an Insert, update and delete triggers to track changes of user’s actions i.e. who created the trouble ticket to repair any hardware like printer, fax machine and who updated trouble ticket status. Created history table with table SQL script.
  • Designed screen layouts of a course Registration Web application keeping in view logical flow of application using Confidential /css.
  • Created a rebuild index Task in SSIS package to rebuild indexes by setting fill factor equal to 80% using BI Studio.

Senior level SQL Database Developer

Confidential, NYC, New York


  • Created an Insert -Update stored procedure using SQL 2008 to process new eBook order(s) OR to update any existing order(s).
  • Created a Complex C# application using visual Studio 2008, purpose of this application was to loop through all folders, sub folders starting from root directory and to move all the files from every .Ingest folder to one level up folder.
  • Created /implemented ER schema diagram using Toad Data Modeler i.e. added new columns, tables to Order Recon Database and explained relationships between different tables using Primary and Foreign Keys and implemented physical database.
  • Particpated in Design meetings on weekly basis for front end of this eBook project and helped in fixing lots of design issues.

SQL Database Developer/Software Engineer (Consultant)

Confidential, Charlottesville, VA


  • Designed and developed the reporting website from scratch using Visual studio 2008,SSRS, SQL Server 2008,sitemap xml file, ASP.net/C#, Master page and menu control.
  • Created, designed and added new reports using SSRS 2008 and SQL server 2008.
  • Created an XML file(root node, child node) by writing a SQL script using XML For Path expression and Type directive.
  • Developed database driven C# application using Visual studio 2008,SQL sever 2008,purpose of this application was to copy updated or new Sql script files from source to target folder and then to run these SQL scripts to perform database manipulation instead of storing and running these scripts from SQL server to keep database running smoothly.
  • Created a T-SQL scriptusing sub-queries, Inner joins to create a new import tablefrom the existing import table by adding, deleting and modifying the existing import tableby importing datafrom WSTR-535,537,544 Excel files to SQL 2008 tables.
  • Created T-sql scalar function, purpose of this function was to find the special character & to replace it from the equipment name and then to limit the equipment name to 24 characters if it’s less than 24 characters then return the name of the equipment.
  • Wrote a stored procedure using While loop,sub-queries,Not Exists to compare the source and target tables if new records have been added to source table those will be added to target table using INSERT Into Select by getting newly inserted records from temp table,if any of records have been changed then target table will be updated using Update statement.
  • Designed database schema diagram using ER Studio by Importing Create-table Sql scripts from Sql Server to ER studio.
  • Created an XML document using C# by using XmlWriter class as well as using WriteStartElement,WriteEndElement methods.

PHP Developer

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Designed and developed database driven User Interface using Confidential, CSS, PHP5 to handle activities of Radiology department patients like adding new patients, searching existing patients, created JavaScript function to validate zip code and etc.
  • Created a history table to track patient status of treatment (i.e. pending, x-ray room) and to display information on web in PHP.
  • Designed and developed database driven web interface using Confidential, CSS, php5 to generate status reports of different patients.

PL/SQL/T-SQL Database /Web Application Developer

Confidential, Melville, New York


  • Created two PL/SQL stored procedures using Toad as a part of JSP web application to give ability to investigator(s) to update any wrongly created work order number of any damage caused by any another party to the company’s property.
  • Developed and designed a database driven web report called No Call Damage report using JSP,html and PL/SQL function, this report will display Excavator name, address, methods of excavation and root causes of the damage and created a JavaScript function to disable couple of fields like region, type of claim, collection status, damage town for this report.
  • Created a new complex T-SQL stored procedure called Cus NewSalesOp according to logical business rules flow diagram to pass some out put values (i.e.incidenttypeid, assignedTo and etc) to main stored procedure to create new sales opportunity.
  • Created an extract by creating complex T-SQL query from five tables by using multiple Inner Joins and temp tables, purpose of this extract was to get active NYC, LI VPIs with their address whose preferred method of appointment was either fax or email.
  • Implemented a PL/SQL stored procedure in Toad by creating PL/SQL sub-query to automatically populate project number according to yard type selection from interface of the JSP based web application called Damage Tracking System, this SQL query will update one table by getting value from another table.
  • Gathered project requirements from Senior Project Managers before designing and developing any application via phone.
  • Solved outstanding oracle data loading issue by removing duplicate declaration of variables from the data loading stored procedure. Checked out and checked in PL/SQL, T-SQL, JSP, ASP code before and after implementation in visual source safe.

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