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Sql Developer Resume Profile


Apply iBPM, DCM best practices for seamless integration of various Big data sources from different cloud platforms in Paas/Saas/Iaas environment. Empower critical decision makers with strategic digital-hindsight of digital-ecosystem.

Technical Skills:

  • Database: SQL Server, 2000, 2005,2008, Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, MS Access, Schema, entity
  • Operating System OS : MS-DOS, Linux, UNIX,Windows-NT, Windows2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows2008
  • Programming Languages: Fortran, Pascal, C, C , Java, VB.net C . PLSQL
  • Dot Net: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 frameworks
  • Data Modeling Tools: Microsoft Visio2008, Visible Analyst, System Architecture, ErwinStudio7.0, Embarcadero studio, IBM DataMining SPSS 15.0
  • BusinessProcessModels: Metastorm, magicquadrant.
  • Project Management Tools: Microsoft Office Project 2008, Project Server 2008
  • Internet Technologies: HTML, ASP2.0, Java Script, VB Script, ASP.NET, CSS, XML, XHTML, dreamweaver, JSP, Java AWT, Applet, JDBC
  • Web Server/Networking: IIS 5.0, TCP/IP, SNMP and Routers,
  • Technology: VS Studio05 , webservices, wsdl, SCA, SOA, distributed transactions. .Net Architecture, J2EE Architecture and Technologies,
  • Office Tools: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Front Page. OneNote, InfoPath
  • ECM: Blackboard, WebCT, Sharepoint .
  • Middleware: Biztalk server 02,04,06
  • ERP: SAP, MS Solomon, Readi, Lodestar.
  • CRM: MS CRM, SAP CRM, Siebel, Salesforce CRM
  • Analytical skills: Excellent analytical skills in backend and frontend.

Administrative Skills

  • Installing MSSQL Server 2000, 2005 And Creation of users, assigning data access privileges, integrating with active directory accounts.
  • Installing Oracle 8i, 9i ,10g configuration, user account creation with different access privileges.
  • Installing Windows 2008 Server creating active directory accounts, user groups, best practices for securing enterprise.


Did thorough assessment of existing multiple legacy Billing systems. Captured the existing Data Architecture, recommend best practices for Data Governance. Worked on Functional side acting as liaison between business and IT and Risk Management departments. Innovative ways to supplement for Architecture creativity and alignment of business at the same time minimizing risks of various regulatory compliances of public assets. Gathered Requirements from Business side. Identified Business Processes critical to the conversion project which had to be seamless integrated with the Lodestar business rules using rules language. Recommended iterative/Agile model instead of waterfall model as the project was high risk. Various data model's were composed to crystallize the right data model in order to deliver the project within tight budget and short deadlines. Gave recommendation for migration of Legacy system to one ORACLE Utility Billing system. Multiple legacy CRM's were seamlessly integrated into one SEIBEL CRM system. Had recommended SAP CRM solution as well as Utility solution. Had contributed various tools required to cut down IT operation costs for operational excellence.


WMS Ware house management system: Description: Did thorough assessment of existing Warehouse solution for DELL , gave recommendation for migration of windows based application to webbased under dot net environment. Information input from various EDI's webmethods were processed under the WMS application using citrix framework worldwide. Recommended ways to improve support process to have knowledgebase system for quick problem solutions. The business module for reporting was developed in dot net environment as webportal.

Environment: .Net, MSSQL 2000, ASP.net, VB.net, C , Visual Studio, visualsourcesafe, Team System


  • Participate in Database Re-design using Entity relation diagram. Created Stored Procedures, Tables, views and Indexes.
  • User Interface design and development using ASP.NET and Java script.
  • Involve in database optimization by indexing and query optimization.
  • Creation of Technical Design document, system diagrams in ErwinStudio7.0.
  • Completed documentation required by the designers, developers and testers
  • Co-ordinate with project management as Business Requirements tasks.


Description: Had analyzed legacy applications and databases to migrate to .Net technologies. Gave recommendations by creating various blue prints of existing applications and options of various migration. Had to streamline business process in order to cut down development time. Emphasized on correct planning and effective workflow in order to have longer lifecycle of product and solutions in the IT department.


Energy Trading web application was developed as a distributed web based application. It was a N-tier architecture for this application using Microsoft dot net technology. MS SQL server2000 was used for theDataTier. The presentation tier and business tier was developed using .Net. CrystaReport were used for creating various reports. Finally the project was steered to move towards Web based using asp.net


Has used various portals to deliver content, to effectively manage classroom for various computer science Classes for undergraduates


Description: It's was new private university which was marketing bachelors in IT programs to narrow down the skills gap between educational institutes and current market demands. Many of the students are from industry working for BSF, Exxon, Shell, and other local IT industries. Training Bachelor's student, tracking and evaluation of student projects, Administrating MSSQL server.

Environment: Windows server 2003, MSSQL 2000, ASP.net, VB.net , Oracle 10g


  • Develop teach Modular courses to help students understand concepts in Data connected Applications
  • Develop teach Modular courses to help students understand concepts in advance web application. Develop teach Modular courses to help students understand Relational Database. Develop teach Modular courses to help students understand Project Management. Suggested curriculum changes, implemented new strategies for projects Analyzing Case study, systems analysis, design, documentation, and providing technical assistance to enhance performance, system integration.
  • Giving lectures on Data base design, asp.net, web application development, Project Management.


Description: Development of Java portal for course management system includes student enrollment into various courses. Faculty interface to manage students structured activities. Includes successful student Evaluation to generate final grades. Student performance /progress report generation.

Environment: SQL2000, ASP, C , Visual Studio, VBScript, JavaScript, Java, perl, J2EE. Unix,Windows 2000.


Description: Corps of engineers on civilian side maintains, data for effective control of floods by using Geophysical data of levies of various counties. Execution of this projects required lot of analysis and tight budget controls for managing logistics through various contractors. Project was to Design and Develop Database, Develop front end for data entry, Report generation to display data in meaningful way and Integration of system with Data source to extract data, transform and load into system. Training users, how to use system and to generate reports.

Environment: Oracle 7.0 on Main frame 4361 wyse 7000, oracle Front end on windows clients, Microsoft Project Manager.


  • The front-end was developed using Oracle Developer, which was integrated with middleware for Oracle database running on mainframe 4361,Wyse 7000 Super PC.
  • Responsibility: Configuration of middleware for database connectivity.
  • Created Database design using schema designer for enhanced functionality of Data entry and Reporting. Created SQL Procedures, triggers, Views, function and index. Created charts using oracle Report designer.
  • System Training: Creating presentation slides in power point, Developed training manuals, handling training sessions.


Description: Creation of VB application for heavy machinery monitoring systems

Environment: Windows, GPIB TI interface.

Responsibility: Translate Engineering requirements into detailed functional specifications of Windows App. Creation of Technical Design, document system diagrams and low level designCreated User Interfaces in VB to interact with instrumentation data acquisition systems.


  • Project: Productivity comparison of Assembly line and Cell Assembly
  • Description: Duties include as assigned by Manufacturing Engineers
  • Environment: Manufacturing test stations maintenance
  • Responsibility: Improve quality of Final Assembled computer systems.
  • High volume server product defect removal at device level/Bios level/Driver software.

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