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Sql Architect Resume Profile


  • MS SQL Database Architect/Developer with 13 years of industry experience in Financial Services domain. ETL-SSIS-BI Data Integration/Modeling Specialist. Experience in designing new database systems from scratch.
  • Strengths in stored procedures, OLTP, performance tuning and high volume batch-processing techniques. Development and maintenance experience of complex T-SQL code 800 stored procedures for implementing thousands of business rules and workflow processing. Proven record in large size millions of records per batch and Terabyte DB sizes online batch processing OLTP development and using best performance tuning techniques in a multi-server, multi-product, high latency, real time and batch environments.
  • Experience building in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions using Integration Services SSIS , Reporting Services SSRS and OLAP cubes using Analysis Services SSAS .
  • Heavy Data Integration and Analysis experience. Expertise in large size data mining ETL using VC and SQL Server Integration Services SSIS loading billions or records. Experience in migrating data between various platforms. Implemented ETL solutions using large variety of technologies starting from VC , VB6, SSIS, Java and recently using VB.NET.
  • Database design and modeling experience in product development environment Logical, Conceptual and Physical using tools like MS Visio. Unique experience in re-architecting existing databases for performance and scalability.
  • Proficient in using SQL Agent, DTS Package and BCP. Experience with DB tools like SQL Profiler, SQL Trace, PerfMon and DMVs. Experience in load/tress testing to analyze the data structure/data volume changes. Developed special regression/reconciliation testing tools for data analysis
  • Rich domain expertise in Financial Services Industry, Brokerage Operations, Capital Market products, especially Equities, FX Derivatives, Fixed Income, Market Risk and Corporate Banking. Complete SDLC experience in a product development environment. Ascendis Margin, Broadridge
  • Specialist in implementation of Regulatory Reporting Projects like Dodd Frank, FATCA and Market Risk Reporting.
  • Expert technical and business knowledge of leading industry products such as Broadridge/ADP BPS, BPSA Equities , Broadridge Ascendis Brokerage Back office , Wall Street Systems - WSS FX Derivatives and MS Dynamics SL.
  • Project Management experience in onsite-offshore project delivery Broadridge . Specialist is using Agile Scrum model for Time-To-Market project delivery. Planning, tracking and delivering projects with the help of MS Project and TFS Work Item Agile Templates. Experience in designing and implementing Workflow and BPM Solutions
  • Oracle to MS SQL server migration expert: Developed custom VB.NET adapters for SSIS to migrate CLOB/CLOB data from Oracle to SQL. Experience in using tools like SSMA to migrate database objects, data and SQL code.
  • Rich experience working with top tier financial companies such as Santander Bank, Ridge Clearing, Goldman Sachs, RBC, E Trade, BOA, BNP, Penson, Deloitte and SunTrust Robinson Humphrey.
  • Experienced in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC . Design and development of BPM web solutions with complete life cycle experience for Financial Services Industry, especially in Brokerage Operations with Workflow Management and Business Integration using MS .NET technology.
  • Web Application Security Specialist. Experience performing manual code analysis, security audits for information security group and using tools like IBM AppScan for performing code analysis of web applications for security threats.
  • Full-Stack developer skills: ASP, VB6, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Java, VC and JavaScript/HTML.


  • Database Programming-MS SQL and ETL-SSIS are the primary skills
  • Database BI Related: MS SQL Server 7.0, 2008 and 2012 , MS Access, T-SQL, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Performance Tuning, OLTP, OLAP, Database Design and Modeling, SQL Server Reporting Services- SSRS 2005, 2008 , SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS,
  • ETL Implementations: MS SSIS 2008, 2012 , DTS Packages, C , VB6, VB.NET and Java.
  • Languages Scripts: Classic ASP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML , MS Visual Basic 6 Win Forms, COM/DCOM, WIN32 API, Win Service, DLLs , VC , VBA, C .NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, JASON, Perl
  • IDEs: MS Visual Studio VS 2012, SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio, SQL Server Management Studio SSMS , PLSQL Developer, NetBeans, Crystal Reports, SharePoint and MS Dynamics.
  • Tools: IBM AppScan, HP AMP Security Code Analysis , BC, PuTTY, SSMA Data migration tool
  • Project Management: MS Project, MS Visio, Work Items and Agile Scrum using TFS, Project Management Portal using TFS and Microsoft SharePoint,
  • Source Control: MS Team Foundation Server TFS , Visual SourceSafe, PVCS.
  • Methodologies: Waterfall Model, Agile SCRUM , OWASP, PCI DSS Web Application Security Development
  • Technologies: MS MQ, IBM WebSphere MQ, Web Services, WCF, WPF, ADO.NET, BizTalk Server.



Database Architect, Developer, Project Lead.

Primary role was implementing FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act requirements for Santander, USA. As per FATCA regulations U.S. companies USWA should classify, withhold and report payments and status of FFIs Foreign Financial Entities . All FDAP incomes from products like FX, Bonds, Interests, SWAPS, CLs, Treasury Bills etc. has to be reported. This project is implemented for both Santander Bank and SIS Securities Investment Services - brokerage division . I also worked on a good number ETL and other projects while working on FATCA. Key roles and project deliveries are listed below.

Business Requirements/Vendor Solution Selection


Review of multiple vendor systems for FATCA client's onboarding, Gap Analysis, Data Mapping of Vendor Solution to client information in existing systems. Work with compliance, legal and management to finalize the onboarding process. GoldTier was finally selected as the onboarding system. During the implementation helped the IT team to setup and configure systems. Also trained users to understand and use the system. Defined the data mapping for Client Interfacing file and API and set up process and jobs to transfer new client data from GoldTier to Santander systems on a daily basis.

Project Lead/Technical Design/Modeling/Offshore Project Management


My role was hybrid role here. Data Modeler, BA, Technical Solution Design, Project Leadership and management. Product development was done by the GBO team in Portugal. Payment withholding functionality was implemented by enhancing the Santander internal system called GBO. GBO developers were working from Portugal. After numerous discussions with various stake holders and gap analysis of GBO as technical solution was prepared DDR This document contains the data models and data mappings. This project involved working closely with various teams from Santander like product back, middle and front offices, Legal and compliance, Change Management and FATCA business consultant Deloitte to finalize the withholding logic which was very complex.

Technical Lead

Review technical and system design documents prepared by developers, code review, providing guidelines and mentoring them.

Development Project

Confidential of Spain Regulatory Risk Reporting of BONDS and REPOS. Developing SSIS packages to generate flat files for CIRBE, Bank of Spain regulatory risk reporting. This involves generating BONDs and REPOs trade files by querying information from various database sources such as OPICS, RegReporter SQL Server and Equation DB2/AS400 . This involves interacting with operations, front office, back office and accounting departments to gather source mapping and transformation information.

Development Project


Changes to General Ledger Entry screen to add the New Equation IB number. Dynamics system is used to paying checks and making payments for the entire organization. This system is integrated with ADP/Broadridge and Equation for accounting reconciliation. Existing SSIS package that extracts the Equation export file was also modified to include the new account number.

Development Project

ALM Risk Reporting. This project was to reprocess the report files with a new processing date to address the processing delays in Madrid, Spain. VB.NET program was developed to do this.

Data Warehousing


This project is in the requirements and design phase. This involves collecting market risk data from various systems and building an analytical reporting model. The Data Warehouse and analytical reporting engine CUBES and Dimensions will be built using Oracle. There are modules for loading the data ETL and a user interface to make adjustments/approve the loaded data.

Requirements and Design


  • Work in progress for the requirements analysis.
  • Environment: T-SQL/PL-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, AS 400, DB2, MS SQL Server 2008R2, Oracle 10.g, MS Project, MS Visio, IBM iSeries Access for Windows. MS Dynamics SL, PuTTY, VB.NET
  • Banking Systems: Broadridge BPSA Equities Gen Ledger , MDR/GBO Internal MIS, Back Office , OPICS/MDR Fixed Income, MMF and Derivatives , BankTrade/TradeInnovation Corporate Banking, LCs , RegReporter/IDOM Regulatory Reporting , EQUATION Gen Ledger, Accounting , LoanIQ Loan booking , SWIFT/eGIFTS and MS Dynamics SL Checks, Vouchers and Payments


Database Architect

  • Child Care Enforcement Tracking/ODS Datamart/Implementation of Accela for health department permits
  • CCATS is part of a large heterogeneous systems developed by DOHMH. This system basically takes care of issuance of permits for child care centers, inspections by various PHS, ECEC staff and then processing NOVs through the OATH system. Operational Data Source is the central data repository of various systems within DOHMH. Accela licensing vendor application was used to streamline the permit issuance for the health and sanitary department.
  • Data Integration: Migrating data from Oracle to SQL Server. Various tools such as SSMA and SSIS packages are used. Prepare custom adapters and special modules in SSIS to migrate the CLOB/BLOB data fields from Oracle to SQL Server. Special batching and performance tuning techniques were used to transfer huge amounts of CLOB data 150 GB within reasonable time.
  • Data Modeling: Design and develop the Logical/Physical designs of the new SQL server database.
  • Design and development of custom SSRS reports for various permits and approval letters using Accela Oracle database as the backend.
  • Developing various oracle scripts for data migration and integration of config/setup data from Accela UAT region to production.
  • Business Rules development: Building a custom workflow for handing various protocols and user routing with the help of stored procedures and custom components.
  • Technical Lead: Helping the project manager building the project plan, running the scrum and overall project delivery.

Environment: T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Accela , SSMA, SQL Server 2008R2, Oracle 10.g, MS Project, MS Visio, VB.NET


Subject Matter Expert SME / Data Architect

  • Wallstreet FX provides all of the trading, pricing, and risk management tools required of a high volume, FX derivatives trading operation. The analytical tools will enhance the abilities to make sound strategic and tactical decisions. As trading volumes increase, the high end performance platform will give unmatched economies of scale assuring continued responsiveness of the environment to any and all global demands.
  • SunTrust is currently using WSS FX system for handling various instruments such as Spots, Outrights, Swaps, Non-Deliverable Forwards, FX Time Options and Fixing Orders. This includes derivatives of types European/American, Nostro, Average Rate, Knock-Ins/Knock-Outs, Range Binary and Compounds. SunTrust has also developed an internal system called WSS Gateway to meet their unique requirements.
  • Managing the Dodd Frank Project Delivery. SunTrust is internally building a system to report the trading activities to DTCC as required by Dodd Frank regulations. My responsibility is to identify the mappings, design and schedule the development activity and oversee the project is completed on time by coordinating efforts from various teams such as Testing, Product Middle office and back Office, BAs, Development, Operations, DTCC etc. This activity involves preparing requirements and design documents.
  • PL/SQL Development. Development and enhancement of PL/SQL oracle stored procedures in the ORD reporting database.
  • Database Design and Modeling. Designing and building the database objects required for Dodd Frank Report delivery.
  • Management and Delivery of FSI Migration project. There was a special need to migrate the foreign settlement instruction templates from the old system to WSS. There was an ETL tool developed basically using Java. My role was to modify this program to meet the recent requirement changes and perform the FSI migration process. This involved coding using T-SQL, PL/SQL and Java. I was also responsible for the delivery of the entire project on time.
  • Environment: ASP.NET, MS SSIS, OLAP, SSIS ETL , SQL Server 2005 /2008 R2, Oracle, Core Java with NetBeans for FSI migration ETL .


Senior Project Lead/SQL Architect

  • Ridge Clearing, RBC, E Trade, TD Waterhouse, BNP Paribas and Penson.
  • Ascendis is a suite of brokerage specific, turn-key, out-of-the-box Business Process Automation BPA applications designed on a Business Process Management BPM platform. Ascendis margin process the margin exceptions and run business rules to resolve or approve them. It has a wonderful workflow and routing rule engine. There are some parsers developed in C , which will parse the files received from Mainframe and load to SQL server. Business rules Stored Procedures written in PL/SQL run after to process the Margin exceptions received. Case delivery part of the processing assigns the unresolved exceptions to different users. Web application developed using ASP/ASP.NET helps the users to sign-in and work on the items assigned to them.
  • Managing the overall project delivery of Ascendis Margin product.
  • Release planning and management. Maintaining the TFS work-items using the VS 2010 and making sure code review, test results, release notes are updated on a timely manner.
  • Helping the product manager in requirement analysis and design of new modules.
  • Managing the offshore team activities and assigning work.
  • Conducting agile scrum meetings and maintaining burn down charts using Scrum Templates.
  • Development of stored procedures, triggers, SQL Jobs, Functions, Views, indexes etc.
  • Performance tuning of large scale batch processing complex queries and stored procedures.
  • Using MS SQL Profiler, SQL Trade and PerfMon logs for performance review of queries.
  • ETL: Development of File parsers using VB6, VC and SSIS. OLTP and OLAP implementations.
  • Developing and Maintaining the Physical and logical design of the database.
  • Design and implementation of new business rule workflow and routing rules.
  • Development of regression testing tool to effectively validate differences between releases.
  • Development and maintenance of code using VB6, ASP, VC , T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS.
  • Perform sanity checks and validate test results in Integration for each release.
  • Reviewed the security framework of the application, identified issues, and suggested solutions. Developing white list and black list validations to prevent XSS and SQL injection attacks.
  • Using HP AMP code analysis tool to scan the application for security vulnerabilities.
  • Using VS2010 for unit testing, load/stress testing Web Pages and Stored Procedures.
  • Training of new associates and preparing training plan and materials.
  • Analyzes SSRs and respond to Remedy tickets raised by PM, Client, QA, Support.
  • Margin Rewrite Activities. Database Schema review to address large volume processing/scalability and maintainability. Converting the existing web application to the .NET technology framework.

Environment: ASP, VB6, VC , ASP.NET, MS SSIS, OLAP, SSAS, SSRS, SQL Server 2005 /2008 R2, BizTalk Server, XML, AJAX

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