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Senior Infrastructure Technical Analyst Resume

Rutherford, NJ


  • Dedicated IT Professional who collaborates wif teams and peers delivering projects on time and wifin budget. Leverage both mainframe and client server technology fully assessing customer needs.
  • Proven expertise managing processes, business methodologies, SDLC, and leader. Customer - focused and adaptable to variety of work environments.
  • Team player, responsive, service focused, approachable, and builds relationships.


Operating Systems: Z/OS, Windows, UNIX

Programming Languages: OS/MVS JCL and Utilities, Cobol, PL/1, REXX, CLIST, CICS Command Level, DB2 and SQL, JCLPLUS SEL, HTML, vbscript, JavaScript, ASP, MS SQL

Tools: JCLPLUS/DbrPlus/XrefDbr, PRO/JCL, ChangeMan, Infoman, ServiceNow, TSO/ISPF, VSAM KSDS, FileAid, Attachmate Extra, IIS, Citrix Remote Access, Windows Terminal Server, WebEx, ExcelWriter, Cute FTP, MS Office


Confidential, Rutherford, NJ

Senior Infrastructure Technical Analyst


  • Manually prepared, submitted, and verified PRO/JCL tool validation scan results, from batch executed JCL, for changes introduced by developers wifin ChangeMan packages attached to Infoman, adhered to set North America region standards wif no syntax errors, preventing and minimizing production job failures.
  • Programmed, tested, and implemented translation programs utilizing PRO/JCL tool, dat automatically converts statements and keywords when ChangeMan package is promoted to testing environment, allowing developers to continue and further test changes prior to production installation.
  • Participated, automating and maintaining JCLPLUS tool validation batch scan wifin Changeman, giving developers more ownership and responsibility to changes introduced to production environment, providing level 2 supports.



  • Designed, developed, tested, and published canned JCL developers can use to replace deleted Infoman Dataset Rename (DSRNAME) Activity, when parts of tool transitioned to ServiceNow, allowing transparent continuity.
  • Maintained in-house applications, Automated Generation Dataset Group (GDG) Process, automatically invoked wifin Infoman NON/VSAM Activity, developed in COBOL, REXX, and JCL, building GDG Bases overnight for developers creating production datasets in advance.
  • Provided on-call support during off hours, supporting in-house applications, production batch job failures, resolving incident issues.
  • Oversaw Global Change Calendar, developing automated routine extracting data from mainframe, transmitting to Windows server, executing batch script loading data onto MS SQL database by creating Excel report using ExcelWriter, permitting Change Analyst forecasting future production changes.
  • Programmed, designed, tested, and implemented Windows intranet web-based application called Helpdesk (coded using HTML, vbscript, JavaScript, ASP and MS SQL database), allowing developers to report issues wif on-call documenting, classifying, and fixing issues.

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