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Graduate Trainee Design Resume


  • Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering wif core competence in ASIC/SoC Design and Verification. Experience in VIP development and Validation. Seeking position as Design Verification Engineer.


Graduate Trainee Design



  • VIP component development for AXI 3.0 protocol wif support for various features. As part of dis project developed BFM, Generator, Monitor, and Coverage Models. Developed scenarios targeting validating teh features.
  • Developed teh testplans and coded teh VIP components and validated AXI VIP using slave model.
  • Developed a testbench that generated all types of Ethernet packets which included listing down features and scenarios(Constrained random verification). Developed a reference model for self - checking teh design behavior.
  • Implemented teh functional coverage for teh switch protocol and analyzed teh coverage results.017
  • Built layered testbench architecture using constrained random stimulus for teh ALU. (Transaction Level Modelling)
  • Implemented command monitor, result monitor, command transaction, result transaction, driver, interface, sequences, scoreboard, coverage classes for constrained random verification using UVM.
  • Teh Testbench delivered 100% functional coverage, which checked that all teh operations worked properly.

APB Interface protocol



  • Implemented UVM Verification components like APB Transaction Item, APB Master Driver, APB Master Sequencer, APB Monitor, APB Environment, APB Test, APB Sequences.
  • Compiled, Simulated and debugged teh test to analyse teh transactions driven by teh driver and check if same transactions are observed by teh monitor component according to teh specifications.
  • Succeeded in implementing teh standard cell based ASIC Design flow for Carry Ripple Adder, Carry Lookahead Adder, Carry Save and Carry Select Adder CPU Designs.
  • Summarized teh performance comparison of all teh adder CPU design.
  • Designed module of processor such as Register File, Data and Instruction Memory and Control Unit.
  • Integrated all these modules to form Single Cycle MIPS Processor and analysed teh results of simulation.
  • Implemented Loop Unrolling and Cache configuration technique for sorting algorithms by 16%(System-level)
  • Implemented Clock gating technique and reduced teh power consumption by 25%. (RTL -Level)


Programming Languages: Verilog, System Verilog, C, C++ Scripting Languages PERL

Verification: UVM, System Verilog Assertion (SVA), Functional Coverage, Constrained Random Verification, Debug

EDA TOOLS: QuestaSim, Synopsys Design Compiler, Encounter, Cadence Virtuoso, HSPICE, Formality ESP, ModelSim, CAD Tools, GIT, UNIX, Linux and Windows Protocols AMBA (APB, AXI)

Others: RTL Design, RTL Synthesis, netlist to GDSII, Static Timing Analysis, Computer Architecture, SoC Verification

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