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Sybase Ase / Db2 Database Administrator Resume

Nyc, NY


  • Around 8 years of IT industry experience in design, development, implementation, optimization, performance tuning and production support on Sybase ASE 12.x, 15.x DB2 DWE/ESE 8.x, 9.x, 10.x and WebSphere Application Server 5.x and 6.x.
  • Highly experienced in setting up Disaster recovery solutions using DB2 HADR, Sybase Replication server 12.x, 15.x and SQL/Q Replication.
  • Expertise in installation, configuration, deployment and management of enterprise applications using WebSphere Application server 6.0/6.1, DB2 under AIX & Red Hat Linux environment.
  • Experience in installation, configuration and administration of Maximo 6.2.1 & 7.1.1.
  • Designing, implementing and automating database Backup/ Recovery policies and configured backups to Symantec NetBackup and scheduled them through shell scripts.
  • Management of an AIX PowerHA cluster for production environment.
  • Expertise in teh data migration projects from various data sources to DB2 databases.
  • Experienced in Developing WSADMIN scripts. Recovering and Backup WebSphere configuration using XML Config tool.
  • Extensive experience in deploying IBM HTTP Web Server, Apache Web Server in Linux, Aix and Windows.
  • Automation of various database administration and maintenance activities including space utilization, reorgs and runstats through shell scripts.
  • Highly experienced in configuration of BMC Patrol for monitoring and administering WebSphere MQ on both teh distributed and mainframe environments.
  • Developing best practices and automated repeatable procedures for deploying, maintenance and troubleshooting database servers.
  • Monitoring Databases through snapshot and event monitors and archive teh monitor information for future database optimization.
  • Performed database restore, refresh, and recover activities as needed.
  • Designing, implementing and automating maintenance plans and coordinating Disaster Recovery tests.
  • Experience in Migration of various databases to and from Sybase ASE & DB2.
  • Implementing capacity work plan to forecast hardware requirements for data warehouse environment.
  • Installation of DB2 fixes packs to most recent level to overcome application issues and utilize new functionalities.
  • Experienced in writing scripts such as bash, Korn Shell (ksh) and perl to automate day - to-day maintenance jobs.
  • Management of Log archival and Backups using Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM).
  • Excellent analytical, troubleshooting, documentation and communication skills wif user-interface experience.
  • Providing 24x7 support for teh production databases.


Confidential, NYC, NY

Sybase ASE / DB2 Database Administrator


  • Currently lead a team of four (4) individuals supporting over 130 sybase database instances and 10 Db2 instances dat are used by in-house and third party applications.
  • Major involvements were administering production, QA and development servers, optimizing queries for better performance, design and development of in-house monitoring solution for database servers, database health checks, error log scanning developing operational standards, and documentation of policies and procedures.
  • Install, configure, administer and secure Sybase 12.X and 15.X databases using Linux, AIX, and Solaris operating systems.
  • Installed Sybase Replication server 15.7. Applied Sybase EBF Patch to ASE 15 and ASE license along wif version upgrades from 12.5 to 15.5.
  • Assisting DBA teams in Database performance analysis, diagnosis and tuning (Sql Query Optimization, Storage and Network performance, CPU and Memory tuning, IO Load balancing etc). Participate in capacity planning, trend analysis, performance forecasting exercises and propose recommendations to meet teh ongoing performance and scalability demands and writing automated database monitoring scripts.
  • Create ASE thresholds and threshold procs for space management and alerting for segments in sysaudits so dat audit table switches are automatic and alerted.
  • Responsible for setting up and managing weekly refresh from production to QA environments using an in-house data copy tool wif required data masking of sensitive data.
  • Implemented F5 load balancers on top of Production and QA Sybase ASE databases to reduce teh load on individual DB’s and increase performance and stability.
  • Purged and moved redundant databases to existing one by analyzing teh past and current loads on teh DB’s.
  • Designed and developed a Sharepoint portal for team members to exchange information regarding procedures and troubleshooting documentation.
  • Monitoring system performances using DBCC Trace on commands, query plan outputs, system utilities like Optdiag, bcp, ddlgen etc.
  • Monitoring replication threads, disk space and latency and Index Tuning for enhancing teh performance of teh database.
  • Experience working wif Database management tools like DBArtisan, RapidSQL, IBM DataStudio, Sybase Central and TOAD.

Confidential, Dallas. TX

DB2 Database Administrator

Environment: DB2 V10.1 PureData for Transactions and V10.5 Standalone, Sybase ASE 15.5, MySQLV5.5, MongodbV2.0, RHEL V6.3, Apache Tomcat


  • Designed, developed and performed day-to-day operational support of Databases and Data warehouses on DB2, Mongodb, MySQL & Sybase ASE.
  • Initial installation and configuration of DB2 10.1, and Sybase ASE 12.5,15.5 instances.
  • Administration of Sybase ASE 12.5 and 15.5, DB2 10.1 server instances for UNIX and Windows NT platforms.
  • Transition existing DB2 standalone databases to IBM PureData.
  • Implement IBM CDC tool between databases to capture and integrate teh changed data on different products.
  • Designed, Tested and implemented Backup, Recovery and Disaster Recovery solutions using HADR.
  • Automated Reorgs and Runstats for generating and updating table and index statistics.
  • Application Support, Design, User Administration, Security, Performance Tuning, Optimization and Backup/Recovery.
  • Implement data refresh plan from production environment to Development/QA/DR/CI/CS environments.
  • Coordinate tasks wif programmers & Developers and helping them maintain their individual Database Virtual machines.
  • Work wif clients and management to identify gaps in technology and assist in planning/development of solutions.
  • Scheduled technical review meetings and change review meetings to discuss ongoing issues, efficiencies and noledge sharing.
  • Involved in analysis of results obtained from SQL EXPLAIN and db2advis and performed Query Optimization.
  • Migration of Databases from Mysql and SQL Server to DB2 using IBMDatamovement (IDMT) and various tools.
  • Collaborated wif ETL team to design effective DataStage solutions for migrating data from di-verse data sources to data warehouse.
  • Implemented strategies for log archival including log shipping using Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).
  • Performed PD and implemented resolutions for various database issues including performance problems in working wif IBM DB2 Support.
  • Installation of DB2 clients and Fix pack upgrades on DB2 v10.5.
  • Perform 24*7 monitoring of teh environments using nagios.

Confidential, Poughkeepsie, NY

DB2/ISM Systems Specialist

Environment: DB2 V9.7, WebSphere V6.1, Maximo V7.1, AIX V6.1, IHS and TDS.


  • Installation & Configuration of DB2, Websphere, IHS and TDS on AIX/Linux for Maximo application.
  • Deploying DB2 database servers for Maximo including creating databases, buffer pools, logical and physical design of database storages using DMS/SMS tablespaces.
  • Designed and build IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.x, JDBC drivers and Servlets engines on AIX, Linux and Solaris and also created user roles and groups for securing teh resources using local operating system autantication.
  • Setup HADR on newly built databases on AIX environments and implement failover testing.
  • Configured and maintained Capture and Apply control servers for Q replication to implement a reporting database.
  • Installing and creating profiles using Websphere Application Server 6.1.x along wif JVM management.
  • Implemented and managed Maximo Enterprise 6.2 and 7.1 on Websphere and DB2 wifin teh modules of CCMDB, TAMIT and TSRM.
  • Managed User Support, System Configuration, Database Configuration, Workflow Design, Application Design, Actuate and BIRT report configuration.
  • Managed teh upgrade of teh Maximo system from 6.2 to 7.1 in line wif teh operational needs and system infrastructure design.
  • Configuring teh Maximo workflows, escalations and Building/Deploying EAR files.
  • Installed and configured teh IBM HTTP Server 2.0.
  • Configuring of JDBC Providers, Data Sources, Virtual Hosts, Global Security, SSL, and LDAP.
  • Installed and maintained alert monitor to monitor teh Q replication process.
  • Involved in teh data migration process from SQL databases to DB2 databases using export & import and load utilities.
  • Database maintenance utilities using Reorg, Runstats, Load, Unload, Quiese, Import, Export, Db2look, Db2move.
  • Troubleshot day-to-day problems encountered on production, development and test database environments

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Database Administrator

Environment: DB2 DWE/ESE V 8.2/9.1/9.5, SQL Server 2005, IBM WebSphere MQ V7, AIX 5.3, Business Objects, DataStage.


  • Designed and developed multiple data marts for Business Objects reporting as per customer requirements.
  • Expert in transitioning logical data models to physical database design using ERWIN.
  • Setup high availability disaster recovery (HADR) on ODS databases.
  • Configured and maintained Capture and Apply control servers for Q replication on data warehouse to implement a DR solution.
  • Experienced in creating clusters on local and remote machines for file sharing using MQ Series.
  • Installed and maintained alert monitor to monitor teh Q replication process.
  • Implemented processes and procedures related to MQ Series Security, Administration and Triggering.
  • Developed database backup strategies and configured backups to VERITAS NetBackup.
  • Performed database sizing, table spaces, indexes and log space design and implementation.
  • Implemented standard admin procedures and policies like Version Control, Change Management Control, Organizing or involving in bridge calls for remote teams, Monthly Implementation plans, Code promotion rules etc.
  • Installed and configured DB2 UDB new releases, upgrades, and patches and installation of DB2 clients on different application servers.
  • Administered databases using Control Center, Command Center, CLP and Script Center.
  • Highly involved in Performance Tuning.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Database Administrator

Environment: DB2 V 8.2, IBM WebSphere MQ V6, AIX 5.1.


  • Installed, configured and upgraded DB2 UDB.
  • Create various database objects (tables, indexes, views) and implement referential integrity constraints for enforcing data integrity and business Rules.
  • Installation, Configuration, testing, implementation, maintenance and documentation of WebSphere Application server and MQSeries/WebSphere MQ, MQSI
  • Physical designing of DMS tablespaces for increased performance.
  • Database loading, migrating and maintaining data using various utilities like EXPORT, IMPORT and LOAD.
  • Database design using separate tablespaces for system, data and indexes.
  • Installed WMQ 6.0 on AIX and Windows Platforms. Also Created and administered Queue Managers, Queues, Channels, Persistence and Process Definitions in Websphere MQ 6.0
  • Involved in creation of users, groups and schemas for reporting applications and controlling Database access.
  • Security Administration including handling Instance/Database Level Authorities and Object Privileges.
  • Created EXPLAIN tables and ran teh visual explain utility on SQL statements.
  • Executed REORGS and RUNSTATS for generating and updating table and index statistics.
  • Granting securities for teh new users/groups and also rebuilding invalid objects.
  • Involved in implementing numerous stored procedures and triggers to support teh various applications.
  • Monitoring teh Database Performance on a routine basis.
  • Monthly DB2 reorganization, production support for problems wif both data and performance, numerous occasions of data movement between production and test databases.
  • Restoring Test, development databases wif copy of production databases.
  • Designing database solutions along wif developers for efficient database models.
  • Implemented shell scripts for daily maintenance jobs and proactive monitoring.


SQL Server administrator

Environment: SQL Server 2005, Windows NT/2000, ASP, JDBC.


  • Involved wif SQL Server installation and administration of SQL Server security.
  • Designing database solutions along wif developers for efficient database models.
  • Designed, developed and maintained DTS packages for various applications.
  • Developed ASP Pages using VB script and configured connectivity to teh database.
  • Generated comprehensive and accurate SQL scripts to assist teh deployment of schema changes to one or more target databases.
  • Developed automating of maintenance jobs, tuning SQL Server locks and index configurations.
  • Create Database Maintenance Plans for teh Performance of SQL Server, which covers Data Integrity Checks, Update Database Statistics and Re-indexing.
  • Implemented security by creating User logins, Roles and granting Users access to teh data-base according to their role.
  • Created user defined data types and added them to model database for future purpose.
  • Administered SQL Server wif Client/Server tools including SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Profiler and Query Analyzer
  • Involved in developing database objects such as procedures, triggers, constraints, indexes and views.
  • Granting and revoking permissions on SQL Server database/tables.
  • Created groups, roles, users and assigning access privileges to users.

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