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Senior Plsql Developer Resume


  • Over 9 years of experience in Analysis, Design, Development and Data processing using Oracle Technology(SQL,PLSQL) and ETL - Pentaho Data Integrator(Kettle) on Telecom business platforms and their interfaces.
  • Extensively worked on PLSQL - Functions, Stored Procedures, Cursors, Triggers and Packages.
  • Expertise in Database Performance Tuning, Performance Monitoring and Optimization using Oracle Hints, Explain plan, tk-Prof and Table Partitioning.
  • Good Knowledge on Client-Server application development using Oracle PL/SQL, SQL *PLUS, TOAD and SQL*LOADER.
  • Experience in designing, modelling, performance tuning and analysis, implementing process using ETL tool Pentaho data Integration tool for data extraction, transformation and loading process.
  • Developed Web applications using Java, J2EE and REST based Web Services. Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Good experience in UNIX and PERL scripts to create ETL jobs, file processing, subroutines, reports and logs based on the business needs.
  • Good experience on Tableau BI and reporting.
  • Expertise in Amdocs CES, Vantage, Telecom SunTec billing product (TBMS- Transaction Business Management System) and Mediation experience in handling Cedar, Cisco, Broadsoft, EMI, AMA, IMS and Huawei Switch raw files with TBMS product. Good Experience on OSS/BSS suite.
  • Have Mediation experience in handling Cedar, Cisco, Broadsoft, EMI, AMA, IMS and Huawei Switch raw files with TBMS product.
  • Worked in Agile/Kanban Methodology.
  • Worked on version control tools such as GitHub, Tortoise SVN and used JIRA bug tracking tool.
  • Expertise in monitoring tools such as ZABBIX, Grafana, HP BAC, Radiation Dashboard.
  • Experienced in Production Support Role 24/7 to resolve the issues using in a ticketing system.
  • Collaborate well with Project Management, Business Analyst and Department management teams.
  • Flexible, enthusiastic and project oriented team player with excellent communication skills with leadership abilities to develop creative solution for challenging requirement of client.


RDBMS: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12C

Scripting/Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX, Perl, Java, J2EE, CSS, JavaScript

Tools: SQL Developer, PLSQL Developer, Toad, Putty

ETL Tool: Pentaho Data Integrator 7.1(kettle)

Billing Systems: Amdocs CES, Vantage (CSG), Suntec Telecom Billing System, Convergys - Infinys Billing System

Monitoring Tools: Zabbix, HP - BAC Sitescope, HP-BSM, Alerta, Grafana, and Radiation Dashboard.

BI/reporting Tools: Tableau

Versioning Tools: Tortoise SVN, GitHub

Scheduling Tools: UC4, Autosys, Control -M

Static Code Analysis Tool: Check Marx

Operating Systems: Windows 7/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, Linux.


Senior PLSQL Developer



  • Involve in System level requirements to create data structures in Telecom data mart on Billing Modules.
  • Develop SQL codes, Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Triggers and jobs.
  • Develop Advanced SQL queries and stored procedures to generate required data reports.
  • Dig into database details to ensure appropriate data filters are applied on business requirements.
  • Perform SQL query performance tuning by creating and modifying indexes, setting transaction isolation levels, changing query structures and reduced sub query involved functions.
  • Built ETL process to extract data from multiple sources (Oracle, Sybase, Excel, Flat files) to destination database.
  • Work with DBA team to intake monitoring requests and configure in OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) and send alerts to the team.
  • Configure Data Guard (DG) and Golden Gate (GG) data replication from the Primary DB cluster to the other DR sites and create reports and alerts to determine the actual gap or latency among the different DB instances.
  • Develop UNIX shell scripts and Perl to create logging process, monitoring and data integrity reports (Reconciliation) and automate the jobs using CRON.
  • Maintain the source code repository using GitHub with version, change control and resolve any merge issues.
  • Publish release metrics/reports (user stories, defect density, documentation and capacity utilization) as part of governance reviews.
  • Support any incidents raised which are impacting the business and their end users.

Environment: Oracle 11g, TOAD, SQL Developer, PLSQL Developer, OEM, Putty, GitHub, Zabbix, Grafana

Senior PLSQL Developer



  • Involved in SDLC gathering requirements from end users.
  • Participated in Design & Development of database objects which includes creating tables, views, indexes, synonyms, triggers, functions, procedures, cursors and packages.
  • Developed views to facilitate easy interface implementation and enforce security on critical customer information.
  • Created programming code using advanced concepts of Records, Collections and Dynamic SQL.
  • Involved in performance tuning on SQL using AUTO TRACE, EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF utilities.
  • Worked with multiple businesses / reporting team and developed dynamic SQL, complex SQL queries using joins, sub-queries and inline views to address reporting requirement.
  • Created materialized views using different clauses like FAST, COMPLETE, and FORCE, ON COMMIT.
  • Used Pentaho Data Integration/Kettle and Informatica power center to design the ETL process to extract data from various sources including live system and external files, cleanse and then load data into target data warehouse.
  • Created jobs and transformations using Table input, Table output, Text file output, CSV file input, Insert/Update, Filter, Value Mapper, Stream lookup, Database lookup, and Merge, Sort and Set Environment variables.
  • Designed and developed the presentation layers using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Good knowledge in REST based web services.
  • Implementation of business requirements in SunTec TBMS-T system to support Confidential business from third party billing like IDI, Amdocs (DDP), Vantage (CSG) and Intec.
  • Expertise in collection, Mediation, Rating and Billing for Cedar, Broadsoft, EMI and IMS.
  • Built the code in Maven and deployed in Apache Tomcat servers.
  • Wrote UNIX and Perl scripts for ETL extract from third party sources (Database, Flat Files), file validations, jobs, and generate logs and reports.
  • Execute static code analysis, generate reports and remediate the security threats on the source code using Check Marx tool.
  • Worked on initiative project to determine the planned and unplanned efforts from the CA/Rally using Tableau BI reporting.
  • Automated the application and database monitoring using MaaS (Monitoring as a Service) stack by integrating the monitoring tools using Alerta, Grafana, and Prometheus.
  • Respond to the Adhoc queries and incidents from the business users and track using JIRA, Service Catalog tools.
  • Perform production support and identify potential applications and systems which are at risk to plan and implement necessary contingency and mitigation plan.
  • Worked in a scrum Team and followed agile framework to develop applications. Agile methodologies like Sprint planning, sprint retrospective, daily stand up were part of work.
  • Provide solution to the adhoc and routine issues from the business users.

Environment: Oracle 11g, TOAD, PLSQL Developer, Pentaho Data Integrator (Kettle) 7.1, JAVA, J2EE Apache Tomcat, Maven, Putty, CheckMarx, GitHub, Autosys, ZABBIX, Grafana, Radiation Dashboard.

PLSQL Developer



  • Involved in the analysis, design and development and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Gathered the business requirements from the data analysts and architects and performed technical analysis to provide viable solution.
  • Translated user requirements into data flows, detail technical specifications and database requirements.
  • Created and managed primary database objects such as Tables, Views, Indexes, Sequences and Synonyms.
  • Designed and developed PLSQL Functions, Procedures, Cursors, Triggers and Packages.
  • Created Records, Tables, Objects, Collections and Exceptions extensively in coding.
  • Tuned SQL for the maximum efficiency in various schemas across databases using Oracle Hints, Explain plans and Trace sessions for Cost based and Rule based Optimization.
  • Extensively used SQL*Loader to load the data from the flat files to the database and validated the data with the PL/SQL procedures.
  • Created dbms scheduler jobs to run the hourly, daily loads for each application.
  • Configured Golden Gate data replication from the Primary DB cluster of an Oracle Database to the database in the application. Created monitoring and alerts to capture the issues with the latency and provide the required fix.
  • Worked with DBA support to monitor the performance and configure alerts using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).
  • Developed front end applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Used AJAX to speed up the web application.
  • Worked in Amdocs (DDP), Vantage (CSG) and Convergys- Infinys Billing system and handling Cedar, Cisco, Broadsoft, EMI, AMA, IMS and Switch raw files.
  • Involved in Unit test, Integration test and writing test plan.
  • Created and modified several UNIX and Perl scripts according to the changing needs of the project and client requirements.
  • Worked extensively in UNIX shell scripting to load the data into the staging tables through SQL* Loader handling multiple files.
  • Extensively worked on Autosys, Control-M and Batch scheduling tools to handle ETL jobs.
  • Worked with version control tool such as Tortoise SVN, GitHub and used JIRA bug tracking tool.
  • Responsible for Troubleshooting back end UAT and Production issues.
  • 24/7 production support and involved in implementation of coding standards and database change requests.
  • Involved in Project Planning and scheduling, System Design, Functional Specification, Design Specification, preparation of impact analysis, Coding, System Test Plan, Testing, code review, coordinating user testing and user training, Project demonstration and Implementation.

Environment: Windows NT/2000/XP, Oracle 10g/11g, SQL, PLSQL, PLSQL Developer, TOAD, OEM, Putty, Tortoise SVN, JIRA

SQL Developer



  • Developed user defined functions
  • Extensive query optimization and performance tuning
  • Written test plans and involved in Unit testing
  • Experience in creating tables, indexes and sequences for the experimental data load capture.
  • Designed competent PL/SQL programs using PL/SQL collections, Records types, and Object types.
  • Involved in creating pseudo columns like ROWID, ROWNUM, SYSDATE, and SYSTEMTIMESTAMP.
  • Involved in implementing table partitions using Range, Hash, Composite techniques.
  • Automated data quality checks by creating PLSQL procedures, Cursors, Functions and dynamic SQL and enhanced with creating exceptions for error handling.
  • Created Materialized Views on remote database and automated scheduler for refreshing the materialized View.
  • Created many DB links to connect remote database to extract and process the data for application reconciliation.
  • Involved in UNIX shell scripting also placed some of the files in the UNIX server as per the requirement specified by business users.
  • Wrote UNIX shell scripts to create daily health reports and generate logs.
  • Actively participated in scheduled production deployments and post validations.

Environment: Windows NT/2000/XP, Oracle 10g/11g, SQL, PLSQL, SQL Developer, TOAD, OEM, Putty, Tortoise SVN, JIRA,

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