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Database Developer Resume


  • Leads the Business Intelligence Team as well as Responsible for Database Development using Pl/Sql and Database Administration in Oracle.
  • Rich experience in the field of Database, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse.
  • Hands on experience with relational Databases like Oracle and MS SQL Server.
  • Well versed with Relational Data Modeling as well as Dimensional Modeling such as star schema for OLTP and Data warehouse environment.
  • Developed various use cases in the form of Pl/Sql objects such as Stored Procedures, Packages, Functions, Database Triggers etc.
  • Accomplished Web Application Development in Oracle using PL/SQL.
  • Developed the Data Migration / ETL Utility for migrating 3.8 Million customer to the Confidential Money platform using Pl/Sql.
  • Manages Data Warehousing and Performance Environment Database Administration responsibilities. Assists the Production DBA team for performance tuning activities.
  • Implemented the Unit testing and Integration testing method for all the pl/sql packages and the various database releases too using utplsql utility.
  • Analyze and implements the partition, index and purging strategy of the entire database schema. Well versed in the AWR report and end to end Application tracing.
  • Designed the report templates in Crystal Report, SAP BO, SSRS, D2K and SQL too.
  • Implemented the Data Replication from Production database to the reporting schema using Materialized View.
  • Manages the client interaction for the new Business Intelligence requirements.
  • Good Domain Knowledge on The Mobile Banking (Payment Domain) system.
  • Lead other developers with SQL tuning expertise such as index usage, optimizer Hints, explain plans, analyze command, and driving tables.


Programming Language: SQL, PL/SQL, TSQL, Shell Scripting PlSql Server Web Pages (PSP), JavaScript, HTML

Operating System: Windows XP, UNIX, Linux

Database: Oracle 10g / 11g, Sql Server 2005 / 2000



Configuration Tool: VSS, CVS, TORTOISE SVN

Database Testing Tool: UtPlsql, Ounit, PlSql test coder for Oracle.

Oracle Tool: PlSqlDevloper, Toad For Oracle, SqlDevloper, Sql Tool OraSql, Sql Navigator.

Data Modeling Tool: TOAD DATA MODELER

Other Tools/Technology: Apex Sql Diff,OraCompare Microsoft Visio,DbDiff



Database Developer


  • Mentors the Database Development, administration and Business Intelligence team.
  • Written the backend Packages for many business requirement use cases using PL/SQL.
  • Developed the ETL framework for 3.8 million customer migration using PL/SQL.
  • Continuous monitoring of the production Database through the AWR report, designing the appropriate partition and index creation strategy.
  • Designed database schema for the OLTP application as well as Star schema for the Business intelligence reporting purposes.
  • Implemented the Data replication mechanism from OLTP to the BI schema using Materialized View.
  • Designed Universes for web intelligence reports.
  • Developed and mentored different kind of report development using crystal report,sap bo and sql.
  • Taken the responsibilities of managing the Datawarehouse schema administration.
  • Communicates with the client for the new Business intelligence requirements.



  • Written the backend Packages for many business requirement use cases using PL/SQL.
  • Automates the SQL*Loader data loading process using shell script.
  • Manages the Database release related to the QA, Pre - prod and Prod Deployment.
  • Designed database schema for the OLTP application.
  • Assisted the BI team members to accomplish the reporting requirement.
  • Involved in SQL, PL/Sql tuning by creating proper indexes database Partitioning method.
  • Worked as a Backup DBA and helped the DBA team in performance and tuning related activities.



  • Accomplished Web Application Development in Oracle using PL/SQL.
  • Developed all the Business requirement and validation through Pl/sql.
  • Designed the web pages too using PL/Sql and Java Script.
  • Created the DB structure for the individual modules.
  • Performed the Unit testing mechanism of all the packages using ut/Plsql.
  • Assisted other developers for any Development and tuning related issue.
  • Designed online reports for various usecases.



  • Developed all the Packages, Procedures and Functions in oracle.
  • Developed the reports through SSRS.
  • Tuned the Existing DB procedures and functions.
  • Written a data loading utility using SSIS.
  • Mentored various team members in their various development and performance related issues.
  • Interacted with the client on daily basis for code review and various performance related issues.
  • Prepared the Technical and Functional specification for various use cases.

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