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Sql Dba/sql Developer (database Developer) Resume

Melbourne, FL


  • Specialized in SQL Server, SQL Development, Data Warehouse, SSIS, ETL
  • Seeking employment as a Data Engineer / SQL Developer. Bringing eight plus years of experience and programming skill with enterprise level data administration, automation and SSIS and ETL development.
  • A capable, self - motivated organizer focused on efficiency, quality assurance, and problem solving. Confident, self-assured and ethical in all endeavors
  • A successful IT professional with experience encompassing six years in healthcare clinical and insurance plan data and over twelve years in the retail industry.
  • I am also fluent in the construction industry and hold a license as a Florida Commercial Building Contractor, currently inactive status.
  • My education and diverse experience have provided me with an expert ability to grasp functional processes and transform data based resources into relevant business assets.
  • Database Administration, Database Developer: Engaged DBA roles as a mid-level SQL DBA ranging from small start-up enterprises to large healthcare enterprises in multi-domain PROD-UAT-QA-DEV networks of over 300 SQL instances with 3500+ databases up to 10TB in size. Development roles include participating as an Agile Data Engineer with some of the world’s most advanced analytics teams within organizations such as the Confidential National and Confidential ’s Hospitals.
  • Advanced skills with T-SQL scripting and relational database management to include monitoring, troubleshooting, installs, restores, patching, automation, maintenance planning, database and schema level security, indexing, optimization, performance tuning and advanced migration planning. Familiar with clustered services, high availability, log shipping and replication tools.
  • Experienced use of database management systems software to include SQL Enterprise Manager, SQL Management Studio, NetBackUp, VMWare, Visual Studios and Windows Active Directory. Familiar with database creation, data structures and query creation with MS Access, SQL Server 2000 through 2017, Postgres SQL, Visual Basic, C#, .Net Framework, Python and to a lesser degree Oracle 12c servers and databases to include Oracle’s SQL Developer and Aqua Data Studio 18.0. Fluent with Master Data Services and newer Microsoft SQL Server modern features including Query Store and Data Migration Assistant (DMA).
  • Installed, administered and used the following performance monitoring tools: MS OpsManager, Solarwinds DPA, SQLSentry, Pragmatics (SentryOne) Workbench and Redgate SQL Backup.
  • Administered change management policy, deployments, fixes, provisioning, service requests and updates through Serena Request Center ticketing as well as Atlassian Jira and ServiceNow, ManageEngine and SpiceWorks ticketing. Administered development versioning and revision control with Subversion VisualSVN. Fluent with documentation in Confluence, Collibra, Balsamic Wireframe and Gliffy.
  • Data Warehousing, Analytics, Data Laking, BI Reporting, ERP Implementation, SSIS: Advanced knowledge with the principles of Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, ETL Operations, SSIS Development, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.
  • Advanced experience with implementing and maintaining data warehouses, business intelligence reporting and ETL processes using applications Amazon RedShift, RedPoint Data Management, SQL Server data warehouse structures and Tableau Desktop Workbooks. Experience with Predictive Analytics and Custom Data Syndication (setup/config/extract/scheduling).
  • Advanced experience creating, deploying and maintaining SSIS packages, projects and solutions using SSDT 2010-17 for Visual Studios, Attunity connectors for Oracle integration and Powershell 4.0 to create report extracts, perform data transforms, automate SQL processes and support data warehouse and ETL development. Fluent in the implementation and management of SSISDB, SSISDB Catalog with SQL Agent Scheduler. Fluent with backing up, restoring and migrating the SSISDB Catalog in SQL Server 2017.
  • Advanced experience as a Tableau Server Admin and Developer. Able to ETL, cleanse, transform, stage and load single, multi and blended data sources for use in Tableau Desktop. Able to create and apply Tableau dimensions, measures, objects and calculations to build Tableau workflows, visualizations, dashboards and stories. Provided data and ETL support for extensive QlikView and QlikSense Data Analytics Platforms, Qlik development teams and enterprise wide DOMO dashboard configurations.
  • Familiar with ERP installation to include Sage X3 ERP backend SQL operation as well as Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) and Crystal reporting in support of X3 ERP.
  • Created automated processes for retail Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data structures for seamless entry to the enterprise data warehouse and analysis applications. Created automation, bar scan and label printing applications for processing warehouse materials work flows.
  • Cloud Development: Basic familiarity with the installation, connectivity, loading, automated ETL, automated transformations and regular maintenance and tuning of PostGres databases on AWS cloud servers and with SQL Server instances installed in MS Azure and MS Azure.Gov. Experienced with data structures and dataflows in the DOMO cloud application for enterprise cloud based business intelligence and visualization.
  • Front End Developer: Experienced front end application integration developer. Managed SDLC processes for data driven web application development, deployment, troubleshooting and maintenance in a PROD-QA-DEV-UAT environment. Familiar with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, C#. Familiar with integrating front end web delivery from data management systems using PHP and Javascript.
  • Agile Developer: Designed and coded application and Data Warehouse components in a fully adopted Agile/Jira SCRUM and KANBAN environment utilizing a test driven development approach. Provided programming estimates, identified potential problems and recommended alternative solutions. Worked in close cooperation with team managers, project managers and other enterprise teams to form a coordinated team effort in development. Utilized paired programming approach to ensure high quality programming.
  • Data Governance: Successful lead in creating, specifying and team implementing enterprise wide data governance policy and procedures for in scope applications to provide enterprise level data security in support of Sarbanes-Oxley auditing for publicly traded companies.
  • Network Management: Strong background in architecting and managing physical and virtual network resources to include operating system configuration, SAN storage systems, application hosting, security configuration, PCI registry configuration and data pipeline architecture. Knowledgeable with Windows Server OS and applications to Windows Server 2019, VMware, Hyper-V, Windows Active Directory, Domain creation and management and with Powershell scripting. Served as lead Data Engineer to rebuild networks and data delivery for enterprise Disaster Recovery Teams.
  • Technical Communication: Expert capabilities in oral and written technical communications and problem solving. Able to express ideas and facts to individuals or groups effectively, measure audience needs and make clear and convincing oral presentations. Capable to problem solve effectively; identify problems, determine accuracy and relevance of information, use sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives, and to make recommendations.


MS SQL Server 2000-2017

Oracle 11g, 12c w/Aqua Data Studio

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JSON

MS Azure, MS Azure.gov

MS Visio, MS Visual Studio

Python 3

Crystal Reports

Subversion VisualSVN


C, C++, C#, Linux

Tableau Desktop 10.5, Tableau Server

Pragmatic Workbench 2019.3.2


MS Power Automate, Office 365

SentryOne Plan Explorer

Aqua Data Studio 18.0

MySQL, PostgreSQL


Windows Server 2008 thru 2019

Atlassian Jira v8.0

Powershell 4.0

RedPoint (ETL)

LANSweeper Administration

Redgate SQL Backup, SQL Sentry

Sage X3 ERP & Sage EI

Solarwinds DPA (Monitoring)

KRONOS v6, v7


Confidential, Melbourne, FL

SQL DBA/SQL Developer (Database Developer)


  • AGS IT Department - Worldwide Aviation Support Services (WASS)
  • AGS Team DBA Administrator for MS SQL Server including Dev and Production instances to SQL Server 2017
  • SSRS Development Administrator including SharePoint deployment automations in Visual Studios 2019 applications
  • SSIS / ETL Developer in Visual Studios Integration Services 2017 and 2019
  • Development Team Lead creating all automations, migrations and transformations to create a fluid data warehouse contributing data and analytics to all AGS division operation centers. Initiated SDLC workflows to ensure quality and efficiency for data and reporting projects.
  • Team data connectivity resource for ODBC and OLEDB API installation and administration for Windows hosts
  • Integrated development for KRONOS applications and Cloud services MS Azure, MS Azure.gov cloud.
  • Created and optimized numerous data pipelines including services such as SQLClient, OracleClient, SSIS, Federates Data Services. MS Power Automate and Office365.
  • DOMO Cloud BI developer, contributing custom data modeling for executive dashboards and visualization assets within a MySQL environment
  • Pioneered the application of Federated Data Connections in the organization to help manage data sprawl, more efficiently apply RDBMS processing assets and control access to sensitive data assets.
  • Deployed PostGreSQL assets to provide open-source, advanced data management capabilities to a large number of data consumers throughout the organization.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Data Warehouse Developer (Database Developer)


  • Nemours Enterprise Intelligence - Data Warehouse Development Team.
  • Leveraging EPIC/Clarity medical data in a combined Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server environment for medical, hospital, business and research operations.
  • Continuous SLDC development and deployment in an Agile/Scrum/Jira structured team environment. Authored SMART goals from Gap Analyses to identify and write project scopes as sprint development milestones. Also used GAP Analyses to evaluate existing data assets for effectiveness and identification for improvement initiatives, specifically used to determine a data assets’ continued security and privacy regulated compliance. (HIPAA, PHI, PCI)
  • Strong reliance on MS SSIS integration tools for ETL, ELT, staging, cleansing and transformation processes. Providing primary data warehouse environment support for enterprise Qlik developers as well as other data services to include EPIC, Clarity, Caboodle, Crystal Reports and SSRS. Development of protected medical data extracts for Evariant EDI processes. Development and application maintenance for Doctor.com and Find-A-Doc web based information applications.
  • Authored or maintained numerous Data/ETL/EDI extracts to outside vendors and state agencies specifically requiring EPIC/Clarity EMR integration and/or conversions.
  • Re-engineered legacy exterior facing web applications for medical professionals, restoring many layers of broken functionality and providing thousands of corrected external web data points.
  • Organized and led the EDW team, DBA Team, Solutions Support Team and Network Team through complex infrastructure upgrade and migration projects for all EDW data assets, servers, host servers to include all DEV & PROD upgrades and migrations for SQL Server (2017), SSMS, SSDT, SSISDB & Catalog, Attunity Connectors (Oracle), Oracle Native Clients, MDS, VisualSVN, Visual Studios, Windows Server, PlanExplorer and SentryOne Workbench Tools.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning. Developed planning and specifications to restore web applications and data systems in the event of large scale geographical failures.

Confidential, Heathrow, FL

SQL Developer (Database Developer)


  • Maintained a networked SQL Server staging environment and engineered data structures to support the operations of the E-Business BI Data Team, Data Analytics Team and a large group of Tableau Developers in their mission to deliver workbooks and dashboards to the federated group of 78 Confidential clubs and associations.
  • Administered a Tableau Server environment for DEV, PROD and UAT Tableau View instances for data connection development and data source accountability and control as well as project change management and application security.
  • Developed and maintained ETL processes with SSIS and RedPoint Data Management.
  • Developed, published or upgraded interactive Tableau reports, dashboards and visualizations for the Automotive and Membership Business Units as required.

Confidential, Daytona Beach, FL

SQL DBA/Developer (Database Developer)


  • Lead database engineer responsible for the organization’s data accessibility, integrity, performance and security.
  • Managed application and network integrations, recovery modeling and planning as well as specifying new application uses and implementation.
  • Implemented SQL Server solutions for SAGE Enterprise Intelligence, X3 ERP, EDI document receipt and storage as well as data warehouse ETL, transformation and loading with SSIS.
  • Automated active directory and HR security account reconciliations with SQL Server.
  • Designed finance department solutions for the organization’s scoping and application of operational data and financial processes for SOX auditing as a new publicly traded company.
  • Created, filled and managed intern positions for IT department assignment in conjunction with the local university computer science engineering department.
  • Strong customer service provided throughout the organization to support new data infrastructure, ERP implementation and data governance policy creation.

Confidential, Tampa, FL



  • Engineered solutions to create, deploy, optimize, replicate and maintain 300+ active SQL instances, databases over 5tb in size and in multiple enterprise Windows domains.
  • Administered data security access and terminations through the employment of Active Directory Users and Groups, domain restrictions and SQL Server permissions management.
  • Project Development responsibilities include employing SSIS/SSRS for database health check automation, security, SQL Server inventory, replication modeling, environment migration, automated installs and patching, synchronization modeling and documentation.
  • Member of the Disaster Recovery Team, planned and conducted remote exercises to restore web applications and data systems in the event of large scale geographical failures.

Confidential, Lake Mary, FL



  • Mid-level SQL DBA for a large enterprise healthcare company in a multi-domain PROD-UAT-QA-DEV environment.
  • DBA projects included offshore coordination with nine foreign (CapGemini) DBA resources.
  • Engineered solutions to create, deploy, optimize, performance tune, replicate and maintain 300+ active SQL instances, 3000+ databases up to 5tb in size and in multiple enterprise Windows domains. Development responsibilities include SSIS/SSRS for database health check automation, security, inventory, replication, environment migration, automated installs and patching, synchronization modeling and documentation.
  • Advanced knowledge with Database Architecture, Data Warehousing, ETL Operations, Transformation Services, Data Quality, Information Access and Delivery and Business Intelligence.
  • Created and deployed SSRS and SSIS packages as well as employ Powershell 4.0 in conjunction with SQL Server automation and data warehouse development.
  • Team Project Lead for DBA documentation, Active Directory, Security, SQL Server patching and installations, automation, replication modeling, environment migration, and synchronization modeling. Managed data and file repository projects, code deployments, process fixes, incidents, user provisioning, service requests and updates through Serena Request Center ticketing and tracking.
  • Member of the Disaster Recovery Team.

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