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Sql Database Administrator Resume

Toronto, ON


  • Microsoft Certified Professional and SQL Database Administrator with 10+ years of experience in IT and SQL Server DBA. Proven track record of ensuring high levels of server performance, availability, and security, as well as independently analyzing and resolving issues in real - time.
  • Adept at installing, configuring, maintaining, and supporting SQL server in an enterprise network, including managing storage, assigning permissions, transferring data, diagnosing, and resolving system problems. Strong background in conducting performance monitoring and tuning to improve database performance.
  • Academically founded in Electronics Engineering, Industrial Electronics, and Instrumentation.



Confidential, Toronto, ON


  • Decrease database downtime in case of disaster by designing High Availability and\or Disaster Recovery and backup restore solutions either on Cluster or Standalone environments.
  • Address security and upgrade-related issues by applying Service Pack/Hot Fixes on SQL Server Instances, streamlining teh database's stability and performance.
  • Increase database availability by integrating, configuring, and managing AlwaysOn Availability Groups according to teh business requirement for applications such as IB PISCO Finance, IB PowerBI, Corona, and Portware.
  • Ensure and maintain server and database security by performing database encryption (TDE/Always Encrypted).
  • Meet business requirements by deploying and configuring various SQL server components such as Reporting Services (SSRS), SSIS, Polybase, Power BI, Machine Learning, R, and Python.
  • Comply with security standards by creating SSL s for applications for encrypted communication between web browsers and a web server.
  • Optimize database performance by applying Disaster recovery, Performance tuning, High Availability, and Backup restore.
  • Identify and tune poor-performing processes, queries, SQL objects, hardware bottlenecks, deadlocks, locking, and triggers issues by leveraging SQL Server Profiler, OS performance counter, extended events, DMV's, and system procedures.
  • Secure regular server maintenance by setting up and managing SQL server monitoring within an in-house DBAIS monitoring system, as well as by investigating server performance issues, identifying and examining locks/blocks, and deadlocks.
  • Boost teh stability and performance of teh database by performing capacity planning for disk space, memory, and CPU, reviewing database size, and other relevant factors.
  • Report issues regarding faulty queries and provide teh most suitable resolution recommendations involving both physical servers and VMs.
  • Perform database and SQL/TSQL Performance Tuning.
  • Support proper resource utilization by automating different database related activities, including backup, monitoring database health, disk space, and backup verification.
  • Facilitate processes by proposing and implementing best practice configurations for SQL Servers, Windows (2003, 2008R2), and SQL clustering, as well as configuring SQL Reporting and Analysis services.
  • Minimize teh possible disaster impact on teh business by performing half-yearly and yearly Disaster Recovery (BCP) exercise, bringing down teh primary servers, and bringing up secondary servers in minimal time.
  • Verify that clients' data are properly secured by setting up server and database securities as per organization standard and Microsoft recommendation.
  • Obtain an accurate understanding of clients' requirements and expectations by collaborating with cross- functional teams throughout teh project life-cycle.
  • Provide 24/7 support on-call and rotation for MS SQL Servers.
  • Recognized in implementation on Service Now.


Confidential, Cincinnati, OH


  • Orchestrated team of 6 including Intern, Intermediate, and Senior DBAs.
  • Performed server and database upgrades, including both In-Place and Side-by-Side upgrades, as well as SQL Standalone/Cluster Installations on various versions of SQL.
  • Upgraded OS and SQL versions through working on 6 different projects and CCAS, Credit Line, and DCIW applications, performing migrations from SQL stand-alone to Always ON Availability Groups.
  • Accelerated teh automation process and maximized utilization of server resources through demonstrating a thorough understanding of business requirements and translating them efficiently into technical requirements, involving various monitoring activities.
  • Managed violations successfully by participating in database server level audit operations.
  • Conducted performance tuning and set up routine best monitoring techniques.
  • Supported actual data growth for a specific set of instances by performing database capacity planning and projection.
  • Completed data compression activities for 270 databases in a different environment.
  • Deployed data collector configuration from TEST, UAT, and PRD, as well as performed partitioning redesign addition of 96 File group for 3 TB data.
  • Resolved failures and avoided downtime by troubleshooting various business process jobs.
  • Addressed vulnerabilities by handling server patching for DEV environments.
  • Aligned various project deliverables by collaborating with Project Manager, Development, Testing, and Production teams.
  • Decreased execution time to up to seconds by performing IO based query and reporting query tuning.
  • Resolved production-related issues and conducted RCA analysis and solutions for multiple occurring issues by cooperating with teh Server Engineering team, Application team, and Network team.
  • Created and maintained various project-specific documents such as Change Schedule page, utilization tracker, bi-weekly reports, etc.
  • Coordinated database backups and failures for multiple domains for Test, UAT, and Production environments.
  • Estimated teh storage for various databases, utilization of CPU and RAM, providing annual estimations in cooperation with teh Application team for various projects.
  • Identified areas for improvement by reviewing teh utilization of storage, CPU, and memory with clients.
  • ed for best work on CCAS releases, as well as for best work on organizing teh EDO team and implementing Agile.


Confidential, Southfield, MI


  • Arranged multiple new Test, UAT, and Production SQL Server Environments.
  • Collaborated efficiently with teh Development team in deploying and testing applications.
  • Scheduled teh backups for Databases and Transaction log and performed restoration operations.
  • Enabled backup and restoration by utilizing teh Redgate tool.
  • Leveraged Data Transformation Services (DTS) and Extract Transform Loading (ETL) tool of SQL Server to populate data from various data sources, as well as created packages for different data loading operations for application.
  • Performed various operations, including controlling user access rights, managing data security, conducting performance tuning and data achieving, cleaning up of teh complex environment, decommissioning teh servers, as well as creating monthly maintenance and backup strategies.


Confidential, Omaha, NE


  • Facilitated hardware up-gradation by installing SQL instances and configuring approximately 20 systems.
  • Oversaw Databases for lock escalation, deadlock, resource utilization by sessions, package caching, buffer pool hit ratios, captured long-running SQL/runaway queries.
  • Worked on Data Partitioning and Snapshot Isolation in SQL Server 2008R2.
  • Received client appreciation on handling migration on time.

Customers Engineer



  • Performing installation configuration and up-gradation of ATM machines for various financial institutes and banks.
  • Installation of software & networking ATM’s.
  • Upgrading hardware in ATM’s.
  • Troubleshooting and break fixing in ATM’s on daily basic.
  • Understands and performs teh various customer Service requirements and elevates or escalates issues when appropriate, and/or according to established procedures.
  • Communicates to all levels - Service/Installation Coordinator/Customer/Control Tower.
  • Installing hardware like smart card readers, Encrypted Keyboards, memory’s and EPROM Chips
  • Installing Mother Board, ssp board and NIC cards on teh Phantom, Pele II Core machines
  • Upgrading Encryption keys, IP Addresses local and remote systems with gateways address
  • IP migration on teh client systems

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