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Software Engineer/architect/manager Resume


A highly skilled, detail - oriented profesional with lead technical experience and creative ways to teach technology to the most non-technical end users. My customer service skills unmatched to provide support on any technology platform. A true leader that is highly self motiviated to exceed company priorities and daily standards. I am seeking to secure lead positions in an Engineering,Finance,Project management or strategic planning role. I have a bachelors degrees in computer science as well as a masters degree in computer science with international experience.


  • Leadership. Strategic Planning. Engineering, Finance, Customer Experience. Project Management.
  • 10+ years strategic planning, decision making, team management, customer relations. KPI s.
  • 14+ years software project management, software analysis and development. EPM, PMI, Agile, SCRUM.
  • Math algorithms and models, numeric theory, statistics, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, set logic, business intelligence.


LAMP: Autocad, Matlab, Workbench, SVN, Window, IOS, Linux GIMP, Jira, API, GoogleSheets. SAP. ITIL. SOAP, Web Services. Tableau.

Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, VMware, Magento, Docker, Kubernetes, Oracle, MongoDB. Languages PMI,PHP,AWS, jQuery, UI Angular, Github, Java,Apache,.Net, Python, SDLC,GIS,C/C++,CSS3,Boostrap, Javascript, Vue.js, Jira,Perl,Ruby,Node.js, HTML5, R, SAS, VB. Laravel, Symphony, CakePHP, Zend, Postgres, Non-Sql Databases.


Software Engineer/Architect/Manager



  • Design, planning and management of IT, accounting and risks systems. Strategic planning and decision making, national scope. Data analytics. Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, Develop, track and report KPIs.




  • Manage budgeting, data and sales.
  • Strategic planning and data analytics based decision making.
  • Northwest region (5 states). 223 branches and 14 business branches.
  • Business intelligence. Build practice, coding. Track and report KPIs.

IT Project Manager

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA


  • Responsible of planning, budgeting and executing Software projects.
  • Managing of teamwork, engineering analysis, call center manager and recruitment.

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