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Cobol Programmer Resume

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COBOL programming, Documentation of business rules and functions

Strong communication skills

Mainframe COBOL/CICS/VSAM/JCL/EasyTrieve Plus/

Self - starter

Experience with agile methodology and tools

SQL report creation


COBOL Programmer



  • Assist in management of 3 projects.
  • Manage requirements and related documents.
  • Update DOORS when with updated requirements.
  • Assist programs through the Requirements Architecture Integrated Process

Systems Engineer



  • Utilized acceptance criteria for unit testing and independent testing.
  • Placed all generated documents into Confluence.
  • Review documents from other analysts/SMEs to ensure consistency and plain English format.
  • Continue to Maintain Legacy DATACOM - COBOL-CICS (some VSAM) and Batch system while new system is running in parallel.
  • Legacy uses Librarian and Dimensions as Source module control, TSO/ISPF as source editor, COBOL code accesses DATACOM directly using DBNTRY commands, and verify mainframe data using DrQRY from CICS to run queries.
  • Utilize EasyTrieve Plus for data manipulation and report formatting.
  • Use SQL Developer against new ORACLE tables to create new SQL reports, run existing reports with table joins, display table structures and perform research on the data in the Oracle tables.

Sr. IT Specialist



  • Using JIRA and Confluence to document the Legacy business requirements in plain English and initial data models of new tables.
  • Attend scrums and test new functionality.
  • Create and run SQL reports and perform SQL queries on new Oracle tables to respond to requests for data.
  • Assist in build in modernized system and still Monitor, update and fix the Legacy mainframe COBOL applications.
  • Teach new employees about the system functions and demonstrate on-line functionality.
  • Use Data-Reporter and EasyTrieve Plus to report on the Legacy system.
  • Use SQL Developer against new ORACLE tables to assist with data mapping and validation in the Oracle tables.

Ld. Programmer/Analyst



  • Maintain and Update HR/Payroll system with COBOL and VSAM files.
  • Interview users of the old system to streamline their processes or functions.
  • Perform release updates to purchased software.
  • Create and run EasyTrieve Plus reports (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Meet with users to analyze and document requested updates to Payroll/HR.
  • Make the code updates/fixes,
  • Run weekly/Bi-weekly paychecks and yearly W2 processes.

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