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Data Modeler Consultant Resume

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Charlotte, NC


  • Data Modeling experience of more TEMPthan 8 years wif expertise in modeling for OLTP, data warehouse and data mart applications using data modeling tools like Erwin, E/R Studio, IBM Data Architect.
  • Accompanying skills include data analysis and data profiling using SQL, ETL mapping, data analysis using Python.


Data Modeling Tools: Erwin9.64, E/R Studio, MS Visio, Oracle Designer, IDA 7.6, RTC Client

Programming Languages: C, SQL, PL/SQL, Python 2.7.12

Databases: ORACLE, MYSQL, SQL Server, DB2Host, DB2 LUW, Teradata 15.x and Netezza, NoSQL

ETL Tools: Informatica, Datastage, SSRS

Data Analysis Tools and packages: Hive, Anaconda, Tableau Desktop, Python’s Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib

Operating System: Windows, UNIX, LINUX.

Other Tools: TOAD, Visual Studio, Aginity Netezza, DB Artisan, SQL Developer management studio 2012, Alation, SVN,Jira,MS Excel


Data Modeler Consultant

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Part of Confidential Enterprise Market Risk Technology group on Market Risk and Risk Insight projects using skill set required that includes SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, Data Modeling using Erwin.
  • Conceptualize teh business requirements and tan design teh logical and physical models for target database.
  • Detailed study and data profiling of all underlying source systems of teh subject areas to deliver a data model that adheres to enterprise standards.
  • Run teh table scripts generated using Forward Engineering in Erwin wifin SQL Server Management Studio to create teh tables and corresponding views.
  • Looked at teh execution plan to analyze teh optimizer execution path for a query and recommended additional indexes if needed for improving performance and query tuning
  • Implemented partitions for tables in database and testing teh partition elimination in execution plans.
  • Reverse engineered teh data model into Erwin by using database script file.
  • Used teh complete compare option in Erwin to make sure teh data model is synchronized wif teh database.
  • Created domains to ensure teh data elements can be assigned to domains across teh enterprise models.
  • Initiate and maintain client relationships, anticipate and identify client issues/concerns and propose appropriate solutions.

Data Modeler Consultant

Confidential, Las Vegas, NV


  • Create logical and physical data models for teh data warehousing and data mart applications.
  • Supported various stakeholders and end users ranging across various functions wifin MGM resorts like table games, slots, finance cube, revenue management, property master for their reporting needs.
  • Worked in a fast - paced environment that involved following teh best practices of SDLC and delivering as per teh Agile timeline.
  • Worked on data profiling teh source systems for validating data, defining teh data standards, size and datatypes in teh data warehouse or mart.
  • Created ETL mapping documents from source to target systems for ETL developers.
  • Worked wif ETL developers to optimize various ETL jobs in Datastage.
  • Adept in designing data models suited for Teradata, which was teh reporting database at MGM resorts.
  • Used Data Vault techniques to model teh data warehouse for agile development
  • Implement master data concepts for teh operational models by collaborating wif teh solution architect and MDM architect

Manager of Data Logics

Confidential, Austin, Texas


  • Design data models as part of Global Risk Platforms and Compliance initiative to identify risk, assess teh risk and take appropriate actions to make Confidential teh best shopping experience for users.
  • To understand teh end user requirements to develop a scalable data mart that can be consumed by various downstream applications for ad hoc analysis, dashboards and develop risk models for predictive analysis.
  • Perform Data Analysis to document teh intended target models of various source systems.
  • Used Python’s Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib libraries to conduct data exploration.
  • Wrote SQL Scripts to present data findings and data in aggregated/raw forms for business functions.
  • Involved in architectural design to leverage data wifin Hadoop environment.
  • Involved in design discussions and implementations wif developers to leverage site data through Kafka and process near real time data in Storm.
  • Data exploration and analysis of hive tables to document data element needed for analysis and reporting wifin risk business unit.
  • Worked to design data marts for account level and account status databases that help various teams to analyze teh user experience, user statistics etc.
  • Incorporated industry standard modeling practices to support a detailed and subject oriented data mart.
  • Used Tableau Desktop to build dashboards and storylines for datasets in Teradata.

Senior Data Architect/Data Engineer

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ


  • Responsible for working closely wif teh customers and business analysts to understand teh database requirements.
  • Worked wif ER Studio tool to create logical and physical data models.
  • Built data models for Amex Operational premium portfolios like Global Card Member Remittance, Credit Authorization Service and Wire Fraud Protection Systems.
  • Captured appropriate and detailed metadata for teh conceptual, logical and physical data models.
  • Incorporated Amex and industry standard naming conventions for teh attributes and entities.
  • Incorporated teh best modeling practices to avoid data redundancy and implement teh operational models in its 3rd normal form.
  • Experienced in working for project teams that practice agile and waterfall methodology.
  • Reverse engineered data models using teh tool from teh DDL’s or database schema.
  • Developed data models to support teh target databases like DB2 and Oracle.
  • Involved in discussion wif teh DBA’s to fine-tune teh database performance and model by adding additional indexes or revisiting teh key structure etc.

Data Modeler

Confidential, San Antonio, TX


  • Collaborated wif teh Business Analysts and development teams for data requirements by conducting JAD sessions.
  • Developed data models for various target database platforms like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Netezza, DB2 LUW, and DB2 Host.
  • Used Erwin Data modeling tool to design Logical and Physical data models to suit teh business needs.
  • Designed Conceptual, Logical and Physical data models for OLTP, Data Warehouse and Data Mart Applications.
  • Worked on BILAB Agile projects to design models wif stringent timelines.
  • Physically instantiated teh DDLs generated from teh tool to teh target database.
  • Extensively used complex SQL queries for querying and analysis of data using teh Squirrel Client, Aginity Netezza and DB Artisan.
  • Assisted teh DBA’s by Looking at teh tuning side by analyzing teh queries using teh EXPLAIN PLAN & Auto-trace utilities.
  • Provided other data analysis services as required.
  • Created data mapping documents to assist ETL teams using Informatica and Data Stage.

Data Analyst/Modeler

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • Worked on reengineering projects in designing data models for target DB2 systems from legacy IMS database.
  • Extensively worked on IDA and RTC tools to develop, maintain and enhance teh data models as per teh needs.
  • Generated a customized business object model using teh IBM recommended artifacts for classes and methods in Java.
  • Analysis of data from legacy systems and designing data model for target DB2 database.
  • Generated UML scripts and class diagrams using teh IDA data modeling tool.
  • Worked on providing training across development teams to adhere and be familiar wif teh industry standard data models and artifacts.
  • Worked to ensure data governance across various applications and project teams.

Data Analyst/Modeler

Confidential, Mooresville, NC


  • Designed Conceptual, Logical and Physical data models for OLTP, Data Warehouse and Data Mart Applications.
  • Built data models to adhere wif 3rd normal form in transaction systems and denormalized as necessary in data marts.
  • Used Model Mart in order to maintain a library of all teh development models in progress.
  • Used Complete Compare in order to make migrate from development to production version.
  • Generated reports using teh ERWIN tool in order to assist teh ETL teams.

Software Engineer



  • Involved in testing teh end-to-end system functionality and regression testing, identifying and retesting defects.
  • Involved in application testing for Toronto Dominion and Bank of Nova Scotia for over 8 months.
  • Testing ensured processing cheques and raising exceptions in case of fraudulent activity detection.

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