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Lead Sql/ Ssis/ssrs/etl Developer Resume

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Piscataway, NJ


  • 9+ years of strong IT experience in healthcare insurance, finance, banking and retail industry wif expertise in Database Design & Development, Database Administration, Data Migration, ETL processes and Business Intelligence Reporting using MS SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005, IBM DB2,Business Intelligent products like SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, business object crystal reports, Power BI.
  • Excellent understanding of Relational Database Systems, Normalization, Logical/Physical Data Modeling, ETL and Data Warehousing.
  • Hands on Experience in Installation, Configuration, Managing, Monitoring and Troubleshooting of SQL Server 2005/2008/2014 on Windows Environments.
  • Excellent SQL programming skills in writing business logic and complex queries to Create Database objects such as Tables, Views, Stored procedures, Triggers and User - Defined Functions.
  • Good understanding of Database Architecture concepts related to Pages, Extents, Files, File-Groups, Transaction Logs, Tables and Indexes.
  • Experience in using SQL Server Management studio tools such as Profiler, Database Tuning Advisor and Performance Monitor for Query Optimization and Performance Tuning.
  • Experience in Database Administration work such as setting SQL Server Agent jobs for Backups, developing high availability solutions through Replication and Database Mirroring, creating Maintenance Plans, Maintaining Database Security etc. Experience in building Data Integration and Workflow Solutions for Extracting, Transforming, and Loading data wif SSIS packages, DTS and BCP utility.
  • Experience in teh core areas likeEDI/ XMLandBizTalk / EDI Configuration,BizTalk Data Mapping usingSAP.Net Connectors EDIFACT, HIPAA 2.0/3.0to implement various EDI transaction such as 834, 835, 837.
  • Experience in Implementing various SSIS features like Event Handling, Precedence Constraints, Breakpoints, Check Points, expressions, XML configuration files, Error handling and Logging for Complex SSIS Packages
  • Expertise in C# and VB Script in Integration Services Packages while performing various Transformation Operations, file manipulation and multiple file handling.
  • Experience in developing Custom Reports and Various types of Tabular, Matrix, Ad-hoc, Drill-down, Lists, Charts, Parameterized and Cascading Reports wif multiple formatting using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Experienced in developing various types of midlevel to complex reports using Crystal Reports 2008.
  • Experience in integrating custom visuals based on business requirements using Power BI desktop and Power BI Report server. Experience in developing complex calculated measures using Data Analysis Expression (DAX).
  • Basic noledge of developing and extending SSAS cubes, Dimensions, Data source views, SSAS- data mining models including deploying and processing of SSAS objects.
  • Good understanding of using version Control Tools such as Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual source safe (VSS) and PVCS version manager to keep documents and components organized for managing project life cycle.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills coupled wif excellent documentation, verbal and inter-personnel communication skills including teh ability to acquaint to fast changing environments
  • Implemented various projects in team environment using AGILE methodology. Experience of using Rally agile central Scrum project.


Databases & Data warehouse: MS SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005, IBM DB2 9.7, SSIS, SSAS, Erwin Data modeler, BizTalk Server 2010/2013

Reporting Tools: SSRS, Business Objects Crystal Report 2008, Power BI Desktop and Report Server

Scripts: Confidential -SQL scripts, VB.net, C#.net, MATLAB, XML, Unix Korn shell script, Power Shell script

Tools: SQL Server Management Studio client, TFS, Visual source safe, Workload Control Center(Autosys job using JIL), PVCS version manager, IBM Lotus notes, Rally Agile central(for Scrum project) MS Outlook, MS office, MS Visual Studio, MS Access 2007/2003, Windows Server 2007/2003,SSH Client


Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Lead SQL/ SSIS/SSRS/ETL Developer


  • Involved in complete SDLC including Requirement Specifications, Analysis, Design, Development and Unit testing of application. Helped in teh design of teh Architecture of teh Data Mart and in performance tuning of its database.
  • Created complex SQL server transactional stored procedures to apply business logic for claims processing, reprising, payment process and data validation. Implemented TRY-Catch-Throw for error handling, common table expression (CTE) for removing duplicates and dynamic SQL to standardize process.
  • Participated in Medicare ACO DB design to create schema and relationships using Erwin data modeler and loaded monthly beneficiary and claims data available various ACO clients. Set up Database, SQL objects, ETL processes, folder structure and SQL job for new ACO client.
  • Created SSIS Packages using For each loop container, Execute SQL Task, Data Flow Task, Script Task, File system Task, FTP task and applied transformation such as union, Pivot Transformation, script component task, Derived Columns, Condition Split, sort, merge join etc. to generate underlying data for teh extracts and to export cleaned data from Excel Spreadsheets, Text file, MS Access and CSV files to data warehouse.
  • Developed standard SSIS package to generate ‘dynamic column mapping’ during runtime to generate standard eligibility, members, groups, claims and providers extracts by passing only parameter to configuration file. dis package saved development time and reduces maintenance.
  • Implemented error handling using ‘On Failure’ precedent constraint and event handler in SSIS package to capture error data and informed user about error data wif error description. Prevented SSIS package and SQL job failure when data error.
  • Utilized Slowly changing Dimension wizard to implement type 1 and type 2 to load Quality metrics data. Developed incremental loading using MERGE statement.
  • Configured Connection Managers, file paths and other dynamic variables for SSIS packages using XML file configuration to dynamically execute SSIS package on UAT and Production server.
  • Used Execution Plan and Database Engine Tuning Advisor to optimize queries and stored procedures to enhance teh process performance.
  • Designed analytical reports through teh use of Stored Procedures and reporting tools such as Business Objects crystal reports and SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Developed easy to use deployment tool using C#, to deploy SSIS package and configuration file on different network location for various ACO client.
  • Involved in SQL server migration. Performed data quality and feasibility testing in UAT. Upgraded SSIS packages using SSIS package upgrade wizard in SSDT.
  • Conducted peer design, code reviews, documentation standards and best practices to develop standard ETL procedures.
  • Provided 24/7 on call support for all teh Production servers. Analyzed production issues quickly and efficiently during working hours and on call to keep all process running smoothly.
  • Deployed, Tested and Scheduled SSIS packages, SQL scripts using SQL Agent job agent.
  • Worked as part of an Agile SCRUM team and responsible for iteratively delivering business outcomes.

Tools: & Technologies: MS SQL Server 2014/2008 R2, SSIS 2008/2014, SSRS 2008, Visual Studio 2013/2008, Business object crystal report 2008, Power BI Desktop and Report Server on Azure Cloud, TFS, MS Office 2010/2007, XML, VB.net,C#.net, MS Visio, MS Outlook, PowerShell, BizTalk Server 2010/2013, CA Agile Central

Confidential, Roseland, NJ

Sr. SQL/ SSIS/SSRS/ETL Developer


  • Gather requirements from Investment management operation and accounting team to identify data elements, create mapping documents, implementing business logic and analyze business data.
  • Lead SSRS report migration project from UVTS (Unit Value Trade System) to PARIS (Plan Accounting Reporting and Information System). Developed SPs and SSIS packages to extract data from source system and load to destination databases. Identified data elements to map wif teh system.
  • Created SSIS package to load data from Flat File to SQL Server 2008 database using various transformation such as Lookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Term Extraction, Aggregate, Pivot Transformation, and Slowly Changing Dimension.
  • Create SSIS Package wif multiple SEQUENCE CONTAINERS to INSERT and UPDATE teh dimension tables using type 2 slowly changing dimension methodology.
  • Created XML package configuration to make package configuration dynamics to run in different environment.
  • Used SSIS to create ETL packages to Validate, Extract, Transform and Load data to Data Warehouse and Data Mart Databases.
  • Developed Unit Test Plans for SSIS packages for checking teh functionality of each component.
  • Modified teh existing SSIS packages to meet teh changes specified by teh users.
  • Scheduled Jobs for executing teh stored SSIS packages which were developed to update teh database on Daily basis using SQL Server Agent.
  • Involved in creating alerts for successful or unsuccessful completion of scheduled jobs.
  • Worked in setup logging environment to track teh status of teh events like error raise, task fail.
  • Developing, Deploying and scheduling Reports using SSRS and crystal reports to generate all daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Developing Custom Reports and Various types of Tabular, Ad-hoc, Charts, and Parameterized Reports wif multiple formatting using Crystal reports. Expertise in writing in crystal report formulas to create richly formatted reports.
  • Assist teh team on unit test and integration test of application and procedures. Work wif other IT teams on issues/tasks related to teh application, Autosys batch run and production support.
  • Coordinating offshore team to assigning development work, resolving production support issues and performance related issues.
  • Responsible for on schedule release each quarter as well as troubleshooting problem related to Plan Accounting and Reporting Information System. Available on call for production support.
  • Analyzed existing system and programming logic to provide more efficient operations.
  • Providing production support (e.g. critical business requirement, after hours, on call etc.) operations end users and teh systems support team as well as conduct periodic application disaster recovery exercise.
  • Working wif project manager on suitable testing protocol and plan.
  • Performing Unit testing and documenting teh results.
  • Coordination wif teh deployment team to deploy teh new code in production.
  • Participated for setting up HADR (High Availability Disaster Recovery) server and feasibility testing.

Tools: & Technologies: MS SQL Server 2008/2005, IBM DB2 9.7, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, Visual Studio 2008, Business object crystal report 2008,Rapid SQL, UNIX Korn shell script, PVCS version manager, MS Office 2010/2007, Perl scripting, XML,MS SharePoint 2007,VB.net,C#.net,MS Visio

Confidential, Boston, MA

SSIS/SQL Developer


  • Responsible for implementing Oracle Accounts Payable (AP) interface to Windward application. Many manual processes will be replaced wif automated interfaces and processes for loading information on vendors, claims (invoices), payments, and payment status.
  • Designed ETL packages dealing wif different data sources (SQL Server, CSV, Flat Files etc) and loaded teh data into target data destination by performing different kinds of transformations using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Create complex stored procedures using temp-tables, joins and CTEs to extract customer personal information from various legacy systems to staging tables.
  • Created SSIS Package using MERGE, DATA CONVERSION, LOOKUP, DERIVED COLUMN, DATAFLOW tasks to load customer personal information from staging database to Fact Tables.
  • Create stored procedures to INSERT and UPDATE data from MYSQL databases to Fact Tables on teh new data warehouse.
  • Create VIEWS to de-normalize Fact data using multiple dimensions and lookups tables so as to use these VIEWS in generating business Reports.
  • Create SSIS Package to export/import teh Flat Files to an external Server through SFTP using WINSCP. dis is accomplished using EXECUTE PROCESS TASK and BATCH files as Parameters.
  • Create stored procedures comprising of dynamic scripts using BULK INSERT, INSERT and UPDATE tasks to copy data from multiple flat files to SQL SERVER staging tables.
  • Created tabular SSRS Reports from SP, VIEWS and other FACT Tables using cascading parameters, drill downs, and other conditional formatting styles.
  • Create SQL Server Agent Jobs wif multiple TSQL and SSIS steps and setup EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS in case of Job Failure.
  • Generate DB scripts for tables, views, stored procedures and Agent Jobs and create batch scripts to run scripts for production deployment process.
  • Deploy objects and process to production systems, setup CMD LINE automation wif software necessary to SFTP files, convert text file encodings, convert file formats and zip file folders.

Tools: & Technologies: MS SQL Server 2008, Confidential -SQL, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, Visual Studio 2008, MS Office 2007/2003,MS VSS, Perl scripting, XML,MS SharePoint 2007,VB.net,C#.net,MS vision, TFS

Confidential, Boston, MA

MS SQL Server /BI Developer


  • Used teh SSIS to migrate databases such as Oracle and SQL Server database, flat files to centralized IT destination.
  • Involved in Developing, Monitoring and Deploying SSIS packages and successfully created dynamic configuration packages in SSIS.
  • Designed SSIS Packages to transfer data between servers, load data into database, archive data file from different DBMSs using SQL Enterprise Manager/SSMS on SQL Server 2005/2000 environment, and deploy teh data. Used Event Handlers for Exception Handling in SSIS packages.
  • Used SSIS transformations to implement teh Slowly Changing Transformation, to maintain Historical Data in Data warehouse.
  • Developed Report Models using report builder and distributed reports in multiple formats using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in Business intelligence development studio (BIDS).
  • Generated reports on wealth information, account information, research reports using ad-hoc reporting to be used by teh clients and advisors.
  • Identified and worked wif multi valued parameters for parameterized reports in SSRS.
  • Created Queries in Confidential -SQL, Stored Procedures, and Views to store teh data of clients, advisors.
  • Created User Defined Functions, Triggers to store data into appropriate tables as and when data arrives and created indexes to teh tables dat has least updating to improve teh query performance.
  • Performed Confidential -SQL tuning and optimization of queries for reports dat took longer execution time using MS SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard and SQL Query Analyzer in MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Created many complex Stored Procedures/Functions and used them in Crystal Reports directly to generate reports on teh fly.
  • Scheduled, maintained, and supported teh distribution and access to reports through Crystal Server.

Tools: & Technologies: MS SQL Server 2008, Confidential -SQL, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, Visual Studio 2008, Cognos 8, MS Office 2007/2003,MS VSS, Perl scripting, XML,MS SharePoint 2007,VB.net,C#.net,MS vision

Confidential, Dallas TX

Business Intelligence Developer


  • Developed various Confidential -SQL stored procedures, triggers, views and adding/changing tables for data load, transformation and extraction.
  • Created database maintenance planner for performance of SQLServer which covers database integrity checks, update database statistics and re-indexing.
  • Modified stored procedures to implement teh complex business needs for generating new customer number, updating user profiles, transaction processing, generating messages wif code encryption.
  • Responsible for database tuning using normalization and application tuning.
  • Developed ETL packages wif different data sources (SQLServer, Flat files, Excel source files, XML files) and loaded teh data into target tables by performing different kinds of transformations using SSIS.
  • Applied various data transformations like Lookup, Fuzzy lookup, Fuzzy Grouping, Aggregate, Sort, Multicasting, Conditional split, Derived column etc.
  • Implemented OLAP Cubes, Facts, and Dimensions for providing summarized and aggregate views of large sets of data and used Multi-Dimensional Expression (MDX) to access them.
  • Created business critical KPIs usingSQL ServerAnalysis Services (SSAS) representing aggregations in several different ways - hierarchically and using custom groupings dat teh company will use to analyze performance
  • Involved in optimizing code and improving efficiency in databases including re-indexing, updating statistics, recompiling stored procedures and performing other maintenance tasks.
  • Provided production support for ETL jobs
  • Used Cognos 8 to generate different types of ad-hoc reports for Business Intelligence.

Tools: & Technologies: MS SQL Server 2008/2005, Confidential -SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, and Windows Servers 2008,Performance Server, PowerShell Script, VB.net, Cognos 8

Confidential, Middletown, NJ

SQL Server Dev/DBA


  • Actively participated in developing physical data model of database and implemented requirements on SQL Server 2005. Implemented complex conceptual database design into SQL Server 2005 using Normalization, various Constraint, indexes and Triggers.
  • Implemented complex business requirement in backend using efficient stored procedure and flexible function, and facilitated easy implementation to teh Front end application.
  • Involved in development of automated daily, weekly and monthly system maintenance tasks such as Database backup, Replication Verification, and Database integrity verification and Indexing updates.
  • Worked on Linked servers to run Distributed queries between SQL Servers.
  • Scheduled Jobs and Alerts using SQL Server Agent.
  • Managed Login and User: Adding Logins, Roles, and Groups to teh Window NT and MS SQL Server and Maintaining proper security procedures.
  • Creating and managing schema objects such as Tables, Views, Clusters, Indexes, Procedures, Triggers and Maintained Referential Integrity.
  • Developed DTS Packages to get teh Reports, routinely, in teh Excel sheets, required by teh managers for analysis.
  • Expert in planning and implementing MS SQL Server Security and Database Permissions.
  • Performance Tuning of SQL queries and stored procedures using SQL Profiler and Index Tuning Wizard.
  • Use DTS and Confidential -SQL Stored procedures to transfer data from Different data sources to Staging area and finally transfer into Data warehouse.
  • Backing up master & system databases and restoring them when necessary.

Tools: & Technologies: MS SQL Server 2005, Confidential -SQL,SSIS 2005,SSRS 2005,SSAS 2005, Oracle 8i/9i, Windows server 2000/2003, Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.0, VB.net, MS VSS

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