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Datastage Sme/ Developer(datastage/netezza) Resume

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Coppell, TexaS


  • Dynamic, result oriented IBM Information Server/DataStage SME/Architect/Developer with 13 years of experience in implementing full life cycle data warehousing projects
  • Strong knowledge of Star schema and Snow flake schemas, involved in designing DW concepts like conformed dimensions, conformed facts and Data Warehouse bus architecture for ETL development
  • Strong working experience in the Data Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Testing of Data Warehousing projects
  • Experience in being in constant interaction with Data Modelers and Architects, and involved in the process of giving and taking feedback as a part of improving the Data Model so that the Data Model supports the structures needed for ETL development
  • 13 plus years of experience and an expert in IS /DataStage Enterprise Edition installations on all flavors on UNIX platforms, Windows and Linux Grid.
  • Experience in designing the DataStage Master Design Document for the project and Detail Design Document for a release to guide ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) development
  • Expert in establishing DataStage patterns for the project/release in order to allow maximum reusability of the DataStage modules and processes
  • Expert knowledge in DataStage best practices and in designing jobs for optimal performance, reusability and restartability
  • Expert in configuring database connections for Oracle, DB2, Sybase and SQL Server from DataStage
  • Expert in setting up parallel configuration files depending upon Client’s hardware architecture
  • Performing routine daily functions of a DataStage Admin/ install expert
  • Strong experience in making DataStage processes as repeatable as possible to ensure there are significantly less man hours used, less defect ratio, and ability to deliver a task in less time; and as a result be more cost effective
  • Strong and proven experience in making DataStage ETL processes function as a well oiled machine with lesser development time required as the project progresses
  • Strong working experience in mentoring, training, guiding and leading teams of three to four DataStage developers, experienced and beginners both onsite and offsite
  • Data Warehousing implementation experience using DataStage PX (DataStage Designer, DataStage Director, DataStage Manager, DataStage Administrator), DataStage Server
  • Expertise in implementing DataStage PX, Sequencer, Server, Shared Container jobs and Build - ops
  • Strong experience in coding using SQL, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL Procedures/Functions, Triggers and Packages
  • Strong experience in Unix scripting and running DataStage jobs using Unix scripts
  • Strong working experience in designing DataStage job scheduling outside the DataStage tool and also within the tool as required by Client/Customer company standards
  • Expert in configuring and setting up DataStage PX on AIX, DB2 UDB, Teradata, Oracle and other environments
  • Expert in maintaining Metadata at the database level using a combination of DS PX jobs
  • Expert in designing the DataStage configuration files for optimal performance and best resource usage
  • Expertise in Integration of various data sources like DB2 UDB, Oracle 10g,9x/8.x/7.x, SQL Server, MS Access, Teradata, and Sybase
  • Experience in creating required documentation for production support hand off, and training production support on commonly encountered problems, possible causes for problems and ways to debug them
  • Strong experience in Object Oriented Concepts, C, C++ and Java
  • Strong experience in writing server routines in Basic and Parallel routines in C++ for custom logic and leveraging the same in DataStage jobs.
  • Received Advanced DataStage training from IBM and also taught several DataStage classes
  • Strong experience in Investigate, Standardize, Match and Survivorship operations
  • Strong experience in integrating the QualityStage cleansing operations within a DataStage job before the actual ETL
  • Strong experience in Name and Address standardization using the USNAME, USADDR and USAREA rule sets
  • Experience in pattern overrides for non standard/ unrecognized patterns
  • Experience in designing Match specifications using the Match designer in QualityStage
  • Experience in designing the Survive rules for the Target output fields


  • InfoSphere Information Server DataStage 11.3/9.x/8.x
  • WebSphere Information Server DataStage 8.0.1
  • QualityStage 8.0.1
  • Information Analyzer 8.0.1 DataStage EE 7.5.1
  • DataStage Designer
  • DataStage Director
  • DataStage Manager
  • DataStage Administrator
  • DataStage Server
  • ProfileStage
  • QualityStage
  • MetaStage
  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • SQL
  • PL/SQL
  • UML
  • Perl UNIX (AIX
  • HP-UX)
  • Linux
  • MS-DOS
  • Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP
  • E-R Modeling
  • Dimensional Modeling
  • ERWin
  • JSP
  • Servlets
  • Java Servlets
  • EJB
  • HTML
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • VB Script and UNIX Shell Scripting
  • DB2
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Teradata
  • MS Access
  • VB.NET
  • VB 5.0/6.0
  • VC++
  • FoxPro
  • Netezza 7.x.


Confidential, Coppell, Texas

DataStage SME/ Developer(DataStage/Netezza)


  • Involved in designing DataStage Mapping and the Technical Documentation.
  • Involved in creating jobs and analyzing scope of application, defining relationship within and between groups of data, star schema, etc.
  • Used DataStage Designer to develop processes for extracting, cleansing, transforming, integrating and loading data into Data Warehouse database.
  • Documented user requirements, translated requirements into system solutions and develop implementation plan and schedule.
  • Identified and documented Data Sources and Transformation Rules required populating and maintaining data warehouse.
  • Created DataStage jobs using different stages like Transformer, Aggregator, Sort, Join, Merge, Lookup, Data Set, Funnel, Remove Duplicates, Copy, Modify, Filter, Change Data Capture, Change Apply, Surrogate Key, Column Generator, and Row Generator.
  • Train and manage developers, advising other groups in organization on SSIS development, data warehouse development, and ETL development best practices.
  • Installed IBM Information Server 9.1.2 on AIX with XMETA database on DB2
  • Configured databases connections to Oracle, Netezza and SQL server for DataStage
  • Created userids, granted access to Information Server suite modules based on roles and responsibilities
  • Performed daily tasks of DataStage Administrator such as creating projects, doing backups, debugging aborted jobs, giving expert advice to developers on how to improve performance of their jobs
  • Installed patches from IBM as and when they became available

Environment: IBM InfoSphere Information Server DataStage 9.1.2, AIX, SQL Server, DB2, ORACLE, Netezza, SQL, Windows, UNIX Shell Scripts, MS Office

Confidential, Dallas, Texas

DataStage SME/ Architect


  • Installed Information Server 11.3 on AIX with DB2 as xmeta repository.
  • Upgraded 8.5 to 9.1.2 with DB2 as xmeta repository and configured Netezza, SQL Server and Oracle connections.
  • Installed 8.5 Fix Pack 1, Fix Pack 2 for Information Server
  • Installed 8.5 with DB2 as XMETA repository and configured Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 connections.
  • Performed all and every server related daily admin activities like designing configuration files, user creation, logs purging and so on.
  • Designed and architected the entire ETL infrastructure/architecture for 8.5/ DB2 and 9.1.2/ Netezza.
  • Architected and developed the conformed ETL architecture for loading IBM atomic Data Warehouse and Data Marts for Healthcare
  • Architected and developed the operational meta data schema for capturing operational job run meta data and interface runs.
  • Architected and developed the auditing and reject handling capabilities.
  • Worked in capacity of Data Architect for the last one year to bring in new subject areas in to the IBM atomic Data Warehouse
  • Worked as Data Architect and designed dimensional structures needed for Pharmacy reporting.
  • Worked on design template jobs to load staging, IBM atomic data warehouse for Healthcare and data mart on DB2 using InfoSphere 8.5/9.1.2/11.3
  • Developed DataStage ETL jobs to load foundation data like Patient, Encounter, Point Of Care location, Organization.
  • Developed DataStage ETL jobs to load clinical data like Medications, Clinical orders and findings and Groupers
  • Designed and developed ETL processes to support Pharmacy reporting with subject areas like GL, Interventions and Orders.
  • Participate in all stages of the development life cycle including requirement analysis, design, development and implementation of ETL jobs to load raw staging, conformed staging, EDW layer and datamart.
  • Worked extensively on Datastage 8.5 and also on 9.1.2/11.3 migration
  • Worked on conversion of datastage jobs with DB2 database connections to the ones with Netezza database using IBM RJUT (Rapid Job Update Tool). Also worked on updating Source/Target SQL as necessary.
  • Fine Tune Jobs/Process to higher performances & debug critical/complex jobs.
  • Architected design and code reviews and extensive documentation of standards, best practices, and ETL procedures.
  • Extensively worked with DDL, DML, and DCL on databases to support ETL processes.
  • Ensure issues are identified, tracked, reported on and resolved in a timely manner.

Environment: IBM InfoSphere Information Server DataStage 9.1, 8.5, AIX, SQL Server, DB2, ORACLE, Netezza, SQL, Windows, UNIX Shell Scripts, MS Office

Confidential, Dearborn, MI

InfoSphere DataStage Architect/ Developer/Administrator


  • Designed and mentored on designing DataStage jobs for loading prestaging, staging and data mart with performance as a key factor
  • Designed and developed DataStage Shared Container/RCP enabled jobs for all the common modules to allow reusability of code
  • Designed and developed DataStage jobs to allow re-startability in other words if the PX job flow aborts, the PX jobs were developed in such a way as to just restart the job that failed instead restarting the whole job flow
  • Implemented sequences with restartablity to run DataStage jobs
  • Designed prestaging, staging and Data Mart schemas along with Data Modeler giving ETL inputs
  • Reviewed and approved code changes that are implemented as a part of releases or support activities.
  • Installed InfoSphere Information Server 8.5 on Windows 2008 R2 on Development, UAT and Production

Environment: IBM InfoSphere Information Server DataStage 8.5, IBM Identity Insight, AIX, SQL Server, DB2, SQL, Windows, UNIX Shell Scripts, MS Office

Confidential, Livingston, NJ

DataStage Architect/Developer


  • Trained and mentored Confidential ’s employees on DataStage/QualityStage tool and best practices/patterns in ETL development using DataStage and QualityStage
  • Worked as a lead in designing the entire ETL architecture for Trade Finance
  • Extensive experience with SQL Server, Oracle and DB2.
  • Investigated the data using character discrete, character concatenate and Word investigation techniques.
  • Standardized names and addresses using IBM QualityStage.
  • Extensive experience with real time address validation using plug in such as CASS, MNS and WAVES
  • Extensively involved in developing data cleansing procedures using QualityStage to standardize names, addresses and area.
  • Created pattern and data overrides to override the data values that are not handled by the rule sets.
  • Validated Phone numbers and email addresses using IBM QualityStage.
  • Developed Match Specification for Implementing Unduplicate/Reference Match to identify Matches and Duplicates in the Source data.
  • Designed and developed jobs using DataStage/QualityStage 8.x for loading the data into Dimension and Fact Tables.
  • Wrote a generic Unix scripts for executing DataStage jobs through Control M
  • Wrote Stored procedures and executed from DataStage
  • Designed and fine tuned DataStage PX jobs with performance as a key factor
  • Designed and developed DataStage Shared Container jobs for all the common modules (e.g. generation of surrogate key) to allow reusability of code
  • Designed and developed DataStage PX jobs to allow re-startability in other words if the PX job flow aborts, the PX jobs were developed in such a way as to just restart the job that failed instead restarting the whole job flow
  • Developed build-ops using C/C++ to simplify and reuse business logic
  • Extensively used Business Objects to develop canned reports and adhoc reports
  • Established best practices for DataStage PX jobs to ensure optimal performance, reusability, and re-startability before development effort started
  • Fully designed and developed purge process for the staging area fact and dimension tables using combination of DataStage PX jobs and Unix scripts
  • Designed and developed common modules for error checking (e.g. to check if the reject records output file is empty and to check if there are duplicate natural keys in a given table)

Environment: IBM InfoSphere Information Server DataStage 8.x, Ascential DataStage EE 7.5.1, Linux, ORACLE, SQL, Windows, UNIX Shell Scripts, MS Office

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