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Software Engineer Resume Profile

Hartford, CT


  • Over 17 years' experience designing, developing, integrating, and supporting corporate and engineering tools and applications, including content management, web and desktop interfaces and database architecture.
  • Apply in-depth understanding of business and IT requirements to streamline administration and internal processes, resulting in enhanced automation and operational efficiency.
  • Experienced GUI developer.
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Learn and apply new technologies quickly.
  • Expert knowledge of numerous programming languages.
  • Superior communication, presentation, analytical, and problem-solving skills.



.NET, Visual Basic 6/.NET 2005-2013, VBA, ASP.NET,

SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Classic ASP, DOS

Operating Systems:

Windows 2000/2003/XP/7, iRMX


SQL Server 2005/2008/2012,

Oracle 8.x/9.x, Microsoft Access 97-2012, FoxPro


Windows 2008, IIS


GUI, ASP, ADO, Web Services, ODBC, XML, COM , OPC, PLC, Real-time Closed-loop Control Systems


Visual Studio, MS Office Suite XP-2012,

SS Reporting Services, MS Visual SourceSafe, FrontPage,

Crystal Reports, Install Shield, Rockwell RSView32,

Siemens Step7/MicroWin



Software Engineer

  • Develop report content using Microsoft SQL Server BI stack.
  • Author stored procedures, queries, ETL processes, and other objects as needed.
  • Assist with data analysis efforts.
  • Assist Subject Matter Experts SME in gathering and analyzing business requirements.

Tools: ASP.NET, VS2013, VB.NET and SQL Server 2008/2012, SSRS, SSIS


Application Developer

  • Upgrade FoxPro database, applications and reports to MS SQL Server.
  • Design/Modify SQL Server database, create stored procedures and views as needed.
  • Design and build user interface for data entry and correction.
  • Work with analysts to develop an improved database schema for quality analysis.

Tools: ASP.NET, VS2013, VB.NET, FoxPro 9 and SQL Server 2008/2012, SSRS, SSIS, VBA


Application Developer

  • Modify existing web applications.
  • Design and build MS Excel Addin.
  • Build MS Excel application in VBA using templates.
  • Design/Modify SQL Server database, create stored procedures and views as needed.
  • Design and build user interface for data entry and correction.

Tools: ASP.NET, VS2005, VS2008, VB.NET, VBA and SQL Server 2005


MS SQL Server Application Developer

  • Upgrade MS Access application to window desktop w/SQL Server.
  • Design and build web portal to manage Grants offered to city and town police departments.
  • Design/Modify SQL Server database, create stored procedures and views as needed.
  • Design and build user interface for program.
  • Coordinate with users of the system.
  • Develop reports using SSRS.

Tools: ASP.NET, VS2008, VB.NET, MS Office XP, Adobe, SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008


MS SQL Server Application Developer

  • Create automated program to process emails into CRM/Leads program.
  • Design/Modify SQL Server database, create stored procedures and views as needed.
  • Design and build user interface for program maintenance.
  • Coordinate with developers of other components of the system.
  • Worked with XML data validation.
  • Introduced co-worker to SSRS.

Tools: VS2008, VB.NET, XML and SQL Server 2008


MS SQL Server Database Developer

  • Create Stored Procedures to export data files to 3rd party ERP application.
  • Data scrubbing and formatting prior to import.
  • Reviewed code and recommended enhancements.

Tools: Oracle 9 and SQL Server 2008


Oracle Database Developer

  • Automated manual update processes.
  • Developed monitoring programs with email notifications
  • Reviewed code and recommended enhancements.

Tools: Oracle 8, Oracle 9 and VB Scripting


Senior Software Engineer

Application/Database Developer

  • Automated several reporting requirements using SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server and T-SQL, making them available on the company intranet and by email distribution, saving dozens of man-hours per month.
  • Created a tool for field service to collect data from the product in the field. The tool, programmed in VB.NET, captures data over a USB device, analyses the new data against historic data with Excel and if acceptable, stored the new data in an XML file. The next time the technician connects to the network, the new data is merged into a fleet wide database.
  • Develop and maintain field service tools for product management using a wide variety of tools, such as Visual Studio, MS Office, VBA, Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Developed the HMI Human-Machine Interface using DDE and Rockwell RSView32 that is now the company standard for remote and local control and monitoring of UTC Power's fleet of fuel cell generator's.
  • Designed an Oracle database front-end using Visual Basic, PL/SQL queries and stored procedures allowing engineers to access performance data for our fuel cell fleet. This saved the company tens of thousands of dollars that would have been spent on licenses for commercial reporting software.
  • Augmented and maintained the remote data collection application for legacy fuel cell product. The product automatically calls in with data when there is a problem or the application can call the fuel cell when data is needed or can call on an automated schedule. I added an email alert program using PL/SQL queries, as an add-on that emails relevant parties when a particular fuel cell's data is out of bounds.
  • Developed a web server application using RSView to display fuel cell operation on the internet for South Windsor High School. Classic ASP
  • Principal designer electrical and software for a PLC based system using Siemens Step7 to control 16 micro turbines producing 960KW of electricity, chilled water and hot water for the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.
  • On the design team that developed the control system for 18 micro turbines 1.2 MW for KPMG's data center in Montvale, NJ. Received commendation for personally commissioning the site.
  • Designed and installed several custom control systems using BEST a Visual Basic derivative by Carrier Corp. for customer's that had unique needs for our CHP equipment. Some were time-of-day schedulers, others were efficiency monitoring applications some were integration to customer's BMS Building Management Systems .
  • Developed a manufacturing work flow tracking system with ASP.NET using Visual Studio. The system included barcode tracking of employee hours, product time in each station, management overview screens and visual shop floor indicators.
  • Received several senior management awards.

Tools: All listed above in Computer Skills

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