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Software Consultant Resume Profile



Highly skilled Senior Software Engineer with over fifteen years of design and programming experience in complex data driven enterprise level systems, with the ability to take ownership of projects from start to finish specializing in LAMP based technologies, but skilled in several different languages that allow for flexibility with various projects.


Languages - PHP 4/5, SQL, Javascript, Java, Android SDK, Flex 3, ActionScript 3, .Net 3.5/4, C 3.5/4, VB.Net 3.5/4, ASP.Net Web Forms, Visual Basic 5, VBScript

Databases - MySQL 4.4/5.0/5.5, SQL Server 2005/2008, phpMyAdmin 2.6.4, SQL Server Management Studio,

Visio 2003, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Entity Framework, PostgreSQL

Related - LAMP Development, Object Orient Design, Database Design, System Design, jQuery, AJAX,

CSS, SVN, CVS, Agile software development, MVC, EDI, HL7, Rational Team Concert Plugins



Software Consultant,

  • Created a User Interface for a Customer Service web application for a major medical diagnostics and technologies company using HTML, CSS and jQuery.
  • - Created a highly functional mockup of system
  • - Used jQuery to simulate database connection to load data into jQuery Datatable grids
  • - Used jQuery Datatables to create complex grids to display data
  • - Modified mockup pages to work as jsp pages for real system connecting MVC controllers to AJAX calls
  • - Light work with Java Spring MVC code
  • - Heavy use of jQuery plugins such as jQuery Datatables, jqxGrid, jqxTabs and custom made plugins
  • Designed and developed a web based auction system for food distributors using Java and MySQL for the back end, with HTML and jQuery for the front end, and sent and received EDI messages for customer orders.
  • - Created Java servlets to accept incoming requests from browser
  • - Created Bean classes that mapped to database tables
  • - Created JDBCTemplate classes to connect to database
  • - Helped create front end UI using jQuery


Senior Software Engineer

  • Originally worked with small development team at My Innerview for two years, but later I became a contractor to provide support with the transfer of My Innerview technology to National Research, after My Innerview's acquisition. The contract was to help with a large project and to work with their .Net services and applications.
  • - Developed Windows service that imports and processes EDI 5010 formatted messages
  • - Designed database schema and developed new data submission tool in ASP.Net Web Forms, VB.Net 4.0 and Entity Framework
  • - Updated calculations for reporting data in C 4.0
  • - Developed and maintained existing code in C 3.5/4.0 and VB.net 3.5/4.0 code
  • My Innerview responsibilities
  • - Worked with a small development team to assist in creating new web based applications to support and expand on My Innerview's survey engine.
  • - Designed database schema and developed the following in PHP 4, Flex 3 and MySQL 5
  • - Dynamic dashboard system used for quick user interface development
  • - Task management system for clients to take action on data from main survey system
  • - Developed interactive dashboard to preform contextual analysis on patient feedback in Flex 3 with PHP 4
  • - Created Flex components


Senior Software Engineer/Partner

  • created a software consultant company with the former CTO from Waiting Room Solutions. I worked on various contracts for clients and systems for the company.
  • - Designed database schema and developed the following in PHP 5 and MySQL 5
  • - N-tier, OOD enterprise level system generator used to create enterprise level LAMP based systems
  • - Website that allows users to create their own PDF real-estate booklets
  • - Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Marketing Management system
  • - Designed and developed custom Javascript objects with Ajax controls built in
  • - Developed GUI for Customer Relationship Management system using custom Javascript objects


Software Architect

  • I started as a software engineer deeply involved with overall design of the first web based, open source CCHIT certified Electronic Medical Record system and Medical Practice Management system. I also helped with creating development standards as the company grew and oversaw projects at all stages of development.
  • - Designed overall structure of web based enterprise level medical management system
  • - Created development standards
  • - Gathered, cleansed and imported data for lists
  • - Prepared system for CCHIT certification obtained 4/30/2007
  • - Designed and developed multi-threaded Java socket engine for sending and receiving HL7 messages
  • - Designed database schema and developed the following in PHP 4/5 and MySQL 4/5
  • - Patient management system clients used to manage their patient data
  • - Appointment scheduling system clients and their patients used to create appointments
  • - Internal messaging and task system clients used to communicate and set tasks for employees
  • - Resource system used in appointment scheduler and messaging system
  • - Permissions system used in all systems
  • - Internal issue tracking system used by company to track development issues
  • - Developed web site creation tool clients used to create patient facing portal to their practice
  • - Integrated Electronic Medical Record system into main system
  • - Served as project lead on appointment scheduling system
  • - Supervised other developer's projects



  • At Lavitsky Computer Laboratories I worked with both PHP and Visual Basic on systems that integrated with Scala servers.
  • - Developed prototype system to present television advertisements on the web using PHP and XML
  • - Assisted in development of a billing and tracking system using Visual Basic and Access
  • - Researched new technologies for future projects including XML, XSL and Java Beans



  • Multicast Media Network was a small startup where I worked with an intricate team to develop systems the company needed as it tried to grow. My tasks included various duties involving database design, web page
  • layout and full system development.
  • - Designed and developed a web based office management system using PHP and MySQL
  • - Developed multi-tier Internet applications with Oracle and SQL Server back ends
  • - Designed and developed classes in PHP

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