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Sr. Applications Developer Resume Profile

Ound Rock, TX


  • 18 years of total IT experience including 14 years of US experience in system study, analysis, design, development, migration, integrating, testing, documentation, implementation and support of various projects through their entire life cycles using client/server technology.
  • Have good knowledge of Relational Database concepts, GUI, Client Server architecture, Objected Oriented technology, SDLC and Testing under Windows and UNIX environment.
  • Developed, maintained and supported several PowerBuilder applications using the versions 5.0 to 12.1 with Oracle 7.x to 11g, MS SQL Server 6.5 to 2008 R2, Sybase and DB2 as back-end.
  • Had experience in different kind of clients like Financial, Utility, Energy Power, Oil Gas , Trading, Tax, ETRM, Manufacturing, State and Federal Government, Transportation, Telecommunication, Banking, Educational and various types of business application systems.
  • Excellent problem solver and quick learner. Ability to lead, work in a team environment and can easily adapt to any other software with less time. Flexibility and responsiveness to changing priorities. Work in a cross-functional environment for enterprise projects.


GUI: PowerBuilder 12.5/12.0/.NET,11.5,10.5/9.0/8.0/7.0/6.x/5.0, PFC, Java 2.0, Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, D2K

DATABASE: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2008 R2/2005, Sybase 12.x/11.x, SQL Anywhere, DB2, MS Access

TOOLS: SQL Navigator 3.11, SQL Developer, DBArtisan, ERwin, Power Designer, DTS, SSIS, Query Analyzer, SQL Enterprise Manager, Batch Job Server, FTP Client, MS Office, Visio, PVCS, Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe, PB Native Source Control, Business Objects 5.1, MTM, TFS, soapUI, Crystal Reports

LANGUAGES: SQL Plus, T-SQL, PL/SQL, PowerScript, Pro C, HTML, ASP.NET, JDK 2.0, JDBC, XML, C , C

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 7/XP/2000/98/95, Windows NT 4.0/3.51, UNIX, MS-DOS



Designation: Sr. Applications Developer / Sr. Technical Support Analyst

  • Working on the Pricing CalcPricing module of Financing Connect project.
  • Created DB scripts for Build Transaction and created different scenarios to test Pricing Web Services.
  • Involved in analysis, development tasks, unit testing, system testing, performance testing and deployed pricing web services in application servers tvaldev1 and ebosdev1
  • Reviewed the logic and code for the Calculate and Process buttons in eBoss to use in Pricing.
  • Created and updated the Installation Instructions document s for Pre Requisites, PowerBuilder components, Pricing Web Services for DIT deployment.
  • Created INI, runtime package files that were required for MSI builds and other configuration files, Test suites and Pricing run time builds.
  • Verified the data flow and table updates for pricing module to match up with current eBoss application.
  • Created many test cases, tested and executed in MTM for all the countries which fall under EMEA region.
  • Created defects, fixed the defects and tested the defects in DIT environment for Phase 2.
  • Created many transactions, few dealers and customers in development and testing environment to test all the possible scenarios with different contract terms, finance types, local lease types and assets.
  • Worked with business users, involved in requirement gatherings, team meetings, technical documentation and supporting the above application.
  • Supported Pricing application and worked on few tasks of FEAC and RTB projects.


Designation: Senior Programmer/Analyst

ENVIRONMENT: PowerBuilder 12.1, MS SQL Server 2008 R2 / 2005, MS SQL Server Management Studio, SQL, T-SQL, MS Office 2010, Serena PVCS, Citrix, Track-It Windows 7

  • Worked on new modules and many enhancements to the OMS System.
  • Requirements gathering, analysis, design and development, unit testing and implementation.
  • Worked on new reports, modifying existing reports, bug fixing, unit testing and ongoing applications support.
  • Created, modified many database objects that were required for the development and enhancements.
  • Responsible for code review, source code maintenance, build and release the Test and Production environments in Citrix servers.
  • Produce required spreadsheets data requests as per system/business users/VA needs.
  • Documentation of the new functionality changes and for major enhancements.
  • Send status of the tasks to the IT Manager/CIO/Business Users on weekly or daily basis.
  • Install all software applications that were necessary, give training on the modules and application objects.
  • Responsible for Source control management, Change control management and track all the tasks.
  • Using and maintain different tools that were necessary for this OMS project and other portal applications.


Designation: Sr. Applications Developer ISO Commercial Apps - IT Maintenance and Support

ENVIRONMENT: PowerBuilder 12.0/.NET/10.5/9.0, PFC, MS SQL Server 2005/2000, T-SQL, Citrix, Oracle 10g/9i, Epsilon, PL/SQL, XML Spy, MS Office 2003 / 2010, Visual Source Safe, PB Native, Windows XP / 7

  • Worked on new development, enhancements for CAISO Bidtool application.
  • Worked on enhancements of MISO and PJM Bidtool applications.
  • Involved in requirements gathering, analysis, team meetings, and meetings with business users.
  • Created, modified many database objects that were required for the development and enhancements.
  • Involved Unit Testing, Integration Testing for many screens and modules.
  • Responsible for code review, source code maintenance, building executables and implementation of releases.
  • Involved in Data Migration, Data Backup, Maintaining Teams Network drive, Data Pipelines, etc.,
  • Produced required spreadsheets as per business user's requests.
  • Involved in Applications Production Support and database administration.
  • Energy trading applications Trade Floor experience and ongoing Production support for the above applications.
  • Worked on enhancements on RTDispatch application.
  • Wrote Business Case, Functional Design, Technical Design Documents.
  • Maintained the source control software and application releases.
  • Developed a new application RA Capacity using newer versions PowerBuilder 12 and .NET and worked on the enhancements and production support.
  • Designed and modified the database tables, sequences, triggers, constraints, indexes for this RA Capacity Sales Automation project.
  • Converted the application to PB 12 .NET from PB Classic 12.
  • Created mock-up screens, work-plan before actual development.
  • Created many Bubble Charts, Bar Graphs and Pie Charts for analysis for users and CEO.
  • Responsible for code review, testing, UAT and Production releases, deployment and installations for users.


Designation: Senior PowerBuilder Developer

ENVIRONMENT: PowerBuilder 10.5, PFC, Oracle 9i, SQL, Mercury Quality Center, Power Designer, MS Office 2003, Windows XP

  • Worked on new design and development for a major release.
  • Worked on many new enhancements, bugs, defects and other production issues.
  • Involved in requirements gathering, blue printing sessions and many team meetings with the business customers.
  • Involved in Unit testing, QA, UAT, Production support and release management.
  • Worked on performance issues and tuned the application.
  • Wrote Run SQL Queries to generate reports and submit to the users at every month end as per Hershey's Company Calendar and as per user requests very often.
  • Maintaining the development, test and production environments and creating the builds and executables.
  • Created new and altered many database tables for the new development and enhancements.
  • Wrote Functional, Technical, Implementation plan and physical design documents for this PCM application.
  • Developed many mock-up screens through PowerBuilder for the new development.
  • Submitted many DB Requests to the database administrators and verified it after task is completed by them.
  • Maintained database model up-to-date as we change the database through PowerDesigner.
  • Maintained all the important documents up-to-date in the Sharepoint site.


Designation: Senior Applications Developer

ENVIRONMENT: PowerBuilder 9.0, PFC, UDB DB2, PVCS, Excel Reports, VBA, Lotus Notes, Windows XP

  • Worked on the new enhancements, bugs and other production problems.
  • Worked on design and development of a new module on Financial Integration of Phase 2 of this application.
  • Involved in requirements gathering, team meetings and meeting with the business customers and users.
  • Involved in QA, UAT, production support and release management tasks.
  • Ran Performance applications and batch files Data Loads every first week of the month.
  • Wrote Ran SQL Queries to generate reports and submit to the customers at every quarter end.
  • Maintained the production and test environments and creating the builds and executables.
  • Created and altered the database tables for the development and enhancements.
  • Worked on Pie-Charts and other graphs and generated many reports and statements using PB and Excel.
  • Wrote User, Functional and few physical design documents for the above GPS application.


Designation: Lead PowerBuilder Developer / Analyst

ENVIRONMENT: PowerBuilder 8.0, PFC, Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Business Objects 5.1, Citrix Server, Windows XP, Windows 2000, MS Office

  • Worked on many enhancements to the GE corporate tax organization's Tax Systems Applications.
  • Supported 5 different PowerBuilder Applications OSCAR, STARS, STARPKG, NOL, SPIDER
  • Design and Development of New modules in all of the above apps.
  • Supported Citrix Server and Business Objects.
  • Wrote Queries, problem fixing, debugging and testing.
  • Maintained the production and test environments, source codes and project control files.
  • Responsible for creating executables other run time files and moving the applications to test and production.
  • Solved many issues when the business users encountered problems in production
  • Worked on trouble shooting the problems in production environment.
  • Creating the new tables, indexes and modifying the existing tables for the change requests and enhancements.
  • Worked on stored procedures and packages.


Designation: Senior Programmer/Analyst

ENVIRONMENT: PowerBuilder 9.0/6.5, PFC, Oracle 9i/7.3, SQL Anywhere, DBArtisan, UNIX, Windows 2000

  • Responsible for migrating all the PowerBuilder/Oracle applications to the new versions from PB6.5/Ora7.3 to PB9.0/Ora9i used in the carrier plant.
  • Converted the above applications to the new framework UTC Common Framework .
  • Wrote User Document and Functional Document, Test plans/scripts for the above applications.
  • Involved in writing system flow and the ancestor object documentation for framework objects.
  • Configuring the database connections, dll's, and other needed files to work in both older and new versions and testing in the standalone test machines.
  • Involved in enhancements fixing the bugs in these PB and Oracle applications.
  • Responsible for the SOX compliance changes and fixes.
  • Solved many IOL's Inquiry online when the business users encountered the issues.
  • Manual Testing, Debugging and fixing the problems.
  • Build, created the executables and moving to UAT environment for users testing and handled other remaining issues related to puncher application.


Designation: Senior Applications Developer

ENVIRONMENT: PowerBuilder 7.03/6.5, PFC, MS SQL Server 2000, DTS, SQL Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, Sybase 12.5/11.5, SQL Anywhere, PVCS, DBArtisan, ERwin, .NET, MS Office, Windows 2000

  • Responsible for requirements gathering, design, coding, development of the new modules, enhancements, bug fixing and maintenance for the above applications.
  • Developed the new Automated Invoice Report and Edit Screens for the Invoices.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures for the above Automation and Error Report.
  • Wrote Invoice download process, FTP scripting and copying the data from mainframe systems.
  • Prepared the test data and tested the screens.
  • Migrated some existing PowerBuilder Applications to new PowerBuilder 8.0.
  • Involved in meeting the users, determined the needs and gave the solutions.
  • Involved in meetings and discussions with team members, project manager and DBA's.
  • Fix the bugs, errors in the above applications.
  • Compiling the modified programs, testing, build the executables and deployment.
  • Involved in software upgrades, change management and other final meetings before deployment of new version releases.
  • Wrote and monitoring various batch jobs, database scripts in many systems.
  • Supported the above WSDOT applications.


Designation: Senior Applications Developer / Support Analyst

ENVIRONMENT: PowerBuilder 7.03, PFC, Oracle 8i/7.3, SQL 8.17 , PL/SQL, SQL Navigator 3.11, ERwin, FTP Client, MS Office, MS SQL Server 6.5, Java 2.0, Visual Caf , Windows NT 4.0/2000/95, UNIX AIX

  • As a Senior Applications Developer / Support Analyst was responsible for creating and enhancements of PowerBuilder windows and reports using PB and PFC.
  • Wrote stored procedures, functions, triggers and packages using PL/SQL.
  • On-Call Production Support 24 7 .
  • Participated as lead designer and developer in the development and maintenance of PG E's Power Generation and Power Supply Settlements System.
  • Performed a complete analysis of the system to determine impact to existing tables, triggers and stored procedures.
  • Conversion of whole ES3 Application to PowerBuilder 7.03/Oracle 8i from PowerBuilder 6.5/Oracle 7.3.
  • Determined the need for new Tables, Triggers, and Stored Procedures.
  • Determined changes needed to existing PowerBuilder Windows and PowerBuilder Load Data Programs.
  • Designed and implemented automatic file generation using PowerBuilder and Oracle stored procedures.
  • Enhancements to the existing modules and other database objects according to business user's requirements.
  • Compiling, migrating the new and modified existing programs to the Development Production Servers.
  • Used Database Pipelines, Tab Controls, FTP Client, ERWin and other development tools.
  • Wrote queries to generate the reports and submitted to clients.
  • Maintained the current PBLs, EXEs, Releases and Software Installations.
  • Involved in changing some of the modules to web enabled using Internet technologies Java, HTML, Visual Caf , and Weblogic etc.
  • Participated in requirements gathering, designing test plans, Unit testing, System testing, Manual testing, Validation testing, User Acceptance Testing, Quality Assurance, Preparation of Test Data and Documentation.
  • Involved in Designing, Planning, Development, Debugging, Testing, Deployment, Maintenance and Support.


Designation: Programmer/Analyst

ENVIRONMENT: PowerBuilder 6.5, PFC, MS SQL Server 7.0, Query Analyzer, Visual InterDev, HTML, ASP, Visual Basic 6.0/VB.NET, Crystal Reports, Windows NT 4.0/95

Responsible for creating Database and Tables.

  • Design, Coding, developed and tested all modules.
  • Created a prototype, process and program specifications.
  • Responsible for Quality Assurance and Implementation.
  • Setting standards and involved in Database programming.
  • Participated in the bug fixing, user training and developed reports for the system.
  • Prepared Test data and responsible for creating Exe.


Designation: Programmer/Analyst

ENVIRONMENT: PowerBuilder 5.0/6.0, PFC, Oracle 7.X, SQL, PL/SQL, ERwin, Pro C, ODBC, DB2, MS Access, MF COBOL, C , Windows NT 4.0/3.51 Workstations, UNIX

  • Participated and responsible for systems study, design, development of modules.
  • Responsible for creating Prototypes, setting standards.
  • End-user training and involved in creating system documentation on-line help .
  • Installation of all software products, which was required for this package.
  • Involved in creating Database Tables and maintained the Database's.
  • Created Cursors, Stored procedures and used it through Power Builder.
  • Preparation of Test Data and tested all modules.
  • Worked on embedded SQL using Pro C and MF COBOL.
  • Migrated all GUI screens to latest version from PB5.0 to PB6.0.
  • Quality Assurance, bug fixing, manual and integration testing.
  • Maintained all PBL 's, migration, deployment etc.,

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