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Sr. Sql Server Database Engineer Resume Profile

Santa Ana, CA


Hardware/ Software

SQL SERVER 6.5/7/2000/2005/2008R2/2012R2/2014 Window 2000/2003/2012,Perl 5, Windows XP, 7, Visio Draw 2012, Quest Litespeed, EMC SAN, Crystal Report 11.0, SQL Compare, Beyond Data, IDERA SQL Diagnostic manager and SQLsafe, Quest Toad for SQL server, NETBACKUP 5.1-12.1, TOAD Code optimizer , Erwin Data Modeler, SQL Server Clustering, APEX SQL-Diff, Quest Spotlight 2.2v, SQL Failover Clustering, X-SQL, RED-GATE, VERITAS 9.1- 11.0, Symantec Backup Exec 2012. SCOM configuration. Quest Spotlight tool, SQL Sentry.

Professional Summary

  • Microsoft Certified SQL Database Administrator with over 13 years of experience including:
  • Successfully deployed a three-year project name DTLM Data trace legacy management budget over 780 million that required conversion from Mainframe to client server technology.
  • Managed 360 databases with 36.5TB data at First American corporate office supporting a 24x7 environment with over 100 production servers.
  • Disaster Recovery and development servers in a 24Hr cluster environment.
  • Design, architect and implemented SQL Server Consolidation project for 20 production and 18 development servers to save operation cost by 800K yearly.
  • Wrote script to inventory user security, permission job for SQL servers
  • Monitor databases, working to maximize availability and tune data performance as needed.
  • Ensure backup procedures exist for all critical SQL Server instances.
  • Successfully upgraded SQL 7.0, 2000 into 2005, 2008R2, 2012R2 environment in SAN using mount drive technology.
  • Successfully completed multiple new production environments into SQL 2008R2.
  • Configured larger number of application using SQL database as backend under VMware environment.
  • Worked with Micro-soft support engineer to deploy TempDB, table portioning, spreading data and log files across new SAN mount drives drive for high performance.
  • Created remote are Disaster recovery setup center in Dallas and Colorado.
  • Closely work with in house Microsoft consultant to implement Best practice for application time out issue and other performance issue.

Professional Experience



  • First American Title is the 2nd largest title company in United States with branch office over 60 countries in the world with more than 10,000 employees.
  • Experience in the Database Design, analysis, development, administration and support of SQL Server in Production, QA, Test and Development in enterprise environments
  • Maintain database dictionaries, overall monitoring of standards and procedures, and integration of systems through database design.
  • Assist in installing, upgrading and configuring database management system software. Monitor capacity and performance and proactively resolve problems. Implement security according to defined standards.
  • Practical experience with SQL 2000, 2005, 2008R2 and 2012R2 in Windows clustering and VM environments
  • Extensive work experience with SQL Replication, Clustering, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping, Backup and Recovery. Create and marinating Jobs, linked servers, SQL Profiler, DMV, PerfMon, Policy Based Management
  • Knowledge of migrating databases residing on servers in one data center to another and upgrading database platforms to newer versions.
  • Good understanding of the general firewall configuration concepts.



  • Westfield, the world's largest real-estate shopping retailer, averages 62 billion dollars in yearly sales with approximately 23,600 retailers in 4 continents.
  • Worked in Los Angeles corporate office to provide support for 60 production and development server environment 24/7.
  • Full responsible for managing 360 databases with 15.5TB data size.
  • Installed, configured and managed ongoing projects for server SQL Server development and production environments including 18 development and pilot servers.
  • Successfully upgraded 47 applications from SQL 7.0, 2000 to SQL 2005 in clustered environment.
  • Designed, architected and implemented SQL Server consolidation project for 20 production and 18 development servers to save operation cost by 800K yearly.
  • Completed a Microsoft true-up consolidation project to save 200K license fee less than 2 week.
  • Working as primary and 2nd level support for many mission critical applications during outage.
  • Setup SQL mail for backups and performance jobs threshold alarm notification to 3 tech support groups.
  • Work with all vendors for keeping up with the latest and required systems requirement.
  • Successfully completed 2 Disaster recovery project with Sunguard, wrote steps for recovery from point of failure.
  • Monitored database systems performance, capacity and availability. Diagnose problems using tools such as SQL Profiler and System Monitor, work with vendors and developers as needed to resolve issues.
  • Monitoring of databases, working to maximize availability and tune data performance as needed. Ensure backup procedures exist for all critical SQL Server instances including dev instance.
  • Working as backup Oracle 11G DBA for two Global financial projects name WLMS Westfield Lease Management System and ODS ETL based environment.



  • Conducted 24/7 performance tuning and monitoring tasks for Windows 2003 and SQL Server 2005 with Red-Gate, Quest Central Spotlight, Embarcadero for 10 production and 15 Dev, QA and other job related server.
  • Installed and configured Performance monitoring software to generate weekly management report using SQL server 2005 report services.
  • Worked with the System Administrators to appropriately spread files across the SAN to avoid spindle contention.
  • Supported BizTalk server 2004 for daily transaction and billing process.
  • Used stored procedure to extract data from all different zones of USA for preparing billing data.
  • Monitored all Cell zone throughout USA and provided accurate data to the Field Engineers.
  • Administered and supported 6 production databases by performing table maintenance, backups.
  • Assisted migrating SQL Server 2000 to SQL 2005.
  • Setup Litespeed backup to all environments.
  • Resolved any data related issue with the vendor.
  • Used Erwin/Erx Enterprise to support ETL transfer and data design.
  • Deployed and trouble shoot replication.
  • Done backup/recovery strategies using VERITAS NETBACKUP.
  • Identified and resolved database performance issues, database capacity issues and other distributed data issues.



  • Supported 20 production servers along with 25 jobs related server's in 24/7/365 environment as a member of team of 4 DBA for Alorica.com
  • Designed and implemented daily weekly and monthly VERITAS Backup Exec , LITESPEED tape Backup for all environments 2000 2005 .
  • Designed and created new production server for all new customer in SQL 2005 environment.
  • Supported development team for HP, DLINK, Sony, Getaways, Costco, and BestBuys etc.
  • Performed critical DR disaster recovery for SQL production server with full restoration for hundred of CRM based website.
  • Supported 45 employees based IT environment. A Full OLTP with 100 per second transaction.
  • Performed database tuning, identified resource expensive stored procedures queries and improved the system performance for mission critical WMS application dramatically using various software.
  • Pro-active monitoring database systems using various tools including Quest Central, LogMiner, SQL expert, TOAD, SiteRock and performance tuning on I/O, CPU resources expensive queries.
  • Configured replication troubleshoot.
  • Designed and troubleshoot DTS package on SQL server 2000/2005 SSIS .
  • Wrote script to manage disk space, CPU threshold and job completion based on success or failure.
  • Optimized stored procedures creating Trace with statement level performance monitoring.
  • Automated index De-fragmentation for all production databases.
  • Troubleshot all daily failed jobs including complex DTS packages.
  • Wrote script to inventory user security, permission job for all servers.
  • Supported DEV, STAGE, UAT and Production Servers for new builds implementation.



  • Dedicated DBA with the desire to minimized operational cost.
  • Developed and design comprehensive database model and architecture.
  • Integrated Database administration and network structure for load balancing.
  • Wrote and make recommendation for new daily stored procedures for locks, deadlocks and blocks.
  • Supported database projects for DEV, QA, STAGING and PRODUCTION environment.
  • Used Erwin data modeler and Crystal report for report writing.
  • Troubleshot live Replication, Third Party Data Migration, DTS, Backup-Restore, BCP, Clustering, Tune-Up Systems, ODBC, Upgrade, Unicode Conversion, Stored Procedures, Triggers and Cursors.
  • Used Visual Basic, Front page, PHP, SQL SERVER program for intranet and FTP site.
  • Kept backups using Veritas 9.1
  • Designed Enterprise database backup and recovery strategy and configured Data Guard/Replication, RMAN, Data pump/exp/imp for database 24x7 availability and disaster recovery.
  • Managed database security and implemented encryption/compression for sensitive data in the database.
  • Closely worked with project managers, BA, CTO as well as other DBA, developers and consultants for missing critical database system troubleshooting and improvements.
  • Taught database classes to customers, explaining database schema and methods necessary for extracting data for custom reports.



  • Provided training in upgrading, installation, configuration, implementation, and integration to window 2000.
  • Resolved network problems using patch panel, routers, server and switches.
  • Designed Microsoft SQL Server 2000 all teaching curriculum.
  • Created numerous projects to gearing for NT/2000 track MCSE and MCDBA exam.
  • Supported Access and Excel Data into web using SQL SERVER 7.0.




  • SQL Server Tools: SQL Enterprise Manager, PCAnywhere, WINat, SourceSafe 5.0, Erwin Model.
  • Supported all phase of Design and development of SQL 6.5 server projects.
  • Experienced in rebuilding and transferring new database ingrammicro.com .
  • Helped Converting data from mainframe to 17 different production SQL servers.
  • Maintained technical support, daily backup, performance tune-up to all SQL database.
  • Helped SQL data migration from mainframe daily update.
  • Supported UNIX based HP-Decision Support System for daily upload.
  • Wrote T-SQL API for Purchase Order subsystem. Sizing of tables and indexes, tuning SQL.
  • Conversion MRP COBOL based system into SQL server 7.0 platform.

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