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Ms Sql Server Developer/ Ssis/ssrs/ssas Resume

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Lewisville, TX


  • 7 years of IT experience which includes System Analysis, Design, Development and Support of MS SQL Servers 2008/2005/2000 in Development Environments
  • Extensive experience and detailed noledge of Finance, Telecom, Retail, Healthcare and Banking.
  • Expert in analyzing, designing, developing, installing, configuring and deploying MS SQL Server suite of products with Business Intelligence in SQL Server Reporting Services 2005/2008, SQL Server Analysis Services of 2005/2008 and SQL Server Integration Services.
  • Involved in Database Design,Data modeling,Development, Implementation, ETL and Reporting in SQL Server 2000/ 2005/2008/2008 R2
  • Extensive ETL experience using DTS/SSIS for Data Extractions, Transformations and Loads
  • Experience in writing complex Stored Procedures, Indexed Views and Triggers for data consistency and manipulation.
  • Experience in using T - SQL in SQL Server Management studio (SSMS) 2000 and 2005, 2008and 2008R2platforms.
  • Knowledge in Job Scheduling, Replication Performance tuning, Normalization /De-normalization concepts, database design methodology.
  • Extensive Experience in Migrating Database from SQL Server .
  • Experience in enhancing and deploying teh SSIS Packages from development server to production server.
  • Proficient in High Level Design of ETL DTS Package for integrating data from heterogeneous sources (Excel, CSV, Oracle, flat file, Text Format Data).
  • Experience in Crystal Reports, Reporting Services for MS SQL Server and SQL Server Agent in Support Services and MDX technologies of Analysis services.
  • Experience inperformance tuningin SSIS packages by using row transformations
  • Experience in extracting and transforming data using DTS Import/Export Data, Bulk Insert, BCP, Data Replication and DTSX Packages.
  • Extensively usedcontrol & data flowtransformations like OleDB command, execute SQL task, sequence generator, send mail task, derived column, conditional split, lookup, multi cast and script component task etc.,
  • Experience in error handling by using event handler
  • Experience in creating Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, and schedule SSIS Packages.
  • Experience in report writing using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and creating various types of reports like Table, Matrix, Drill Down, Drill Through, Parameterized, and Cascaded reports.
  • Experience in generating on-demand and scheduled reports for business analysis or management decision using SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Experienced in using global variables, expressions and functions for teh reports.
  • Experience in Data Warehouse Modeling with SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS).
  • Experience in Designing and Building teh Dimensions and cubes with star and snow flake schemas using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • DevelopedOLAP Cubesusing SSAS 2005/2008/2008 R2 with partitions, actions, KPI’s, perspectives, slow moving dimensions
  • Experienced in Database Backup, Recovery procedures, working with trace files and execution logs.
  • Knowledge of Backup, Restores and Isolation Levels and SDLC models
  • Good understanding of Computer science concepts and programming.
  • Team player and self-starter with very good communication and analytical skills as well as flexible to learn advancements in teh IT industry.


RDBMS/DBMS: MS-SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2, Oracle 8i & 9i/10g, MS Access, Excel, Teradata

ETL Tools: DTS (Data Transformation Services), SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

Web Technologies: HTML, XML

Database Utilities: SQL Server 2000/2005, SQL Profiler, SQL Agents, SQL Jobs, SQL Mail, SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

Data Modeling: Erwin v 4.0, Visio 5.0

Programming Languages: T-SQL, C/ C++, Java, HTML, XML

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) MS Office, MS VSS

Internet Tools: Internet Information Server (IIS), TCP/IP, LAN, WAN


Confidential, Lewisville, TX

MS SQL Server Developer/ SSIS/SSRS/SSAS


  • Involved in installation and configuration of SQL Server 2005 and SQLServer 2008 with latest Service Packs.
  • Involved in data modeling for OLTP and Data Warehouse using Erwin Data Modeler.
  • Total responsibility for all development and implementation of database, work dat includes OLTP Database as well as various reporting data marts, Data warehouse, ETL, providing data feed to various groups.
  • Worked with implementing conditions for various built-in Facets like stored procedures, auto-create statistics.
  • Created and executed SQL Server IntegrationService packages to populate data from teh various data sources, created packages for different data loading operations for many applications.
  • Created SSIS Packages using SSIS Designer to export heterogeneous data from OLE DB Source (Oracle), Excel Spreadsheet to SQL Server 2008.
  • Migrated DTS 2000 packages to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and modified teh packages accordingly using teh advanced features of SQL Server Integration Service.
  • Designed ETL packages dealing with different data sources (SQL Server, Flat Files, and XMLs etc.) and loaded teh data into target data sources by performing different kinds of transformations using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Experience in working creating Multidimensional cubes using SSAS.
  • Built MDX queries and Data Mining Expression (DMX) queries for Analysis Services & Reporting Services.
  • Experience in creating multiple reports (SSRS) in Drillmode using financial tables, crossestabs and charts
  • Design, deployment, and maintenance of various SSRS Reports in SQL Server 2008.
  • Designed and implemented Parameterizedand cascading parameterized reports using SSRS.
  • Performance tuning MDX and dimensions design and scaling to large numbers of users
  • Used SQL Profiler for troubleshooting, monitoring, and optimization of SQL Server and non-production database code as well as T-SQL code from developers and QA.
  • Backing up, restoring system & other databases as per requirements, and also scheduled those backups.
  • Managing teh security of teh servers, creating teh new logins and users, changing teh roles of teh users.
  • Involved in developing logical and physical modeling of teh database using Erwin.
  • Developing stored procedures, triggers, views, and adding/changing tables for data load and transformation, and data extraction.
  • Used SQL Server Profiler to trace teh slow running queries and tried to Optimize SQL queries for improved performance and availability.
  • Involved in optimizing code and improving efficiency in databases including re-indexing, updatingstatistics, recompiling stored procedures and performing other maintenance tasks.
  • Provided 24/7productionsupport for teh production database and also to teh code deployed into teh production environment.

Environment: SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, T-SQL, and SQL Server 2008 Manager Studio, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS SQL Analyzer and Enterprise Manager and SQL Agent.

Confidential, Grand Rapids, MI

MS SQL Server /SSIS/SSRS/SSAS Developer


  • Involved in analysis, design and development of OLTP system.
  • Installed and configured SQL Server 2005.
  • Relocation of databases from one server to another using attach and detach databases.
  • Involved in troubleshooting and fine-tuning of databases for its performance and concurrency.
  • Designed and developed stored procedures, triggers and user defined functions in SQL Server for OLTP system.
  • Maintaining records in Excel Spread Sheet and exporting data into SQL Server Database using SQL Server Integration Services.
  • DDL Scripts for generating Tables, Views, Functions.
  • Developed SQL Scripts to Insert/Update and Delete data in MS-SQL database.
  • Scheduling Jobs, Backups and Restore database
  • Extensively used Joins and Sub-Queries to simplify complex queries involving multiple tables.
  • Extensively used T-SQL to create triggers and stored procedures used by teh enhancements modules to update teh SQL Server database.
  • Performance tuning, query optimization and execution plan of queries for better performance.
  • Build efficient SSIS packages for processing fact and dimension tables with complex transforms and type 1 and type 2 changes.
  • SSRS installation and report server configuration.
  • Configured IIS and Deployed Reports and Analysis Project in to server.
  • Extended Data to XML and Excel Spread Sheet.
  • Perform complex SQL and MDX queries and generate reports.
  • Involved in Capturing Requirements, Preparing Business Blocks, UML Use Cases, Collaboration Sequence, and Activity diagrams, defined and Managed as Part of CMM
  • Written and executed complex T-SQL queries using SQL Management Studio for back end data validation testing.

Environment: Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server Management Studio, T-SQL Stored Procedures, SQL Server reporting services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services(SSAS), Office, Excel.

Confidential, St. Louis,MO

MS SQL Server Developer / SSIS /SSAS/SSRS


  • Developed System Standards, System Architecture, Scenarios, detailed Screen Specifications and documented Logical and physical Data Model.
  • Involved in designing Data model for various reporting based Data marts, enhancement of OLTP data model.
  • Implemented Type I, II changes in slowly changing dimension models.
  • Built physical data structures like tables, views, constraints & Indexes
  • Worked in importing and cleansing of data from various sources like DB2, Oracle, flat files onto SQL Server 2005 with high volume data.
  • Worked on teh Database Facet, Database Performance Facet, Database Security Facet and Database Maintenance Facet.
  • Implemented SSIS for data transformation logic process.
  • Maintain Operators, Categories, Alerts, Notifications, Jobs, Job Steps and Schedules. Monitor connections, locks and performance of SQL server.
  • Designing and building data load procedures, using MS SQL Server
  • Wrote DTSActiveX scripts dat extract data from database tables and write teh data to text files
  • Created packages using Integration Services for data extraction from Flat Files, Excel Files, and OLEDB to Access.
  • Analyzed database performance with SQL Profiler and Optimized indexes to significantly improve queries.
  • Working with Different methods of taking Database Backup and Recovery procedures.
  • Generated database SQL scripts and deployed databases including installation and configuration
  • Worked on Stored Procedures andDatabase Triggers. Worked on large number of business analytical functions.
  • Working with different types of Replication Models like Snapshot, Merge and Transactional.
  • Used SQL Profiler for troubleshooting, monitoring, optimization of SQL Server and non-production database code as well as T-SQL code from developers and QA
  • Provide 24 X 7 supports to all production, development, staging and clustered servers
  • Fine-tuned teh logic in Procedures, Functions and Triggers for optimum performance.
  • Used Microsoft Source Safe for version control and configuration management.
  • Involved in day-to-day database maintenance operations. Maintaining teh backup-restore jobs schedules, code promotions and server maintenance in a real time production and Stage environment.
  • Good noledge about teh database connectivity using JDBC while working closely with teh Java development team.
  • Involved in Query Optimizations and performance tuning for teh stored procedures. Involved in development and debugging of complex batch Transact SQL Procedures and functions.
  • Tuning teh Performance of Database (SQL Profiler), Query Optimization and Application tuning.
  • Experience in implementing security and managing partitions in SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • Developed Custom Selection of reports ordering using SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Built MDX queries and Data Mining Expression (DMX) queries for Analysis Services & Reporting Services.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2005,SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, T-SQL, .Net,DB2, Sybase, Active X, Microsoft Source safe, Windows 2003


SQL Server Developer


  • Development of automated daily weekly and monthly system maintenance tasks such as database backup, updating indexes and statistics.
  • Configured MS SQL Server 2000 in-built log shipping from primary server to standby server.
  • Developed disaster recovery plans.
  • Writing scripts for monitoring and alerting team through email and pager.
  • Created documentation to install SQL Server applying service pack and clustering installation.
  • Developed SSIS packages as required.
  • Security - user management privileges, roles, profiling and autantication.
  • Monitored database performance and rebuilt indexes on tables to reduce fragmentation.
  • Created jobs alerts activity logs, error logs to capture any possible errors.
  • Responsible for change management maintenance: created stored procedures scripts cursorsfor teh application tested them on teh test servers and moved them to production.
  • Used DTS as ETL Tool for Extracting data from production servers to OLAP Data ware house.
  • Daily monitoring of teh database performance and network issues.
  • Performance tuning and optimization of procedures and queries.
  • Rebuilding indexes on various tables.
  • Worked with SQL serverProfiler to generate traces.
  • Maintaining both DEV and PRODUCTION servers in sync
  • Creating back up strategies and scheduling them for execution.
  • Generating reports as required using SSRS.
  • Helped Development Team in deploying and testing teh application which uses SQL Server backend.
  • Migrate SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 in test environment

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000/2005 DTS, SSIS, SSRS, Windows XP, Windows2003.


Junior SQL Server Developer


  • Analyzed business requirements and build logical data models dat describe all teh data and relationships between teh data.
  • Created new database objects like Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers, Indexes and Views using T-SQL in SQL Server 2000.
  • Validated change requests and made appropriate recommendations. Standardized teh implementation of data.
  • Promoted database objects from test/develop to production. Coordinated and communicated production schedules within development team.
  • Modified database structures as directed by developers for test/develop environments and assist with coding, design and performance tuning.
  • Managed user access.
  • Created and managed new security accounts. Backup and restore databases.
  • Developed and implemented database and coding standards, improving performance and maintainability of corporate databases.
  • Assisted with various ad hoc query requests.
  • Provided back-end support for functional testing and performance testing.

Environment: SQL Server 2000, T-SQL, DTS Designer, MS-Office, MS-Excel, VSS

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