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Sr. Mysql Dba Resume

San, JosE

Professional Summary:

  • Professional and highly motivated, having over 7+ years of DBA and Development work experience in the software industry with MySQL(4.x,5,x) and SQL Server 2000/2005.
  • Experience of Database Administration, design, development, maintenance and production support of relational databases, business applications, new server setup, MySql Server installation, upgrade, migration.
  • Have successfully managed high availability of production systems for Corporate Sectors and Individual Organizations as MySql DBA.
  • Strong MySql and SQL Server skills but also significant general system administration skills on UNIX/HP Open VMS, Linux and Windows environment. Proficient writing shell scripts as well as knowledge in general systems administration tasks.
  • Expertise with Shell Script, PHP backend, C# application integrations & development.
  • Experience in the administration of Web based Internet/Intranet Client/Server multi-tire distributed application, major in database technologies in Consulting, Sales & Finance, Telecom, Quality & Standards domains.
  • Experienced in Database optimization and developing stored procedures, Triggers, Cursors, Joins, Views, Cursors and SQL on databases: MySQL, Oracle10g, OMWB tool.
  • Experienced in designing, modeling, developing and support web based projects with responsibilities including analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance.
  • Experienced in Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, Client/Server Connectivity, and Database Consistency Checks using different Utilities.
  • Expertise in snapshot, import/export, db optimization with the help of explain plan.
  • Expertise in database migration from MyISAM format to Innodb storage engine to increase performance and betterment of integrity constraints.
  • Strong experience in Data modeling and their different tools like Oracle Designer, Power Designer, Erwin, MS Visio and DDT.
  • Expert of Object oriented programming in order to write robust and re-usable code.
  • Involved in designing, developing, testing and rolling out of complex enterprise applications to completion in terms of Database as well as frontend. With different project development model like SDLC, Agile, SCRUM etc.
  • Expert of writing shell scripting, Perl script for Linux/Unix.
  • Sound understating of project Management.
  • Involved in client Production Support and Maintenance - Tasks including programming, debugging and testing of existing applications that run in a production environment for purposes of remediation system errors or to extend application life span.
  • Having experience as Lead Position and handling projects in onsite, offsite, X-shore model or onsite-offshore model.
  • Experienced with Requirements gathering, data modeling, System Architecture, Feasibility studies, Scope Documents & requests for proposal (RFP).
  • Good analytical, problem-solving skills, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Expertise on technical documentation as project plan, development strategy, user manual, test and implementation strategy. Worked on CMMI level 5 patterns for documentation.

Education Qualifications: MS in Computer Application BS in Information Technology

Certifications: HND in Computing and multimedia

Skill set: MySQL 4.1, 5.X, SQL Server 2000/2005, PHP 4.X,5.X, Perl, ASP, Java Script, Action Script 3.0, XML, XSLT, UNIX Shell Script, Web Services, Apache, Visual Source Safe, SVN, Win-CVS, AJAX, Crystal Reports 10.0, Windows 98, Windows NT/2000/2003, Windows XP, UNIX/LINUX 5.0,5.1, Sun Solaris, Lotus Notes, MS Office, MS Outlook 2000, MS Project, MS Visio

Projects Summary:

Confidential, San Jose 7/2009 - Present Hirodex (PHP/MySQL based consulting support product) Sr. MySQL DBA I am leading database administration team which involved in architecture design & administration of hirodex application database (which is being developed to support consulting business). It is based on LAMP technology with a multithreading application, Ajax enabled. Architecture is completely based of database driven with UI/Ajax call developed in ZEND framework.


  • Administration and management of the entire development, QA and production environment.
  • Installed and configured MySQL on Linux and Windows environments.
  • Managing/Troubleshooting MySQL 5.0.22 and 5.1.24 in production and developer environments on both Linux (5.0, 5.1) and Mac OS X.
  • Performed installation, new databases design, configuration, backup, recovery, security, upgrade and schema changes, tuning and data integrity.
  • Increased database performance by utilizing MySQL config changes, multiple instances and by upgrading hardware.
  • Assisted with sizing, query optimization, buffer tuning, backup and recovery, installations, upgrades and security including other administration functions as part of profiling plan.
  • Ensured production data being replicated into data warehouse without any data anomalies from the processing databases.
  • Worked with the engineering team to implement new design systems of databases used by the company.
  • Effectively configured MySQL Replication as part of HA solution.
  • Designed databases for referential integrity and involved in logical design plan.
  • Performance Tuning on a daily basis for preventing issues and providing capacity planning using MySQL Enterprise Monitor.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers in MySQL for lowering traffic between servers & clients.
  • Managing database clustering on NDB technology.
  • Ability to carry out security tasks at network level such as block/unblock TCP/IP ports through firewall on both Linux and windows and block/unblock remote access to MySQL server.
  • Proficiency in Unix/Linux shell commands.
  • Created and deleted users, groups and set up restrictive permissions, configuration of the sudo files etc.
  • Configuring/Installing/Troubleshooting Apache and PHP.
  • Created data extracts as part of data analysis and exchanged with internal staff.
  • Performed MySQL Replication setup and administration on Master-Slave and Master-Master.
  • Documented all servers and databases.
  • Database engineering is based on SDLC pattern. Involved all the steps like requirement analysis, Design, Development and Testing and then deployment.
  • ERStudio for database architecture design.
  • Setup PHP based scheduler which manages different application level events. This is heart of whole system.
  • Shell script is being used for some data migration and backend work management.
  • Supporting management with different database related decisions.
  • Handling Release management and user acceptance.

Hardware/Software: MySQL 5.1, PHP, Shell Script, Apache, NDB Cluster, LINUX 5.0,5.1, OSX

Confidential 7/2007 - 6/2009 CIS - Customer Information System (Telecom domain UNIX Based) MySQL DBA Engineer Part of the team which involved in administration and supporting of CIS application (which is actually a Customer information Tool) for different service provided by OBS. It is based on LAMP technology with a multithreading application, Ajax enabled. It takes data from different source, process it and then send to different output system like Web-IF, Clarify, Billing etc. It is based on UNIX domain.


  • Installed, security, and maintenance of Linux based systems including Apache and MySQL 5.0.22 configuration.
  • Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Windows operating systems.
  • MySQL database administration on a large scale MySQL installation.
  • Experience with MySQL on both Linux and Windows.
  • Converted databases from MyISAM format to Innodb storage engine for databases that needed greater referential integrity.
  • Managing database clustering on NDB technology.
  • Automated Data Import Script using shell scripting, PHP, MySQL and regular expressions.
  • MySQL database backup and recovery strategies and Replication and synchronization.
  • Created, tested, and maintained PHP scripts, MySQL programming, forms, reports, triggers and procedures for the Data Warehouse.
  • Created database application using PHP and MySQL as the database to monitor customer profiles and complaints.
  • Involved in trouble shooting and fine-tuning of databases for its performance and concurrency.
  • Troubleshooting performance problems over phone and via email.
  • MySQL processes, security management and queries optimization.
  • Recovering the databases from backup in disasters.
  • MySQL processes and queries optimization. Exported and Imported database 10g objects from development to production.
  • Migrated Oracle 9i databases to MySQL using the MySQL Migration Toolkit.
  • Performed query analysis for slow and problematic queries.
  • Analyzed code to improve query optimization and to verify that tables are using indexes.
  • Performed PHP/MySQL coding on Web applications that are driven by MySQL database.
  • Contribution in designing database, creating database schema, creation using RDBM, data migration.
  • Involved in migration and re-engineering of MySQL database from 4.1 to MySQL 5.1.
  • Migration and re-engineering is based on SDLS pattern. Involved all the steps like requirement analysis, TS Design, Test Plan, Development and Testing and then deployment
  • Migration do involved from PHP 4 legacy to PHP5 with Ajax enabled.
  • Implemented procedures processing ETL for reporting and ETL tool for data migration.
  • Setup PHP MyAdmin online.
  • Shell script is being to maintain the gateway and its scheduler part.
  • Development on stored procedures, triggers, cursors, views, joins etc.
  • Developing application using algorithm techniques.
  • Design and develop different RFC raised for different releases for the project.
  • Acting as a business functional analyst
  • Writing test cases for RFC.
  • Time line estimation for RFC verification of DA activity etc
  • Handling the business flow of FILEADE application(Management & Provider of the technical ordering and provisional data for Orange IP Services) to CIS application (Provide the technical data to billing & customer management system)
  • Handling Release management and user acceptance.

Hardware/Software: MySQL, PHP MyAdmin, PHP 4.x, 5.x, NDB Cluster, Web Services, XML/XSLT, jQuery, Ajax, Shell Script, Apache, LINUX 5.0, 5.1

Confidential 3/2006-6/2007 Reach - Real Time Online Web Based Sales Analysis System SQL Server DBA I was the part of the admin team who involved in maintaining and developing Reach database Project. This project is used for the customized primary and secondary sales with the corporate financial and sales report. Along with team I was involved in developing KING-Wholesaler Program for Reach-Secondary sales software.


  • Responsibilities include monitoring daily, weekly and monthly system maintenance tasks such as database backup, replication verification, database integrity verification and indexing updates.
  • Developed and tuned the stored procedure, triggers, user defined functions and queries.
  • Implement Log Shipping in SQL Server 2000 from primary server to Standby server.
  • Installing and configuring SQL Reporting Services 2005 on Windows Server 2003 EE environment.
  • Responsibilities include Upgrading for two applications from MS SQL Server 2000 to MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Creating and Maintaining Database Maintenance Plans.
  • Responsibilities include advising in Planning and designing the Logical and physical Data Modeling.
  • Help the Development team to write and tuned Stored Procedures, Triggers, UDF, Queries.
  • Extensively involved in documenting upgrading procedures and project plans from MS SQL Server 2000 to MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Database tuning and performance enhancement activity with the help of optimization of code in stored procedures, joins etc.
  • Performed Structural changes to Database like creating tables, adding columns according to business requirement.
  • Monitored growth of data and managed space allocation accordingly.
  • Created and Scheduled DTS packages to transform data from Oracle 8.0, DB 2 etc.
  • Writing and tuning stored procedures, triggers, queries.
  • Use Full Text Search Service for search operation in sales database.
  • Installing applications and establish the connectivity with the database.
  • Performance Monitoring with Performance monitor and NETIQ Appmanager.
  • Writing scripts to Create Jobs for Backup & Restore Plans.
  • Work in 24/7 production support.
  • Handling Release management and user acceptance.

Hardware/Software: SQL Server 2000/2005, ASP.NET, AJAX, jQuery, ASP, Web Services, XML/XSLT, Crystal Report

Confidential 12/2005-2/2006 PHP/MySQL Engineer I was part of the development team which involved in development and enhances the Project. This project will give solution of the telecom related e-Billing, CDRs, customer care and web care. The product is used to install automation of e-Billing and web care for telecom and mobile provider.


  • Team member and key player for web care application along with database developer.
  • Involved in creating the pages with class files wherever needed.
  • Testing of the created pages using PHP 4.1
  • Report generation.
  • Database tuning and performance enhancement activity with the help of optimization of code in stored procedures, joins etc.
  • Proficient in developing and maintaining of functions, procedures, triggers, indexes using MYSQL database programming language.
  • Involved to support the users of the system.
  • Experienced in web based as well as client server projects with responsibilities including analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance.
  • Handling Release management and user acceptance.

Hardware/Software: PHP, Web Services, Ajax, XML 1.0, Java Script, CSS, HTML, LAMP, PHP MyAdmin, SOAP, Crystal Report, MySQL

Confidential 08/2005-11/2005 Software Engineer, Database Worked with the team of software programmers which are involved in development and supporting the project in online form in my key guidance. This project will give solution of the Training Related functions with training details, online registration, admin panel, nomination, feedback, ratings etc.


  • Key person in the team who was involved in developing the site in PHP.
  • Development, testing and implementation.
  • Database designing, development using stored procedures, views, joins etc and performance enhancement activities.
  • Handled UAT.

Hardware/Software: PHP 5, Mysql, XML, Apache Server, DHTML, CSS, Drupal.

Confidential, New Delhi 07/2004-7/2005 Software Engineer, Database I was part of development team who support various Microsoft internal and external applications. This site will give details of the Certification Marks Management System with letter generation, fee module, report generation, application module, licensee module, complaint etc. The site is used to get application & process of application to different RO, BO of India.


  • I was the team member of the application and Involved in creating the pages with class files wherever needed, connection to database, testing the created pages & involving the support to the users of the system.
  • Database designing, development using stored procedures, views, joins etc and performance enhancement activities.
  • Front end design using ASP.NET AND C#.
  • Creation of Database Objects: Tables, Store Procedure, Views, Triggers, Index, and Function.
  • Analyzed long running /slow queries and tune the same to optimize application and system performance.
  • Worked on DTS Package, DTS Import/Export for Transferring data from Heterogeneous Database.
  • Data migration (import & export - BCP) from Text to SQL Server.
  • Created Triggers to enforce data and referential integrity.
  • Created stored procedures for maintaining SQL Server, Written Stored Procedures for Application Developers.
  • Created DTS Packages for Transferring data from Heterogeneous Databases

Hardware/Software: SQL Server 2000, ASP.NET, JavaScript, WINCVS, MS Excel, Window XP, MS Word Microsoft Visio

Confidential, New Delhi 11/2003-06/2004 Software Engineer, Database The main use of this system is to lodge complaint of the local system problems, other departments system related problems, providing status of the complaint lodge, Reports to administrator of different queries. Through Admin section, Administrator can view different types of status & suggestion to lodge complaint, modify records etc


  • I was the main concerned person of this application who taken the requirement from client and Involved in Database design and application development with help of my group.
  • Database designing, development using stored procedures, views, joins etc and performance enhancement activities.

Hardware/Software: PHP4.4.2, MYSQL, Zend Studio, JavaScript, AJAX, PHPMYADMIN, CSS, MS Excel, Window XP, MS Word, Microsoft Visio & MS Outlook

Confidential 02/2003-10/2003 PHP Engineer Acupuncture site is made in PHP with patient module, doctors module, user module, administrator module, Forum management etc. this site is made for the online information for patient who is willing to check through acupuncture.


  • I was included a part of core development. After successfully Implementation at ADD, I was made part of Support and Implementation team. My role is product release management, develop and support client specific features.
  • SEO functionalities

Hardware/Software: PHP4, MYSQL, JavaScript, Zend Studio, AJAX, PHPMYADMIN, CSS, MS Excel, Window XP, MS Word Microsoft Visio & MS Outlook

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