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Oracle Pl/sql Developer Resume

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  • Senior Oracle PL/SQL Developer with 7 years of software development experience in IT industry involved in analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of applications/databases in web and client/server technologies.
  • Expertise in Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11i, SQL, SQL/PLSQL, Forms 6i/10g, Reports 6i/10g.
  • Over 7 years of experience with Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Tables, Indexes, Views, Sequences, Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Database Triggers and Cursors.
  • Worked on advanced concepts like collections, Object Types, and Dynamic SQL, Ref Cursors and Materialized Views.
  • 6+ experience in TOAD, SQL Developer.
  • 5+ years of developing and customizing reports using Oracle reports and Crystal Reports.
  • Extensive Experience in different phases of Software Development Life Cycle which include Analysis, Design, Development and Testing
  • Experience in schema structure design and involved in estimation and optimization of data storage Experience in utilizing newer Oracle tools and methods like the use of External Tables, merge statement, Pipelined functions and 10G features.
  • Performance Tuning & Query Optimization of SQL statements.
  • Experience in different phases of Software Development Life Cycle which include Analysis, Design, Development and Testing
  • Data Conversion from Flat files to Oracle using Oracle SQL* Loader.
  • Experience in performance Tuning using SQL Trace, Explain Plan, Indexing, Partitioning and Hints.
  • Functional knowledge in various modules like Manufacturing, Inventory.
  • Successfully utilized performance enhancements features of Oracle to optimize the batch processes.
  • Experienced in environments requiring direct customer interaction during design specification, development, and product implementation phases.
  • Great learning skills to adapt the rapid changing technologies and implementing the same at work.
  • Strong Analytical, Inter - personnel, Problem-solving and Proven ability to work under pressure.
  • Self-Motivated and able to work as individual and as a team.
  • Experience in working under high stress environment to meet the project deadlines.


Oracle Products: SQL* Loader, PL/SQL, SQL* Plus, Oracle Forms 10g/9i, Reports 10g/9i, Enterprise Manager, Oracle 10g Application Server.

Databases: Oracle 11i/10g/9i/8i, MS Access, SQL Server

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA, C, C++

Environment: UNIX, Windows XP/2000/NT, DOS

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, Report Designer.

Dimensional Data Modeling: Rational Rose, ERWIN

Servers: Weblogic, Tomcat, Websphere.

Web: HTML, DHTML, FrontPage.

Tools: Enterprise Manager, TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, PL/SQL Loader, Business Objects XIR 3.1/XIR 2, Visual Source Safe, Clear Case.

Front-End Tools: MS office suite, Adobe PageMaker, Centura


Confidential, PA

Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Packages, procedures, triggers, functions( give an example of package which will handle big set of data in Confidential )
  • Batch data loads periodic scheduling of the data loads utilized advanced concepts like collections and pipe lined functions( again an example of Batch load which will handle mutilple data sets). Its better if you example has ETLterminologyif there is any application that is getting data from warehouse and loading it to Oracle. or vice-verse.
  • Wrote unix scripts to automate the batch processes.( mention what job it is and what kind of data it is).
  • Performance tuning the SQL, pl/sql applications using explain plan, tkprof, partitions and Oracle Hints.
  • Interacting with the DBAs on a daily basis to deploy data clean up scripts and created DDLs, DMLs, triggers on the database tables.
  • Responsible for code enchancements, unti testing and deploying the changes across various environments( Dev, test, UAT)
  • Interacted with the End users to gather user specifications and suggestions on a regular basis.
  • Worked closely with the testing team to resolve day to day production issues.

Confidential, OH

Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Created complex PL/SQL scripts using Bulk Collect operations for loading the data from legacy systems into staging tables.
  • Used Implicit/ Explicit Cursors and Collection Types in this process.
  • Worked on creating Validation scripts using PLSQL Procedures and Functions which validated Customer, Loan, and Property information in MSP (Mortgage Service Provider) and VLS (Vendor Lending System).
  • Worked on scheduling Jobs using DBMS JOBS package for manually loading the data required for reporting the SCRA application.
  • Created various procedures to track the Subsidy/ Prefund calculations for SCRA Active Loan populations.
  • Used Database Triggers for making history of insertion, updating, deletion and all kinds of Audit routines.
  • Created SQL objects (PL/SQL Procedures, Functions) for measuring the employee work performance on a daily basis.
  • Modified the existing PL/SQL Procedures to meet the changes of EPIC 2.0. This procedure calculated Incentive for the Indexing group in Manila.
  • Developed SQL*Loader control file according to the mapping tables to populate the custom load tables using the extract file.
  • Worked on implementing Collection Types in the PL/SQL blocks.
  • Used of EXPLAIN PLAN and HINTS to tune queries for better performance and also Extensive Usage of Indexes.
  • Worked on Report builder 10g for creating new reports and also on report fixes and enhancements.
  • Worked on Data Extract Process which is done on demand as per the user requirements. Upon their specific request, data is retrieved from various systems using SQL/PLSQL coding and delivered in their requested format.

Confidential, NYC

Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Wrote PL/SQL procedures, packages, triggers in Oracle 9i/10g and Oracle Forms (Developer 10g / 9i) as required. Involved in creation of databases, moved databases by recreating control files, export/import, and complete backups. Created and maintained Oracle schema objects like Table spaces, Tables, Rollback segments, Indexes, Sequences and Synonyms.
  • Design Logical and Physical data, define relationships, and implement business rules as constraints for normalization / demoralization of entities.
  • Wrote SQL*Loader scripts to migrate the data from the text files, Spreadsheet etc. and populated the intermediate tables.
  • Developed and implemented concurrent process to load item details from external sources into inventory item tables and also created forms to view interface errors with details and correct the data in the interface table.
  • Worked extensively on customizing existing forms appearance, validation logic, behavior and incorporating new functionalities to the existing forms.
  • Developed new forms by using Template.fmb.
  • Customized and created various reports using Reports 6i and registered them under the concurrent manager.
  • Performance tuned the PL/SQL stored procedures in Oracle 9i/10g.
  • Design/Develop various technical components such as Discoverer EUL, Workbooks, Oracle reports, PLSQL and SQL Reports, workflows, etc. as well as participate in the maintenance of existing reports.
  • Used Qwest tools (Toad 8.0, SQL Navigator) for database monitoring and tuning.
  • Designed and developed forms and reports for easy data updating that increased data entry efficiency over the existing system.
  • Generated XML files for data transfer. Used XML parser to parse the data.
  • Actively involved in Production Support by Performing Tests, Trouble Shooting and Bug Fixing.
  • Interacted with users regarding the proposed solution and design for customization and the migration strategy.
  • Customized and created various forms using Forms 6i in some Oracle Apps modules and registered and run under custom responsibilities.
  • Registered the automation scripts as concurrent programs and created a scheduling process that invokes the script periodically.
  • Created business areas, custom views, and summary folders according to the user’s requirements and modified existing reports by creating additional joins using Discoverer Admin 9i.
  • Maintained user security and privileges at business area level. Periodic backups of EUL and Export, Import of Business Areas from one instance to another.
  • Designed and developed reports by using lexical parameters in before, after parameters and before report triggers.

Confidential, FL

Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Extensively worked on Performance tuning by using Explain plans and various hints.
  • Worked on table partitioning (Range and List) and deploying local indexing on portioned tables.
  • Used Oracle 9i features such as merge for various transformations.
  • Used stored procedures in Oracle for retrieving the data from the database for solving complex queries.
  • Wrote Unix Shell Scripts, undertook Code Optimization and Performance tuning of the application.
  • Created Stored Procedures, functions and Packages in Oracle 9i using SQL and PL/SQL for the Audit Trail using Oracle 9i as backend.
  • Performed the uploading and downloading flat files from UNIX server using FTP.
  • Involved in debugging and Tuning the PL/SQL code, tuning queries, optimization for the Oracle database. created new reports and also customized using Reports .
  • Ensured that weekend data loads, end-of-month & end-of-quarter processing ran successfully and completely, transparent to user community.
  • Review data transformation rules and provide technical suggestions in data transformation logic and pseudo code (PL/SQL)
  • Developed custom forms using standard AOL components like template forms and libraries.
  • Used descriptive flex fields extensively to capture additional information in standard as well as customized forms.
  • Creating Test scripts for the generated final Reports.
  • Involved in data migration from SQL Server to Oracle 9i.
  • Good working knowledge of PL/SQL.
  • Attended meetings and review to discuss current issues and processes to tackle issues.

Confidential, Houston, TX

PL/SQL Developer


  • Wrote PL/SQL procedures, packages, triggers and functions to enable plug and play of multiple data sources.
  • Developed PL/SQL scripts to migrate data into repository database.
  • Wrote complex queries to retrieve data from the database based on User requirements.
  • Created and worked on nested tables and customized data by adding calculations, summaries and functions.
  • Used Explain Plan, TKPROF to gather statistics along with the analyzing command for performance tuning.
  • Transferred Data from the ORACLE database to the target tables in data warehouse environment by creating mappings with the help of Informatica.
  • Managed and resolved design issues during development stage.
  • Performed UNIT Test and Integration Test.
  • Directly interacted with the end user and responsible for User Acceptance Test.


PL/SQL Developer


  • Understanding the functional process and technical feasibility.
  • Data modeling using Rational Rose.
  • Making the front- end screens using Centura.
  • Writing the backend procedure using PL/SQL for the complete transaction.
  • Validating the data.
  • Testing all possible cases.
  • Documentation of the complete process.

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