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Sybase/sql Server App Dba/developer Resume

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Reston, VA


  • 14 years of Professional Experience working in the capacity of Sr. Database Developer/Architect, Application DBA, Migration Engineer, Performance Tuning Engineer and SQL Developer/Analyst.
  • Extensive experience in T - SQL Development, Stored Procedures, Triggers, CTEs, Derived Tables, Indexes, Data Integrity, Dynamic SQL and Error Handling.
  • Implemented Database Security Controls using Data Masking, Data Governances and Role based access
  • Migrated Sybase ASE 15.0.3 databases / applications to SQL Server 2012 using FreeTDS (Inline Migration)
  • Installed and configured FreeTDS / UnixODBC for Linux / Solaris to MSSQL connectivity
  • Migrated Sybase ASE 12.5.3 databases / applications to Sybase IQ 12.6 (Data Warehouse) and performed load performance analysis
  • Developed and Automated Batch Processes using Shell / Perl Scripting and Workload Automation tools
  • Maintained and supported MS SQL SERVER, Sybase ASE/IQ and Oracle applications.
  • Experience in data Extracts, Transformations and Loading (ETL) with complex integration with Oracle, Sybase, flat file sources, MS Access and excel files into SQL Server using SSIS
  • Created SSIS packages to pull data from legacy systems, transform and load (ETL) into DW environments
  • Experience in Deploying and managing SSIS packages
  • Experience in creating various type of reports including Parameterized, Snapshot, Click through and Sub Reports using SSRS
  • Experience in Database Designing/Modeling of new applications and database changes to existing applications
  • Experience in Transaction, Snapshot and Merge Replication Models in SQL Server
  • Participated in all phases of Software Development.
  • Participated in DR / QMW exercises, Stress tests and testing during hardware/software upgrades
  • Knowledgeable of Data Warehouse methodologies, Dimensional Modeling, Star/Snowflake Schema
  • Result-oriented individual with strong technical, analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Provided and coordinated Production Support with offshore team.


Databases: Sybase ASE 15.7/15.0.3/12.5.3/12.0/11.9.2 , Sybase IQ 15.2.0/12.6 , SQL Server 2012/2008/2005/2000 , Oracle 12c/11g/10g

Database Tools: DBArtisan 9.1.2/8.5.5/8.0.1 , Rapid SQL 7.4/5.7, Sybase Central 4.1.1, ADS 10.0, Optdiag, Reorg, Sysmon, BCP, I-SQL, DBISQL, FreeTDS 8.0/7.0, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, SSMA, DTA, DMV’s, PerfMon, Profiler

Languages: T-SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, Perl 5.0

ETL/BI Tools: SSIS, SSRS, Perl 5.0, Informatica PowerCenter 8.1

Operating Systems: RHEL 6.5/5.8, Sun Solaris 10/8/7, AIX 7.1, Windows Server 2012/2008

Data Modeling Tools: ERwin 3.2, Power Designer 11.0

SCM: ClearCase, Subversion, SCCS, CVS

Workload Automation: Autosys 11.0/4.0, Control-M, SQL Server Agent, Cron

Product Knowledge: Mantas 4.2 (Trading Compliance)


Migration Engineer

Confidential - Reston, VA


  • Worked on Sybase ASE to SQL Server Migration of 6 applications (DD, KI, COB, HPG Inburn, Defcap and Workbench).
  • Made SQL related changes in database objects; SQL code embedded in shell scripts.
  • Responsible for installation of FreeTDS/UNIXODBC middleware on Solaris and RHEL boxes.
  • Participated in risk/impact analysis.
  • Participated in MS SQL Server Accounts/Roles setup.
  • Made appropriate connection changes in the java connection string to make it compliant with MS SQL Server.
  • Performed testing, Troubleshoot and resolve any configuration related issues.
  • Analyzed and changed SQL code heavily embedded inside Java code, tested and certified results.
  • Brought potential migration related issues to client’s attention and resolved them.
  • Documented applications change / middleware installation procedures.

Environment: Sybase ASE 15.0.3, SQL Server 2012, Oracle 12c, RHEL 6.5, Solaris 10, Windows Server 2012, Java, WebLogic Server 10.3, FreeTDS 8.0, UNIXODBC, Cygwin, Kerberos, SSMA, DDLGENAutosys 11.0.

Sybase/SQL Server APP DBA/Developer

Confidential - Secaucus, NJ


  • Supported Change Management - Deploy Planned CM TRACs and on demand DS TRACs (Data Repair).
  • Worked on enhancing audit procedures and database governance.
  • Supported weekly Delete and purge (DAP) cycle.
  • Provided and coordinated support with offshore team on non-prod environments (DEV, TST, STG and UAT).
  • Changed the strip size from 8GB to 16GB to reduce the number of parallel threads.
  • Changed database compression level in dump database command.
  • Co-ordinated ‘qdepth’ change from 16 to 32; adjusted server resource allocation and created job run statistics.

Environment: Sybase ASE 15.7, SQL Server 2012/2008, Oracle 11g, AIX 7.1, Windows Server 2012, DB Artisan 9.1.2, Service Now, NetBackup 7.1, FlashCopy, Shell Scripting, PowerShell

Sr. Database Developer/Architect

Confidential - NYC, NY


  • This is a requirement of the MRA - FED FFIEC101 exam.
  • Worked on data masking using an in-house provisioning tool - Alcazar.
  • Alcazar moves data from production to non-prod environments, giving production quality content with suitable entitlements.
  • Sensitive data is detected and masked, automatically and seamlessly once setup using the Discovery Program.
  • Maintained and enhanced RegW compliance reports.
  • Supported nightly batch cycle and ensured all SLA's are met.

Environment: Sybase ASE 15.0.3, J2EE, JSP, Adobe Flex 4, DBArtisan 9.1.2, T-SQL, BCP, RHEL 5.8Korn Shell Scripting, Autosys 11.0, ClearCase.

Sr. Database Developer

Confidential - NYC, NY


  • Evaluated and wrote proposal for improving Firm Wide Stress Initiative (FSI) system’s performance; Client approved and FSI module run time improved from 3 hours to 1.2 hours.
  • Created SSIS packages to extract (from Sybase ASE, excel s/s and flat files) transform and load data into SPAR (SQL Server 2008) data warehouse.
  • Developed data validation scripts for SPAR data warehouse.
  • Participated in Defect Management and Ongoing enhancements.

Environment: Sybase 15.0.3, SQL Server 2008, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, BCP, I-SQL, DBArtisan 9.1.1, RHEL 5.8, Windows Server 2008, Shell Scripting, Autosys 11.0, ClearCase.

Sr. Database Developer/Architect

Confidential - Merrimack, NH


  • Worked on database/application consolidation and made appropriate database/application related changes.
  • Created shell scripts and certified results of 200+ daily batch jobs.
  • Participated in DR tests and performed checkouts to ensure that applications are working as expected.
  • Participated in decommissioning of old MRO servers.
  • Added ‘data transmission’ validation/completeness checks to the critical path feeds as part of an internal audit requirement.
  • Established feeds (created tables, stored procedures and shell scripts) for RouteHub, TwoFour and PreClear systems on Sybase ASE/IQ databases.

Environment: Sybase ASE 15.0.3, Sybase IQ 15.2.0, ADS 10.0, MicroStrategy 9.2, Solaris 10, Korn Shell Scripting, ClearCase, Control-M.

Sr. Database Developer/Architect

Confidential - Raleigh, NC


  • Designed and created tables/stored procedures for Fair Value Accounting System - FAS157.
  • Implemented HUGO product code expansion (data type change), an enterprise-wide effort.
  • Rebuilt highly fragmented indexes in the non-prod environments and convinced Manager that application needs a periodic index rebuild; coordinated production implementation with the DBA team. Recovered 35 GB of free space from index rebuilt and thus batch cycle improved by 2.5 hours and weekly database maintenance by 2 hours.
  • Worked on database violations generated due to objects having public roles in production databases as part of SOX compliance.
  • Analyzed current roles and permissions and wrote UNIX scripts for revoking public access from Americas, Europe and APAC region databases and ensured that all database objects have appropriate permissions.
  • Optimized price testing, data upload and mapping modules for product controllers. Performance improved by 65% (40 to 14 minutes).
  • Wrote data archival program to move old data from the production databases to historical databases and periodically deleted 3-years-old data from the historical databases.
  • Participated in DR/QMW (Quarterly Maintenance Window) exercises, Stress tests and testing during hardware/software upgrades
  • Created and scheduled nightly data extracts using SQL Server Agent.
  • Provided nightly batch support for GPT/SPARTA applications.
  • Architected the brand new development environment for offshore team and handled critical issues such as data masking.
  • Installed and configured FreeTDS/UnixODBC for Linux/Solaris to MSSQL connectivity.
  • Implemented DOL schema on key tables to improve concurrency/throughput and minimize deadlocks/ blocks.

Environment: Sybase 15.0.3/12.0 , Oracle 10g, OBIEE, SQL Server 2005, FreeTDS 7.0, UNIXODBCSSMS, SSIS, T-SQL, PL/SQL, PowerBuilder 10, DBArtisan 8.5.5, Solaris 10/7, Perl, Autosys 11.0, Korn / Bourne Shell Scripting, Subversion.

Performance Tuning Engineer

Confidential - Houston, TX


  • Identified and optimized SQL statements in stored procedures and reports.
  • There was a 25% improvement in the critical path stored procedures and 35% improvements in the reports.
  • Converted report SQL’s into stored procedure call to avoid making repeating connections to the database.
  • Converted clustered indexes on temp tables in stored procedure & report SQL’s to non-clustered indexes to improve performance.
  • Coordinated user log cache (ULC) change from 2k to 8K (based on the observation that transactions started taking up to 14 minutes while doing a commit) with DBA team.
  • Change was implemented and transactions started committing at a normal pace.
  • Optimized stored procedures for Basel Allocation module.

Environment: Sybase ASE 12.5.3, Sybase Central 4.1, C++, Solaris 7, Korn Shell Scripting, IBM Platform Symphony, CBB Grid Environment, ClearCase.

Performance Tuning Engineer

Confidential - Jersey City, NJ


  • Changed table schema from APL to DOL to improve concurrency (minimize blocks/deadlocks) and throughput.
  • This effort enabled 42% performance gain. Also, disk space recouped by 32% resulting into smaller I/O scans.
  • Re-engineered Databases to run nightly batch cycle jobs (MTS and TMS Feeds) in parallel.
  • Identified SQL statements that were pain points and improved performance by altering SQL statements appropriately.
  • Created indexes as required, restructured indexes with poor selectivity.
  • Modified SQL queries to avoid deferred updates; re-factored SQL queries for performance improvement.
  • Modified specific stored procedures producing highly volatile data with ‘with recompile’ to avoid using a cached procedure plan.
  • Created shell script & stored procedure to load security ratings feed and scheduled it in the batch cycle using autosys.
  • Created data filter criteria & mappings for various transformations such as ‘Credit Calculation’ and ‘numeric conversion’ using Informatica.
  • Provided and coordinated production support with offshore team.

Environment: Sybase ASE 12.5.3, Power Designer 11.0, DBArtisan 8.0.1, SQL Server 2000, Windows Server 2000, DTS, T-SQL, Informatica PowerCenter 8.1, Solaris 7, Perl, Shell Scripting, Autosys 4.0, JIRACVS

Sr. Database Developer

Confidential - Warren, NJ


  • Migrated ASE objects (procedures, triggers, tables and views) to Sybase IQ.
  • Worked with DBA's team to create users/groups and granted appropriate permissions.
  • Wrote load scripts to migrate data from ASE to IQ and performed load performance analysis.
  • Mapped firm’s Order/Trading/Execution data obtained from various Order and Trade Processing Systems.
  • Created scripts to validate Trade and Market data.
  • Configured scenarios in Mantas.
  • Wrote scripts to massage data feeds and fed them into Sybase IQ/Oracle databases (ETL) for alert generation.
  • Setup feeds for High Frequency Trading (HFT) and easy to borrow (E2B) list.
  • Created script for archiving data feeds and deleting log/temp files older than 30 days and scheduled job using autosys.

Environment: Sybase ASE 12.5.3, Sybase IQ 12.6, Oracle 10g, Rapid SQL 5.7, Dbisqlc, Sybase Central 4.1Mantas 4.2 (Trading Compliance), Hyperion Performance Suite 8.3, T-SQL, PL/SQL, ERwin 3.2, SolarisPerl, Shell Scripting, Autosys 4.0, SCCS

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