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Sr. Ms Sql Server Bi (ssis, Ssrs) Developer Resume

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Mclean, VA


  • 7+ years of strong experience with demonstrated success in the Database Design, development of SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2/2012.
  • Expertise with DDL and DML statements, RDBMS’s, data dictionaries and normal forms.
  • Specialized in Business Intelligence, involving Planning, Analysis, Designing, Implementations and Maintaining Spotfire Solutions as per company standards.
  • Involved in optimizing code and improving efficiency in databases including re - indexing, updating statistics, recompiling stored procedures and performing other maintenance tasks.
  • Good understanding and designing of Star and Snow Flake data models Schema used in relational, dimensional and multidimensional data modeling.
  • Profound knowledge and ability to write stored procedures, temporary tables, views, indexes, triggers when required and complex queries including correlated queries and queries with complex joins and aggregate functions.
  • Experience in Data Modeling (Logical and Physical Design of Databases), Normalization and building Referential Integrity Constraints. Designed schemas. Built tables, FKs, PKs, etc. by providing a structure that meets the business needs.
  • Extensive experience in administration tasks such as data loading, batch jobs, configuring IIS, data uploading, backup & recovery, Database mirroring, Log shipping, user and application table management, upgrades, creating database partitioning, databases/file groups/files/transaction logs.
  • Involved in designing, developing and testing of the ETL (Extract, Transformation and Load) strategy to populate the insurance data from various source systems
  • Excellent understanding of data mining algorithms, high performance and optimal algorithms.
  • Used multiple transformations in SSIS to meet the business requirements by collecting data from various sources.
  • Extensive experience in writing MDX Scripting and MDX Queries.
  • Experience in writing expressions in SSRS and Expert in fine tuning the reports. Created many Drill through and Drill Down reports using SSRS.
  • Migrated data in various formats like text based files, Excel spreadsheets, to SQL Server databases using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to overcome the transformation constraints.
  • Experience in providing Logging, Error handling by using Event Handler, and Performance Tuning in SSIS packages by using Row Transformations, Block and Unblock Transformations.
  • Experience in creating jobs, SQL Mail, Alerts and schedule SSIS Packages using SQL Server Agent.
  • Creating SSIS Packages and involved in Package configurations and deployments between Development and QA and Production servers.
  • Expert in writing MDX queries with extensive experience in creating and customizing Cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 2005/2008.
  • Excellent Knowledge in analyzing Data warehouse by building cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Solid Knowledge in developing cubes using Partitions, KPI’s, and Perspectives, slow changing dimensions (SCD) etc and created various user roles (SSAS).
  • Good understanding of Microsoft Reporting Service (SSRS) with Report authoring, Report management, Report delivery and Report security.
  • Hands on experience in developing Custom Reports and different types of Tabular Reports, Matrix Reports, Adhoc reports and distributed reports in multiple formats using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in Business intelligence development studio (BIDS).
  • Expert in creating parameterized reports, Drill down, Drill through, Sub reports, Linked reports, Snapshot, Cached, Adhoc reports using SSRS.
  • Expert in writing MDX queries with extensive experience in creating and customizing Cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 2005/2008/2012.
  • Experienced in working with Star Schema modeling to develop ROLAP/MOLAP Cubes using SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 Analysis Services.


SQL Server Tools: Enterprise Manager, SQL Profiler, Query Analyzer, SQL Server Management Studio, DTS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS

Database: MS SQL Server 2012, 2010, 2008 R2, 2005, 2000, SQLCMD, Microsoft Office 2007/2003, MS-Access.

Language: C,C++,HTML,XML,TSQL,MYSQL,DHTML,VB.NET,ASP.NET,.NET Frame Work, C#, JavaScript

Operating System: Windows XP/NT/ 2000/2003/2008 , DOS

Tools: Erwin Data Modeler, MS Visio, SAS/Access, Crystal Reports8.5,10,XI,R2,BusinessObjects,Microsoft office 2003/2007


Confidential, McLean, VA

Sr. MS SQL server BI (SSIS, SSRS) Developer


  • Developed SSIS packages to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data into the data warehouse database from heterogeneous databases/data sources.
  • Used various transforms in SSIS to load data from flat files to the SQL databases.
  • Designed and developed data load jobs using SSIS package and scheduled in SQL Agent.
  • Wrote stored procedures and User Define scalar Functions (UDFs) to be used in the SSIS packages and SQL scripts.
  • Developed DTS packages to extract, transform and load into the Campaign database from OLTP database using of SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Database Administration, Production and Development Support.
  • Developed mapping spreadsheets for (ETL) team with source to target data mapping with physical naming standards,datatypes, volumetric, domain definitions, and corporate meta-data definitions.
  • Generated several drill down and drill through reports using SSRS.
  • Assisted in production OLAP cubes, wrote queries to produce reports using SQL Server 2005/2008R2/2012 Analysis Services (SSAS) and Reporting service (SSRS)
  • Created various Tabular and Matrix Reports using SSRS.
  • Expertise in creating reports and dashboards in Spotfire Client and implying best practices.
  • Automated and enhanced daily administrative tasks, including space management, backup & recovery and performance monitoring, block, and dead lock.
  • Created packages with different control flow options and data flow transformations such as Conditional Split, Multicast, Union all and Derived Column etc.
  • Created SSIS packages for File Transfer from one location to the other using FTP task with Master SSIS Package to run all other packages.
  • Worked with C#, VS2003, VS2005, ASP.Net 4.0, SQL Server 2012.
  • Involved in Analyzing, designing, building &, testing of OLAP cubes with SSAS 2008 and in adding calculations using MDX.
  • Experience in working on Cube structure optimization for MDX query performance in Analysis Services 2012/2008/2005 (SSAS).
  • Sound Experience and understanding of SSAS, OLAP and OLTP cube, Data mining and Architecture.
  • Used Generics extensively in C# and ASP.NET Menu Controls
  • Designed complex SSAS solutions using multiple dimensions, perspectives, hierarchies, measures groups and KPIs to analyze performance of Strategic Business Units as well as corporate centers
  • Querying and manipulating multidimensional cube data through MDX Scripting in SSAS.
  • Used Bulk Copy program (BCP) to import and export large amounts of data in and out of SQL Server databases.
  • Developed several Classes using C# and experienced in creating Assemblies and Name Spaces.
  • Created ETL packages with different data sources (SQL Server, Flat Files, Excel source files, XML files etc) and then loaded the data into destination tables by performing different kinds of transformations using SSIS/DTS packages
  • Involved in designing, developing, debugging and testing of reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Designed and built Star and Snowflake dimensional models creating facts, dimensions, measures, cube and established data granularity.
  • Worked on multidimensional datamodeling.
  • Participated in Databases Architecture and data modeling design.
  • Reviewed and developed data models and database designs with development teams
  • Created Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Indexes, Tables, Views and other T-SQL code and SQL joins for applications.
  • Generated parameterized reports, sub reports, tabular reports using SSRS 2008.
  • Created reports in SSRS with different type of properties like chart controls, filters, Interactive Sorting, SQL parameters etc.
  • Involved in the OLAP deployment configurations and developed MDX expressions for Actions and KPIs.
  • Monitoring Performance of SQL server using SQL Profiler, Query Analyzer, Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DTA) and Performance monitoring.
  • Developed various types of reports like Drill down, Drill through and parameterized reports using SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2.
  • Inspected the reports and fixed bugs in stored procedures and also tuned Reporting Services to the T-SQL.
  • Worked on Agile Methodology and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Environment: SQL Server 2008R2 & 2012 Enterprise Edition, MDX, T-SQL, MS Access, MS Excel,& Windows 2003 server,OLAP,OLTP,.NET, ETL, SSIS,SSRS,SSAS,C#,VSS, TFS, Crystal reports.

Confidential, Irvine CA

Sr MS SQL Server BI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Developer


  • Developed complex programs in VB Script, which connects to SFTP server to get the initial data which is in CSV Format, with best execution plan.
  • Performed data conversions from flat files into a normalized database structure.
  • Optimizing Stored Procedures and long running queries using indexing strategies and query-optimization techniques.
  • Involved in maintenance of existingOLTPdatabases as well as designing SSIS packages for custom warehousing needs.
  • Extensively worked on OLAP cubes using SSAS.
  • Created Centralized Session Business Object in C# which makes creating and maintaining sessions monitorable.
  • Created complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions (UDF), Indexes, Tables, Views and other T-SQL code and SQL joins for applications following SQL code standards.
  • Created database maintenance planner for the performance of SQL Server, which covers Database integrity checks, update Database statistics and re-indexing.
  • Web application is developed using .NET 3.5 frame work and c# programming language and with SQL database.
  • Managed indexes, statistics and tuned queries by using execution plan for optimizing the performance of the databases.
  • Expert in creating Star schema cubes using SSAS.
  • Built MDX queries and Data Mining Expression (DMX) queries for Analysis Services & Reporting Services.
  • Involved in writing SQL Queries for pulling large volume of records from Facets and claims database using stored procedures, and Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) process using SSIS.
  • Created packages to convert flat file to XML file.
  • Created cubes and dimensions (SSAS) for the analysis of sales in specific areas.
  • Good understanding of SSRS with Report authoring, created weekly and monthly reports as per requirement using SSRS.
  • Developed Report Models for building Adhoc reports using Crystal Reports. Developed optimal stored procedures and queries to create data sets for reports.
  • Used the SSIS Import/Export, migrated the Database such as Oracle and Access database, flat files to SQL server 2008/2012.
  • Created and Managed OLAP Cubes using SSAS.
  • Developed UDM business rules to be captured in the model to support richer analysis.
  • Configured mail tasks to know the job status of SSIS packages.
  • Designed dynamic SSIS Packages to transfer data crossing different platforms, validate data during transferring and archived data files for different DBMS.

Environment: SQL server 2000/20, SQL Query Analyzer, SQL profiler, IIS 6.0, Oracle 9i, Enterprise Manager, ERWIN Data Modeler, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Windows Server 2003/2008,OLTP,OLAP, TFS, VSS, DTS, HTML, XML, C#, .Net, Visual Studio 2008,ETL, MS Access, MDX, Crystal Reports.

Confidential, Littlerock, AR

Sr SQL Server BI (SSIS,SSRS) Developer


  • Installation and configuration of SQL Server 2008.
  • Designed and developed packages for data warehouse using Integration services (SSIS) SQL Server 2005/2008.
  • Designed high level ETL architecture for overall data transfer from the OLTP to OLAP with the help of SSIS.
  • Deploy SSIS Package into Production and used Package configuration to export various package properties to make package environment independent.
  • Implemented Event Handlers and Error Handling in SSIS packages and notified process results to various user communities.
  • Tested, Cleaned and Standardized Data meeting the business standards using Fuzzy /exact lookups using SSIS tasks.
  • Calculated the revenue in a sales database according to one set of business rules but be subject to an entirely different set of business rules in a general ledger database.
  • Experience in developing Database Schemas / Stored Procedures / Data Dictionary.
  • Experience and knowledge in designing and developing data visualization strategies.
  • Imported data from text files and excel spread sheets into SQL Server 2005 database using SSIS package.
  • Experience and advanced knowledge of Kimball Methodology for Data Warehousing.
  • Data management and data processing solutions using SSIS, this includes Error Handling and Slowly Changing Dimensions.
  • Demonstrated experience in utilizing design tools, development tools, code management, regression testing and performance tuning.
  • Responsible for Deploying the SSIS packages and scheduling the package through Jobs in all Tiers including Dev, INT, UAT and Production.
  • Worked with T-SQL to create Tables, Views, and triggers and stored Procedures.
  • Experienced in Data Marts, Data warehousing, Operational Data Store (ODS), OLAP, Star Schema Modeling, Snow-Flake Modeling, Fact and Dimensions Tables using MS Analysis Services.
  • Experience in using XMLA protocol for SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 for interaction between client application and instance of Analysis Services.
  • Extensive Knowledge in SSAS storage and partitions, and Aggregations, calculation of queries with MDX, Data Mining Models, developing reports using MDX and SQL.
  • Experience in creating Tablix Reports, Matrix Reports, Parameterized Reports, and Sub Reports using Sql Server Reporting Services 2008.
  • Experience in creating adhoc reports Using Report Builder 1.0 and Report Builder 2.0.
  • Involved in Migration of SSRS 2005 to SSRS 2008.
  • Used Performance Point Server to create interactive reports with an ability to drill down into details.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 , SSIS,SSRS,ETL,MDX, MS Access, Oracle 9i, Windows 2000/2003, VB.NET, ERWIN, XML, SQL Profiler,C#, UNIX and Crystal reports.

Confidential, VA



  • Generated database monitoring and data validation reports in SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS).
  • Created partition table for very large database for good performance.
  • Designed dynamic SSIS Packages to transfer data crossing different platforms, validate data during transferring, and archived data files for different DBMS.
  • Responsible for writing SQL queries, stored procedures, views, triggers, T-SQL and DTS/SSIS
  • Deployed SSIS packages and Reports to Production Servers.
  • Migrated data using ETL Tool in SSIS.
  • Maintained system monitoring jobs and provide high availability support.
  • Worked on Migration of packages from DTS using SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS).
  • Performing DBA functions, installing, configuring and supporting database systems.
  • Reported all events and requirements through established reporting mechanisms in SSRS.
  • Generated test data and tested database to meet the functionalities deliverables in the project documentation and specifications.
  • Designed and developed OLAP using MS SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Designed and developed MS SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) under SQL Server 2005

Environment: MS SQL Server 2005, SSRS, SSIS, ProClarity, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, OLAP, Erwin 7.0, DTS/SSIS, BIDS.


Jr. SQL Server Developer


  • Created report interface using Visual Basic 6.0, which allowed users to select reports and dynamically filter reports.
  • Created and developed the stored procedures, functions and triggers to handle complex business rules, history data and audit analysis.
  • Created and maintained Roles and Database users.
  • Provided assistance for development teams on tuning data, indexes and queries
  • Configured securities and accesses for production databases and database servers
  • Used SQL Profiler for troubleshooting, monitoring, optimization of SQL Server and non-production database code as well as T-SQL code from developers and QA.

Environment: SQL Server 2000/2005, SSRS, SSIS, T-SQL, Script, JavaScript, ASP, Microsoft Office, Windows 2003/XP.

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